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In 2019, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of entertainment. For some, this is an endless library of films and shows, while others prefer gambling and real money. In fact, gambling is a huge industry that has become popular in all countries, even in those where it is prohibited by law or religion. We suggest finding out how casinos, slot machines, and bets are developing in Zimbabwe.

It is not a large South African country that became independent in 1980. Until that time, Zimbabwe was a British colony with strict rules and laws. Today, this country is devastated by corruption and a high crime rate. But these problems turn pale when it comes to unemployment. This is truly a headache for the Zimbabwean government. In the end, due to unemployment, the inhabitants (especially the younger generation) of this African country became fans of gambling. For these, it is an opportunity to make ends meet while the government uses this business to attract tourists.

The Lotteries and Gaming Act adopted in 1998 aims to establish regulation over all forms of gambling that have legal status in Zimbabwe. In addition, the state body issues licenses and monitors the work of operators.

Today in Zimbabwe there are 8 gaming halls that offer an impressive number of slot machines and tables with dealers. Most of them are located in tourist areas and the gambling capital of Zimbabwe is located in its capital of Harare. Until recently, tourism, combined with gambling and a casino, removed many holes in the local budget. However, by 2019, tourism in Zimbabwe has lost its position due to the political situation in the country.

The beginning of the history of virtual gambling in the country is considered to be 1998. Although The Lotteries and Gaming Act says nothing about betting on the Internet, it does have a few references to “electronic gaming devices.” Since then, the government has not established a single control over online gambling. Moreover, the Lotteries and Gaming Board opposed this online entertainment during 2016/17. Despite all these warnings, the Zimbabwean government is not in a position to prevent local players from winning real money on foreign sites represented in a wide variety. The number of gamers in the country is increasing every day.

No doubt, Zimbabwean laws regarding virtual gambling are far from perfect, but locals have at least access to popular online casinos. Furthermore, they can always visit an offline club and win money there.

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Types of Online Casino For Zimbabwean Players

Over the past two years, Internet penetration in Zimbabwe has increased significantly, making virtual gambling popular. However, this rate (Internet penetration) is still low compared to European countries and America. However, this is the first positive sign that the situation is changing for the better given the fact that the Zimbabwean government does not block foreign sites with slot machines.

Using a desktop computer or any portable device, any user based in Zimbabwe can find the best online casinos and place a bet there. But first, we need to find out what types of casinos exist on the Internet today.

It is no secret that browser resources are the most popular not only in Zimbabwe but also in other countries. They offer a wide range of slot machines from popular developers, as well as welcome bonuses and deposit methods, respectively. Such casinos are instantly launched so the player does not need to download additional software. To play in such a club you only need to update your browser and create a game profile.

Next, we look at downloadable casinos that develop individual apps. Typically, such portals are designed for mobile users, but some of them offer to download software to a computer to attract more customers. The only drawback of this type of casino is the limited library of games, but this phenomenon is extremely rare. Furthermore, the app installed on the device works smoothly even at the low-speed Internet.

Live Zimbabwean casinos take the next step but this does not mean that they are less popular. Living halls are unique because they give an unforgettable experience close to what you can get in a real club. Live casinos have their own studio opening which the player can choose a table and dealer. The broadcast is continuous so you can follow every move of the opponent. Often the games in such casinos are supplemented by the chat option so you will never feel alone.

We could talk about the superiority of crypto platforms but it does not make sense, as neither Zimbabwe nor other African countries are ready to accept digital currency in 2019. Those players who choose it will receive many advantages including anonymity and 100% security. Games and bonuses in these casinos are no different from other clubs.

To choose a reliable casino, pay attention to several key factors. A library of games, a list of bonuses / promotions / payment instruments will help you find the best Zimbabwe online casino. Don’t forget to check the license of the operator!

Types of Casino Games for Zimbabwean Gamblers

So, you are convinced that the players from Zimbabwe have a wide range of game resources. Before choosing one of them, we strongly recommend checking the list of slot machines. There is one rule in virtual gambling: popular online casinos only offer content from popular developers like Microgaming/Playtech/NetEnt/Play’n Go. These companies have a well-deserved reputation, so their games often become masterpieces and most of them you will find in Zimbabwean casinos.

  • Surely, most of the game is in the Video Slots section. In recent years, the number of such game models has increased several times. The newest releases offer users fascinating stories through which you can visit other countries, create new worlds, and even participate in popular films. These stories are complemented by animations, three-dimensional graphics, and thematic music. Jackpot hunters should test progressive slots that give large payouts regardless of bets or skills. Fans of the classics will find hundreds of 3-reel slots with fruit symbols and fairly large payouts.
  • Unlike slots, table games require players not only luck but also skills and strategies. For example, in Roulette, a player needs to guess the number or colour of the cell where the ball will land while success in poker is not possible without strategies and bluffs. Also, we can add to this section Baccarat and Blackjack which are very popular in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, these games are often found in a live format when a participant plays against real opponents. You can also find such unique games like Dream Catcher, Monopoly, Football Studio, and Deal or No Deal.
  • Lotteries are popular in Zimbabwe not only on land. On the Internet, you will find their wide variety. They differ in plot and rules, but almost every lottery or scratch card offers instant payouts.

It is worth noting that all of these games are adapted for mobile devices, which makes them more attractive. As usual, Zimbabwean players can run their favourite emulators directly in the browser or install a special app that does not take up much space. In this case, a soft and smooth game with no delays is guaranteed.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Zimbabwe

Big economic problems and holes in the state budget increased Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate in 2018. Because of this, most Zimbabweans are betting on the Internet, as this is a great way to win money. As noted above, all offline clubs in Zimbabwe operate on a legal basis. According to local rules, “any game, irrespective of whether or not its result is determined by luck” is regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Act, which entered into force in 1998. But this law doesn’t directly regulate virtual gambling. In its description, you will only find a couple of phrases about “electronic gaming devices” that need to be resolved too.

So, we can conclude that the Zimbabwean government drew attention to online gambling and perhaps it is even preparing a comprehensive version of the law.

In 2019, there is not a single law in the country that controls online gambling directly. Moreover, in Zimbabwe there are no national online casinos, therefore, locals play and place bets on foreign sites that give generous bonuses and other gifts. The good news is that the Zimbabwean government is not trying to block this ton of top foreign clubs and you can play without limits and fear of being caught.

Typically, most of these portals are open to players over 18 years of age, but some of them have increased this restriction to 21 years.

According to the Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board, players who win in sports/pool bets must pay a 10% tax to the state treasury. The tax increases to 15% in case of a victory in the casino. Obviously, these taxes are aimed at receiving money from tourists, but even despite the 10% and 15%, the Zimbabwean players still have large payments.

Best Deposit Methods for Zimbabwean Gamblers

Before you plunge into the world of gambling and win real money in a Zimbabwean casino, a user needs to make a deposit. This is a simple procedure that does not require special skills. The answer to the question of the best deposit method will not be unequivocal since each player has his own priorities, so we will talk about all the payment instruments that are suitable for players from Zimbabwe.

First, it will be debit/credit cards among which we can distinguish Visa and Mastercard. Both brands have existed in this market for many years. Due to the quality service and low fees, they have attracted many customers on all continents.

If you want to send and receive money as quickly as possible then it makes sense to use a wide range of e-wallets. For Zimbabwean players, Neteller/Skrill/PayPal (rarely offered in this region) would be the best solution. These services guarantee the protection of your data and fairly fast transactions. However, their cost is sometimes too high due to the additional commission.

We can also recommend financial institutions through which you can send deposits to the best casinos too. So, a gamer needs to visit one of the Zimbabwean banks, fill out a special form, and send money. We warn that this procedure will take up to 3 business days, but on the other hand, you get the highest level of protection guaranteed by the bank.

Accepted Currencies in Zimbabwe

The small South African state of Zimbabwe has become a symbol of failed economic policy. The self-governing colony of Great Britain, which flourished before independence, changed stability to a total economic crisis with record inflation. In the early years of independence, Zimbabwe was very popular receiving assistance from Germany/France/Sweden. The young republic even joined the Lomei conventions that determined the relations of African countries with Europe. The situation changed after the abolition of the law on minimum wages after which 100+ Zimbabweans left the country.

In 2007/08, prices in Zimbabwe increased every day so the government decided to issue a new bill – 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. In America or in Europe you would be the richest person with such a bill, but in Zimbabwe, it would be enough to buy…beer. For this reason, the African state depreciated its currency and switched to USD.

In the spring of 2019, the new president of Zimbabwe announced the return of the national currency as dollars in banks almost depreciated. This is a complex and long procedure that will take a lot of time. No one knows how this situation will end, but we know that virtual casinos offer a wide list of currencies. Among them, you are unlikely to find the Zimbabwean dollar, but there is always USD, euro and pounds. Some operators even offer cryptocurrencies, but people in Zimbabwe and other African countries are not ready to accept it yet. The situation will definitely change its course in the future because digital coins provide more advantages. For example, you make payment anonymously and no one can track it. Furthermore, all transactions are free and they are processed instantly. Finally, the third advantage is an advanced protection system.

Despite the difficult economic situation, Zimbabweans continue to bet on the Internet to make ends meet. Admittedly, some of them win huge jackpots.

Customer Support

Many players say that customer support is the ‘soul’ of any Zimbabwean casino. If you checked the license, games, and the bonus system of the gaming room but are not ready to create an account then talk to its employees. You can do this through customer support, which is offered in 3 forms:

  1. Online chat is always the fastest and most convenient. The client only needs to click on the small button and ask a question in a new window. In the best online casinos, the operator is responsible immediately because he/she is waiting for your request every minute. Since communication takes place in real-time, you can ask all questions about registration, games, gifts, and site activities. If a club employee ignores questions or does not know how to help, then you can contact the administrator or find another place for bets.
  2. By sending an email, the user will receive a response immediately. The only exceptions are holidays and rush hour when there are too many letters from players in the Zimbabwean casino. In this case, the waiting period may increase significantly. After receiving a response from customer support, you can save a letter with answers/instructions and use it at any time. This life hack is not available in online chat.
  3. Some Zimbabwean sites offer a free phone call. This is not a bad kind of customer support but it has a couple of nuances. With a high probability, a club employee will ask you to authorize by sharing personal information. This procedure is safe but takes a long time.

Most answers are always hidden in the FAQ section divided into several blocks. It answers all popular questions from the registration stage.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Zimbabwe

With the help of gambling, the Zimbabwean government wants to resolve several important issues. First, it wants to improve tourism by attracting more travellers who will spend money on gaming rooms. In addition, it will help poor Zimbabweans win money. The fulfilment of these goals is possible only after the president and other officials pass a law that will directly regulate virtual gambling. In this case, Zimbabwe will attract more foreign operators and investments that will help restore the country’s economy.

Experts are sure that new laws will appear soon and at the moment it is already at the development stage. Meanwhile, Zimbabwean gamblers are forced to bet on international sites that offer thousands of slot machines and bonuses to everyone who has made at least one deposit.

The development of virtual gambling will also be promoted by an increase in the number of Internet users. Now, this indicator in Zimbabwe has bypassed other African countries and this is the first positive sign. It is worth noting the difficult question of national currency. If the president returns the national currency, then the Zimbabwean economy has excellent chances for recovery, which will lead to the popularity of gambling and online betting.

In this review, we did our best to answer all the main questions that will help you win real money in all Zimbabwean virtual casinos!

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