In 2018, Oktoberfest festivities are scheduled to take place between September 22 and October 7 in Munich, Germany. The history of this holiday dates back to 1810! Initially, it used to be a regal affair. The King Ludwig I tied up with the Princess Therese on October 12, so all residents of Munich were welcomed to take part in the royal celebration. The major event at that time was horse racing, while the agriculture-related proceedings were introduced later on as one of the ways to improve the Bavarian economy. Further on, at the end of the 19th century when the insignificant beer celebrations turned into grandeur events, the Oktoberfest started to be celebrated the way it is done now! Indeed, too many people say that no one would ever outperform Germans in the quality of beer they produce!

Provided that the festivities were originated in the Bavarian district, at the modern-day Oktoberfest in Munich it is actually possible to taste the real Bavaria-born beer. Evidently, Germans are trying to keep up with the deeply rooted traditions. There are three elementary components in this fabulous drink – water, hops and barley, and this is all you need to produce a well-crafted beer beverage. One more amusing fact is that the Adidas trademark even launched a limited edition of specially designed anti-vomit sneakers for the mega event that took place in Germany the previous year. But before you head out looking for some of these, we need to disappoint you by saying that they have all been sold out soon enough!

One beer beverage at the Oktoberfest celebrations costs around 11 dollars, so everyone is recommended to bring their own beverages in the early morning, especially if you travel from abroad.

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