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The Belatra Company began its activity in 1993. For over 22 years, more than a hundred of games of different genres have been created: slots, video poker, roulettes, hi-lo, etc. At present, Belatra includes a whole cycle of developing and creating equipment for real gambling casinos.

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General Description

Nobody could imagine that slots machines can be manufactured in Belarus. During this breakthrough in the field of gambling, it was this country that started the production of such a miracle of modernity with Belatra. The quality of the produced automatic slots is simply excellent, so famous manufacturers of the Las Vegas automatic machines can be envious.

The list of the slots from Belatra is quite long, with its games having both standard and original themes.

Belarusian Belatra is already perceived as a very serious competitor in the field of slots machines and other entertaining software for online services. After all, it is necessary to pay tribute to the Belarusian computer specialists of Belatra that are also familiar with local colourful humour and features of the audience. On the other hand, the proximity to Europe, and the opportunity to supply a qualitative product turned the attention to the developers from Belatra and overseas companies, so that in Las Vegas and Atlantic City you can easily find the slots machines developed in Belarusians.

A striking difference against the background of the same type of slots machines distinguishes the Belatra slots from the general mass of special graphics and colourful animation. The well-developed drama of the stories from Belatra, diluted with classical animation and bright original musical sound design, make the game more interesting and exciting.

Such a lively, genuine interest in the Belatra’s products is undoubtedly connected with the experience developed by the creators even during the construction of the slots for the first generations. Now, the Belatra slots machines act as mandatory elements of virtual casinos and gaming platforms, bringing the rates to several million per day.

How to Play Slots Machines

For many it will be a revelation, but it is not always possible to play the slots machines from Belatra free of charge. Basically, this is due to the fact that the Belarusian gaming slots machines from Belatra are produced for commercial series, and there are simply no free versions or simple demos. On the other hand, it was Belatra who introduced the mod for additional sessions and big prizes in games, essentially adding the interest in the excellent design and the content of slots. The options offered for playing the slots machines from Belatra for free mostly refer to the classic slot games typical for most online casino games.

The lucky ones who have already tried the Belatra games for free will note the clarity of the graphic design of the panels, the excellent and thoughtful functionality of the keys and the playing field. The created animation of minor moments does not detract from the process of the game and helps the player to concentrate on the very process of playing the Belatra slots machines for free, make a necessary bet and make the right decision.

The Belatra Slots – the Best Entertainment

An important indicator of the quality of the slots of Belatra is whether it captivates for a while simply as a toy, but not as a bloodthirsty network one-armed bandit, eager to take away your blood every second. Therefore, it is really interesting to play the Belatra slots machines for free!

All the Belatra slots machines without exception are so enthralling that they you necessarily want to fight for money after a free training. For this, they have all necessary arsenal:

  • an eye-pleasing exterior design with an original storyline;
  • no less worthy audio accompaniment;
  • clear interface, understandable even to the beginner;
  • various thematic symbols;
  • Scatterers, Wilds, bonus rounds, doubling games.

The Slots Machines

An important feature that distinguishes the Belatra slots machines from many competitors is their versatility – they are suitable for players of different levels of training, and thanks to a wide range of possible paylines, each gambler can choose his or her style of play.

You can confidently say that the Belatra slots machines are perfect for both beginners and experienced gamblers. A striking example of a successful slot from Belatra is Lucky Drink – a 5-reel machine with 15 lines, an ingenious storyline, a risk-round and bonuses. You will visit the role of reckless cheerful drunkard, who every second can receive a gift from fortune in the form of a solid amount of money.

Three gaming machines from Belatra are represented in each gaming hall and are considered to be the best:

  • Lucky Drink – the atmosphere of a real pub, where people come to drown their sorrows and find the truth in wine, beer and stronger alcohol.
  • Fairy Land – a fantastic swamp, inhabited by frogs, snails, butterflies, alligators and other funny animals. At first glance, nothing interesting, but in the swamp you can also find treasures.
  • Chukcha is a funny story about the life of the peoples of the far north.
    In fact, each of these slots from Belatra is a classic gaming machine. Still, many experienced fans of gambling are familiar with the characteristic interface with a large number of buttons. And novice players will also quickly sort out the intricacies of management.

In terms of the design of the slots from Belatra, the retro style has many fans. Drawing characters and the overall design look nice, warm and kind, like in the old Soviet cartoons. Nostalgia is hard enough for the soul, so it can be released only together with a large sum of prize money.

Generous Slots

First of all, it should be noted that the Belatra slots machines can be played for free (on FUN). That is, before you start real rates, you will have enough time to get used to the management, to study the features of the device and to come up with some clever super-profitable strategies.

However, gambling without real bets becomes not very interesting. If you want to evaluate the Belatra machine guns in all their glory, you will have to replenish your account and make several bets. But do not worry, the slots of Belatra like Lucky Drink, Fairy Land and Chukcha are distinguished by a high enough rate of return. When you play them, the chances of gaining an impressive prize are quite high.

You can also call such a factor as an exciting story, which is also very important for attracting users. Of great importance is the appearance of any gaming device from Belatra, where everything shimmers with lights and resembles a fairy tale. The slots functions are very important – each of them is characterized by the maximum convenience of the case, where each button is responsible for its task, and the keys are arranged in such a way that they can be pressed intuitively without the fear of miss.

Let us turn back to the most well-known slots of Belatra again. If the money in the piggy bank is the key, you can go to the next level of the bonus and try to guess which of the two safes is money. Funny is also the theme of the Chukchi slot. Its main parameters are the same. There are also two bonuses in Chukchi. In the first game, you need to choose one of three geologists, and in the second one need to catch different animals from the hole, which will bring different bonuses. The original prize games from Belatra are also in the Spy Escapes slot – here you will need to crack the lock from the safe, selecting the numbers, and then guessing the figure of the spy.

Original 5-reel Video Slots

Created specifically for work on the early generations of slots machines, even today the 5-reel slots have not lost the close attention of gamers. Usually slot machines of Belatra contain nine lines of payments and offer to put 1-25 tokens on each of them. Combinations are considered according to standard rules, and this tradition is preserved even in an online format. Applications that are emulated for betting over the Internet have preserved the high reliability that made the Belatra releases a favourite for domestic players. All the cultic slots like Chukchi, Frogs, Devils, Alcatraz are allowed to play for free, using default virtual loans.

Bonus Features and Rounds

All the presented slots of Belatra retain the general principle of using bonuses. They are equipped with a risk card game with a card search of the senior rank. In addition, unlike various additional tasks in the games from other manufacturers, the prize rounds offered by the Belarusian Belatra are created according to the company model. It consists of the initial choice of 4-5 options and the probable hit on the second stage. Here, with a 50-50 chance, a key jackpot is played out.

So, try and make your own Fortune!

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