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Storm Gaming Company is considered one of the most popular manufacturers of game software for all kinds of slots and online casinos in the vast network. On the pages of various gambling resources, you can play the most legendary slots from Storm Gaming absolutely free of charge and without registration. Having won its own place in the world`s gambling market, slot machines from Storm Gaming faced a ban on gambling. Nevertheless, Storm Gaming managed to overgrow and began to produce software for slots for gambling clubs and online casinos.

People began to speak about the British company relatively recently. Discuss was that: game slots from Storm Gaming under a memorable logo were so attractive that the hand itself reached for the Play button. However, impressive design is not even a half of the slot game.

Game slots

The main features of slots from Storm Gaming are exciting bonus features. These are not usual free spins or bonus rotations. Each of the slots is a real work of art with quality graphics and sound. Each slot from Storm Gaming has its own unique highlight, which keeps the player’s attention to the very end. Slots from Storm Gaming are a real find for gamblers!

Another feature of Storm Gaming is humor in the game story. Indeed, in each of the slots, there is a kind of humor that makes every gambler smile. Play game slots from Storm Gaming for free on the site of our casino and get real emotions, genuine excitement and enjoyment of a quality game.

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Features of slot machines

Storm Gaming – Company Information

Game slots from Storm Gaming are extremely difficult to classify – they are so diverse. The developer itself suggests that they are united by an acute sense of excitement. So it is difficult not to agree. Almost a half of more than 80 slot machines is created according to the tried-and-true recipe: 20 bet lines, the wild multiplier, the scatter symbol not only triggers the free spins, but also creates its own combinations, a risk game. In vain they consider that such slots were good almost two decades ago, and their time has passed. In fact, this scheme gives an optimal balance between the amount of prizes and the frequency of their loss.

In order to understand how the Storm Gaming developer manages to balance tradition and modern high technologies, it’s best to start with describing their its slots. Storm Gaming’s game slots feature stunning design and refreshing gameplay with endless free spins, a triple multiplier and other additional features. Infinite is called a series of free moves, in which only the appearance of a special symbol ends the round. Theoretically, the number of free spins can be very huge. The collection of slots from Storm Gaming presents the most popular themes. However, there are also unusual stories. So on the official site of the Storm Gaming developer in a separate section, certain slots with characteristic names are offered. It is evident that the developers are aware of the fashion trends and are trying to offer special products for the youngest category of players.

However, each company has models to be proud of. Storm Gaming has premium slots that won recognition among professionals. These are unusual machines with extraordinary bonuses that combine traditional additional games based on the choice of the subject combined with unique options.

The Storm Gaming international company has been going to the broad consumer for a relatively long time, but this does not mean that the path was thorny. As it often happens in the gaming world, first the manufacturer concentrates on the business direction, and already having accumulated all necessary experience, understands that it is possible to release its own slots. The brand of slot machines Storm Gaming is known to many specialists.

Among other products of the company are Storm Gaming platforms, terminals and software systems. Apparently, it is a serious portfolio. Therefore, slots continue this list of achievements of the Storm Gaming company quite naturally. At one of the world’s largest forums, among other things, the company`s own gaming platform Storm Gaming was presented. The stand of slots from Storm Gaming attracted the attention of a record number of visitors.

However, for the average player, the main business card of Storm Gaming is its game slots. And be sure, they are first-class. Game slots from Storm Gaming are remembered immediately. First of all it is because of 3D design. Video slots machines have been existing for more than 40 years, but three-dimensional graphics are used only now, but on permanent basis. Products from Storm Gaming look more than worthy in the list with other famous names. In all the game slots, the developers used the graphical 3D engine.

As an example, it is appropriate to quote the latest releases of Storm Gaming. The fashionable theme in the slots is properly framed. The screen realistically reproduced the main idea. Drums are placed on a realistic background. Even on the dynamic background, there is always some movement. In an additional round, the player will take part in a special battle as the commander of his or her own slot machine.

Games and their unique features

However, design is only half of a slot machine. The gameplay is the second half, and the main one. And here developers from Storm Gaming have chosen the right tactics. They used the best in their slots. In many slots from Storm Gaming a classical, proven by many years and developers, game scheme is used. Other game slots from Storm Gaming are just interesting and unexpected. Just open a new slot under the Storm Gaming brand and get an adventure.

Game slots from Storm Gaming are ideal for those who like different subjects, a variety of card games, and just high-quality slot game machines. Well, the most pleasant thing is that in all this beauty you can play absolutely free of charge and without registration at different game resources! Storm Gaming is one of the best gambling software manufacturers for online casinos and slot games. In just a few years, Storm Gaming has won a significant share of the gambling market. This is due to the fact that slots from Storm Gaming are very high quality. Indeed, the difference in graphics, music, gameplay compared to other software is really visible.

Unique themes for the gaming world: slots from Storm Gaming conquered the hearts of gamblers and now this British company is known in every game hall of the world.

Great developments

The company has offices in the UK, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Croatia. Features of game slots from Storm Gaming:

  • Manufacturers of Storm Gaming actively implement 3D graphics, not only in the screen saver, design and bonus games, but also for drawing game characters;
  • Thanks to realistic graphics and surround sound, the effect of presence in the application you have chosen is created;
  • The presence of numerous mini-games, performed as bonus rounds. Together with them, it becomes not only profitable, but also funny to play. Most users simply cannot tear themselves away from the game after its start;
  • The democratic price of entering slots from Storm Gamin allows everyone to play it;
  • The resolution of slots developed is so detailed that it supports full HD technology, which is especially important for the owners of large TV sets and monitors;
  • A wide set of user settings allows the player to customize any game.

Storm Gaming is trying to actively implement its works in popular and well-known casinos. Players always focus on choosing slots and online casinos basing on the security and privacy of their personal information. Storm Gaming products are licensed, and in the list of partners, only online casinos with a time-tested unblemished reputation can be met. Despite its rather modest experience in developing games, the Storm Gaming manufacturer is able to satisfy the demands of almost every user, especially if he or her prefers to play slot machines.

All games are cross-platform, so they can be played either through a computer or through other mobile gadgets. To find Storm Gaming the developer’s offers is also not difficult in numerous online casinos and in most popular social networks. Enjoy the process accompanied with beautiful sound and graphic design in the recently released slots.

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