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Gambling is one of the most popular activities on the modern market. Why do gamblers usually pay attention to the number of reels? What does it mean and how to control a game better and win more money spinning the reels one by one? The list of these questions cannot let gamblers live normally. And now we are ready to give you all needed answers! The number of vertical lines defines where symbols will appear on the interface and how a game will look like at all. Traditionally, there are minimally 1 and maximally 5 reels in a game. Gamblers have already used to play online video slot machines with only 5 reels for money or just for fun.

However, that is not all that the world of high-quality gambling can offer you. 18 reel slots can become your favourite ones, being an extra limited offer on the market. Only one company produces games with this number of lines and only certain casinos can give a player a chance to enjoy such an interesting project. Moreover, not all new real money games have free demo versions.

Usually, slot machines with 18 reels are serious games where a gambler has to play for money from the very beginning. However, they worth it. Microgaming is the only producer on the market that decided to present such an expensive game. Why is it that expensive? The number of paylines, of course, depends on the amount of reels presented in a game.

The more reels are involved, the more paylines will be offered. At the same time, a player bets usually on all lines in order to earn more money. That is why this game can be considered one of the most expensive projects. Gamblers always wanted to play more and more complicated games. For this purpose, Microgaming decided to unite different interfaces of games in one. And now a slot with 18 reels looks like a gaming room!

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Most Popular Slots with 18 Reels

On the present moment, there is only one slot that can offer players to enjoy gambling with 18 reels. This is “MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions” created by Microgaming. The interface of the unique game looks like a room with different kind of games – poker, card games, lucky 7s game, etc. There is one basic theme of the video slot that unites all different screens with each other – this is a casino itself. What can be easier and at the same time more genius than to create a video slot game about video slot games. The game is very complicated. Below the interface with different screens, a player will see an information about many different screens presented in the game.

Moreover, a gambler will see a timer and a certain bet. The bet in the game is one and fixed for all screens. All screens in the game have different shapes and amounts of reels.


We would recommend anyone to try such a game at least once in a life! It looks like something extra special. The game with 18 reels can surprise anyone and bring many positive emotions to a gambler! It is not that easy to play this slot, but definitely it is extremely interesting! Play and you will fall in love with 18-reel slots!

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