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Konami currently occupies the fourth place in the ranking of the creators of online slots in the Japanese market. In 1978, Konami decided to enter the market of still land-based slot machines, which is not surprising because their main field of activity – arcade machines – at that time began to decline. This proved to be the right decision. Thanks to successful management, the company gained the support of several studio developers in the United States. Konami now firmly holds leadership positions along with other recognized masters in this field.

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Start and first stages

Konami made their first step in the world of slots machines, releasing Rocky. The plot of this game was based on the eponymous series of films with Sylvester Stallone. Konami was lucky to make a shot at the bull`s-eye, and since that time Rocky Slots has been presented by Konami as a visiting card. After Rocky, Ioha Gold, Atlantic Treasure, Lucky Dice, Karaoke Revolution, Billionaires and other penny slots were released to bring together style and quality. Play these and many other slot machines in virtual gambling houses.

Konami is ready to invest millions of dollars in initial market research and develop the software base for its slots. This feature and, of course, the incredible experience of producing super-hits in the slots industry allow players to confidently expect from every Konami`s brainchild excellent audio and video effects, as well as entertaining gameplay and the captivating plot of all the slots.

A couple of the Konami’s most successful products are worth a closer look:

  • The Rocky Slots. This family of game slots is most successful among players. Since Konami owns the rights to the series of films, all the main characters have been carefully transferred to the playground, and during the game one can trace the main storyline. This responsible attitude allows the game to still increase the number of dedicated fans.
  • African Diamond. This video slot has become a curtsy of Konami towards the classic game slots. Here a player will find both a series of free spins and bonus rounds, and win multipliers. In addition, an ability to bet on as many as thirty lines will allow you to win often and successfully. This system allows you to keep playing for a long time, and the maximum winnings of one and a half thousands of game coins allow to attach to the fans of the slot not only those gamblers that value the process of the game itself, but also earn good money!

Games from Konami

The collection of masterful slots from Konami is simply gorgeous. It includes not only slot machines (classic 777 and themed entertainments), but also poker and blackjack, roulette and baccarat. A variety of choices of the Konami slots is an opportunity to enjoy the excitement for even the most demanding gamers.

The developers of Konami propose to try your luck with hot new products and popular slots of the past, choose a progressive or fixed jackpot, bringing victory by using the bonus elements embedded in the emulators. Here everything is created for success. The following will definitely please users playing the slots of Konami:

  • extravaganza of emotions,
  • drive and positive,
  • enjoy of victories.

Slots: downloadable versions or online variations

For those who crave excitement, Konami offers browser-based and downloadable slots. Each user can choose a mode independently, relying on their own preferences. To play the Konami slots online is interesting, but if you download them to your device, then your favourite entertainment will be at hand even if there is no internet. It is very convenient if any long trips or country rest are planned.

The Konami’s offline slots, like the MultiGaminator machines, are a risk-free game. It is conducted free of charge and without registration, providing demo cents for bets. The result of the test rotations will be the experience and tremendous pleasure from the game that in subsequent modes will lead to victory.

Konami registered a trademark for a gaming machine based on MGS

The Konami Digital Entertainment company has registered the Big Boss trademark, whose name refers to one of the central heroes of the Metal Gear saga. This is written by Siliconera.

The trademark refers to the following categories: stationary slot machines, slot machines, collectible card games and board games. The application for registration was filled by a subsidiary company Konami Pachinko Entertainment, which specializes in the release of popular in the Land of the Rising Sun pinball machines. Under the Big Boss brand, products of all the above categories may appear.

The release of the slot machines based on the most popular series of Konami, apparently, is becoming one of the priorities for the Konami directions. In August the developer announced the release of a device in the subject of Silent Hill – slot machines, developed jointly with Takasago, are planned to be released this month. In addition, this year, arcade machines based on the Castlevania series were introduced.

The slots development of the arcade machine direction is consistent with Konami’s overall strategy, which was revealed in May by Hideki Hayakawa, the president of the company. According to him, shareware slots for PC and mobile devices should take the leading position in the portfolio of the developer. Later, the representative of Konami explained that the manager did not mean a refusal to create large console games.

Positive features of the slots from Konami:

  • Excellent graphics quality.
  • Exciting leisure time.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Lack of advertising.

Slots – popular machines from the known brand

It is very difficult to find in the world a person who has never heard of Konami. This Japanese giant is famous for its games all over the world, including the grandiose line of stats action games “Metal Gear Solid”.

However, not everyone knows that Konami also develops colourful game slots that are popular not only among Japanese fans of gambling entertainment, but also far beyond the homeland of the developers.

Konami’s historic solution for the entire slots gaming industry

Of course, first of all Konami was focused on arcade platforms, which was relevant for most developers in the early development of the slots industry.

Nevertheless, at some point this sector began to show indicators far from not only good, but even acceptable, resulting in the decision to enter the slots game market. Thus, beginning in 1979, Konami began to cooperate with representatives from the US and other markets, studying the needs of gamblers.

A huge experience and grandiose success

The Konami Corporation works in several areas, each of which gives the manufacturer invaluable experience that contributes to the growth of the quality of further developments. If you look at the very first slot of the Japanese brand called Rocky and compare it with more modern products of Konami, then the quality growth can be noticed with the naked eye. Such a fine adaptation to modern realities and improvement of the technologies used are typical for a small number of producers, and Konami is one of them.

A huge choice of the slots

The assortment of Konami includes dozens of various slots, and the most famous and popular among them are:

  • Action Staked Sevens. Absolutely unique game, regularly winning an ever larger army of fans in different parts of our planet. The gameplay here is pretty simple, but the player is offered an opportunity to win significant prizes in bonus rounds (they can be earned up to 30 pieces).
  • Chip City. An excellent slot for experienced players who prefer to always play big. The limit on the line here is 1500.
  • Ancient Dragon. A game with excellent volatility, an opportunity to win up to 15 bonus rounds and an even one of the highest maximum bets of 2.5 thousand.

Konami Gaming, a subsidiary of the Japanese holding company Konami Holding Corp, has recently developed and started installing new slot machines with improved Frogger game variants in some casino for testing both technically and financially. In addition, new software has become available in online versions of gaming slot machines on the Internet. In online casinos, the slot machines of this type from Konami can be found after the end of testing, not only in the free mode.

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