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Slots have changed nowadays, they are not looking at all like old-school machines they were before. Now they are more like videogames that allow the gamer to investigate new worlds, which were created specifically for these projects.

The gamer even doesn’t have to pay anything in order to play these 729 paylines games. They all are free to enjoy because of demo versions that are included inside of them. The player has a chance to open them up and play right from the start without making any payments.

However, financial operations are pretty easy to operate – the only thing the player need is an account in any banking system. It can be either MasterCard, VISA or any internet service. Creators say that in the nearest future they will add a crypto-currency support. It means the gamer will have a chance to pay for bets with Bitcoins!

To share the statistics and progress among all platforms, the player should use the personal profile. In order to get one – he needs to sign up through the website and it will be good enough to sign in on any gadget with the same stats.

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Super 6 – it’s up to you, who to become

The gamer doesn’t have to be the most valuable player to enjoy 729 paylines projects. This is because he can open them on any platform, including smartphones and tablets. These games are pretty well optimized to work with touch screens.

But the player doesn’t have to play 729 paylines slots all the time, because it is enough to activate the “Auto Play” function. In this case, the gamer will only have to check stats from time to time, just to know how much money he has already earned.

First thing the gamer should do after opening up 729 paylines section – is to try out every legendary project, like Super 6, The Big Bopper and Adventures Beyond Wonderland. These games were created by professional coders. They dedicated all their love and experience to creating powerful and beautiful games that can be enjoyed by all players.


The gamer will get a big variety of opportunities to become rich and famous in gaming community. But he needs to understand – if he wants to be successful, he needs to play harder than ever. In case the gamer wants to just sit back and relax, he just needs to spin the reel and wait for results.

Either way, if something will go wrong with 729 paylines, the gamer needs to contact the slots support team. They will make everything possible to solve problems and make everything cool again.

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