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The existence of gambling-driven activities in the Republic of Turkey has a lot of sharp turns, bans and implications. The development of the business in Turkey has a very difficult and long history.

In the early 80s of the 20th century, namely in 1983, the government of the Republic of Turkey decided to legalize casino bars, casino restaurants and entertainment facilities with the ability to play games of chance or make some kind of bet only in tourist-owned areas in Turkey, namely upscale resorts and hotels with five stars. In connection with this event in Turkey, the number of casinos increased instantly, and online casino-related sites began to appear on the Internet.

Their popularity has also increased dramatically both among residents of the Republic of Turkey and among foreign visitors and tourists. Thus, in the largest and most popular cities of Turkey, such as Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara, more than 80 casino houses appeared. By the end of the 20th century, the Republic of Turkey reached the first level on casino income and their popularity, overtaking even many countries of the European continent. At that time, that was spent on betting more than 14 billion US dollars in bars and restaurants with the ability to play in a casino.

This figure in Turkey far exceeds the cost of gambling-driven activities in casinos of citizens of European countries. However, in spite of such wild popularity of casinos among tourists and residents of Turkey, in August of the same year members of the Parliament of the Republic of Turkey voted in favor of the complete elimination of the gambling-driven activities and casino industries. The number of websites in Turkey has also been drastically reduced. More than 20 thousand people employed in the gambling-driven activities business have lost their jobs and the source of the basic subsistence income. Such a decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Turkey could not but cause a corresponding reaction among the population of Turkey. The closure of gambling-driven houses in Turkey led to a real boom in the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

In 1924, the first lottery appeared in the Republic of Turkey, which became extremely popular among residents wishing to get rich and stop begging in the streets. All these people hoped for a happy accident. Already in the summer of 1939, the lottery games department “Milli Piyango” was established in Turkey, which conducted regular cash and prize draws. Previously, in the Republic of Turkey there was only an instant specialized lottery, which gave all its profits only to the benefits of the defense industry and to the financing of public. In 1996, a lottery “Sayisal Loto 6/49” appeared in Turkey, the prize of which rising one million American dollars aroused great interest among citizens and tourists. The lottery company “Milli Piyango” is constantly trying to generate excitement among risk lovers, increasing jackpot cash prizes and expanding the selection of lottery games in Turkey. Currently, this organization has expanded so much that it is included in the number of the most well-known and widespread online casino games. People, who believe that using a lottery ticket and fortune can solve a huge amount of accumulated material problems, spend a lot of money on gambling-driven activities, casinos and lotteries in Turkey. In terms of online casinos, sometimes even more money is left, but often this is unregistered data.

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Types of Online Casino in Turkey

Despite the fact that the gaming business in Turkey is prohibited, citizens can meet their gaming needs in foreign online institutions. Downloading online casino software in Turkey is a wonderful thing. This is similar to how a casino in Las Vegas is located inside your home computer in Turkey. However, for those who prefer not to download, there is an exciting alternative: flash casino.

Flash Casino is an online casino that allows you to play online games on the casino website through your computer browser in Turkey. All software is on the casino site, so you do not need to download it to your computer. Playing in a flash casino has the same unusual graphic and sound effects, and all the fun and excitement of a loaded game in a casino.

Flash casino in Turkey does not take up space on your hard drive. All software is on the casino site, not on your home computer. This is one of the advantages of flash-casino in Turkey.

Another advantage is its ubiquity. With flash casinos, you are not tied to a specific computer in Turkey. You can play in a flash casino with a friend, in the library, in your workplace (during a break, of course) or in any other place where there is a computer with Internet connection in Turkey.

However, not all games that are in a loaded casino can be found in a flash casino. This does not mean that there are not many games, including the most popular blackjack, craps, poker and roulette games, as well as many slot machines in Turkey.

Flash casino offers you the same benefits as a downloadable casino in Turkey. Flash casino uses the same technology, known for its reliability and straightness. Being a client of a flash-casino, you are entitled to the same bonuses, prizes and promotions. You will also have access to our polite and reliable customer service staff, ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone or email. And if you are already a player of this resource, all your points and benefits will be transferred between your current account and the flash casino in Turkey.

Today, many online casinos offer their customers not only a wide variety of gambling flash games, but also a number of so-called live games. These include almost all popular entertainment among players: roulette, baccarat, blackjack, several types of poker, and so on.

The meaning of a live casino is that you work with dealers located in special closed halls. Their actions are transmitted to the monitor screen by numerous cameras, and special sensors located in the roulette wheel and gaming tables allow you to receive information about falling numbers, handed out cards, etc. The casino software, receiving data from these sensors, determines the amount of winnings, taking into account the rules of the game and the current gaming situation.

The 21st century is the century of mobile technology development. Agree, it is very difficult to meet a person who would not have a mobile phone or tablet. Online casinos are rapidly gaining popularity. Many players increasingly prefer online casinos to land-based. Last but not least, this is connected with the development of mobile casinos (casinos on mobile devices – phones / tablets).

The performance of mobile devices is comparable to the performance of average computers of the beginning of the two thousandth. For those who like to play casino on mobile, this is a great opportunity to play your favorite casino games anywhere in your free time. At the moment, almost all major online casinos have acquired mobile versions of their most popular games. Playing casino on mobile devices is no different from playing on a computer.

Types of Casino Games for Gamblers in Turkey

Our site collects as much interesting information about the world of gambling-driven activities as possible. On this occasion, we could not help but get around one of the important points – this is a section on existing gambling-driven activities in online casinos and their rules in Turkey. As you can see – here is a list of gambling-driven activities and it will be updated. First, let’s talk about card games and types of roulette. All gambling-driven activities in online casinos are associated with a simple man in the street with a roulette and cards, – so let’s begin.


European, French and American roulettes, in fact, have the same principles, but have differences and nuances. A start made in the 17th century by the scientist Pascal in a couple of centuries transformed into something unexpected. His goal was to create a perpetual motion machine, and he created a wheel, now called a drum.

European roulette is considered a classic option, so there is no double zero and no extras. There are three types of bets: on numbers and their intersections, external rates and verbal ones.

American roulette is just two zeros, and the order of the numbers of American roulette is different from European and French. There is no verbal rate at American roulette, but thanks to the double zero, the combinations of numbers and their payment become wider.

French Roulette is the most unusual roulette in Turkey, as there are nuances in it regarding external bets, as well as the moment that French Roulette originally existed with a double zero. Even to this day there are such options.

Card games

Poker is the most popular card game, which ] itself is more built on emotions and on the heat of passion, when it is unclear whether the opponent really has a high combination or not. In order to start the game it is enough to know the combinations and their payments. There are many differences in poker, often each casino has its own poker. The most popular poker is Texas Holdem.

BlackJack is a game suitable for people with mathematical thinking, it is sometimes called the most intellectual in Turkey. BlackJack exists in several forms with different numbers of decks, boxes and difference of bonuses. The domestic type of the game is 21 points.

Baccarat is a game that was common in aristocratic circles. Its task is to score as many points from two or three cards as possible. The face value of the cards differs slightly from BlackJack, so the score is up to nine points.

Keno is the kind of game imported from China. On the field of eighty numbers, your task is to mark 10, after the rotation of the drum – twenty numbers will fall out. The more drawn numbers match the numbers supplied, the more payment you will receive.

The Wheel of Fortune is a bit like a roulette, only the drum is in an upright position. Your task is to put money on the specified monetary denominations depicted in the cells of the drum.

Instant lottery is for those who do not like to wait long for the result. It’s simple: buying a ticket – you immediately find out the outcome of the game.

Sports betting

This section includes tennis, basketball, football and horseracing, being ideal for sports fans. Here you can bet on the outcomes, against the outcome, on the number of goals scored, bets with a handicap and so on in Turkey.

Live games

For those who like to play in real casinos, there is a live games option where live broadcasts via the Internet from the casinos take place in Turkey. Live games are held around the clock in non-stop mode. A great opportunity to fly to another part of the world without leaving your home.

These are gambling-driven games are common in almost all online casinos available to citizens of Turkey.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Turkey

The laws of Turkey were not directed exclusively against real gambling-driven activities houses. The discontent of politicians and some opponents of gambling-driven activities was also caused by online casinos in the Republic of Turkey. According to the recently adopted law, any gambling-driven activities house in the cities of Turkey or any online casino operating without notifying the state authorities and obtaining a license will be punished with heavy fines.

The organizers of the underground gambling-driven business in the Republic of Turkey are generally at risk of being behind bars. Assistance to the organizers, assistance, participation in the illegal conduct of the activities of the gambling-driven business will also be punished according to the rules established by the laws in Turkey. Leading lawyers of Turkey estimate such a policy of the state government very negatively, saying that such measures are unlikely to bring favorable consequences for themselves. However, despite all the prohibitions of the government of the Republic of Turkey, casinos in Turkey continue to exist and develop, because the craving of people for gambling-driven activities and risk still does not disappear. Casinos exist in the territories of expensive resort hotels, as well as on the Internet. All these types of entertainment remain popular among fans to bet and take risks. Those people, who prefer to stay at home and at the same time try to gain wealth in “easy” ways, choose to play in an online casino in Turkey. These opportunities are the simplest for residents of the Republic of Turkey, because foreign visitors and tourists usually are welcomed more in the gambling-driven houses of Turkey than locals who want to get out of poverty. Different types of online casinos on sites with similar content make it possible to diversify gambling-driven activities every time, since, for example, it makes popular. Casinos in the network allow you to replenish your account with a deposit or via SMS, allow you to play both video poker and Blackjack in Turkey.

The organizers try to make this kind of home entertainment as convenient and diverse as possible in order to attract a large number of players who are ready to risk their money and make a substantial bet. Foreigners and tourists from different parts of the world in Turkey try to choose real expensive casinos, where you can relax, chat, drink expensive luxury drinks and, perhaps with luck, win a fortune. Casinos in hotels have become a very popular way to have fun and spend time for tourists who are already tired of lying on the beach in Turkey. People who have money to go to an expensive hotel in one of the most popular tourist countries in the world are usually willing to spend a certain amount of money for a couple of nights in a casino and have a good time. It is in this vein that the gambling-driven business in the Republic of Turkey, which includes several thousand gambling-driven activities houses in expensive hotels of the highest class and a site with a virtual world of gambling, is developing now.

Best Deposit Methods for Gamblers in Turkey

When considering a payment method in an online casino in Turkey, the first thing that should concern you is your personal information and details, and how they will be used, will they be protected or not?

First of all, online casino payment methods should be safe in Turkey. At present, online banking is such a common and shared thing that its security is beyond doubt in Turkey.

However, if you are an experienced player, you should always check the details on the security parameters. Even if everything is fine when you make online deposits, the player must remember that their individual information is also important.

It is quite easy to place a deposit in your account. You should know the most well-known and most frequently used online casino payment services that offer this option. Among the most frequently used and most reliable services that provide payment methods in online casinos are the following:

  • American Express
  • click2pay
  • Credit card
  • EwalletXpress
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Moneybookers

American Express is not so common between players and casinos in Turkey, although this service is very simple if you want to deposit money into your escrow account.

Click2Pay is very popular among players in Turkey, but not so long ago they stopped serving new players.

When you have already found a reliable and good online casino to play – in order to start the game you need to place a deposit into your account in Turkey. In order to do this, correctly review the list of proposed payment methods for online casinos and select the most suitable or convenient for you. Each online casino supports certain methods of deposit replenishment.

If you do not know which casino to choose in Turkey, remember that a reputable online casino will offer you a long list of supported services for players.

Most online casino players can use payment providers – credit cards, such as Visa / Master Card or deposit services from Neteller. They are among the most popular in Turkey. The Neteller provider has become available not only for American players, and this has made it very popular in Turkey. E-wallets have become a great solution for those who have problems with their credit cards. Some Internet banks allow their users to create a virtual account (wallet) and everyone can deposit, withdraw money and carry out transactions on other accounts in their own wallet.

Online casino offers its players a very nice feature – deposit bonuses, taking into account the offers from the casino for each new deposit in Turkey.

Accepted Currencies in Turkey

An integral part of registering an account in an online casino is the choice of account currency in Turkey, but not all users understand the importance of it. Modern operators offer players several options at once, which can be changed in your personal account, however, there are casinos that prefer to keep cash flow without a choice, and therefore a responsible approach to its choice will save a significant portion of funds.

The currency of Turkey is very unstable – the exchange rate changes almost every day. Banknotes below 5 thousand lira are not accepted, as they are taken out of circulation due to inflation. In addition, almost everywhere dollars and euros are accepted, so it makes sense to exchange only a small amount – for small expenses. You can pay with checks and credit cards, but they are not always and not accepted everywhere in Turkey. Often, a tax is imposed on the use of credit cards (sometimes there are no warnings about this, just 5-7% of the withdrawn amount is simply deducted from the account).

Given that the lira of Turkey is not accepted everywhere, it is worth noting that it is sometimes more profitable for players to use other more popular currencies.

You can make money bets in a virtual casino, playing slot machines, poker, roulette and other games of chance, in various currencies in Turkey. It all depends on the policy of a particular gambling-driven establishment in this matter. Many playgrounds also accept foreign currency. Moreover, it is not necessarily freely convertible currencies – dollars or euros. In some casinos, you can play on the national currency of Turkey, and other countries. Currency conversion is always accompanied by additional costs, so it is better to avoid it whenever possible, choosing for the game those banknotes in which income arrives. When playing for foreign currency, it is convenient to replenish a deposit in virtual currency wallets that can be opened in many electronic payment systems in Turkey.

Predictions About the Gambling in Turkey

The gambling-driven industry in the country has a very difficult history: in 1983, the government of Turkey legalized casinos in the territory of first-class resorts and five-star hotels. At the peak of the popularity of gambling-driven activities in Turkey, there were over 80 casinos located in Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. In 1997, over $ 14 billion was delivered to casinos of Turkey, which exceeded the gambling-driven activities revenues of many European countries. However, in August 1997, the parliament of Turkey voted to eliminate the casino industry within six months, and 20,000 employees of gambling-driven activities houses were left without work in Turkey.

The closure of casinos in Turkey has led to a gambling-driven boom in the “Republic of Turkey of Northern Cyprus”, where 20 casinos currently operate. However, local residents are not allowed to visit these gambling-driven activities houses, which are intended solely for the entertainment of foreigners. Such types of gambling-driven activities as the Milli Piyango lottery, sports betting and horse racing bets are now popular in Turkey. Nevertheless, part of the government is confident that this is clearly not enough and that Turkey will benefit from the liberalization of the casino industry.

We know that the country plans to become a member of the European Union. It is also known that European countries, members of the European Union, have common rules to be followed. It is here that the conflict is born, as the authorities of Turkey do not want to violate the national oriental traditions, which prohibit, categorically, gambling-driven activities. The authorities of Turkey have become particularly worried when the casino industry has become especially popular.

About twenty years ago, Turkey legalized the gambling-driven activities business. The first casinos appeared in Turkey just then and became incredibly popular. Soon, due to public influence, casinos were banned, or rather gambling-driven establishments went into the shadows. Now the internet casino industry in Turkey is well developed and Turkey’s authorities are well aware of this.

When the government of Turkey found out about the gambling-driven activity of citizens in the Internet, it began to worry about the religion of Turkey, national canons, and foundations. A specialized police department that tracks online roulette, slot machines, poker, sports betting was created.

Most likely, soon Turkey will have to break its traditional canons and legalize online casinos. This will not only help to avoid a conflict with the European Union, but also substantially replenish the treasury of Turkey.

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