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Each country is unique. Each has its laws, traditions, and culture. On our resource, all countries are also divided according to another important criterion: gambling. One way or another, this successful and rich industry has penetrated every state. Somewhere it is blocked by the government, but also many regions have made casinos and slot machines legal. As a rule, licensed and reliable gaming clubs provide excellent incomes and help fight unemployment. In this article, we will find out what problems gambling has eliminated or is still eliminating in the territory of sunny Venezuela.

Fortunately, gambling in Venezuela has a legal status, but some forms of it are strictly regulated. At the time of writing, there are only 5 offline casinos in Venezuela that have received the appropriate licenses and permissions. Until 2007, there were many more, but most of them were closed. Perhaps this could have been avoided, but Venezuelan authorities have imposed large new taxes. In 2019, some operators pay heavy taxes. This means they have enough customers and money, respectively.

Also, we are pleased to inform virtual gambling legal in Venezuela too. Not so long ago, the Venezuelan government issued licenses to two operators located on Margarita Islands: CasinoOnAir and Casino Bar. We can assume that gambling in Venezuela will always be legal because it should solve several problems. First of all, the local government wants to make tourism more popular. Plus, gaming halls create new jobs and allow local players to win real money. At the same time, both offline and virtual operators must fulfill several requirements. So, halls with slot machines can exist as part of popular hotels located in tourist centers. Once again, taxes are too high for some operators. But working gaming rooms guarantee an honest and safe game.

So, gambling exists in Venezuela to attract tourists. As for now, the local market does not bring large revenues but it has good prospects. Venezuelan users are fans of foreign platforms that work in the public domain. Of course, not every one of them deserves your trust. This is why we wrote this review. We would like to reveal the features of Venezuelan gambling by providing relevant information. You will also find some tips to help you find a reliable online casino with the best payment methods, games, and bonuses. Sounds interesting? Then keep reading!

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Online Casinos for Venezuelan Gamblers

The modern Internet offers so many gambling platforms. Unfortunately, not all players know that some of them are very dangerous. Such operators only want to get your money, so the number of victims is growing rapidly. We have a solution for all Venezuelan players. On our site, you will find recommended gaming clubs that have been checked many times. We checked each of them according to several criteria:

  • Licensing;
  • Portfolio;
  • Banking system;
  • Customer support.

We also found that these portals offer Venezuelan players great bonuses for fulfilling certain conditions. This information allowed us to divide virtual casinos for Venezuelan players into several categories:

  • Instant casinos have a wide range of game models. Thanks to the instant game, users can play in any browser without downloads. As a rule, such resources cooperate with leading providers and offer games in a free demo mode.
  • Venezuelan mobile casinos have become very popular. The advantages of such casinos are obvious because they create a comfortable gaming environment on your smartphones and tablets. Mobile platforms are available for playing in a browser or through a special mobile application. Don’t worry, apps do not take up much space. In return, gamers get round-the-clock access to their favorite games. Such casinos have only one nuance: an updated interface of casinos and games.
  • Manufacturers of gambling content have always wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino on the Internet. As a result, the first live game appeared. Today, this is a popular trend available in almost all TOP Venezuelan online casinos. Having moved to a virtual studio, a player can choose a table and a dealer. Live games are equipped with ultra-modern options thanks to which you will get a new experience and atmosphere of a real Venezuelan casino.
  • Finally, cryptocurrency casinos that accept customers from Venezuela. In such clubs, you can send/receive money through Bitcoin and other digital coins. This payment method is very convenient. So, it guarantees absolute security + instant transactions. Crypto platforms always offer a wide range of games with gifts and promotions.

Even if you found a portal with the best advertising and the most generous bonuses, make sure it has the appropriate licenses and permissions. If you want to play as soon as you read this review then select any Venezuelan online casino from the list on our website and enjoy a safe and fair game.

Venezuelan Online Casino Games

Each of us comes to a virtual casino to relax and win real money. First, you need to find a suitable platform open for gamers from Venezuela. After that, you need to create an account to access all the games. Please note that the popular Venezuelan portals offer games in a free demo mode. For beginners and experienced players, this is a great opportunity to learn the features of a slot machine. You do not spend money because rates are accepted in virtual loans. With this option you can test these games:

Many of these listings and ratings begin with video slots but Venezuela is an amazing country. Lotteries take leading positions here because they are very popular in the virtual world. In Venezuela, you will find several lottery providers including Caracas Lottery; Zulia lottery and Lotería del Táchira (the oldest one). Each provider is licensed and regulated by Comisión Nacional de Lotería. If you like lotteries then you should test them in the virtual world. Believe us, Venezuelan virtual casinos offer plenty of them. Also, you will find Keno and scratch cards.

Venezuelan gambling audience knows that slots are the best opportunity to increase bankroll. Local gaming halls portals offer hundreds of thematic slots dedicated to celebrities, travels, wealth and so on. Games differ not only in storylines but also in gameplay, symbols, bonus options, and payout ratios. Classic slot fans will find models with 3 reels while high-rollers will win huge jackpots in progressive games.

Despite the success of previous types of entertainment, board games are still popular. First of all, they are an integral part of any land-based Venezuelan hall. Secondly, they are presented in a wide variety on the Internet where you will find unique variations of Roulette; Blackjack; Sic Bo; Baccarat; Pontoon and Poker. It is worth noting that most of them are offered with live dealers.
If you find a Venezuelan casino with live games then you are on the right track. This means that the operator follows modern technology and strives for quality service.

You do not have the opportunity to play on a PC? This is not a problem anymore! As already noted, most Venezuelan operators have adapted their games and sites for the touch screens of smartphones and tablets. No matter where you are, you can always win real money and enjoy big victories. The game is available through a browser or a special application that requires installation.

Online Gambling Law and Regulation in Venezuela

Gambling has always been popular in Venezuela but the locals did not always have enough money for bets. Meanwhile, the government has always tried to improve tourism and turn it into a successful business. Another gambling boom occurred in Venezuela during the crisis in 2017. Every second resident bought lottery tickets or participated in sports betting to win some money and make ends meet.

At that time, many operators tried to obtain a Venezuelan license, but as we already said, the government imposed large taxes. All lottery providers are regulated by the Comisión Nacional de Lotería while gaming halls are licensed from another official authority. Before obtaining a license, an operator must fulfill several conditions. So, the game room should be part of a hotel with 200+ rooms located in the tourist area.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Venezuelan government is not trying to limit virtual gambling. It issues licenses to online operators and allows local players to visit foreign clubs on the Internet. But there is one limitation: Venezuelan gaming halls and virtual casinos do not accept players under 18. Some foreign resources do not accept players under 21. This small detail plays an important role since the player’s account (and money) can be blocked.

Best Deposit Methods for Venezuelan Players

Before becoming acquainted with the world of casinos, a player needs to perform several mandatory steps. So, he/she needs to find a reliable Venezuelan casino with a rich portfolio and generous bonuses. If games are offered in demo mode, you should test at least one of them. This will allow you to evaluate the honesty of the game and also gain experience before a real game. Now you are ready to register and make your first deposit. As a rule, both procedures are accompanied by different bonuses and gifts. So, here are the best deposit methods you will find in the Venezuelan gaming rooms:

1) Credit cards. Transactions through Visa/Maestro/MasterCard are as simple as 1,2,3. Just go to the transaction section, enter the necessary information and send the money. The transaction is carried out in a few seconds and instantly sent to the Venezuelan casino. After that, you can pick up your gifts and win real money. As a rule, credit cards set loyal limits.

2) Web-wallets. This is another payment option presented in a wide variety. Services such as Neteller; PayPal Skrill and others perform several functions simultaneously. For example, this is the place where your money is stored. Also, you can send them to Venezuela or another country under the legislation of which the selected gambling platform works. Wallets protect their customers from fraud but they require fees. Find out before you deposit.

3) Banking. Since gambling is legal in Venezuela, you can use banks as deposit methods without fear of punishment. Visit a financial institution and indicate the amount you would like to receive in your game account. We are forced to warn that such financial transactions take a long time to process.

Also, Venezuelan gamers can use mobile solutions but they are not as popular as deposit methods above. In general, you will have many opportunities to send/receive money. Every system is reliable, so…it’s up to you!

Currencies in Venezuela

Bolivar has been in circulation for 140 years. During this period, the national currency of Venezuela has changed its appearance and shape many times. If you are going to Venezuela don’t rush to buy bolivars. We have talked about tourism on the territory of the country many times. This means that you can pay for souvenirs, food and even bets at the casino using US dollars. Currency exchange points are presented at almost every step (cafes/restaurants/airports).

When it comes to virtual gambling, we can say the same thing. Local operators accept Bolivar, but foreign online casinos do accept dollars, sterling, and other currencies. Not so long ago, Bitcoin was added to this list. The actions of Venezuelan politicians and their strategy led to hyperinflation of the Bolivar. As a result, the popularity of cryptocurrency has grown. Over the past 5 years, the Bitcoin adaption in Venezuela has doubled. This can provide excellent opportunities for Venezuelan gambling operators.

The advantages of crypto platforms are obvious. They provide the highest level of security with free transactions. All operations are processed instantly and you do not need to cooperate with the bank and other institutions. We agree that Bitcoin and other digital coins develop gambling in Venezuela and other countries where this entertainment is not prohibited.

Now you only need to choose a casino, make your 1st deposit and get a juicy bonus!

Customer Support

Choosing a virtual casino in Venezuela, we advise you to pay attention to customer support. You can talk to its representative on your own or read reviews from other gamers. For what? Look, many halls offer the same games. Moreover, many of them offer generous bonuses and payouts. How to distinguish a reliable casino about a scammer? Contact customer support and find out how the operator cares about customers. Players have 3 ways to contact a club employee:

  • email
  • live chat;
  • phone call.

Obviously, the second option will be the most effective since the operators are always available in the chat. They wait for players’ requests and respond to them instantly. It would be frankly stupid to wait for an instant email reply. Such casinos exist, but they rarely provide instant assistance to gamers who send emails. As a rule, the waiting period does not exceed 24 hours. Some websites for players from Venezuela provide a telephone number (hotline). By calling the specified number, you can talk with a specialist in real time, but there is a chance that you need to go through verification. We do not know how long this procedure will take.

You always have the opportunity to avoid communication with the operator, even if you are faced with a serious problem. Visit the FAQ section with answers to the most popular questions. It will also help you evaluate the rating and status of the gambling club.

The Future of Gambling in Venezuela

Due to high taxes, Venezuela is losing many operators who could work in the country and accept more players. At the moment, only 5 gaming halls operate in the country. Accordingly, the Venezuelan gambling market is small and it is under development. However, we are seeing many positive changes. First of all, regulators don’t block the platforms of foreign sites and issue licenses to local online operators. As a result, Venezuelan residents can visit websites without restrictions.

Some of them prefer monetary transactions with cryptocurrency, which is a positive trend, too. In a word, Venezuela monitors all the changes in the gambling market and tries to implement them as quickly as possible.

We are sure that gambling in the country will not change its status as it develops tourism and creates jobs. For people who make ends meet this is a great opportunity to win real money.

At the moment, players from Venezuela can enjoy the best gaming offers with various bonuses and options. This list includes virtual lotteries and games with live dealers. On our site you will find proven clubs with the best rating and reputation.

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