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The number of gamers is increasing every single day and this happens on all continents. Virtual gambling is gradually developing turning into a huge industry with millions of investments and new prospects. And this is even though many countries are the poorest. Uganda is one such. Here, more than half of the inhabitants are forced to make ends meet due to an undeveloped economy and unemployment. Fortunately, the gambling market in Uganda is quite dynamic. On the one hand, its appearance and development were provoked by the laws/strategies of the government, but on the other hand, it was provoked by random events.

The Ugandan gambling market has survived despite many serious obstacles. At first, the government increased licensing fees, and then it imposed severe restrictions due to the popularity of online gambling. These changes occurred from 2012 to 2015. A market that has survived all these problems is doomed to success and that is what Uganda needs. In fact, Uganda is an example for other African countries that are looking for a way to rebuild their economies. Being one of the poorest countries, Uganda benefits enormously. Under new laws, Ugandan online casino operators pay a 20% tax. Players who win jackpots pay about 15%. As a result, these taxes quickly fill the country’s treasury. So, Uganda received $9+ million from all regulated gaming rooms including those that work on the Internet in 2016.

In 2019, Uganda residents have access to the most popular platforms that offer online bets. It is worth noting that the sites of foreign providers are not blocked, on the contrary, the Ugandan government is trying to save as much money as possible. It is even ready to ban foreign operators from sending money abroad.

We understand that many of you only want to play in secure Ugandan casinos. You can always find them yourself, but first, we must find out which gambling forms are prohibited in an African country and how they are regulated. We will also need to check Ugandan law by checking all laws. After reading this article you will learn about the past and future gambling industry in Uganda, which wants to not only restore the economy but also attract as many tourists as possible.

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Types of Online Casino in Uganda

Looking for the best virtual casinos in Uganda? All of them are located on our website where you will satisfy all your requests instantly. This is an amazing catalogue of all resources licensed in Uganda and other jurisdictions. Since we care about our readers, we assure you that all recommended online casinos are safe. We tested them for several criteria including licenses and customer support. Furthermore, we checked the game providers and content. As a rule, Ugandan casinos specialize in all types of games and they offer cool bonuses for all players who want to win real money on the Internet. Before we look at all the available games and their variations, we need to find out what types of Ugandan casinos exist today.

First of all, these are non-downloadable platforms that run directly in the browser. Using a PC or laptop, you can visit clubs and win real money on the Internet. These sites feature a wide range of slot machines, welcome bonuses, and professional customer support. For a quick and smooth game, you only need to update your browser since non-downloadable platforms work based on Flash technology.

Accordingly, there are also downloadable Ugandan casinos on the Internet. Unlike previous clubs, these casinos do not start until the player downloads additional software. This procedure does not take much time and as a result, the gambler gets round-the-clock access to entertainment. It is worth noting one small nuance of downloadable platforms – a limited set of games. As for gifts and payment services, they are offered without restrictions.

The third category of gambling sites is represented by live casinos whose popularity is beyond doubt. Clubs with live dealers almost do not differ in appearance and other components from a real game in the game room. Most often, live dealers are used in table games and in some types of lottery draws. To launch a live casino, the operator creates a special studio where the tables are located. This studio has all the necessary equipment thanks to which you will get an amazing experience without leaving the room!

Crypto casino is another type of gaming establishments. We understand that digital currency is rarely used in African countries, but it has great potential especially in Uganda where online gambling has become very popular. Using cryptocurrency, players get anonymity, instant transactions, and great payouts. The assortment of games is commendable because crypto operators are always looking for something new and interesting.

Types of Casino Games for Ugandan Gamblers

Why are virtual casinos so popular? Their success is due to a wide variety of games. Moreover, this is one of the main points that will help you find a reliable and popular Ugandan casino on the Internet. Statistics show that the best Ugandan operators cooperate with the developers below:

  • Betsoft;
  • Microgaming;
  • 1×2 Gaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • Play’n Go;
  • Playtech.

Each provider has an excellent reputation, so they do not put their developers on sites with a dubious reputation. Therefore, Ugandan casinos with emulators of these brands really deserve your trust. Now we need to consider all types of games offered on the sites of Ugandan casinos.

Slot machines appeared two centuries ago. They were very popular in all restaurants and bars. With the advent of the Internet, developers improved one-armed bandits by offering gamers more options. This is how modern video slots appeared with bonus options and advanced gameplay. All slots are divided into several categories with individual characteristics. For example, ‘old-school’ slots have simple rules and low-cost spins. You will also notice fruit symbols. More often, there are new slots with excellent graphics, additional animations, and thematic music. Furthermore, new projects have unique stories based on popular films and TV shows.

Roulette rightfully takes the second place because this game is considered the progenitor of modern casinos. It is very popular in Uganda where you will find a table and a ball in offline clubs and virtual institutions. Roulette offers advanced betting opportunities, but the result of each round depends only on your Fortune. According to the rules of the game, the participant needs to say what colour or number will fall on roulette. In 2019, Uganda players are offered European/Lightning/American/Double Ball/3D and other variations of the popular game.

The section with card games offers Blackjack, Sic Bo, Baccarat, and a rich assortment of video poker. Regardless of the game you choose, success is not possible without skills and knowledge. Fortunately, many Ugandan operators offer games in a free demo version without registration. This is a great opportunity to gain new experience without fear of losing the last cent.

In the end, we add that all these games are adapted for mobile devices. This means you can run slots, roulette, and other games on tablets and smartphones. Such a game session has many advantages. For example, you can play in a store, cafe or at work. Games, as well as, sites are loaded in browsers, but as we have said, you can download them to smartphones.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Uganda

Unlike other African countries, Uganda takes full advantage of gambling. Its laws are more effective and comprehensive since the government has regularly updated them since 1968 when gambling in Uganda became legal. Therefore, offline/online gambling in the country is allowed, but you should know how it is regulated and what rights gamers have.

In 1968, the Law on Lotteries and Gambling entered into force. However, when it came to betting on the Internet, Ugandan officials realized that this legal system seemed outdated. As a result, this led to a large number of online operators whose activities the government could not. Consequently, taxes didn’t go to the Ugandan treasury, which led to other consequences. These problems began to be addressed in 2013 and over the next four years the situation improved by increasing tax revenues. In 2015, Uganda faced a new problem – ludomania among the younger generation. Players in Uganda spent more money than they earned, so the African government decided to give the National Gaming Board new responsibilities under Section 41 of the Lotteries and Gaming Act, 2016.

Now, The Board could issue licenses for gambling/casino/lottery/sports betting. It is also authorized to monitor the activities of all operators by checking all requirements. To eliminate gambling, the National Gaming Board restricted the appearance of land-based gaming rooms that could no longer be located near:

  • schools;
  • churches;
  • government agencies;
  • markets.

Since then, laws in Uganda have been regularly updated. License requirements have become more stringent. Operators who do not pay taxes for 30 days lose their licenses. Not so long ago, the Ugandan government announced that all players who want to bet on the Internet will be forced to register in the CMS system that will help track minor gamers. Under the new rules, casinos and other forms of gambling are available to users over 25 years old.

As you can see, the government is interested in the development of gambling but it takes care of the players. By setting strict laws Uganda reduces the number of addicted gamers by opening the doors to only reliable and secure casinos.

Best Deposit Methods for Ugandan Gamblers

In fact, many gaming halls are trying to attract customers through free games. The demo game has many advantages, but they turn pale compared to a big disadvantage – you do not win real money. To increase the bankroll and get the first bonuses, any gamer needs to make at least one deposit. There are some great tools for players from Uganda and other African countries, but first, you need to determine your priorities.

Players who prefer fast transactions choose e-wallets. These are quite popular tools represented by such names as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. They are distinguished by a new protection system and instant payments, but in this case, customers should be prepared to pay fees that sometimes reach huge sizes.

This problem is absent if you chose Visa or Mastercard. Their payment transactions are not processed as quickly, but at the same time, users can save money. Before making a deposit, make sure that the Ugandan casino offers the same method for withdrawals.

Is safety your top priority? Then visit the Ugandan bank and send a deposit to your chosen casino. You only need to fill out the form specifying the size of the transaction. As a rule, applications are processed within 72 hours. Yeah, this is quite a long time but on the other hand, you get a banking protection system.

In gambling clubs, all payments are made through the Cashier where you need to enter the necessary data and choose a bonus if you are making a deposit for the first time. Before withdrawal, casinos may require verification. This is a standard account verification procedure with which the operator verifies that the account and money belong to you.

Accepted Currencies in Uganda

The monetary unit of the Republic of Uganda is the national shilling issued by the central bank. Ugandan shilling was introduced in the summer of 1966 instead of East African shilling. All modifications of banknotes are legal tender in the territory of this African country. Because of severe inflation, cents were completely removed from ubiquitous circulation. Counterfeiting the Ugandan currency is difficult because it contains many complex characters. National shilling is used in national online casinos, but if you are going to win real money then you will need to choose a different currency: euros, pounds or dollars. Conversion is usually carried out through exchanges or payment systems. As a rule, these operations are accompanied by commissions.

It is worth noting the popularity of cryptocurrency that is used in all areas of the virtual world. Obviously, it looks too complicated for African countries, but in Uganda, there is a certain percentage of players using a crypto coin for betting. In return, they get improved security and privacy. Furthermore, these transactions are free and they are sent instantly. We are sure that Bitcoin will appear in Ugandan online casinos more often.

Customer Support

At first glance, this is a small detail present in every gaming establishment. In fact, it performs many functions, the main of which is customer acquisition. Beginners and even some high rollers do not know how to register and whether to make a deposit at the casino. Therefore, they are looking for answers and support from the operator. In Uganda’s virtual casinos, gamers have several ways to solve the problem. First of all, they need to find the FAQ section and read it. This is a separate page dedicated to the most popular issues (registration / bonuses / limits / games). If the problem is more serious then you should contact the representative of the hall directly via chat. This option saves a lot of time since communication takes place in real-time. At reputable casinos, the customer support staff is always waiting for your application, so they respond instantly via chat.

Unfortunately, live chat is not available in some clubs; therefore, operators offer customer support via email. By sending a letter the player receives a response pretty quickly. The only exceptions are weekends and holidays when too many requests come to customer support.

The listed types of customer support are the most effective in contrast to a phone call. First of all, it can be paid. Secondly, a specialist may require your details for authorization in the casino system. This is a safe procedure, but it takes a lot of time to spend on spins.

We highly recommend visiting the FAQ page before registering in the Ugandan casino. In addition to answering questions, it contains useful instructions and tips.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Uganda

In 2019, the situation looks positive. Uganda is one of the few African countries that legalized gambling. The local government is trying to improve the legal system by creating comfortable conditions for each operator. At the same time, it monitors the activity of gaming halls, because we know about increased rates of addiction among young people.

New restrictions and laws are expected to make gambling safer. This will also have a positive impact on the development of tourism and the attraction of foreign operators. Have we already talked about the $9 million that appeared in Uganda after the establishment of proper gambling regulation? This figure may increase if the government does not give up.

One we can see that this money is not spent on technology development and improving the economy because most Ugandans barely make ends meet. For this reason, online gambling has become very popular. They give hope and the opportunity to win real money.

Among the positive signs, we can highlight the spread of mobile devices with which Ugandans can bet on the Internet. The development and popularization of these technologies can bring more money to the Ugandan treasury because the number of mobile casinos is increasing every year.

So, the Ugandan gambling industry needs some improvements and the money raised from taxes should be to improve the economic situation of Uganda. In this case, it has excellent chances to become the main gambling market in Africa.

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