The agreement conditions presuppose that the SG Gaming Corporation is going to add several Equinox terminals across the properties of Ladbrokes Coral, and the entire venture is planned to be rolled out at the end of this year. This is aimed at adding a totally new collection of SG Gaming’s products across the casino-driven sites of the Ladbrokes Corporation in order to ensure better experience of gamblers. The newly established terminals also have diverse innovative features such as the ‘Confidentiality Regime’, which ensures private game process through the use of a specially designed display.

The deal concluded by the companies shows the dedication of the SG Gaming producer to the Britain-based gambling-oriented segment. At the same time, both corporations are still oriented on ensuring stronger positioning on the UK-based gaming market. The current dedication towards the establishment of better security measures as well as diverse responsible gaming-related programs will remain the primary goals of both organizations.

The director of SG Gaming stationed in Great Britain claims that this agreement is going to be the biggest deal in the entire history of the companies and it will also mark one of the most noteworthy periods in the corporation’s activity, being aimed at providing better and more innovative solutions to gamblers of all preferences and demands in order to ensure greater confidence of players in the future of the world of gambling. They have long been working with Ladbrokes Coral and their dedication to the given segment as well as their own business requirements are all reflected in the newly established cooperation across the following seven year-period.

He admitted that they have been working with the professionals from Ladbrokes Corporation in order to ensure the creation of much more innovative lines of gaming-driven products and they are also increasingly thrilled about entering the subsequent phase of their mutual development.

The managing director at Ladbrokes Corporation admitted that their new partner has demonstrated a progressive approach towards their cooperation and has not only ensured the provision of highly interactive games to the market, but also focused on implementing diverse security measures across the whole gaming-associated segment. He then concluded that they are highly excited about their future cooperation with the new partner.


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