betsoft received a romania-based licensing

Romania-based License for Betsoft

SlotsSpot always tries to provide its dedicated clientele with the latest news on the market. We are happy to inform our readers that Betsoft Company has recently been nominated for and awarded a Romania-based Licensing of the second category, which has become the most recent Europe-wide extension in the casino-driven world at large.

Based on their continuous monetary contributions into the sphere of separate licensing all over the company-regulated markets, Betsoft will start offering its services to Romania-based slot players using the assistance of its present partners. This serves as an additional widening of horizons achieved through the adoption of new Romania-based licensing. In compliance with the licensing conditions, Betsoft is going to avail web-based gambling-driven products to its clientele, such as the HTML5 titles from diverse gaming collections.

August 8, 2018

Julian Camilleri, the company’s accounting director stated that it was a great honor for them to expand to such an excellent marketplace at the time of their development. After being restructured in 2016, Romania-based online gambling market has greatly expanded and has ensured much better and safer environment for casino players. Although other companies entered the market long time ago, Julian Camilleri is pretty sure that it is now the best time for them to add new state-of-art technologies to the existing industry and take full advantage of the online-based platforms that are already present on the respective market.

Betsoft is located in Malta and conducts globally recognized casino-related operations in its homeland together with the quickly evolving Italian marketplace. Its most recent inventions in the casino-driven industry have permitted the corporation to expand much faster and adopt newly invented games to the specific demands of clientele having ensured the provision of web-based slots across those geographical locations where data association has always remained an obstacle.

Their strategies are based on international coverage as a foundation for their subsequent prosperity. They have ensured that over the previous year, strong grounds for future development have been established both in their homeland and globally. Camilleri stated that although Betsoft is aimed at inventing slots featuring universal thematic aspects, their content is sufficiently wide in order to give priorities to particular features and thematic elements that attract players most of all. Their goals are quite transparent – to penetrate the new market as efficiently as possible and to become an easily recognizable gaming-oriented company being characterized by their own peculiar style and design. This will ensure that they have strong positioning on the new market.

Betsoft Corporation is engaged in the manufacturing of high-end casino-driven slot products for both laptops and smartphones. Its content embraces almost 200 different titles that have been presented to the market due to their partnerships with diverse major casino-related operators in the gambling-oriented world. The Slots 3 collection surpasses the gamblers’ expectations in many respects, majorly due to the realistic three dimensional visual effects, exemplary gameplay added with perfect graphics and musical excellence that is more peculiar to cinematograph rather than online video adventures.

Betsoft is ranked among the oldest gambling-based companies that presented their primary collection of slots more than five years ago. As of recently, Betsoft has offered a totally new gaming environment that incorporates cooperation between different platforms and ensures better integration. It embraces a casino-related manager, reporting and marketing-based platforms as well as promotion strategies and other aspects united in a single pack.


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