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Fugaso is a world-famous game developer having offices in Russia, Israel, UK and Malta. The company was founded in 2016, but the management team appears highly experienced having been involved in the iGaming industry since 2001. Fugaso has almost 60 titles, which means that for two years of its activity the producer released 57 unique HTML5 Fugaso video slots and table games that support any types of devices. Besides, the producer promises in the near future to release 3 more games meaning that the total number of models offered reaches 60. Most of the company`s products are slots with RTP reaching 96-98%, but you are still happy to find the company`s Jackpot Series Games with 3 levels without extra fees and Jackpot contribution. Despite their number, the Fugaso games create a variety of themes in the catalogue. However, there is a range of quality levels when it comes to graphics. Since most of their slots are on incredible level of graphics, the average visual experience from the Fugaso slots is very nice. It is fair to say that generally the Fugaso slots have wonderful colours, clever design and provide projects with pleasant gaming experience, offering also not less exciting and high bonuses. Fugaso uses design not only to attract customers and gamers, and provide them with qualitative entertainment. The design is one of the Fugaso’s tools to support and promote responsible gaming.

Their website states that their products meet the requirements of Remote Technical Standards of the UK, Malta and Curacao Gambling Commission licenses. As an example, Fugaso creates their design of Jackpot Games. Fugaso wants to make sure that players know how much time they spent playing a game since the session began. Another way the company is promoting the principles of responsible gaming is the information on the players’ current and wagered balances.

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The Fugaso`s team is very creative. As it was previously mentioned, the Fugaso slots vary in themes, despite their relatively big number. They draw inspiration from the incredible world of seas and oceans. The result is Olympia and Jewel Sea. Of course, Fugaso also has slots that offer a very familiar mafia theme, which for sure will bring an extra portion of excitement and mysteriousness. There is an Italian mafia-inspired game Cosa Nostra.

However, as we all know, Italy is not the only country that is famous by its mafia history. Japanese mafia is not less well-known. Yakuza is another mafia-inspired Fugaso slot. The slots, which remind the gamers of beautiful Aladdin-like fairytales, are also present. An example of the Arab world-inspired Fugaso products is Sahara’s Dreams. The politics are everywhere these days, that is why the Fugaso’s team decided to jump on a hype train and create Trump It. The cover of the slots depicts sad Obama on the left, sad Putin on the right and a smiling President Trump in the middle in a joker costume and make-up. The slot is based on the Trump’s rise to the top of American politics. We do not think that the approach that the company took has anything similar with Russian anti-American rhetoric as at that point in time Trump was viewed by Russians as a friend and a hope.

People all over the world are fascinated by Asia nowadays. Asian countries are very important not only in the economy and politics. There is so much Asian influence in the entertainment industry. Gaming industry is no exception. That is why it is no wonder that Fugaso has a video slot machine called “From China with love”. This Fugaso slot is based on an old Chinese tale and even features a dragon! Considering the fact that almost everyone loves dragons, it is a good feature. It seems that the Fugaso`s team is really into ancient history and legends.

Besides Chinese legends and the mysterious flare of Aladdin-like fairytales, the Fugaso collection offers the gamers a key to the world of Ancient Europe and Egypt. Plagues of Egypt is inspired by Christian legends. A slot with a very simple name “Olympia” takes the gamers to the world of ancient Greece. The slot features many familiar elements of ancient Greek culture. Some of Fugaso slots give the gamers a choice: if you want, play slots by Fugaso for fun, if you want to use real money, they have got it covered.

Most Popular Slots and Casino Games

It is harder than usual to track which slots are the most popular for the Fugaso customers. The Fugaso website does not have the “Top slots” or “The most popular slots” page. Therefore, we decided to give more information on some of the games and slots that are promoted on the company website’s main page and slots that have good reviews, describing them in the previous paragraph. However, one of them was not mentioned yet.

Fugaso has slots that draw inspiration from places all over the world. Some stories that are featured in the Fugaso slots were made famous by iconic movies. The example, to such products belongs Forro. In the 19th century, there was a place in North America that was called New Spain. It included modern territories of Southern USA states, the Caribbean and more. New Spain is considered to be a place where the legend about Zorro was born. This story inspired the Fugaso`s team to create their 6-reel video slot, being one of the Fugaso top products.

General Information on Mobile Slots

Fugaso is famous for its willingness to be as modern as possible. Nowadays people can use portable devices for almost anything. In order to gain a wider audience, websites, companies and others create mobile versions of their products or such products that cater to mobile devises users. Online casinos are no exception. Fugaso is very into all these mobile slot games things. You can play a demo version of their slots even if you use your phone or tablet. The slots that were developed by Fugaso are available for users of all popular mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows.

What Makes Fugaso Special

Fugaso is an amazing game developer. Fugaso has more than 2 years of experience on the market. Their slots have a wide range of themes and it allows almost every user find the product that will keep them entertained. Moreover, the number of the Fugaso’s slots that are presented on their website is really impressive. Fugaso creates many custom games.

Besides, the number of languages supported on the site amazes, including English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Thus, it is not strange that the operator supports payments with the use of all world currencies as well as crypto ones.
Actually, Fugaso offers a plenty of services to casino operators all over the world and this is one more thing that makes Fugaso really special.

General Information

Fugaso is a game developer having offices in Russia, Israel, UK and Malta, as well as offering a wide range of services that may be very useful to current and future online casino operators. The first kind of service is a custom game service. Fugaso creates branded games for companies. These slots have unusual themes, exciting features, and amazing graphics, providing its gamers with wonderful gaming experience.

Essentially, it is everything any game needs. Another service is white label solutions. Fugaso creates a full infrastructure that is needed to create an online casino. The last but not the least in the list of the Fugaso key services is integrations that means the integration of the software that is desired by a casino with the platform that already exists.


Fugaso is an amazing slots developer. Fugaso provides its customers with a wide range of such services as Integrations, White Label Solutions and Game Development. Fugaso creates many branded slots for their customers. As a result, there are not many slots listed on Fugaso website. However, they are constantly adding more and more slots to this list. The Fugaso slots have various themes, so most gamers will be able to find what they will enjoy.

Fugaso really cares about the principles of responsible gaming. That is why the company promotes responsible gaming by different means. Fugaso even designs slots by including various reality check tools. Fugaso as a company is pretty well-established and works with many big names in the online casino industry.

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