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The Lionline corporation specializes in innovative video slot machines, scratch cards and roulettes. All casino games by Lionline are available in one version only. There is European roulette, Hot Wheels casino game, Blackjack in three versions and two more types of Roulette casino game. The Sweet Honey innovative video slot machine of Lionline has bright bonuses in the list of promotions and a fascinating design with an extra colorful template of colors. The first video slot machine in the gallery of the Lionline corporation was designed many years ago, but on the website, players can see only the latest Lionline slot machines to give players an opportunity to gamble both for the profit and for the satisfaction and true pleasure.

The most important kind of all Lionline games that can be found in the gallery is slots with 3D animation and bright stories. Be ready that while you will be playing Lionline video slot games during the profitable session, a vampire will appear on the full screen or Napoleon himself will announce a war to the entire world. Such an animation can make a gambling session with the Lionline corporation only more interesting and satisfying. The development of the casino-loving public is all about the rise of the quality bar and introduction of innovative Lionline slot games with a simple template and complicated design at the same time. Check out settings of every video slot machine before the very beginning of the gambling session to be informed about all the features of Lionline video slot games.

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Rise of Napoleon
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Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

In total, in the gallery of the Lionline studio, there are eight professional video slot machines that can be played for the satisfaction and profit of the gambling-loving community.

The first slot in the gallery of the Lionline corporation is Rise of Napoleon. This is an interactive slot machine with five reels and three rows only. Napoleon is the main character of the game that is presented on a bright red background. Find out different types of weapons on the screen to join an even more interesting gambling session and meet new icons. The rise of Napoleon is a professionally designed game with light motives of France of the very beginning of the XIX century presented. Calm French music that can be heard on the background of the game and quick spinning of all reels will make people feel like they are walking over ancient France.

The second slot game of Lionline is Treasure Island. This is an inspiring story about the adventures of brave pirates over the wild lands and seas, never seen by people. Check out what it is to be a real pirate and enjoy sailing over oceans, looking for treasures and revealing secrets of the past.

The Dracula video slot game is one more machine for the complete satisfaction and entertainment of the casino-loving audience. While running the gambling session, you will see a story about the king of all Vampires and you will be able to spin reels, seeing his best friends, colorful and juicy fruits and hot girls who are young and hungry vampires as well. Lionline didn’t stop on the achieved and kept on developing new smart video slot games.

One more product of the Lionline corporation is the New Crazy Seven game. This is a traditional fruity slot game with bright red sevens on the main screen and fruits changing quickly on the background. The juicy red color behind the reels can only help players concentrate on the gambling machine of the Lionline corporation.

Players also have to pay attention to the Mega Wheels video slot machine with doubled red sevens on the interface. They cover all doubled juicy symbols. They are placed on three reels and three rows in the slot. Gambling with juicy slots made by the Lionline corporation, players will hear bright sounds and will be able to see 3D animation and HD graphics.

After Mega Wheels, those people who like playing with the Lionline portal will see the Triple X video slot machine. This is a magical fruity game for the satisfaction of those players who like classic retro slot machines. See big X on the interface with green lightning over the fruity icons. Glamour Gems is one more slot game with jewelry design. Bright diamonds and colorful gems are shining with all colors of the rainbow. A golden ring with a diamond is placed on the background to make players pay even more attention to the video slot machine.

Lucky Unicorn is one more offer for the casino-loving public. This really modern and smart slot game by Lionline with a neon pink background and white reels with animated symbols will offer players to become a part of the fairytale about the magical white unicorn as a symbol of the Lionline software developer.

LionLine – Company Information

About Mobile Slots

As the Lionline software developers promote fun and simple lifestyle, they appear being leading fun providers on the gambling market. All video slot machines have HTML5 programming language written Lionline applications. Therefore, players can enjoy professional slot games with a mobile application made for Android and iOS systems and web versions of video slot games for a simple gambling session to play Lionline games anywhere they are. Turn on a mobile version of any Mega Wheels video slot machine to see big buttons on the bottom of the website and good animation on the interface.

The Dracula video slot game by Lionline is one more pleasant casino game with a good animation and graphics for the satisfying and professional gambling session of the casino-loving public. While playing the mobile version of the game, you will be able to see the same entertainment and professionally made animation with characters suddenly appearing on the main page. All mobile versions of video slot games will be integrated with a mobile phone and players will be able to save a moment in the gambling session or to get notifications about the gambling session to stay in touch with the most favorite slot games.

What Makes Lionline Special

Lionline software is really special, as it has a freshly made gallery  on the page and can offer players many different video slot machines to get true satisfaction while spinning reels of the best games. The first special feature on the page is a good animation and professionally made graphics. The great animation on the Lionline website will offer players stay motivated during the whole gambling session. Lionline always changes settings on the main page to offer players only freshly made video slot machines. They have both mobile versions for the applications and mobile versions for browsers to offer people always stay in touch with the gambling industry.

About Company

Lionline was founded in Germany not that long time ago. The corporation is one of the leading ones in the list of 2018 most modern soft developers. Online games in the gallery on the website of the company can be played both for real money and in the free demo version. Games can be found on the pages of professional online casino websites. New slot machines appear on the market for the profit and satisfaction of the casino-loving public on the pages of the most innovative gambling websites. Check out a portfolio on the page and you will be shocked with the impressive and great quality of video slot machines – all of them have HD graphics and 3D animation input in the slot games. Their own platform has a history of the 50-year success.

Having started working 50 years ago, the Lionline Corporation created a special name for the result of its work – it is CAGE. All solutions for players and all offers are processing in the most modern and smart way. Permanent support of players on the page is working with live chat and email boxes.

Lionline is not just a software developer, but also a provider of fun. It combines fresh colors and bright emotions with modern games on the page. Comparing to other software developers, Lionline can offer an extra big list of slots to players who follow the self-education goal and want to develop themselves.


Gambling is a way to self-development and self-education. All software developers motivate people to be smart and try new slot machines from time to time. Being interested in the gambling industry is simple, but the Lionline software developer knows what to offer people for the complete satisfaction in the game and to get only true emotions as well as earn a fortune quickly. Find out what professional gambling industry is with Lionline slots to make a range of your hobbies wider and to offer permanent development to people of all tastes and ages. Lionline is what you need to get a true pleasure playing games.

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