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Merge Gaming Network is not all about slot machines only. The main idea of the corporation is the promotion not only of slots, but also of poker and other classic casino games. Slot machines by Merge Gaming Network are all created according to the latest trends of the gambling industry. They can be found on the Sportsbetting webpage. Support of gamblers on the page and a big choice among different slots is what Sportsbetting can offer players get up to 45% bonuses on the page. A welcome bonus for new players is also waiting for the casino-loving public. The longer you stay with Sportsbetting, the more benefits you will get both for poker and slot machines. For the members of VIP club who like playing adventurous slots, cashbacks are waiting as well. CarbonPoker room is a portal not for slot machines, but for poker only. Those players who consider themselves being professionals can join a session with poker and slot games. Get 100% bonus for the registration on the portal and win daily cashbacks up to 45%.

VIP club on the page of Carbon Poker is a community for those players who prefer poker to all other casino games and love it with all of the heart. At the present moment, the Carbon Poker website is working on the optimization of the list of possible payment methods that people can use to place bets. Aced Poker room can promise players a set of 100 000-dollar tournaments once a year. It is a special website for the gambling session with a true feeling of the competition and with every Sunday “big games”. Now, the Aced Poker room is not operating. Merge Gaming Network is focused on the development of the portal. They have concentrated on the promotion of slot machines of different types and styles to join the most popular sphere of the gambling market.

Gambling with slots created by Merge Gaming Network is safe – SSL and TSL security systems will make all personal data of players safe. Gambling sessions through casinos and other gambling portals with slots and poker games made by Merge Gaming Network are not possible at the present moment. Players have to download an application on the website of Merge Gaming Network to play professional slots. Poker Rooms are available through the access via the application as well. The download will be fast and the application is made both for web and for mobile devices.

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Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

The most popular games that were created by Merge Gaming Network are not slot machines, but different types of Merge Poker. Texas Hold’em with no limit, Omaha High community game for true fans of card games – these are different types of Omaha for people – both low and high versions. There is no limit for the gambling session with Omaha. Draw Poker is about five card draw, 7, and gambling on the Merge software. Stud Poker is available for the session with five card draw and 7 card stud, Caribbean stud, razz and 7 card stud low. H.O.R.S.E. is a series of games for those who like card games with Merge Gaming Network. H means Texas Hold’em, O is for Omaha Eights, R is for Razz, S is for Seven Cards Stud and E is for Seven Cards Stud or Better.

There are no slot machines in the portfolio, but other types of casino games, just like video poker (simple poker, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild). Roulette is a popular casino game to play for the profit. Blackjack and Caribbean Stud games appear being both more interesting and more profitable than slot machines. All the portfolio of Merge Gaming Network is about classic casino games for the true satisfaction and education of the casino-loving community. Bringing of poker to the modern gambling market and creation of the software for poker is what players exactly demand.

About Mobile Slots

On the professional gambling market, mobile applications can be considered a feature that is available only for the most innovative and smart corporations. Merge Gaming Network can offer not only download a mobile application for the iOS and Android operating systems in Apple Store or Google Play. It has created an application both for gambling with a personal computer and for gambling with a smartphone. Players can download an application even on the official website of Merge Gaming Network. Poker and other casino games, as well as slot machines, will be working in the offline regime. The download of the application will last for several seconds only and will take little space on the device.

What Makes Merge Gaming Network Special

Some companies can seem to be special as well as they offer luxurious content on the gambling market, some of them may consider good service and support of players being their strong side, but Merge Gaming Network is really special because it offers something that was not available for professional players before. Merge Gaming Network is special because it does not create slots – only the company that is one of the companies of the holding is working on the creation of professional slots.

Carbon Poker portal is working not on slots, but on the promotion of poker games. is one more poker room that was made especially for amateur players. PCDPoker is another poker room that will be opened soon for the satisfaction and profit of the poker-loving community. Poker tournaments from the provider are considered being extremely popular than competitions` slot machines. They appear to be more expensive and have a bigger fond for the reward of players. In the list of the most interesting casino games on the gambling market in 2018, poker and baccarat with other classic games take leading positions and appear being more profitable and satisfying.

Merge Gaming Network offers a high-quality security for players to let encrypt all personal data of people, hiding it from others. All slot games and poker rooms are legal – they have a license and all actions of Merge Gaming Network are monitored according to the jurisdiction. It is easy to enjoy software, as it is simple. All slot games and poker rooms are simple to play with – they attract players because they are easy to use and offer good rewards. Clients of Merge Gaming Network can watch on several screens at the same time what is going on during the session. Get an access right to the game and check out several tournaments at the same time. Players can choose from many Poker rooms to play with one that they like the most.

About Company

Merge Gaming Network is something more than just a simple software developer company. Merge Gaming Network was launched on the market around a decade ago for the development of the industry and satisfaction of the casino-loving community. The developers specify not simply on video slot machines, but on the development of casino games, just like poker and other card games. The video slot machines development industry is occupied by professional corporations at the present moment. When Merge only opened on the market, the main idea was not to become better than others, but to offer something new to the gambling-loving community. The demand is what defines the market for sure. And professional administration of Merge Gaming Network studios knew that.

Security, professional browsers and software, jurisdiction and many different rooms appear a part of the Merge Gaming Network system. Merge is all about poker. It is not just a website for players who want to enjoy professional video slot machines, but a page for true fans of the classic casino industry. Poker game has decades of history. The idea that Merge Gaming Network is trying to bring the second life to the poker industry is perfect, as well as while offering modernization for such a classic game, the gambling market is going on developing. The casino industry can grow up only when it faces rebranding and fresh air – this is actually what Merge Gaming Network possesses as the main idea of the activity of the corporation.


Merge Gaming Network has many different corporations in the list of projects, some of them work with slot games, others – with poker rooms. The company has a complex approach to the development of the industry – it offers its own software and its personal application and platform to play on. All casino games of classic type and slots are made with bonuses offered. The administration of the corporation offers partner and bonus programs for members of the Merge Gaming Network community.

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