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Tunisia is one of the countries in North Africa. Most of the people are Muslim. After the events of 2011, the government of the country was formed, but it doesn’t help information on the gambling industry. All sorts of casinos, table games, betting are illegal for local people. Only a couple of casinos are legal and they are provided exclusively for tourists. They are prohibited by law, as the government of Tunisia is trying not to spread the gambling industry. To play some gambling products, the player will have to use foreign currencies. It’s not a shocking thing, due to the official statistic – only two people of Tunisia are interested in playing casino games, others think that this is an unacceptable activity.

Online gambling is also illegal. The government of Tunisia is trying to do whatever it can to prevent providers from representing gambling websites on the territory of the country. The gamer will not need to use a proxy server just to get access to online gambling sites in Tunisia. They are not blocked with ISPs, thanks to the freedom speech of 2011. The censorship is long gone and there are no more problems with fully enjoying games online, whenever the player would like to do so.

The gamer should not be afraid to play a couple of casino games in Tunisia. There are no strict regulations. Gamers are not prosecuted. Casinos are very important for the country, due to tourism. People who travel to Tunisia are interested in playing a couple of good quality gambling products. They can do that, by either using officially licensed land-based casinos or by looking for online platforms. One way or another, the gamer will find a perfect way to finally forget about all the problems and enjoy every second of playing gambling products while being in Tunisia.

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Types of Online Casino in Tunisia

It is illegal for people of Tunisia to play online casinos. But the reality is – no one is going to give penalties to people, who are playing games online. It happens all the time, so the player doesn’t have to be surprised – there are a lot of online gambling websites in Tunisia. It’s easy to find a couple of them to play nice games for free. But what are the most popular types of online casino in Tunisia:

  • Slot Machines;
  • Poker;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • Bingo;
  • Live Casino.

Online bingo is not legal in Tunisia, but gamers are also not prosecuted. There are a lot of ways on how the gamer can enjoy this type of online casino. It’s a pretty popular game in Tunisia. Players who are interested to play the most immersive version of bingo can do that by playing a couple of games with other online players.

Poker is also illegal in Tunisia, but it doesn’t stop people from playing it. This game is available exclusively for tourists in specific casinos that are officially licensed. To play poker in Tunisia, the gamer will have to use foreign currencies, like the American dollar or European euro. As long, as poker is a type of online casino game, the player needs to know that it is still illegal for local people to play it. Online poker sites accept the registration of foreign people.

A Live Casino is also a popular form of the game in Tunisia. The gamer will have zero problems with enjoying this immersive type of online casino, as there are no restrictions in terms of gambling websites being represented in Tunisia. The gamer doesn’t have to use the proxy server connection to enjoy games online, so there are going to be no problems with fully enjoying live casino.

Downloadable Tunisia Virtual Casino

The internet connection in Tunisia is not that bad, but people are interested in the ability to play their favourite games whenever they want. That’s why there are no problems with downloading the official software of any casino. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Tunisia

To enjoy gambling websites on a smartphone or tablet, the gamer should download an official application. An app gives the gamer the best way to enjoy games online and offline. There are no problems with downloading an app to get the best quality out of playing games online on a portable device.

Gameplay Through Browser in Tunisia

There are no problems with playing online games through the standard browser in Tunisia. The gamer will only need to open up their favorite casino on a mobile phone or personal computer and it will be automatically adapted to the resolution of the screen.

Types of Casino Games for Tunisia Gamblers

The situation with casinos in Tunisia is strange. They are illegal and legal at the same time. The reason for such limitation – the government of Tunisia is interested in getting money out of tourists, but they don’t want local people to spend their time playing casino games. In 2019 looks a bit strange, but that’s just the way things work. There are different types of casino games for Tunisia gamblers:

  • Slots Machines. Tunisia gamblers are interested in the best experience possible and slots are giving them such an opportunity. Modern gambling products are extremely good in terms of their quality. It is possible to find any kind of slot machine while playing games online. There are no limitations in terms of how many slots machines the gamer at any moment.
  • Live Games. The gamer should know – there are no problems with accessing live games in Tunisia. The only thing, the user should care about – is the internet connection. LTE cellular data connection is going to be just enough to fully enjoy any kind of a live format game in Tunisia. This format of games is pretty popular due to the immersive experience it gives to the player.
  • Table Games. There are no problems with enjoying good table games. The gamer doesn’t have to waste a lot of time playing slot machines only. There are a lot of games like Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. But the gamer should be ready that only foreign people can enjoy any of these games.
  • Sports Betting. There are no legal land-based sports betting institutions. The best way for the gamer to make a couple of bets in Tunisia – is to make them online via worldwide known companies. It will give the gamer a chance to experience the best way on how to enjoy sports entertainment in Tunisia.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Tunisia

The gambling is not regulated well enough in Tunisia. There’re a couple of restrictions that don’t allow people to fully enjoy games online. According to some reports, the North Africa region is the next big thing in the gambling industry, if it will legalize the online aspect of games. All forms of online gambling are prohibited and there are no signs of how the government is going to work around new rules and laws on regulating such a business in Tunisia.

But despite the fact that online gambling is technically illegal in Tunisia, there are a lot of ways on how the average gambler can enjoy them. The player just doesn’t have to focus on the possibility of being spied. There are no strict rules on what is going to happen if the player is going to be spotted on playing games online. The player just doesn’t have to waste a lot of time thinking about what’s going to happen. the player just needs to play games and forget all the possible problems of online gambling in Tunisia. There are even no needs in the proxy server connection. The gamer can play games with standard cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Key facts about gambling in Tunisia:

  • In Tunisia, the gambling industry is limited. Most of the land-based and online casinos are illegal for people in Tunisia. However, if the gamer is a traveller, there are a couple of institution allowing to play games legally with licensed slot machines.
  • In terms of laws and regulations, Tunisia shares a lot of rules with most of the North African countries. There are no strict regulations for gamers to play games.
  • There are only a couple of official casinos in Tunisia. But they are represented specifically for gamblers from foreign countries. Local people of Tunisia are not able to enter gambling institutions or websites. They put themselves at risk by playing games on unlicensed sites.
  • Technically, the casino is illegal for all ages in Tunisia. But for tourists, the legal gambling age is 18 years old.

Best Deposit Methods for Tunisia Gamblers

To get the best experience while playing games in Tunisia, the player should know about deposit methods and ways to withdraw cash. There are a couple of methods that should be just good enough for most users. But the saddest aspect of Tunisia, the government of the country limits people with systems that would allow them to use foreign money, so there are no ways to use such services, like PayPal. It is recommended to use:

  • CoinPayment;
  • BitPay;
  • GoCoin;
  • Splitit Monthly Payments;
  • Credit Card Payments Powered by PayTabs;
  • Neteller.

As the player can tell – there are limitations in terms of payment systems available to use in Tunisia. But even this shortlist of systems is good enough to deposit money or withdraw them on the account. The gamer will have to dedicate a couple of minutes to figure out, how to work with local payment systems, but it will be worth it. The reason why standard methods are limited is the possibility of exchanging money. The government of Tunisia is looking to limit any opportunity for local people to get a lot of foreign currency. Only people who have foreign currency can play games in legal casinos. Such a limitation is needed to make sure that local people are not going to be interested in playing games in land-based casinos in Tunisia.

While playing online casino games in Tunisia, the gamer can face different problems with depositing money or withdrawing them out of the site. As long, as foreign gambling websites are not regulated properly in Tunisia, the gamer is free to choose what type of payment system the player would like to use. That’s why it is not that much hard for local people to find a decent amount of games to play online. There are a couple of websites in Tunisia that would allow players to use local money to play games without any problems.

Accepted Currencies in Tunisia

Tunisia is a pretty small country, but it has its currency – the Tunisian Dinar. The most popular exchange rate according to the official statistics is the Euro to Tunisian Dinar. It is easy to find a way for the traveller to exchange their money while being in Tunisia. But for local people, it is pretty hard to get a chance at exchanging money.

The traveller should not worry about the national currency of Tunisia too much. the player can play a game without exchanging their money. It is possible to play some games with the use of any foreign currency. Officially licensed casinos in Tunisia are interested in getting money from travellers, so there is no need in getting the Tunisian Dinar.

Customer Support

As the player can tell – Tunisia is a pretty good country for the gamer, who wants to travel and enjoy games. While the gambler will go to this country as a tourist, there are going to be no problems with getting good customer support. It is easy to find a good enough land-based casino to play games in. The problem, however, is the fact that the player will not be able to get proper customer support while playing in online casinos. There are no officially licensed websites, so the gamer will have to deal with risky providers. But there will always be a way to contact the customer support group by simply using the built-in chat on the site or the email address represented in the contact information section of the site.

All modern online casinos in Tunisia include a whole F.A.Q. section with details on what to do, while dealing with problematic situations on the site. With the help of this section, the gamer will be able to finally forget about all the problems and enjoy playing games online without any problems.

In case the gamer will be interested in playing land-based casinos only, the recommendation is to go to officially licensed institutions, as they provide a guarantee, while the player will make bets in slot machines or playing a couple of hands in Poker. There are going to be no problems with finding a good enough casino, as there are official guides for tourists, who are interested in exotic gambling.

Predictions of Online Gambling in Tunisia

To make gambling even more user-friendly for all the tourists, the government of Tunisia should make online casinos legal. According to the current Tunisian Gambling Law, it is not possible to do that, as the government fears that local people are going to play gambling products and they will become addicted to them.

For most of the time, the gamer will not need to use a proxy server to access different online casinos, while being in Tunisia. But the gamer should be ready – there are going to be some problems with accessing UK based casinos. To access them, the user will need to use VPN. With the help of such a connection, there are going to be zero problems with enjoying foreign gambling websites.

There are going to be more websites that provide a way to deposit with the help of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies become more and more popular due to the fact that they allow exchanging money, whenever the player would like to do that. The system of Bitcoin is decentralized. It means, there are going to be zero problems with using Bitcoin to make a couple of bets while being in Tunisia. It solves the main problem – the currency exchange. As long, as most of the current casinos in Tunisia accept foreign currencies only – Bitcoin looks like a good way of solving this issue for local users.

There are going to be more VR projects with the new Oculus Quest release. With the help of a wireless headset, more people in Tunisia are going to be able to play their favourite slot machines in VR. The only requirement will be the headset and a good connection to the internet. It’s going to be the most immersive experience of playing casino at home.

The gamer can be sure – there are going to be a lot of surprises in the future. But it would be great to see, how the government will fully legalize the gambling industry in Tunisia. People of this country deserve their ability to choose – whether they want to play gambling products or not. It would be great to see that there would no more limitations in terms of currencies that people should use to deposit their money and withdraw them while playing gambling products. There should be no more problems with verifying accounts or anything like that. The smartest way to enjoy games right now in Tunisia – is by playing them as a tourist. For all other people interested in getting the best experience while making bets, it is recommended to use online casinos, as they are not regulated properly and there are no problems with enjoying them even on the go.

It would be great to see sports betting in Tunisia represented properly. As of right now, there are a lot of limitations in this part of the gambling industry as well.

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