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Nowadays, it is hard to find any other kind of entertainment that can deliver so many good emotions as slots. These projects became much cooler than they have ever been. 15-reel games are easier than a player can think. Actually, they have the same rules, like their predecessors.

By looking closely to a couple of 15-reel games, the player will admit – they have much more interesting elements than games from early 2000s. That is because of modern technologies that developers use to create absolutely new digital realities. They contain not only opportunities to win big amounts of money, but also storylines with cool characters.

The player should follow the plot to understand how he/she can get the maximum profit out of 15-reel games. If the user sees slots for the first time – there is nothing to be scared of. Modern 15-reel projects include tips and rules for beginners, so the player could have a chance to enjoy them perfectly.

Besides, all 15-reel projects include demo versions. It means the player can enjoy them for free without making any deposits. It is the main way for the player to easily figure out the basic functions of these slots.

In the case the player wants to get real money out of games, he/she needs to sign up through the developer’s website. After doing so, the gamer will get his/her personal profile, which will help him/her to access the list of projects on any platform. Even if it is a portable devices, like a smartphone or a tablet.

The key advantage of an account is that it allows to store info and data online on cloud drives. It comes helpful for situations, when the player does not have a chance to sit at home while playing 15-reel projects. He/she can always sign in on his/her mobile phone and restore data from servers.

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15 reels – a chance to change everything

15 reels have never looked so good as they do now. The player can access them anywhere he/she would like to and still remain happy with the result. But how can it be comfortable to play 15-reel slots in public transport, or at work?

In case the player does not want to look at screen all the time while playing, he/she can always use the power of the “Auto Play” function. It is included in almost any game from the “15 reels” section. Activate it and The Epic Journey or Snap will put your money at stake automatically for a specified number of times. It comes in handy for patient gamers who are able to wait for the result, as sometimes it can take much longer than the player could expect.


15 reels are surprisingly good, especially if talk about graphics and animations. If the gamer has never played such games before, then now it is the best moment to have some fun playing these projects. Besides, it is easy to connect your profile and the one from social networks to compete with friends.

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