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If the user has never played slots before, he will be shocked how good they look now. They have almost no similarities with their physical predecessors. Especially if talking about 225 paylines projects.

However, they have the same rules. The gamer will have a chance to put his money at stake on paying lines. If the winning combo falls on these lines, then he will increase his winning score a couple of times. Otherwise – he will lose everything he has already earned.

In 2018 it’s hard to imagine that Euro Games Technology allows users to play their 225 paylines projects for free. They added demo versions to all their games, just to make sure that the gamer will have a chance to enjoy these projects without making any deposits. It’s important for the beginners, who have never seen slots before. However, if the player wants to earn real money, then he needs to make a couple of payments with the use of banking systems like VISA or MasterCard. The player can also use internet services like Maestro or PayPal.

Another great thing about 225 paylines – they have no special hardware requirements, so the player can open them right through a standard web-browser even on low cost PCs.

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Thumbelina’s Dream – it’s a kind of magic

225 paylines are not only capable to work with cheap devices, but they are also adapted to be launched on portable gadgets, like smartphones or tablets. The gamer just needs to open them up on his mobile phone. He can download an official application to get the best performance and graphics.

These 225 paylines projects give the player a chance to become literally anyone – from superhero to bandit. All he needs to do – is to be tough enough to stop when it is needed, especially if he wants to win enough money.


The gamer can build a strategy on how to play by himself, or by looking at completed guides from the Internet. One way or another, he will find out the way he wants to earn money. It will be the best way to get really good bonuses and prizes.

Sometimes, the gamer will have to participate in a couple of mini-games. But they are not so complicated, as they may look at first. Just be responsible enough to understand – you can lose, as well as win. It’s only about how good the gamer plays. So, he needs to be lucky enough in order to understand the true power of these digital worlds, created by professional coders.

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