love island slots from playtech

Love Island Slots by Playtech

SlotsSpot professionals are making sure you are updated on the latest events in the gambling-driven industry. As of recently, the Playtech Company, which is known as a globally acknowledged multi-divisional casino-oriented organization, has produced two absolutely innovative gaming projects in collaboration with the Sky Bingo Corporation. These two slots have been inspired by the iconic TV program – Love Island.

The first game was released along with the newly screened series of the respective television program and became known as Love Island Bingo. The slots were designed to mimic the emotions and atmosphere evoked by the characters of the show and they also embody a few easily recognizable graphic effects, such as the ones incorporated the island-inspired scenery. There is a special bonus game as well. It depicts the cartoonish versions of the Love Island characters and adds new emotions to the gambling pastime of casino-oriented experts. However, its primary purpose is to grant gamblers an opportunity to hit some extra monetary rewards.

August 8, 2018

The other slot known as Love Island Date Night provides gamblers with a unique opportunity to win huge cash rewards with an immeasurable jackpot-prize on top of them all. The slot provides diverse interactive bonus rounds as well, where players can set on an online date, choose the suitable place for romance, give gifts and chat with their digital lovers.

Love Island has become a huge sensation on TV and has gathered a big fan base among its audience apart from winning increased attention on behalf of the mass media representatives. Such excitement of the audience has marked the popularity of the project, which continues to win the hearts of viewers.

The manager of the web-based casino-inspired project from Sky Bingo claims that their team of professionals was increasingly happy to cooperate with Playtech during the development of the two slot machines released to the market. The respective TV show definitely had an incredible success, and it is undoubtedly true that its entire fan base is going to enjoy the exclusive design and humorous lines of the newly launched slots inspired by the show.

The marketing head at Sky Bingo claims that Love Island definitely has an excellent brand positioning and dedicated clientele, so they are absolutely happy to incorporate the ideas from the show into the new lucrative gaming products designated to meet the needs of gambling-driven clients. There is much fun and extremely appealing visual effects in the two slots, and there is no doubt that the clients will enjoy hitting diverse monetary prizes availed in these adventures in abundance apart from witnessing the love calamities taking place during the gameplay. Both of the games are currently accessible only on the official website of Sky Bingo Corporation.


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