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Endemol Games is not a typical studio that produces slots. They are working hard day in and day out just to create projects that would be enjoyed by wide audience of players. If you have never played such games, then you will be shocked, how they have dramatically changed over the years.

Nowadays, slots from Endemol Games are not the same as they were back in the days. If a gamer thinks that games exist only because of money that a player can potentially win, then he/she is wrong. The creators work on making unique entertainment products. Endemol Games slots have their own storylines and characters. So the player will have to not only spin reels, but also to follow the plot in order to understand what is happening and what he/she can do about it.

If talk about the financial aspect of Endemol Games – all the slots are totally free to enjoy by the player. They include a demo version, which allows gamers to use in-game currency in order to play without making any bets. It comes in handy for the players who have never played such projects before. They will just need to open the Endemol Games slots and everything else will be showed in instructions.

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In 2018, it would be strange to see slots from Endemol Games without any abilities to connect with social networks. The studio has some contracts with Facebook, so it is not hard to find its slots on the pages of the site.

Endemol Games can be opened on any device with the power of a standard web-browser. However, it is recommended to use the official soft in order to get better performance and stability. Nevertheless, the overall look and design will be on the same high level of quality.

In early 2000s there was a problem with saves because the player didn’t have a chance to synchronize the game results among different platforms. Now this opportunity is provided, if he/she will sign up through the developer’s website. The personal Endemol Games account is very important because the player will have a chance to sign in on any gadget within the same profile. Besides, it will store all saved data and information on cloud drives.

Endemol Games deserves attention not only from regular users, but also from those, who have never played slots. No matter what, they will still have a pleasure out of playing these projects. Every slot from Endemol Games have a simple system of paying for bets.

The player can use any banking system in Endemol Games. It can be anything from VISA to MasterCard and internet services, like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. But what is more interesting, playing some slots, it is also possible to use crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin. It can be a valuable reason for some gamers to try out the Endemol Games slots.

Popular Projects

Talking about Endemol Games without saying anything about its famous slots would be a waste of time. The gamer should know at least a couple of them, like Hulkamania, Golden Balls and Oliver Twist. All of them are pretty good in terms of graphics and special effects. However, that is not what makes them funny to play.

The Endemol Games slots are divided into the vintage ones with three-reels and the modern slots with five-reels. But no matter, which one a user will chose, the main objective will be the same – to collect similar slots. The slots contain their own combinations, which the player should follow to increase the winning score a couple of times.

Another interesting thing about Endemol Games projects is their themes. The gamer can find any theme he/she would like to play. It can be anything – from licensed products based on movies to those that are showing off some kinds of sport or music bands.

Either way, the gamer will have a chance to feel new emotions with the Endemol Games slots. They always have something to surprise you. However, the player should understand one thing about Endemol Games – all these slots are games, so no matter what type of project the gamer will chose – he/she can either win or become a loser. Therefore, it is important to have an ability to stop at the right moment, when you are on the peak of your game.

In case the player does not like slots, Endemol Games also produces table projects. They are much more serious in terms of visual representation and rules. So, unlike in case of the slots, the player cannot count on the luck only.

He/she needs to be really good in the Endemol Games projects to win good prizes. Some of them also include social interaction, which means that the player can invite his/her friends to join his/her lobby. It is much funnier to play together.

The library of Endemol Games is much greater than you can imagine. The gamer does not have to play all of them. Besides, it is pretty easy to find the one you will like the most by simply searching through the lists of games of online casinos that are official distributors of Endemol Games.

Mobile Software Slots

The Endemol Games slots can be opened on any gadget. The player can use portable versions of these projects in order to enjoy them on a road trip, in public transport or anywhere else. It comes helpful because you will no longer have to sit at home.

To make this possible, the creators adapted the Endemol Games slots user interface. It offers much bigger buttons and brighter links, so the gamer could easily use it even on a touch screen without using a keyboard or a mouse kit. But sometimes, it is not that comfortable to play the Endemol Games slots. That is why the developers added a couple of good functions, which help to make the gaming process much easier.

The gamer should activate the Endemol Games slots “Auto Play” function, if he wants to allow the slots to bet automatically for a specified number of times. This option will come in handy, when you do not have much time to spend it on looking at the screen. With this method, the player will not have a chance to get much money out of the Endemol Games slots. However, it is always good to get at least a couple of dollars, instead of nothing.

But the player can also use the Endemol Games “Maximum Betting” slots functions. It will help him/her to save some time on putting everything at stake. However, he/she needs to understand how risky it is. The gamer can lose every coin he/she has in a short period of time. So, be careful, before using it.

The overall design and look of the portable versions of Endemol Games have no differences from a desktop variation. It is up to the gamer to choose, which one he/she wants to use for playing.

Special Facts

Just like the player must have guessed, Endemol Games wants to make the players experience as good as it is possible. That is why almost every slot from these guys includes the “Return to Player” technology, which returns up to ninety-six percent of all the bets the player has made in a long period of time.

Endemol Games always have some slots for TV shows fans. The developers always try to get good contracts with major studios. That is why the player can become not only a participant of some reality-show, but also a star of Pro Wrestling with funny and yet interesting projects based on the WWE programs.

To play the slots the gamer does not have to buy an expensive personal computer – the only requirement for the Endemol Games slots is a good connection to Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. The projects are available in almost any country. English is set as a default language for all the slots, but the gamer can easily change it on any other with the use of one click.

In case the gamer will have any issues with playing the Endemol Games slots, he/she can always contact the support team. They work all day and night and can help to solve any problem that the player has witnessed.

But the player can leave not only a message, but also a feedback comment in a special section on any slot page on the internet. Endemol Games always reads reviews and tries to make everything possible to improve the slots.

Way to the Top

Endemol Games started its path back in 1994. Their main advantage was in television properties. They used them even in physical slots. That is why the company quickly reimagined its way of representing games by transferring them in the digital form. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine that Endemol Games was a small studio from UK.


Endemol Games is your choice if you have always dreamed of becoming a part of television. Every slot the player can see on the site is recognizable because of the stars and famous persons that are presented inside of them.

However, that is not the main reason why the player should play the Endemol Games slots. They were made to relax people after a long day at work and do this job greatly. Just do not spend all your free evenings on playing the projects. Take breaks and return to Endemol Games, when you will have a couple of free minutes.

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