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Taiwan is one of the few countries, in which gambling is a business, that runs legally but with a lot of strict limitations. As of right now, there are more than one hundred games, that are allowed to play in Taiwan. Many gamers in Taiwan are familiar with the slot machine designed in a more classic style with flowers. It is widespread and many developers from around the world are focusing on creating a lot of this type of product for Taiwan gamblers.

But at some point, gambling was a big problem in Taiwan. Sometime in the nineteenth century, a lot of people were so interested in flower match games, that they stopped going to work and started to play such games all day long. It was the biggest downside of this business in this country and because of that, the government of Taiwan decided to create a couple of laws, that would allow regulating the way people are playing such games. The authority of the country has decided to represent a couple of restrictions over this type of business in Taiwan. Some casinos were even closed in 1897. This fact hasn’t stopped people from being interested in adult gaming. They have continued playing gambling games, even despite the fact, that it was illegal at that period. Most of the time, such Taiwan casinos were supported by foreign unofficial organizations.

Later, the state of rules was introduced, which allowed playing gambling games in Taiwan with one limitation – gamers could not play for real money. Most of the time, different items were used as betting currency. The most enjoyable way to spend free time during that period was mahjong. It was the best game in Taiwan back in the days.

There were a lot of periods in Taiwan when gambling was legal. But it is hard to tell, that all types of games are legally represented in this country. According to some information that is available online police has backed the operation of one of the casinos in Taiwan because it used cashless methods only.

Most of companies here are led by our partners who contribute to our business. Many will say it might affect our choice of companies we write about, and where and how the company is placed on a page. However, we are unbiased and so are our reviews. Our opinions are and will be just our own.

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Types of online casino in Taiwan

Every person can find only a couple gambling forms in Taiwan that appear legal. Some of them include keno, lottery, sports bets, scratch cards, and of course a couple of online websites. It is preferred to use foreign casino websites while being in Taiwan. Otherwise, it could be problematic to find a good enough slot to play. Also, the reason why people choose foreign websites, other then Taiwan ones – is to avoid taxes and restrictions of the local government. There are far more betting markets on the internet, that are represented on foreign servers. That’s why even local people are choosing websites, that are represented outside of their own country.

Downloadable Virtual Casinos

Just like in most other countries, in Taiwan, many people are interested in playing their favorite games whenever they would like to. One of the ways, on how they can do that – is by downloading the software of their favorite casino. It will allow them to finally enjoy favorite games on smartphone, tablet or any other gadget. The gamer can enjoy different live versions of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Sic-bo and much more.

Mobile versions of online casinos in Taiwan

Another way on how people can fully enjoy gambling products in Taiwan is by using the power of mobile versions. The gamer can simply get an app of his/her favorite Taiwan casino and play it on the go. There are many websites, that offer Android or iOS app. With the help of such an app, the gamer will finally get a chance to play his/her favorite games on any kind of a partitive device. Even if it is a smartphone.

Gameplay through browser

Just like in case of all other countries, there is a way to play in online Taiwan casino, by simply opening up a browser. With the help of it, the gamer will be able to play either the legal lottery or some foreign slot machines. It all depends on what the gamer would like to enjoy. Most of the foreign websites are well adapted to work with mobile devices. There are going to be no problems at all with playing any kind of online casino on all sorts of gadgets.

Types of casino games for Taiwan Gamblers

There are many types of gambling products, that Taiwan Gamblers can enjoy. While most of them are technically illegal, it is still possible to say, that the user can fully enjoy a lot of them, by either using online websites or by going to specific institutions in the country. There are three major types of casino games for Taiwan gamblers:

Poker. There are a lot of ways for the gamer to play online poker in Taiwan. It is possible to find Texas Hold’em games in almost any institution or website. Because if one of the most popular game in Taiwan. There are even some downloadable apps for smartphones and tablets, that include translation into English. Many gamers are even participating in Taiwan poker tournaments.

Mahjong. It is not possible to tell about types of gambling games in Taiwan, without mentioning Mahjong. It is the most authentic Taiwan game, that is possible to be found in this country. Gamers can play it both in specific institutions all over Taiwan or by downloading the software to play it on any device.

Slot machines. Just like in other countries, it is possible to find slot machines in Taiwan. But it is worth to say, that this type of gambling is classified, as illegal. That’s why it is a little hard to find slot machines in real casinos. A much easier way to enjoy them is by using websites or apps.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Taiwan

Despite the fact, that there are a lot of scratch cards, keno, sports betting and a couple of lottery games, the overall status of this industry is limited in Taiwan for most of the time. When it comes to online gambling – there are almost none examples of local gaming websites. As long, as online gambling is represented by providers from all over the world, it is not possible to limit access to all the online casinos with the country. But it is worth to say, that gamers will have to look for foreign providers, due to the fact, that most of the gambling products, that are represented with online websites are illegal, thanks to all the restrictions in Taiwan. It is hard to find a good enough website, that would not have a license of a foreign country. Most of the time, the gamer will have to play on websites with a UK license for example.

Online Sports Betting is one of the few gambling activities, that is available in Taiwan. It is legal, as part of the Taiwan Sports Lottery. Every gamer can easily find a way to place a bet on his/her favorite kind of sport. The same goes for online Mahjong in Taiwan. It is legal, while gamers will use Taiwan New Dollar as the main currency to play the game.

Online casino is a little tricky. They are not officially allowed, but they are provided by international providers. Technically, people within the country are capable of use such a way to play gambling products. But only if they are going to use casinos with an international license. It is even possible to open an account on any casino website to decide, which one is better.

Online poker in Taiwan is also allowed and there are a lot of options on how to play it. Taiwan players can simply go to the website on the international casino and find the desired game, or they can download the specific software on their smartphone or tablet to fully experience online poker in all its glory. But it is important to say, that cards games and mahjong in the real-life format are allowed on special days or under special circumstances. There were situations in which gamblers from Taiwan could not declare their winnings from foreign casinos. Back in 2018, Taiwanese gambler tried to declare more than 400k US dollars and failed. It was his biggest mistake. Because there were some problems with the law. But this man at least became famous on the internet.

It’s hard to say, what is going to happen to online gambling regulations in Taiwan. As of right now, there are no signs, that something serious is going to change the mind of the government on making casino business legal in Taiwan. The only thing, that gamblers can do right now, to avoid the restrictions of the country – is to play gambling products, that are allowed in the country. Maybe someday, everything is going to change and local Taiwan people will not have to use offshore gaming facilities.

  • All gamblers, that would like to take part in gambling activities, should be at least 18 years old in Taiwan;
  • Most of the products, that are clarified as official, are provided by the Taiwan Sports Lottery. They include bingo, scratch cards, keno, lottery games;
  • Offline gambling casinos are illegal in Taiwan. But there are some exceptions thanks to offshores;
  • The online format of casinos is technically illegal in Taiwan. But there are many foreign websites, that are very popular in Taiwan and they allow gamers to use several methods of payment;
  • Cryptocurrency is not available as the deposit method.

Best Deposit Methods for Taiwan Gamblers

The biggest problem, that all gamblers in Taiwan are going to face is how to make a deposit and get paid. It’s going to be a pretty good challenge due to the fact, that only offshore websites are allowed to be used at online casinos. Some gamers attempt to use their debit or credit card to make online bets. But they are going to be declined most of the time. The best possible way to make a deposit – was Entropay. But on July 1 of 2019, service has been closed. Because of that, the best solution, that the gamer can use – is Skrill. Thanks to that, the Taiwan gambler can make bets, just like in case of a basic online bank account. There are going to be no limitations in making payments to the Skrill profile with the help of debit card or bank transfer.

Most of Taiwan casino websites with offshore servers can pay winners with the help of Skrill. It may be the easiest way for the users to finally get the money they deserved and to make deposits into the slot machines. Skrill works online, just like an online bank account. In the case of this e-wallet, the Taiwan gambler can order a transfer directly to the regular Taiwan bank account.

However, there can be some problems with making a payment to Skrill account in case of some banks. In this case of that, the Taiwan gambler will have to go to the bank to make a wire transfer. There are guides all over the internet on what to do, to get the best results with different deposit methods in Taiwan.

In the case of legal gambling games, the only currency, that can be used – is the New Taiwan dollar. It is the official currency of the country since 1949. But in case the gamer will play on foreign websites, there are going to be no problems with making an online exchange with the help of e-wallets. It is possible to buy USD or EUR with the help of NTD.
Accepted Currencies in Taiwan

The official currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar or more widely known, as TWD (NT$). It is the Taiwan dollar and is currently being used by the CB of the Republic of China.
There are a lot of ways on how tourists can change their money in Taiwan. There are three international airports, that allow people to make an exchange. These airports are Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. But the wisest choice would be to change the currency in one of the banks of Taiwan. In that case, you are going to get a much better exchange rate, than in the case of airports. There is also a way to make currency exchange in big hotels in Taiwan. Some of them offer a good enough way to exchange money. It is not recommended to exchange Taiwan’s currency abroad.

In the case of tourists, most of them will wonder, how they can access their travel fund while being in Taiwan. There should not be many problems with that. Because ATMs can be found almost everywhere in Taiwan. Besides, it is the most convenient method to get money. There are international systems, that allow people to get their money in Taiwan. To find ATMs, the tourist will only have to look for banks, post offices, department stores, etc.

The tourist should not be afraid to use his/her credit card while paying for a hotel, train ticket or something like that. The currency exchange, in this case, is going to be automatic. Opening a bank account in Taiwan is going to take some time. But there should not be that many problems with finding a good enough way to do that, as Visa is officially represented in the country.

Customer Support

As long, as most of the gambling industry activities are illegal in Taiwan, it is hard to tell, that customer support is very good. There are only a couple of options on what the gamer can do if something will go wrong, while he/she is playing the game. One of them – is to read F.A.Q. before starting the gaming session. It will help to understand what to do in a difficult situation. But in the case of all foreign websites, there is a customer support section. The support team is going to help a gamer, that has problems with playing the game, or making a withdrawal. Technical support is working 24/7, so there are going to be no problems with contacting them on almost any foreign website.

But the gamer should be ready, that there are going to be serious issues with finding good enough support when it comes to offline gambling institutions in Taiwan. Most of them are represented illegally, so there are going to be zero chances, that someone is going to help you if something will go wrong. The only thing, that the user can do about it – use not that many big amounts of money. It is better to play Casino games online, instead of looking for offline institutions. But before choosing one particular website to play on, the gamer will have to make sure, that this company has a great enough history of paying its money to players. Otherwise, there can be some problems with making withdrawals from online casinos in Taiwan.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Taiwan

Unfortunately, the future of online gambling in Taiwan seems to be not that much great. It is hard to find at least one good gambling company in Taiwan, that would have a positive vision of how things are going to change in the next couple of days. Of course, it is only a question of time, when the gambling is going to become legal in Taiwan. But as of right now – there are no signs, that anything is going to change in the nearby future.

In case people do want to play legal gambling games – they have only a couple of options, like lotto, scratch cards, bingo, mahjong, etc. But it is enough for the average gamer? Of course not. There are some reports, that the government is well-known about the situation over the online and offline gambling industry in Taiwan. But they cannot do anything about it at this point.

The only thing, that is clear – there are going to be even more offshore casino websites available in Taiwan. It is the only way on how to play worldwide known slots without almost any problems at all. Cryptocurrencies are still a question. They are not allowed to be used in Taiwan and they will remain illegal for the next couple of years. But there are some illegal institutions, that allow making transactions with the help of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Everything is going to change, once the government of Taiwan will make online and offline gambling business legal. But it’s not going to happen in the nearby future. At least, gamers have a chance to make sports bet and play poker in specific institutions, without any problems.

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