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NetoPlay video slot games are written in the HTML5 programming language and can offer slot machines of two types: mobile ones for players to gamble anywhere they are with professional games and full web versions of slots that can be played right on a personal computer. All slot games are scratch and have a simple animation. The absence of 3D animation and flat design in all slot machines make them simple.

NetoPlay is the only corporation for the development of slot games with a personal bank office and several payment systems for players to send money to the page of the online casino and back with any payment system that they like. Risk-oriented client management is all about the counting of possible risks that may appear during the gambling session. The administration of the NetoPlay corporation can offer customers absolutely safe gambling without any possible problems and risks. Monitoring in the regime of real-time can let managers of the company always be in course of the latest trends of the industry.

Affiliate Management program can offer players an even easier access to the payment systems and a good control during the gambling session. Those players who appear being a part of the VIP community can simply get even more bonus offers and good solutions for the gambling session. Players of high-quality slot games of the NetoPlay corporation can get an access to classic slot games with popular online casinos and an official site of the software company.

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Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

NetoPlay software developers can offer players numerous high-quality slot games with different themes, just like Octoberfest, magic themed slots, cartoon styled ones, animalistic slot machines and even more.

Wizard Fortune is the first video slot machine made by the NetoPlay software company. It has five reels and thee rows on the screen – there are 30 winning combinations in total and a grid of 15 spaces. Bonus Game, FreeSpins, Bonus Symbols, Wild Symbols, expanding wilds and other bonuses will make gambling with this magic-themed slot game profitable for sure. Alice Slot has an interface designed as an open book with magic symbols. There are five reels and three rows on the screen with nine pay lines. Free spins, Scatter Symbols and Multiplier are bonus features in the list of special offers for the gambling session with Alice Slot by NetoPlay.

Beer Garden is a slot with five reels and four rows, where there are 20 winning combinations on the interface. German festivals became a popular theme for video games in the modern industry. The Chance’s Adventure slot offers 3D animation and interesting design. Birds are sitting between buildings, hiding from wild cats. There are five reels and three rows on the interface. The slot itself has five paylines only.

Christmas spin is a classic slot that can offer players to win 9154 dollars for a gambling session. The Cleopatra slot game is also profitable – it may offer players to win up to 270 000 dollars spinning five reels on the interface of the slot game. The Egypt’s Gold slot has three reels and one row only – in total there is only one winning line for players to win up to 10 000 dollars.

The Fruit Machine slot game is another simple retro slot game with three reels and one row on the screen. There is only one pay line that is laying over symbols. Play with domestic pets, spinning five reels of the Fluffy Prizes slot game. In total, players will see 20 winning combinations. Emperor’s Dragon from NetoPlay has five reels and three rows, forming a 15-spaced grid with 20 winning combinations.

In the professional portfolio of NetoPlay software, there are also such games as Gold Rush, Happy Flight, Jack is Back, Legendary Legion, Lucky 7, Lucky Bugs Garden, Magic Fairies, Mermaid Wild, Pyramid Spin, Riches of Troy, Savanna Spin, Shamans Gold, Spinning Fruits, Starfruit, Thunder Plains and others. NetoPlay presents both classic slot games with five reels and three rows and retro games with three reels and one row only. The amount of winning combinations varies from one to forty.

About Mobile Slots

All video slot machines from the NetoPlay software developer have a mobile version that is optimized for the size of the interface and special features of the operating system. Fans of high-quality gambling can find many offers in Google Play and App Store.

Players can either download a mobile application of NetoPlay software or open a mobile version of slot machines in the browser on a mobile phone. The download of the application won’t last for too long. Players can get it for free. NetoPlay slots in the mobile version are made on the basis of the HTML5 programming language for a simple gambling session without a long loading of the game.

What Makes NetoPlay Special

Answering the question why video slot machines made by the NetoPlay corporation are special, we have to mention several factors. First of all, the company is working on the full management of the gambling session. The developers create profiles and personal accounts of players including Fraud security system for the safe gambling with NetoPlay products. Risk management is a part of the corporation tasks for the development of a satisfying gambling session with NetoPlay slot games.

The administration of NetoPlay makes an analysis of all possible risks that can happen while people play professional video slot games. Managers and workers of the corporation can promise players a completely safe and pleasant gambling session with NetoPlay games. CRM marketing is the second reason why the NetoPlay corporation is special. The analysis of the statistical data and big data analysis for the development of the gambling industry can let offer even more satisfying games to players. The administration can understand what exactly clients of the NetoPlay corporation want to get and are always ready to offer it. PSP communication, Fraud security system, cashier management and outgoing payments with NetoPlay can develop the market and make gambling comfortable.

Customers of the NetoPlay corporation can pay with all possible payment systems they like to play with high-quality slot machines, being sure that Fraud security system will make all their personal data completely safe. Professional and trained employees of NetoPlay are ready to support players if they have any problems during the gambling session.

About Company

NetoPlay was founded on the gambling market only several years ago, but it looks like the developers came back from the future. The website of the company looks quite simple. From the first glance, it seems like it is not finished, but for sure the administration of the corporation follows the modern arts ideology, making web pages intuitively simple and understandable.

NetoPlay presents games of all types – mobile slots for personal mobile devices and video slot machines of different types for a satisfying and delightful gambling session. Bringing innovations and sophistication to the world of casino games, the NetoPlay developers like being futuristic. Their slot machines are mostly created for mobile devices and tablets, but players also can find full-size slot games that can be played on personal computers. Full integration of the game is what NetoPlay can offer gamblers – they can go on playing certain video slot machines on several devices at the same time.

Smart solutions for e-gaming is what NetoPlay software has in the portfolio for gamblers with the most different tastes and values. CRM marketing and a wide range of payment systems that can be supported by slot games of NetoPlay developers and permanent customer support can be considered the strongest advantages of the corporation for players to face no problems during the gambling session. Playing with the NetoPlay casino-loving community will get the best experience and a lot of cash as a reward.


Every responsible software company is working on the development of the gaming industry. NetoPlay can offer players high-quality slot games and innovative payment solutions for the casino-loving public. To play games from the NetoPlay software developer, enter a page of any online casino. This producer has progressive slot games with 3D animation and HD graphics. Place bets in any international currency to make gambling even more comfortable and simple. Stay smart with smart gaming developers.

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