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Thanks to travel, we can learn many traditions because each country is unique. America, Africa, Asia, Europe offer have a different culture and great history. Our site is completely devoted to gambling which has turned into a progressive and rich industry. Therefore, we decided to create a series of reviews about online casinos in different countries. If you have already read reviews from this series then you must know that many countries have made this type of entertainment legal. Some of them have done this for the development of tourists, while other governments use gambling to restore the economy.

Also, many countries are actively fighting gaming halls and bets. Unfortunately, Yemen is one of them.

We cannot tell about the history of gambling in the territory of Yemen since it has always been prohibited. Like all Muslim countries, Yemen has Shariah laws prohibiting any kind of gambling including poker and gaming halls. So, a Muslim cannot win real money. According to ancient Muslim teachings, a person can earn money only by serious and honest work. Accordingly, gaming halls contradict this principle. It is worth noting that gambling is equated with alcoholism because both addictions are very dangerous.

Also, Yemen has new developments that monitor censorship on the Internet. So, they block all 18+ websites, anti-Muslimism sites and virtual casinos that are very popular in other countries. This fact upset many gamers who had the last hope but we are always honest with our users and we care about their safety.

In this country, the number of gamers is small since most Yemenis follow the teachings of the Qur’an. However, tourists can find several illegal clubs or they can visit virtual casinos that accept players from Yemen. Despite the blocking tools and other restrictions, the Yemeni players have several solutions: VPN technology that changes the IP address, helping to bypass various locks.

So the situation is very complicated. At first sight, the Yemeni government is trying to block not only the gambling platform but also Internet access in general. We hope this article helps clarify the situation. The review will provide only up-to-date information with the help of which you select safe Yemeni casinos and find out how the legislation works in this country. The gambling industry is developing rapidly and we must keep up with the times!

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Types of Online Casino in Yemen

Since all forms of gambling are prohibited in Yemen, neither virtual nor offline operators can get a license. Accordingly, they cannot work legally, which is why some gaming halls accept players illegally. Surely, this is a big risk for both players and operators who accept bets in spite of strict prohibitions. Most online casinos are blocked by modern tools.

Some casino operators from other jurisdictions slip through the cracks of the censor system offering Yemenis the best slot machines with generous bonuses. How to find a virtual casino that deserves your trust? No one said it would be easy. The user needs to spend a lot of time to bypass the lock, then find a reliable casino and check it. To make your gaming session as comfortable as possible, we found 130+ websites (888 Casino, Black Lotus, Casino Cruise, and others) that accept Yemeni players. Each platform was tested according to several criteria:

  • License;
  • Portfolio
  • Security;
  • Customer support.

Creating an account in one of the recommended Yemeni casinos you do not need to worry about security and money. These operators guarantee fair play and timely payments. Depending on your preferences, you can play at such casinos in Yemen:

Mobile technology has become very popular in Yemen where every resident has at least one gadget that provides round-the-clock Internet access. Users can play in the browser or through the downloaded app. By the way, the application is offered in many gaming halls, so this is not a problem. Now you can run your favourite games anywhere and anytime. They work smoothly even at low internet speeds.

Some casinos are for instant play only. Such portals work in all browsers and you can visit it through a PC. Instant Yemeni casinos offer a wide range of slot machines with welcome bonuses and various gifts.

Cryptocurrency appeared in virtual gambling about 5 years ago. During this period, Bitcoin and other digital coins have become very popular. Fortunately, they are often used in Yemeni online casinos as a payment method that provides 100% security. In another section, we will tell you what benefits Yemeni players will receive using Bitcoin.

This list would be inferior without a casino with live dealers. Games with real croupiers have become very popular due to the atmosphere of real halls. They are prohibited in Yemen, but you can always play live games on smartphones, laptops, and PCs. What could be better?

Types of Casino Games for Yemeni Gamblers

So, you are convinced that finding a suitable Yemeni casino will take a long time. You have the opportunity to avoid this by choosing one of the proposed online casinos on our website. In this case, you do not need to worry about confidentiality and security since all gaming halls operate under licenses issued in authoritative jurisdictions. Once you find a gambling club you only need to choose the right game. TOP Yemeni casinos offer the following categories of games:

  • Many experts say that video slots are the engine of the modern gambling industry. Each manufacturer company is trying to release as many of these games as possible, they know that this is the best opportunity to attract the attention of players from Yemen and other countries. Modern video slots will satisfy any request. So, they offer to visit different countries and planets, find treasures at the bottom of the ocean and save the world with superheroes. Also, Yemeni gamers can play classic fruit slots and progressive payout games. Your session will never be boring!
  • Yeah, your session will not be boring especially if you select a Yemeni casino with board games. This section is presented in different forms of Roulette (3D/Immersive/Lightning); Poker; BlackJack; Baccarat and Pontoon. Each game is a unique experience as well as large payouts. By choosing Poker or Blackjack a gamer can show his/her strategies and improve his/her skills. Yemeni players who are looking for something new can find board games in a live format. Fighting with a real dealer, the user receives new emotions because the game process is approaching what they can feel in the offline casino. Live games offer a chat option so you can chat with other gamers and even dealers. As usual, the broadcast is conducted from an equipped studio.
  • Some countries that prohibit gambling hold bingo tournaments for charity or extra money. In Yemen, all forms of gambling are prohibited and bingo is no exception. Fortunately, all lotteries and scratch cards are available on the Internet where users can win instant payouts and other prizes. Each game has its theme which makes the game interesting.
  • In the previous section, we talked about mobile casinos that accept Yemeni players. If you have at least one smartphone/tablet you can enjoy the games above on the touch screens. After adaptation, the slot machines retained their quality, advanced gameplay, and interesting bonuses. Also, games for iOS/Android/Windows offer high payout ratios and you can check it as soon as you finish reading our review.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Yemen

We have said many times that Islam denies all forms of gambling since a person should not win money. Logically, all gaming rooms and even bingo are prohibited in Yemen. Virtual gambling does not generate income since it is prohibited here too. What about Yemenis who want to play? Gamers have no choice, so they only visit illegal casinos that are regularly closed by the Yemeni authorities. This is not the only solution for players who have access to the global network.

In any case, you break the laws because a person moves away from God by placing bets in the game room. Since most Yemenis are Muslims who follow the Qur’an, the prohibition of gambling does not cause a negative reaction. Most locals agree to block virtual casinos and sportsbooks. In Yemen, there is not even a minimum age for gambling. This fact fully embodies the status of gambling in the state.

When it comes to online casinos, the Yemeni authorities will activate all available technologies to block all websites and restrict access for players. We are confident that this situation will not change in the future since we do not see positive changes in Yemen’s policy. The most passionate players are looking for ways to avoid blocking. As a result, they found a VPN that allows you to become “invisible” and enjoy your favorite games. Furthermore, such portals are not subject to the laws of Yemen as they are regulated by other jurisdictions.

Do you need a safe resource but don’t know how to find it? Check the list of recommended Yemeni online casinos on our website. Also, you can test the games in the free demo version.

Best Deposit Methods for Yemeni Gamblers

Before enjoying a game for real money, a Yemeni player should study which payment systems can be used. Users need to make a deposit and withdrawal after winnings. For many players, this is something incomprehensible but it is a simple and safe procedure. Since online casinos with a Yemeni license do not exist, we will consider the payment services offered in foreign clubs.

  1. Virtual wallets will be needed for players who want to carry out instant transactions, even if they need to pay fees. We advise Yemeni players to send/receive money through Neteller; PayPal or Skrill. Today, these are some of the safest wallets you will find in e-commerce. Besides, you can spend money without using your bank account.
  2. Cards. Such giants like Visa and MasterCard appeared in virtual gambling many years ago. These days, they offer more opportunities since Yemeni gamers do not need to pay huge fees and all transactions are made quickly enough. Using cards you can have only one problem: Visa/Mastercard doesn’t withdrawal to every Yemeni casino.
  3. Bank Transfer is not the best solution for players from Yemen. Gambling has always been banned in the country so you can be arrested by sending a deposit to a casino through a bank. We do not recommend using this payment service because it is too dangerous.

Yemeni players might have more payment solutions available but local authorities prohibit slot machines. Before playing on the Internet, then select the appropriate payment method.

Accepted Currencies in Yemen

It makes no sense to talk about the Yemeni currency because it is not accepted in gaming halls that are prohibited by local laws and religion. So, Yemenis are forced to look for reliable game resources on the Internet where they will only get access to games if they bypass the locks. Most popular Yemeni operators offer these currencies:

  • Dollar;
  • Euro;
  • Pounds;
  • Currencies of some states.

Logically, Yemeni gamers will need to convert currency at the box office or through a payment system. Also, we recommend using Bitcoin. We understand it does not look promising in Yemen where the number of Internet users doesn’t exceed 24.3% but we want to talk about the advantages offered by Bitcoin to players.

Anonymity is the most important factor for every gamer from Yemen. The government blocks many slot machine websites and monitors all players. For this reason, you need to become an anonymous user to avoid punishment and arrest. The properties of digital coins guarantee security as Yemeni operators are protected from fraud. All transactions are completed in 2 seconds and what is more important they are free. In a crypto casino, your IP isn’t determined. Therefore, you can play in any country including Yemen. After all, Bitcoin and other coins have become very popular all over the world, so we are sure that it is coming to Yemen.

Customer Support

Operator revenues increase every year as gambling penetrates different countries attracting millions of players. They place bets, win progressive jackpots and enjoy the latest games. Many years ago, this entertainment conquered the virtual world where it became more accessible. Accordingly, profits increased. In 2019, new operators appear every month but many of them will never be successful. Why? Not all Yemeni gaming halls recognize the importance of customer support. This is one of the main factors of a successful and popular online casino.

Players often encounter problems as they don’t know how to deposit/use a bonus/receive a payout and so on. They want to get help from a specialist by contacting customer support. Yemeni players have 3 ways:

  • Phone call;
  • Email;
  • Live Chat.

By calling the hotline, you will contact a representative of the Yemen casino, but there is a chance you will need to go through verification by providing reliable data. This procedure will take a couple of minutes. You should also make sure that the call is free.

Yemeni gamers who want to save money use the second and third types of customer support. By sending an email you will receive a response within 24 hours. If it’s rush hour then the waiting period will increase. In this case, an online chat will be the best solution since it is free. Most web sites offer 24/7 live chat. This means the customer support mines will answer your request at any time.

The FAQ section is presented in all virtual casinos. This is a free assistant with answers to popular questions. It will help solve most problems. If this information is not enough then Yemeni players should contact customer support.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Yemen

The modern world is watching how gambling is turning into the most successful and richest industry. In this regard, many countries have made casinos a legal business, created hundreds of jobs and improved the economy. The Yemeni government does not want to take advantage of these by banning all forms of gambling. We cannot say anything about the future of gambling in Yemen. We think that the situation will not change in the future since Yemen is a Muslim country. Besides, Internet penetration has not increased over the past 2 years. This may upset some gambling fans, but they can always play on the Internet.

We have published a list of the most reliable sites where players from Yemen can win real money and enjoy popular games including tables with live dealers. Furthermore, some websites and games are offered on smartphones and tablets. Even if gambling does not become legal in Yemen, you will have many decisions on the Internet.

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