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In total, the corporation is working only on video slot games to offer players to not just place bets with casino games, but enjoy playing colorful video slot machines. Multicommerce Game Studio has over 17 slots in the portfolio. All of them have different style and design. Slots have five reels and three rows. The amount of lines varies from ten to 40 winning combinations.

The betting range is from one cent to ten dollars per line in the game. Certain slot machines can offer a minimum bet of one dollar per pay line only. Players don’t have to bet on all lines during the gambling session. They can simply check out all settings in the slot game and check the placement of lines over the interface. Choose only those lines that seem you being the most profitable and don’t be shy to place your bet. You may regulate the amount of winning combinations, pressing “plus” and “minus” buttons on the bottom of the interface. Free spins, wild symbols and re-spinning options – these bonuses will make the gambling session with Multicommerce Game Studio not only attractive and interesting, but also profitable for players. Get additional money, doing nothing at all.

Simply spin reels and you will get a chance to pay nothing for a spin or to get a reel replaced by the expanding wild that covers all reel in height, offering players to get three times more winning combinations. While the free spins option or expanding wild bonuses are turned on, players will see an interface of the slot game changed – the interface of the game will become smaller and the main hero of the story next to the screen with reels.

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Golden Rome
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Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

The first games in the portfolio of Multicommerce Game Studio is The Power of Zeus and Power of Zeus II. The background of the screen is bright blue and deep purple, simulating a night sky with thousand stars. Players will see a figure of Zeus standing next to the interface with reels with a lightning in his arms. You will see Zeus, just like legends and tales present him. Beautiful ladies, ancient Greek gods and colorful numerals with letters are a set of characters on the interface that players will see. Wild symbols and expanding wild are presented on the interface. They will offer people to form additional winning combinations doing nothing at all.

Mermaid’s Pearls is the second video slot machine that is all about a red-haired mermaid that is sitting on the sand on the bottom of the sea. The background of the video slot game presents the bottom of the sea and the deep blue salty water with numerous ancient treasures. Reveal the mysteries of the past with the Mermaid’s Pearls video slot machine.

One more game is the Fortune Lucky slot that presents a wall of soap bubbles and a yellow duck that is a main hero of the game. Play with the history, spinning the reels of the Golden Rome video slot machine – feel yourself standing on the place of Caesar. Seems like the war is close – the Gorilla’s Realm slot is a marvelous video slot machine with a powerful and strong gorilla standing next to the screen with reels and bombs, blowing on the background. The Asian Dreams slot is a tale of a marvelous Asian princess who has some secret power.

Check out how profitable gambling can be with Multicommerce Game Studio slots. The Western Wilds slot is a story about the funny farmer who can show you another side of the gambling market. Queen of the Vikings, Pacific Treasures, Jewels of Persia and Queen of Giza slot games will bring you to the world of dangerous adventures and history. Play Carnival Lotto to win even more money or choose the Hey Mambo slot to feel like partying at the festival. The Archangel and Secrets of Petra slot seems to be unique on the market.

Multicommerce Game Studio – Company Information

About Mobile Slots

Mobile application of popular web slot games is a chance for players to stay in touch with the most favorite slots anywhere they are. Multicommerce Game Studio has no mobile application at the present moment, but all slots have a web mobile version that is written in the HTML5 programming language. They will be loaded quickly and you will have to wait only several seconds until slots will be activated. Mobile version of games will be optimized for the size of the interface. To play slot machines using the mobile version, enter a name of the game in the browser and try.

What Makes Studio Special

Multicommerce Game Studio is really special, as specialists are working not only on the look of the slot games but also on the math modeling of every video slot machine. Server-based games are made with all math models and all programming models needed to be really professional. Multicommerce Game Studio is an international corporation that works intensively on the localization of the gambling industry to make the market develop in certain regions and stay unique, satisfying the needs of various social and cultural groups.

Another feature of the Multicommerce Game Studio corporation that makes it special is algorithms to count all needs and wishes of players on the Multicommerce Game Studio page to offer them games that will be completely satisfying. The administration of the software counts all moves of players and makes models to understand what the customers really want to get in the list of offered slot machines. Such a technical approach is what makes the corporation professional. The software developers started from basic theoretical ideas to offer all games made in the most accurate way. They are almost the only ones who are starting cooperation not just with the practice, but with the theory and realization of ideas with the technical basis. The amount of bonus symbols, like wild ones, free spins and others, is counted according to the length of the gambling session and to the intensiveness of betting during the game.

About Company

The Multicommerce Game Studio software corporation was launched on the market 10 years ago. The primal role of the corporation was the development of SAS both hard and soft and backend applications for the gambling industry. Multicommerce Game Studio is focused on the backend ways of the market’s development. Simple corporations influence the market presenting fresh solutions, like innovative slot machines and breaking new games.

However, Multicommerce Game Studio found this way too boring. Being a special studio that is working on the result, not simply on the fact of the product’s availability, the corporation develops the industry, improving the conditions of work on smaller firms and studios. There are several ways of the industry’s development. We can invest in the solo case, like we do with the game. The game develops the mind of players, while investments in the corporations who also work for the improvement of the industry. Here we make a contribution to the growth of the whole market. Investments in several agencies can help raise a bar of quality faster in total to offer the casino-loving public better products and conditions for the gambling session.

Multicommerce Game Studio is still working on fresh 3D animated games. During the last three years, Multicommerce Game Studio was developing slot machines and Bingo games. There are over 17 professional slots in the portfolio at the present moment. Multicommerce Game Studio is working on the graphics and design of the slot games for the satisfaction of the gambling-loving community. Using C++ and Java programming language, the Multicommerce Game Studio corporation is testing the best QA and applications to be sure of the quality and professionalism of its products. Understanding the jurisdiction of the gambling industry, the company is also working on the regulation of the industry and watches after all processes being legal, promoting responsible gambling.


The development of the gambling industry is a goal that all corporations on the marker follow. Casinos provide an access from the side of players to the best slot games, while software developers, like Multicommerce Game Studio, create high-quality content for a satisfying gambling session of players. Deep analysis and critical thinking mixed with analytical approach will make an offer on the market optimized and will offer people play those games that they are truly interested in. Multicommerce Game Studio is developing with the market for years to bring profit and satisfaction to the casino-loving public.

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