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Paʻanga (TOP)
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English Tongan
748 km2

Tonga is the country located in the south part of Samoa and east of Fiji. It is the only country in the Pacific Ocean that has always been free from colonization. Despite the fact, Tonga is known for freedom, the gambling industry is not regulated here in any form. There are no reasons for that, but that’s just the way things go. The only possible reason – is the religion of people in Tonga. Most of the time – Mormons and Christians.

There are four divisions of Tonga and all of them don’t include any sorts of legal casinos. There are a lot of other institutions, but no signs of gambling. It’s a weird thing, as the gambling industry could produce a lot of profit for the economy of Tonga. The government of the country is working hard, just to get tourists interested in this country. It could produce a good boost to the economy. But the problem is the fact that people are interested in playing gambling games. It is the reason why the government doesn’t regulate casinos strictly. Despite the unregulated status of the gambling industry, it is still possible to find a couple of casino institutions all over the country.

Besides, most of the people in Tonga can speak both Tongan and English languages. It allows them to look for online gambling websites from foreign countries. Gamers can even play games without a VPN connection required. As they can simply enjoy games the way they want to do that, without fear of being spotted at playing slot machines or any other gambling products.

As of right now, there are a couple of signs on how the government will try to regulate gambling in Tonga. The only possible way to do that is by creating officially licensed land-based casinos and online gambling websites. Tonga moves one step closer to creating much better solutions for all gambling fans, by creating a new casino in Tonga.

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Types of Online Casino in Tonga

In Tonga, it is pretty easy to find good enough online casinos to play. The only problem – those websites are represented in foreign countries, so they will not include any sort of Tongan license for representing games. There are a lot of different types of online casino in Tonga:

  • Slot Machines;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Lottery;
  • Roulette;
  • Bingo;
  • Live Casino.

As the online casino business is not officially regulated in Tonga, gamblers will need to dedicate a lot of time looking for a specific type of casino. While being independent of Britain, Tonga does not include any laws or regulations in terms of online gambling. The reason for that is not the religion purpose but rather the number of people, who are capable of playing online products. In Tonga, only 100K people are capable of enjoying games via the internet.

Most of the gambling websites in Tonga are adapted to work on both personal computers and mobile devices. There are no problems with enjoying them in whatever way comfortable for the player. Slot machines are the best solution for all gamers interested in getting the most of emotions out of Tonga. But there are a lot of gamblers, who would like to enjoy some table games, instead of simple slots. In 2019, it is easy to find a couple of websites with poker or blackjack.

Even bingo has some sort of popularity in Tonga. Many people are interested in spending at least a couple of hours while playing such a game. There are a lot of websites allowing doing so.

Downloadable Tonga Virtual Casino

With the internet connection like in Tonga, it is not shocking to hear people being interested in downloading gambling software on their devices. It is easier to get an app, then wasting a lot of time on the loading screen while playing with a cellular data connection. It is easy to find foreign casino in Tonga, allowing downloading specific software for playing games even without a proper internet connection.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Tonga

The best way to enjoy mobile versions of online casinos in Tonga is by connecting a smartphone or tablet to Wi-Fi. It will give a chance to use a portable version of any foreign gambling website. It is also possible to find an official application specifically for mobile phones or tablets. There are no problems with downloading an app to get the best image quality possible. By doing so, the gamer will get the best impressions out of playing games online while being in Tonga.

Gameplay Through Browser in Tonga

The classic way of playing games online in Tonga – is by using the standard browser on any device. It can be a mobile phone or a personal computer. This method has a lot of positive aspects. One of them – the player will be able to play games in their original format, without any sort of downscaling. Thanks to that, the user will not need to worry about the overall performance or quality of slot machines or any other games. They all are going to be represented in the best way possible.

Types of Casino Games for Tonga Gamblers

The sad thing about Tonga – land-based casinos are not regulated properly. The only hope came in 2016 when the foreign investor gave a proposal to build a whole new casino for tourists. The only problem with this investment – no laws are regulating the way people are going to play games in Tonga. It was a huge step for the gambling business in the country, but still – there are no signs that everything is going to be good enough for the player to fully enjoy legalized casinos. The only way to enjoy a couple of slot machines is by looking for underground institutions.
As of right now, there are a couple of types of casino games for Tonga gamblers:

  1. Slots Machines. It’s not shocking to see such popularity for slots, as they give the most unique experience out of playing games online in Tonga. The gamer will not have to waste a lot of time looking for a good enough institution to play games. Local people are far more interested in playing games online. But the only obstacle – is the bad connection to the internet.
  2. Live Games. This form of the game has been presented only for a couple of years now, but they are already extremely popular among gamers of all types. This type of game gives a much more immersive experience than anything else available online. But to play live casino in Tonga, the user will need a good connection to the internet. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to fully experience the quality of such entertainment products.
  3. Table Games. There are no problems with finding good enough table games to play. The gamer doesn’t have to waste a lot of time on slots machines if the player is interested in playing some good-old table games. It is possible to enjoy them both lonely or with other online gamblers. It gives a good impression of playing a real-life casino while being at home.
  4. Card Games. To find good enough card games, gamblers of Tonga don’t have to do something special. There are a lot of decent card games, such as Baccarat. The only thing the gamer should do – is to open them up on a smartphone, tablet or any other kind of device with an active connection to the internet. Just like in the case of table games, some card games can be played with other players.
  5. Sports Betting. The gamer doesn’t have to focus on playing casino games only. It is possible to enjoy sports betting, as much, as playing simple games in an average casino. The only problem is that the gamer will have to look for online websites with sports betting, as the land-based institutions are unofficial and don’t provide any kind of guarantee, that’s everything is going to be ok, while the gamer will enjoy them.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Tonga

Like was mentioned before – gambling is not regulated in Tonga. It is hard to say why it is so, but it is the fact. It is hard to recommend this country to all people, who are interested in traveling to Tonga, just to play a couple of games. Both land-based casinos and online websites are not regulated properly in Tonga. The only way for the player to play a couple of games is by looking for foreign websites online or for underground institutions.

In January 2016, the Prime Minister of Tonga said that gambling is not what the government is looking for getting more attention from tourists. Despite the fact that foreign investors are interested in creating a couple of casinos all over Tonga, the Prime Minister’s office has signed a deal only for hotel and airport to include a couple of casinos. But for the country as a whole – there are no signs of gambling legalization.

For the government of Tonga, it is really hard to find a perfect solution on how to regulate online gambling in the country. While it is technically illegal, every gamer can look for a foreign site. But the reason why the office of the Prime Minister is doing nothing to create an official commission for Tonga gambling products is unclear. The only possible way of how things can be regulated is by using gambling laws and regulations of Britain. But it will not happen due to multiple reasons.

Key facts about gambling in Tonga:

  • In Tonga, the gambling industry is not regulated properly and most of the time – it is illegal. But the gamer will have nothing to worry about while playing games online or in land-based casinos. There are no strict rules on what penalties the gamer will get for playing gambling products;
  • As of right now, Tonga shares a lot of similarities with the British government in terms of laws and regulations, but there are still no commissions and rules over how to represent online gambling properly;
  • As long, as there are no official casinos in Tonga, the gambler will not have to pay taxes for winning money while playing slot machines;
  • Technically, there is no legal gambling age in Tonga. Because of the fact that the player will play games on foreign gambling websites, it is possible to say that the legal gambling age is 18 years old most of the time.

Best Deposit Methods for Tonga Gamblers

To get the best experience while playing games online in Tonga, the gambler should know about different payment methods available to being used for deposit and withdrawal. The best advice – use electronic wallets, instead of Visa or MasterCard. There are a lot of systems for the gamer to choose from:

  • Neteller;
  • MasterPass;
  • Visa Checkout;
  • MasterPass;
  • EcoPayz;
  • PaySafe;
  • Bitcoin.

Only thanks to these methods, the player will be able to fully enjoy online gambling without any financial problems. The gamer will not need to convert money on their own while being in Tonga. It is possible to choose one of the methods and use the standard way of depositing money or withdrawing them on the account. The exchange will be completed automatically with no additional cost for the player. The gamer can be sure that nothing is going to be hard while playing games online in Tonga.

The reason why people should use electronic wallets instead of credit cards is that online gambling is not officially represented in Tonga. If something will happen during the financial operation, such as withdrawing cash, the gamer will have to dedicate a lot of time to solve the problem. In case of using an electronic wallet, the user will not have to deal with any kind of problems, as the financial operation will take only a couple of seconds to complete.

Many online casinos have created an opportunity for the player to play them with the help of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency allows people to stay anonymous while playing games online. Some people may think that cryptocurrency is a little unsafe, but the fact is, Bitcoin is far more trustable, then standard American dollar. The reason for that is because the gamer will not have to deal with standard banks.

Decentralized systems allow the user to simply transfer money from their account to the gambling website and then withdraw them by using the same way. It creates a lot of possibilities for gamblers. But the gamer can still use the good-old credit card if the player would like to. In this case, the financial operation can be completed within a couple of days, due to the fact that gambling is technically illegal in Tonga.

Accepted Currencies in Tonga

Tonga is a small country, but it has its currency. The official currency is Tongan pa’anga. But the player should not pay too much attention to this currency, as online casinos allow to use the online exchange function of any financial system to enjoy games with any kind of currency. If the gamer would like to enjoy some games in land-based casinos, the player can use ATMs represented all over the city to withdraw some cash and then make bets in a local casino.

Customer Support

As the player might guess, customer support in Tonga is not so good. It is hard to find an online casino or land-based gambling institution without any problems with customer support. The player needs to understand that by playing gambling products in Tonga, the player should look for casinos with a good reputation. Only worldwide known websites will provide good enough customer support in case something will happen during the process of playing games online.

The gamer should also look for a F.A.Q. section of the site, as it gives a good representation of problematic situations the player can face during the process of playing games online. With the help of this section, the gamer will get a chance at solving most of the problems of playing games online.

In the case of land-based institutions in Tonga, the player puts himself at risk. As long, as those casinos are represented underground, it’s hard to tell, when the gamer can get good customer support and when the player will need to deal with bad aspects of the unregulated gambling business.

Predictions of Online Gambling in Tonga

The saddest aspect of the gambling industry in Tonga – there are no signs that the government will try to regulate this business properly in the future. As of right now, Tonga is still the country without official casinos. Everything could have changed back in 2017 when the foreign investor gave more than 450 million American dollars to create a first licensed casino in Tonga, but the government has not signed a deal. There is a small chance for the deal to being complete, but looking at how long it took to at least get such a conversation about the casino industry – it will take a lot more time to finally open up a fully build a casino with officially licensed slot machines.

Most of the time, the player will have to deal with foreign websites, while being in Tonga. That’s the reason why developers of world-wide known sites are so interested in creating a full category of games for Tonga players. In the future, it is possible to see much more live casino games and VR projects. The only obstacle that those games are facing while representing such games right now, is the fact that the player will need to have a good enough connection to the internet, just to launch such projects right now. In the future, the quality of Internet connection in Tonga must become better, so it is possible to say that the number of online casinos is going to increase.

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