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Xplosive slots are something that players have been looking for many years. Xplosive as a provider started its path in 2015. Since then, many things have changed, but one remains the same – the quality of the work and the way the developers are creating slots. They never stop learning new tricks and they experiment with delivering new and never before seen experience.

Xplosive slots are represented with the power of an online casino software platform that was designed and programmed to create games in a new and much faster way. So it is easy to integrate any project to an already existing website. The developers are always creative when it comes to delivering a new project. Xplosive is working with best designers and programmers to deliver stunning plots and themes for future projects. They always think about how fun it will be for the gamer to play with the next couple of Xplosive slots that they are about to deliver.

It’s important to admit that Xplosive was creative right from the start, unlike in case of most other companies. The developers are interested in creating their own franchises and they will never stop on searching for new characters and fantasy worlds to explore. Xplosive offers as many products in one franchise as it is possible. That will help them to register a couple of trademarks in order to get much more attention from the audience of players than in case of releasing simple Xplosive slots with almost no feedback from gamers.

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Xplosive is only a couple of years old, but it already has a lot of interesting games to show off. As of 2018, the company uses flash animation in order to create the core of its slots. This technology allows the developers to create games that are going to look amazing and yet they are going to be available in instant play mode. That means that the player will not have to download Xplosive slots to the device in order to launch them. It is possible to do that through a standard web browser.

Besides, with the use of Flash Player, Xplosive slots can be represented in three-dimensional graphics and have no effect on the productivity of devices. Users of old personal computers can be sure that every project of Xplosive is going to be launched normally on almost all basic gadgets, no matter how expensive they are. It was made so to make sure that all fans from around the planet will have a chance of playing Xplosive slots for real with no limits. It also makes sense because of the way people can interact with all those games – it is possible to start playing Xplosive slots on a personal computer running on Windows and then continue the gaming session on another device without losing the progress.

In order to make it possible, Xplosive uses powerful servers to control personal profiles of thousands of users from all over the world. The developers are very serious when it comes to security of their slots. That’s why their products work with 128-bit encryption. It makes sure that no one except the gamer only will be able to see personal data. Otherwise, it would be too easy to steal it and represent on third-party resources.

The big part of the Xplosive slots success is hidden in the way the developers represent their products. It is easy to see that almost any game from the developer is created with full dedication to the process. It means that it is hard to find the product of the company that doesn’t have a good plot, theme or characters. A couple of Xplosive slots are developed by BlueOcean Gaming. However, the creators never stop looking for the best designers and programmers on the market. That’s why their portfolio of projects consists of so many different games that are still interesting to play by all types of gamblers.

By the way, Xplosive not only creates slots, the developers also work on many other genres. It’s easy to find sport betting projects or video poker, blackjack and a lot of other table games in the portfolio. Xplosive slots are represented with the use of realistic visual effects and rules, which the player should read first before using them.

The mix of Xplosive slots is dedicated to as many players as it is possible. Often, when users are talking about companies that are working on online games, they have either nothing special to say, or only negative aspects. But in case of Xplosive – the company is very respected in the community of gamers. Every player that will try out at least one game from the company will tell you – it worth every minute that is going to be spent in the process of playing Xplosive slots.

What about games?

Nothing creates better reputation for the provider than good slots. That’s why Xplosive has so many great titles, like Vampire Fortune, Wild Princess, OMG Puppies. All these projects are created with the power of the newest technologies and they are critically acclaimed and have financial success.

However, it doesn’t mean that the player needs to make big deposits in order to play all of them. Most games of the company are created with free demo versions. They can be used by those gamers who want to play Xplosive slots, but don’t want to risk real money. In case of this version, it will be possible for the gamer to experience everything from favorite games, except getting real profit in the process of playing.

However, the most important fact is that the player doesn’t have to search for Xplosive slots that long. There are tons of websites that represent almost the full list of titles of the provider. It is worth to name at least a couple of them: Stakes Casino, Universal Slots Casino, Sugar Casino. Each of these Xplosive resources contains something special for all slots players. But it is needed to tell a couple of words about positive and negative aspects of each of them.

Stakes Casino is the most popular site with Xplosive slots. It has a 0-24 withdrawal timeframe and a mobile-friendly interface. It is the top-tier software provider with live chat available for twenty-four hours per day. However, there is a drawback with the site – no toll-free number.

If the player is interested in Universal Slots Casino, then it is good to know that Xplosive slots are represented great on this website. It offers a 0-24 withdrawal timeframe, an adapted for mobile use interface, live chat that works for twenty-four hours per day and top tier software providers. But the only problem is slow navigation.

Sugar Casino is a good choice for Xplosive slots fans as well. It contains the whole Xplosive library with a mobile-friendly interface. Live chat is included. It also contains a corner with live dealer casino and it is secured with the power of SSL encryption. However, live chat here is not available for twenty-four hours per day.

What makes Xplosive so great?

It can take days to describe why the player should pay attention to Xplosive slots. But it is easy to see that people really like the way this provider works with different gambling projects. Players never lie – if they see that developers are working with full dedication to the process, they will respect it and give positive feedbacks.

It’s important to admit that Xplosive slots are based not only on original themes. In the collection of the provider, there are a lot of slots that are based on some famous franchises from 80s. However, more important is the fact that Xplosive cares about gamers more than any other developer.

Besides, Xplosive always rewards gamers that are playing for a long period of time or only want to become pro at playing the company`s slots. That’s why there are so many bonuses and other kinds of promotions offered. Besides, in almost all Xplosive slots there is a progressive jackpot system. That means that the user needs to play more in order to get much greater prizes than in case of simple spinning the reel.

All those small details make Xplosive more than just a company that tries to make as many slots as possible. The developers even use HTML 5 technology to adapt games for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this web tech, the player will not have to do anything in order to play Xplosive slots anywhere. Projects are going to adapt to the resolution of the screen automatically.


Nobody knows what the future is going to deliver. But even right now, Xplosive slots are something to look for. Because such a high-quality product cannot be missed by gamers of all types. Moreover, even platform holders may be shocked with how good Xplosive slots software is.

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