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Scuba Fishing by RTG

The immeasurable ocean waters allow everyone of us to enjoy various fun activities and have lots of joyful time in many respects. It is possible to do a great many of exciting things both inside and outside the water – surfing, swimming, having fun at the seaside, riding a boat or sailing across the waters are some of the innumerable activities on water. We could also plunge deep into the water and get acquainted with what the ocean hides from us. Many people have plunged far below the water level searching for long-lost treasures that represent relics of the past, but it is not compulsory to know the legends or stories about those treasures in order to be rewarded by what’s hidden inside the waters. Simply be good to the marine creatures and even beasty sharks and they will make you rich and affluent in a matter of a second. That’s how it all works in a new slot from RTG – Scuba Fishing is now on offer to gamblers of all tastes.

September 18, 2018

The all-new slot game from RTG has an ocean-themed design and is based on the idea of deep relations between the humans and the marine life beneath the waters. There are three reels in this game, with the help of which you are going to turn into a scuba diver who will encounter all sorts of fish and other aquatic creatures such as sharks. Not many people know that regrettably, many shark species are at a risk of extinction due to the human activity inside the ocean. In this slot, you are going to get happier and wealthier all along whenever the sharks happen to be somewhere around you, as your winnings will reach immeasurable heights.

From the technical perspective, Scuba Fishing has 27 different ways to win big apart from having only 3 reels. This is not a generous range of features for such a wide-scale theme as the ocean, but the RTG developer just wanted to make this new release easy to operate and pleasant to play. All icons are going to give out payouts from the left side to the right, but you will not find any scattered ones here. There are, however, a few wild symbols that take the shape of sea dogs. They are going to substitute the rest of tokens in order to make the rewarding lines of symbols complete. The wild icons are also accountable for making the re-spin option valid.

If you wait until the wild icons get stacked on the reel in the middle of the screen, you are going to be able to activate the re-spin mode. The wild icons will stay in their position during the re-spin regime provided free of charge, while the reels one and three will be packed with blank icons only as well as the icon of the Martin fish accordingly. This will signify that your chances to win high-value rewards are going to reach a maximum level.

Scuba Fishing slot machine is going to be released to the public at Grande Vegas gambling spot on September 19 this year and it will give a unique chance to all gamblers who have not gone on vacation to the seaside during summertime to plunge beneath the water level and engage in exciting adventure where you’ll get a unique opportunity to encounter marine species, validate the re-spin mode and grab immense wins. The slot is available in instant-play regime and can be accessed through mobile apps, so if you lack some 7,500 credits, this could be your perfect chance to get hold of them!


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