Best Gambling Anime 2021

Best Gambling Anime

We prepared Best Gambling Anime series for you. All thе gambling anime series share a story that will make you go deep into the world of gambling, so that you will not be able to get back. Choose the gambling anime series you like the most and start enjoying it as soon as possible, or even better: watch all the animes following the order we have arranged them for you. Happy reading and viewing!

10 Best Gambling Anime

Anime is not just cartoons, it is a whole culture that has conquered the entire world. If you are not a fan of anime yet, but love gambling, we have great news for you! Anime, like gambling, has millions of fans around the world, and every year it only continues to gain popularity. Not surprisingly, such an entertaining genre has a whole list of anime series dedicated to gambling. So that you do not spend a lot of time searching, we have found the best gambling anime 2021 for you. Some of the gambling anime presented below are quite “fresh”, some are already almost several decades old. However, they are all insanely interesting. And even if you have not seen a single anime in your life, but adore gambling, this is a great chance to get acquainted with this already established culture and plunge into its world.

Please find below the Gambling Anime rating prepared for you by the SlotsSpot team. We have arranged in chronological order all gambling anime from our rating. And a gambling anime series opens our rating, which (just imagine!) is more than 30 years old!

Well, let’s start!

10. Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu anime image

  • Genre: action, drama
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 3 (45 min)
  • Studio: Gainax, Magic Bus
  • Aired: 1988-1990
  • Rating: 13+

This gambling anime was released over 30 years ago and is the oldest in our ranking. Nevertheless, it deserves to take its place of honor in our TOP because it is already a real classic. The anime series is based on the manga by Japanese author Junichi Nojo, released in 1985.

Three episodes of this gambling anime tell the story of Ryuu, also known as the Weeping Dragon, a talented mahjong player. The main character has to fight this game with members of the yakuza. The life of the protagonist is at stake. To defeat his rivals, Ryuu always uses his famous blow called “Ron”. “Ron” is also called “Naki” in mahjong, which has the same pronunciation as “cry” in Japanese, hence the title character. What is the essence of the blow? Will the Weeping Dragon survive? We will not reveal all the cards to you. Be sure to watch this gambling anime because it is a real classic!

9. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya anime image

  • Genre: drama
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 20 (23 min)
  • Studio: Toei Animation
  • Aired: 2000-2001
  • Rating: 17+

Like virtually all the other most popular animes, Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is based on the popular Japanese manga by Fūmei Sai. The plot is based on the story of a mahjong player who finds himself in the city of Shinjuku after the Second World War. Although Tetsuya considers himself to be an unsurpassed mahjong player, one day he has to play with an old man who beats a guy easily. Tetsuya asks the old man to give him some lessons, and he, after much persuasion, agrees.

This anime series will be interesting not only for gambling and anime fans but also for viewers who are fond of history. The Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is incredibly accurate in depicting the post-war situation in the country, with all its devastation and problems. All the characters in this anime are depicted so realistically that it is simply impossible to empathize with them. In fact, this is not just another gambling anime series telling a gripping and captivating story, it is a real historical drama: once you start watching it you will not be able to stop.

8. Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai

Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai anime image

  • Genre: psychological thriller
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 26 (23 min)
  • Studio: Madhouse, Magic Bus
  • Aired: 2005-2006
  • Rating: 17+

Touhai Densetsu Akagi is a gambling anime series based on the manga by Japanese author Nobuyuki Fukumoto. The anime has an age limit of 17+ due to the obscene language and scenes of violence. The plot of the gambling anime takes the viewer to Tokyo in the days after the end of the Second World War. After the avid gambling addict Nangou has already lost several million to the mafia, he puts his life on the line. The game is lost again, but then a 13-year-old boy, Shigeru Akagi, appears running away from the police. He starts playing the game instead of Nangou and quickly frees him from debt. The mafia realizes that Shigeru is a born gambler who is bound to become a legend thanks to his talent.

We strongly recommend you to take the time to watch this anime. The story of a boy who achieves success in life thanks to his talent, overcomes all difficulties and obstacles – cannot but impress indeed, while acute and dangerous situations only fuel the viewer’s interest. Believe us, this anime series will not seem boring to you even for a second.

7. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor anime image

  • Genre: thriller, drama
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 52 (23 min)
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Aired: 2007-2011
  • Rating: 17+

This gorgeous animated series is based on the famous manga by Japanese author Nobuyuki Fukumoto, which was first released in 1996 and was kept on publishing until 2017. The manga was so popular that it was adapted not only for a cool anime series but also for a real action movie released in 2009. But still, in this article, we will set aside the movie, and instead we will analyze what the Kaiji anime is. The gambling anime series is presented in two seasons, released from 2007 to 2011, including 26 episodes each. Because of the violent, bloody scenes in the anime, it was rated 17+. So, what is the plot of this animated series?

The main character of the gambling anime is Kaiji Itou, an unemployed loser who spends his life drinking. His already dire state of affairs has further deteriorated after an acquaintance tricks Kaiji into incurring huge debts, which he certainly cannot pay off. Thus, he is forced to participate in illegal gambling that takes place on a cruise ship. Now the main character will have to fight not only for money, but also for his freedom, and even life. Psychological stress and the struggle for the main character for his own life will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!

6. Saki

Saki anime image

  • Genre: comedy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 25 (24 min)
  • Studio: Picture Magic, Gonzo
  • Aired: 2009
  • Rating: 13+

Most viewers believe this anime series is more than just gambling anime with a cool plot, it’s a whole mahjong tutorial. Users of a huge number of forums write that if you open the rules of the game of mahjong in parallel with the development of the plot then you will be able not only penetrate deeper into the atmosphere of this anime but also fully master this interesting game.

The plot of this gambling anime series is built around a high school student who does not like but plays mahjong because her whole family is the champion in this game. In order not to win, Saki has mastered the almost impossible outcome of the game – the total of her points is always 0 – this is neither a loss nor a win. Thus, a shy girl manages not to upset her elders, and not to lose. Only a genius can play at this level!

Be sure to watch this gambling anime series. What if you, like Saki, can do it too?

5. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

The Money of Soul and Possibility Control image

  • Genre: action, mystery
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 11 (22 min)
  • Studio: Tatsunoko Production
  • Aired: 2011
  • Rating: 13+

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is a true thriller, adventure and science fiction all rolled into one. Unlike other animes featured in our ranking, this gambling anime series is not based on manga, but from start to finish was conceived and brought to life by Tatsunoko Production. The plot of the anime series is set in Japan in the 21st century. The country is in a state of crisis. The government is taking certain measures, after which unemployment increases and a wave of suicides occurs. The main character is a student Kimimaro, who lives a quiet life. But one day the life of the protagonist completely changes. He accidentally meets Masakaki, who invites him to take part in weekly tournaments that can bring a huge fortune. However, Kimimaro must leave his “future” as a pledge. Will the main character agree to this and what awaits him in this turbulent time?

Most likely, you, like me, will not be able to stop after watching just one episode. It’s really hard to tear yourself away from watching this anime series. Therefore, I advise you to start watching when you have enough time, for example, on weekends. To be honest, I’m really sorry that this anime series never had a second season.

4. Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Rio Rainbow Gate image

  • Genre: comedy, gambling
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 13 (23 min)
  • Studio: Xebec
  • Aired: 2011
  • Rating: 13+

Rio: Rainbow Gate! is a Japanese gambling anime series produced by Xebec Studio. The plot of this anime is simple and exciting at the same time. The anime series is set in a resort casino that attracts players from all over the world. It is here that a girl named Rio Rollins works. The girl’s mom was one of the most famous dealers in history, so Rio dreams of reaching her level. To do this, she needs to collect 13 special cards that will bring her the title of Most Valuable Casino Dealer. The girl has to fight with dealers-opponents, and they are ready to do anything to also get this title.

The combination of comedy, adventure and gambling theme makes this series very dynamic. Honestly, it was incredibly interesting for me to watch the heroes of this anime who play my favorite games. By the way, slots are even played in this anime series! Cool, isn’t it? Basically, stock up on popcorn and get ready to have a great time!

3. No Game No Life

No Game No Life anime image

  • Genre: adventure
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 12 (23 min)
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Aired: 2014
  • Rating: 13+

Unlike other anime series, which we have mentioned above, gambling in No Game No Life is presented rather episodically. However, this anime can be distinguished among other anime series in our rating due to the fairly funny storytelling, because, unlike the above said animated series, this gambling anime has a lot of comedy.

The anime “inside and out” consists of the hilarious adventures of stepbrother and sister who spend all their free time in front of the monitor. One day, a mysterious character invites the guys to play chess, where they, having made every effort, win. Now, thanks to the victory, the guys are given a chance to get into a completely different world – an alternative reality. Here the guys will have to defend the right of the human race to exist and restore justice. If you want to watch something simple and funny, not overtaking you with heavy thoughts, the fantasy No Game No Life will be ideal for that.

2. Death Parade

Death Parade anime image

  • Genre: psychological drama, thriller
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 12 (23 min)
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Aired: 2015
  • Rating: 17+

The Death Parade anime is based on a short movie originally intended to train young animators in 2013. However, the plot of that movie turned out to be so interesting that in 2015 it was decided to release a whole animated series, consisting of 12 episodes.

The plot of the cartoon is really unusual and stands out from a number of other anime on the topic of gambling. After death, the souls end up in the afterlife bar, where everything is controlled by the bartender Decim. But this is not a usual bar, as it might seem at first glance: the bartender meets his guests and invites them to play games with each other. It is the outcome of the game that will decide which of the souls will be reincarnated for later life, and which one will go into oblivion. But everything is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. With the help of such a trick, Decim looks at people’s behavior, exposing their vices and sins, because a soul capable of meanness and evil is not worthy of reincarnation, no matter how difficult and dangerous the situation it finds itself in.

The Death Parade anime is a very deep, and sometimes even a philosophical animated series that makes a person think about life. Take your time and be sure to watch it!

1. Kakegurui

Kakegurui anime image

  • Genre: drama, psychological thriller
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 24 (25 min)
  • Studio: MAPPA
  • Aired: 2017-2019
  • Rating: 18+
  • Available on: Netflix

Kakegurui is perhaps the brightest and most memorable anime on the topic of gambling. The anime series is based on the manga series by Japanese author Homuro Kawamoto. The first season premiered July 1, 2017, on the Netflix platform. On January 8, 2019, the second season of Kakegurui was released. Due to profanity and violent scenes, the gambling animated series received an age limit of 18+. But it still increased the interest of the audience.

The plot of Kakegurui is set in Hyakkaou Private Academy, but this academy is not as trivial as it might seem at first glance. All students of the school are children from influential and wealthy families. They are assessed not by their success in studies, as is usually done, but by their skills in various gambling games. Moreover, the gambling skills determine the social position of each student in the school, based on which a whole hierarchy is built. If a student’s skills are not good enough to take a dominant place in this hierarchy, he or she becomes something like a “pet”, that is, a slave. However, as soon as a new student appears at the school – Yumeko Jabami – everything starts to change. The girl with her unbridled passion and exceptional gambling skills challenges the already established hierarchical structure of the educational institution, which causes the anger of the school council.

Undoubtedly, this vivid gambling anime keeps the tension from the first to the last minute of each episode and is unconditionally worth every minute spent on it.

What is Special About Gambling Anime?

Anime is an important element not only of modern Japanese culture but also of most of the world. There is hardly any aspect of life left that cannot be found in the anime with gambling. History, politics, religion, all kinds of entertainment and leisure, in short, everything that is interesting to people – all that can be found in anime series. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that you can find a topic of gambling in dozens of anime series. Anime series related to gambling are rarely produced as a fantasy, most often they are cartoons in the genre of thriller, psychological drama or action movie. They tell about the life of the main characters, involved in some interesting, unusual, and sometimes even difficult life circumstances, from which they will have to get out during the action of the anime series.

Gambling anime will be especially interesting for gamblers. After all, you must admit that it is very interesting to watch anime characters, the plot of which is tied to one of your favorite gambling games.

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2021

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Gambling Anime FAQ


Gambling anime is an anime series dedicated to gambling. The main characters of this type of anime will often find themselves in difficult or even dangerous situations, from which they have to look for a way out. Since gambling anime is intended for an adult audience, they can typically include genres like action, drama, and even psychological thriller. The audience who is fond of gambling will definitely enjoy gambling anime.


Manga can be viewed as traditional Japanese comics, but it will not be entirely correct, because the first manga appeared long before the first Western comics came into existence. Manga can be literally translated from Japanese as “humorous pictures”. The first manga appeared over 800 years ago, and has its roots in the 12-13th century. The first manga magazines began to be published in the second half of the 19th century, but manga became especially widespread and popular closer to the middle of the 20th century.


Gambling anime the story of which is built around the school, is called Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. The anime tells us a story about students who study in an unusual school. Their academic performance and social status have nothing to do with their scores, but depends on gambling skills. If a student’s skills are not good enough to take a decent place in such a school hierarchy, he or she turns into a “slave” and is forced to follow the orders of other students. You can watch the gambling anime Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler on the Netflix platform.


Sure, it is. Death Parade is a 12-episode gambling anime. The entire plot of this anime series turns around gambling. Souls of those entering the afterlife find themselves in a bar where a bartender suggests the souls to gamble among themselves. The outcome of each game determines whether the soul will have the right to reincarnation or forever go into oblivion. However, everything is not as simple as it would seem at first. Because actually, the bartender does not pay attention to the results of the game, but at the behavior of souls, namely, if they are capable of anger and meanness in such a situation.

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