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Thanks to the Internet, gambling has penetrated almost every home. We can find hundreds of virtual casinos and thousands of slot machines that offered to players every single day. Each game is unique because modern developers spend a lot of resources and time on its creation. As a result, we get an interesting and high-quality game session with large payouts. Unfortunately, some countries are fighting against operators and gambling by prohibiting their residents from visiting gaming halls. If you are reading this review then you might have the only question: ‘if gambling exists in Vanuatu?’

Many readers hear this name for the first time, so we will tell you that Vanuatu is a small island state in Oceania. The government of the country has always been looking for an opportunity to develop tourism and, fortunately, it drew attention to gambling. The history of gambling in Vanuatu began in the late 80s with the adoption of the law on lotteries. This was Vanuatu’s first law governing the activities of lottery operators. A few years later, officials passed another law. This time, they established the regulation of the casino. To combine these provisions, the Vanuatu government approved the Interactive Gaming Act of 2000.

Not all gamers know that Vanuatu is one of the first countries where virtual casinos received legal status. By 2000, international casino operators were yelling at the local market where they found a huge audience of users. This means that local players can visit both national online casinos and international gambling platforms regulated by other jurisdictions. In this segment, the possibilities of Vanuatu gamblers are not limited and they always have access to the best slot machines.

From that moment on, Vanuatu continued to develop its gambling industry looking for new solutions. Thus, the state benefited from Australia’s Interactive Gambling Bill and offered its operators services to players from Australia. If you come to Vanuatu you can also play offline gaming rooms that are very popular in the country. We recommend visiting the Palms Resort & Casino Vanuatu and Club 21 Hotel Casino located in Port Vila. Both game rooms adhere to high standards. Taxation and licensing requirements are listed in the Casino Control Act of 1993.

So, the Vanuatu government continues to develop the gambling business in the country, attracting tourists from all over the world. Here you can play in luxurious land-based casinos, as well as, virtual halls with an unlimited number of bonuses and games. However, we need to find out a few details that will be useful to every player who is going to play for real money in Vanuatu.

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Types of Online Casino in Vanuatu

These days, gamers often come across scammers who offer sites with slot machines. We always advise avoiding suspicious resources. For example, the operator doesn’t provide information about its licensing or if you didn’t find games from leading manufacturers on the site. In a word, many factors determine the status and rating of a gaming room.

What about Vanuatu, the government is not trying to limit the capabilities of local gamblers, so they have access to dozens of reputable online casinos. Remember that your gambling experience should be safe, so you should play in trusted casinos. On our website, you will find a list of Vanuatu casinos that deserve your attention. We checked 150 Vanuatu platforms in all respects including valid licenses, games park, and available payment methods.

All game resources for users from Vanuatu are divided into several categories:

Most of Vanuatu’s virtual casinos are designed for instant playing. This means you can open it in any browser and run your favorite game instantly. Such platforms offer a wide range of games as well as various bonuses. Often you can meet a bonus under registration or money on your first deposit.

  • Virtual casinos adapted for portable devices are the second category. Gadgets have conquered the whole world and in Vanuatu, the number of users is growing rapidly. Local casino operators and foreign platforms have turned their attention to smartphones/tablets by offering mobile content for touch screens. Now each pixel conveys quality gameplay and what is cooler – you can take your games to go. Using your smartphone, you can open Vanuatian casino in a browser or download the mobile app to get round-the-clock access. By the way, gamers in Vanuatu say that games through applications work better.
  • Offline houses are legal in Vanuatu but most users play online. How to combine virtual games and the atmosphere of a real casino? Find a Vanuatian live casino with real dealers. Over the past 2 years, the number of such platforms has increased significantly, as has the number of live games. Live dealers point out that the operator has its studio where you can win real money without leaving the room.
  • Gambling platforms that strive for a high-quality and safe game always offer users new solutions. So, some Vanuatian casinos have offered cryptocurrency as a payment method. Now your data and money are always reliably protected. How to use Bitcoin/Litecoin we will describe in another section.

Types of Casino Games for Vanuatu Gamblers

In conditions of great competition, each Vanuatian operator wants to attract as many players as possible. Before you sign up and become a full client of any Vanuatu casino, you need to make sure it offers licensed content. TOP platforms work only with popular providers of slot machines. If the selected portal offers games from NetEnt; Play’n go; Playtech; BetSoft; Microgaming and 1×2 Gaming then you have chosen the right Vanuatu casino. After registration you can play the following games:

  1. If you need adventure and big payouts, then pay attention to the range of video slots. These are unique games dedicated to different stories and characters. In the best Vanuatu online casinos, you will find standard slots, models with 3D graphics and classic machines from the best houses of Vegas. Also, most of them do offer bonus options. For example, Wild replaces the usual pictures complementing the combination. Free Spins are a great opportunity to increase your bankroll and win other prizes. High-rollers will find many progressive slots like Mega Moolah which finally paid its huge jackpot.
  2. Even a virtual casino cannot exist without board games. On the Internet, games like Roulette/Blackjack/Baccarat and Poker have a new life, so you will find many new variations of popular entertainment. Furthermore, the listed entertainments are offered in a live format when you can choose any table and dealer. You will move to the casino studio without leaving the room and get an unforgettable experience. Live games have an additional option so you will not be alone. Chat with the croupier, other users and win real money after all.
  3. The Vanuatu National Lottery shows excellent results, so local players often choose this entertainment on the Internet. Lotteries used to be primitive. Players bought a ticket and got a number. If it was a win, they would receive payouts and buy a new one. Lotteries are now new games with unique stories and advanced gameplay. Plus, payouts have been increased!

Regardless of the game you choose, there is a high probability that it is adapted for mobile devices. Slots, roulettes, and lotteries work great on touch screens so you can play anytime. It’s up to you what form of the game to choose, but we recommend installing a mobile app that guarantees a quality game without interruption.

How Gambling is Regulated in Vanuatu

In 2019, the gambling industry on the territory of an island state is legal. This means that all offline and virtual platforms don‘t violate the laws. If you’re going to provide online games in the country you need to get a license from the Finance Ministry and Department of Customs. Vanuatu is one of the most stringent regulators, therefore its gaming halls are the safest and fairest. Applying for a gambling license in Vanuatu costs $75,000. Plus, the operator will need to pay a license – $50,000. The rules are strict and not all applicants receive permission. If you got a Vanuatu license, after all, you should know that the state sets the minimum fees of gross profit – 2.5%.

Since 2003, Vanuatian operators have been licensed for online sportsbooks. Regardless of the type of license, it is valid for 10 years. The Vanuatu government reserves the right to revoke it if the house has violated the rules or participated in fraudulent schemes.

Due to strict rules, we can say that gambling in Vanuatu is safe. Game portals cannot disclose information about customers and their money. No operator has the right to use your data without your consent. In case of misunderstanding, contact the official authority.

Players are often asked about the gambling age in Vanuatu. According to current laws, casino doors are open for players over 18. Some foreign online resources accept users aged 21+.

As you can see, the Vanuatian government cares about the safety of gamers by regulating every gambling establishment on land and the Internet. Don’t worry about security and privacy, your data is always protected.

Best Deposit Methods for Vanuatu Gamblers

Oh…we forgot to say that most Vanuatu platforms offer free gambling. In other words, the games presented on the casino website support the demo mode and you don’t need to deposit real money. Such a game session can be very interesting, but it won’t replace real emotions when money is credited to your account. This is the privilege of deposit clients. In Vanuatu virtual casinos you will have many payment methods.

Let’s start with e-wallets as their popularity grows every day. Today it is not only a deposit method but also a safe place where you can store your money and send/receive it when necessary. You can also transfer this money to your bank account. For Vanuatu residents, PayPal; Neteller; Skrill and other web services are offered. Through wallets, deposits are credited instantly and you don’t need to wait long for withdrawals. Before conducting such a transaction, find out what fees e-wallet takes.

Many of us use Visa and MasterCard for online transactions. These payment services are offered in Vanuatu game rooms too. Choosing a credit/debit card as a deposit method you choose safe transactions even if they take more time. Moreover, you do not need to pay fees at most Vanuatu clubs.

For local gamers, we can also recommend banking. So, they need to contact a financial institution and send a deposit to the specified gambling club address. Please note that the procedure can be processed for a long time because bank employees need to check every detail. In return, the client receives the highest level of security guaranteed by the bank.

Each deposit method has its pros/cons and it’s up to you. Each of the recommended options guarantees security and you only need to choose the most convenient payment system.

Another important thing to consider: verification before the withdrawal. In most cases, game room employees ask players to confirm their identities before cash out.

Accepted Currencies in Vanuatu

Since 1983 Vanuatu Vatu is the national currency. For locals, it is also known as an ocean dollar. Developing tourism, the government of the island state allowed the use of other currencies, so tourists often pay for goods in the US or Australian dollars. If you decide to visit a land-based gaming room, you can buy chips for any of 3 banknotes. Logically, local Vatu is used in national online casinos but it is rarely found on international platforms.

In the previous sections, we promised to talk about the functions of cryptocurrency. Digital coins of various ranks have occupied a significant position in the financial world. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to use Bitcoin and other currencies in some Vanuatian casinos. What benefits do you get? First of all, you do not pay fees. As a rule, traditional banknotes are often limited in size. This is not your headache if you have chosen cryptocurrency. Furthermore, all transactions are carried out instantly. From a security point of view, crypto gamblers get benefits too. So, cryptocurrency is not tracked accordingly, the player receives an anonymous status. To make a bet, the user does not need to convert the currency. All you need to do is create a special wallet and buy tokens.

So, the Vanuatians have a wide choice: Vatu, American/Australian dollars, and crypto coins.

Customer Support

Creating an account or launching your favorite game, you may encounter various troubles. Sometimes registration is complicated by verification, or transactions take too long to process. On any Vanuatian website, the user will find a special FAQ section devoted to popular questions/answers. You did read all the answers but could not solve the problem? In this case, contact customer support. There are three ways to get a response from an operator:

1) Call the hotline;
2) Email;
3) Online chat.

The last option, in our opinion, is the most effective. By contacting the representative of the Vanuatian gaming room through the chat window, you will instantly receive an answer to any question. By sending an email you should understand that customer support will send a response within 24 or 48 hours (depending on the casino). Also, players from Vanuatu can call the hotline, but it is not always free. Furthermore, the operator may require personal information for your verification. This process will take an indefinite amount of time.

Visit the FAQ section. As a rule, it answers 95% of the questions. The chat option is very popular and it is offered on almost every gambling site. Don’t worry, your problem will be solved because all Vanuat game halls are strictly regulated.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Vanuatu

In this review, we tried to talk about all the important nuances and the general situation of gambling in Vanuatu. So, we found out that all forms of gambling are legal in Vanuatu, which helps to create new jobs and fill the treasury. Thanks to a competent strategy, the Vanuatu government has attracted foreign investors who are developing new projects and opening luxurious gaming halls. By the way, we also examined the licensing conditions and the cost of all procedures.

For virtual gamers, Vanuatu has many offers too. So, you will find several local and many foreign gaming platforms that are not blocked. If you want to play in the Vanuatian online casino but do not want to waste time searching for it, just select the appropriate club on our website. We checked each of them so we guarantee a safe and fair game at any time.

The outlook for gambling prospects is positive since Vanuatu officials fulfil all the requirements, creating a favourable atmosphere for business development. Besides, this country needs tourism and gambling is an integral part of it. This means that Vanuatians and tourists will always play in the best clubs, winning real money again and again. On the Internet, you have the opportunity to play against real dealers using Bitcoin as a deposit method.

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