oryx gaming deals with kajot

ORYX Gaming and Kajot Company Conclude a Deal

ORYX Corporation, a prominent gambling-powered solutions provider, has established hopefully long-lasting partnership with the Kajot Company, which implies that the gambling-driven content of their new partner will be incorporated into their own slot collection.

Kajot has been developing and evolving in the sphere of gambling-related software production and the operation of slot machines since the mid-1990s. Not so long ago, it established partnerships with a number of casino-powered operators that work across the casino-centered markets in the Eastern Europe and some other parts of the world.

August 10, 2018

After the integration of new gaming products, gamblers will get full access to the topical Kajot’s casino-oriented products across Romania, Croatia and some other districts with an aim to enrich the collection of games offered by the ORYX developer.
The representative behind the ORYX Company admitted that their new partner has a myriad of iGaming solutions that are offered to casino-inspired users. They are now extremely eager to add some of the Kajot’s entertainment tools to their list of products, and they are pretty sure that these products will become a success across the gaming-inspired public.

Kajot’s representative claims that they highly appreciate their new deal with ORYX Company and they will be eager to establish the long-lasting cooperation together with such a renowned gaming corporation. Kajot is proud of having over 20 years of experience in the sphere of web-based casino-centered entertainment and it makes intense efforts in order to produce only top-rated and premium-quality games for the delight of casino-loving public. Their gaming products reflect the direst needs and strictest requirements of users and other gambling companies, being pretty sure that their new partnership with ORYX is going to result in many years of fruitful collaboration. Their greatest desire is to become a trusted partner for ORYX and ensure that it will benefit both companies.

Kajot has been part of the gambling software-related industry since the mid-1990s. Their major goal is to maintain a reputation of a respectable partner and provider of user-friendly technical solutions inside the web-based gambling market. They manufacture and operate diverse types of video lottery mechanisms, online video adventures, web-based games grounded on HTML5 coding and multiple other gambling-associated solutions. Kajot operates within a broad network of casinos and poker-oriented sites. Their goods and services are fully accessible in multiple nations across Europe, Asia and Africa. They pay close attention to the demands of the strictest clients, follow globally acknowledged tendencies and apply them to the range of the available goods. They have their private manufacturing center, their own team of visual graphics developers as well as multiple other talented and skillful employees who form part of their loyal team of workers. All this helps them reach the necessary level of quality that is required by their trusted partners.


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