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What is a payline and why the number of paylines is so important in the world of gambling? The payline is a lucky line that lays on the screen with symbols and defines whether a gambler will get a jackpot or not. Mostly, statistics is the following: the more paylines a slot offers, the higher the probability of the win is. Traditional 5-reel slots can have different height and different amount of horizontal lines. At the same time, many video slot machines offer 15 or 25 lucky lines and not more.

Playing marvellous games with 33 paying lines mean earning several times more money. To check out the number of lines and see how they are placed on the screen, it would be enough to press the same named button on the bottom of the interface. Bright and painted in different colours, paylines will appear momently. They can have the most various outlooks. When there are only 15 of them, for example, they can start on the first reel and end on the fifth one. However, when there are 33 lines on the screen, they can be absolutely different – longer and shorter, straight and in a zigzagged.

They can cross the entire screen or cover it partly. Anyway, playing games with 33 lines is several times more interesting.

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Popular Slots with 33 Paylines

The “Three Stooges Brideless Groom” slot by Real Time Gaming is only one video slot game, which is made with such a great amount of paylines. This game was created in dark colours and tells the story about the era when kings and queens ruled kingdoms all around the world. Gamblers can enjoy bright and colourful game with 5 reels and 33 paylines in free access on the website of any online casino. It is easy to win real money when the game itself is interesting and interactive. Scatter symbols and the wild one in the game will help players to get the biggest prize. Scatter can appear on the first, third and fifth lines. It can easily boost cash and activate free spins in the game. The wild symbols can replace all presented icons with lucky ones.


Playing games with 33 paylines can be considered a special event. It is not that easy to find an interesting and bright slot game with this amount of lucky combinations. 33 lines mean almost an automatical win. Such a slot game will be a perfect choice for those who feel themselves confident in the world of gambling, as spinning reels with 33 lucky opportunities to win, a player needs to think and pay attention to any details.

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