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New Zealand dollar
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Tokelauan, English
10 km2

Tokelau is a well-known country in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a part of New Zealand territory. Sometimes, people refer to Tokelau as a group of islands, as it consists of three big coral atolls. Despite the fact that Tokelau is well known among tourists, there are not so many people living in this country – less than 1500 of the population. Most of them can speak English. Most of the people, who were born here, emigrated to New Zealand or any other nearby country.

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the government of Tokelau. It is sad to hear it, but Tokelau has the poorest economy in the world. To help people from this country, residents of New Zealand donate money for food, medicals and all other needs of people in Tokelau.

In the early 2000s, the situation became a little better, when Tokelau government have decided to hold the domain name, .tk. It helped to increase the economy of the country and allowed people to get a connection to the internet. Those, who have a computer in Tokelau cannot only use it for work but also to play a couple of interesting gambling games.

Despite the fact that Tokelau is pretty small, the government of the country has done nothing to organize the gambling business. No one is sure if anything will be done to regulate the situation in the future, but as of right now, more and more people are interested in this sort of gambling business. But the small population of people in Tokelau doesn’t help the gambling industry to grow in this country. It is hard to tell if Tokelau is going to become a good place for the traveller to play some slot machines. Especially, when it comes to land-based casinos. In this case, the situation is pretty bad. Nothing is regulated properly, so there are problems with getting a good enough experience at playing either slot machines or table games.

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Types of Online Casino in Tokelau

In Tokelau, it is hard to regulate online casinos properly. That’s why there is a way for every gamer to enjoy gambling products from world-wide known providers, as well, as a couple of local websites. Due to the lack of mobile devices, most of the games are played in the desktop mode. They include such types of online casino, like:

  • Slot Machines;
  • Poker;
  • Blackjack;
  • Lottery;
  • Roulette;
  • Live Casino.

As of right now, the government of Tokelau is not interested in regulating the gambling business, as long, as it generates not that big amount of money. But who knows what the future could hold. But at this moment, the best way for gambling fans to experience HQ games is by accessing foreign casino websites available in Tokelau. These websites don’t have an official license from the government of the country, but they shouldn’t have it. There are no gambling commissions in Tokelau.

Good news – the gamer will not need to connect to the internet via VPN while playing games on gambling websites. It is possible to enjoy them straight from any device with an internet connection. However, the recommended platform is a PC. With the help of the computer, the player will be able to fully enjoy all kinds of online casinos, including Live Casino. It gives the most immersive experience of playing real-life casino, without leaving home.

The desire of Tokelau players to enjoy gambling products have made people from world-wide known studios to work on creating online casinos access specifically for this country. It gives people hope that sometime in the future, things are going to become better and online gambling will be officially regulated in Tokelau.

Downloadable Tokelau Virtual Casino

There is good and bad news for those, who are willing to play casino games on their own devices, instead of using websites. In Tokelau it is hard to find a website, allowing people to download an official application to PC or any other device. Nevertheless, it is still possible to do that. The only thing, the player should remember – there are no apps created specifically for Tokelau gamers. All of the gambling programs that can be found in 2019 – are created for worldwide use. They are going to be pretty good to use on desktop devices. It is even recommended to use them, instead of web versions available in Tokelau due to some problematic moments with internet connection in some parts of the country.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Tokelau

It is hard to find a modern gambling website, not adapted to work properly on a mobile phone or tablet. It is possible to enjoy games on a portable device while being in Tokelau. But the only reason why people prefer personal computers is cellular data quality. It is hard to get a proper 3G connection, so the best solution would be a usage of Wi-Fi. To play gambling websites in the mobile version, the gamer in Tokelau should either open them in a standard web-browser or download an official app.

Gameplay Through Browser in Tokelau

Most of the time, players in Tokelau are playing their favourite games through a standard browser. It is the most common way for the average gambler, as it allows to fully enjoy all the games available right now in Tokelau. In the case of a web-browser, the overall performance of games depends on the quality of the internet connection. The user will not need to install anything if the player wants to play games. The only thing, the player needs to do – is to go to the proper website and sign in with their profile. It’s going to be the best possible experience.

Types of Casino Games for Tokelau Gamblers

The status of the gambling industry in Tokelau is ambiguous. There were no precedents when people were arrested or sued due to the fact that they have either played or provided casino games. Most of the land-based casinos in Tokelau are represented underground. There are a couple of types of casino games available for all the gamers in Tokelau:

  1. Slot Machines. Just like in the case of all other countries, the most popular type of a casino game in Tokelau – slots. It is not hard to find them in any land-based institution. They are pretty simple and available to all players, who are willing to enjoy the time, while player well-enough depicted projects.
  2. Live Games. Another popular format of virtual casino games is a live casino. With the help of it, every gamer in Tokelau can enjoy their time playing some old school gambling games, while being at home. The overall experience out of this format is mostly similar to the regular casino.
  3. Table Games. This genre of gambling games can be found in any Tokelau casino. It is possible to play a couple of gaming sessions of Poker, Blackjack, Roulette or anything like that in both online and land-based forms. It all depends on what the gamer will prefer. People are interested in this category of games, as they are referred to as instant classic. It is hard to find people, who have not heard about at least one table game.
  4. Card Games. It is hard to say that scratch cards or Baccarat is the most popular type of a casino game in Tokelau, but it is one to look up to. The gamer will not be disappointed with the overall experience of playing such games.
  5. Sports Betting. Just like in the case of classic casino games and online gambling, sports betting is not regulated properly. It is hard to find good enough land-based institutions to make sports bets, but the player can be sure – there are a lot of websites on the internet that can provide the best experience of making bets.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Tokelau

The situation with gambling regulation in Tokelau is pretty hard. Once the country was formed, there were a lot of problems with casinos and other gambling games in Tokelau. The Native Laws Ordinance was formed in 1917. It shares the English Common Law – gambling was prohibited. It created a lot of problematic moments, especially, when it comes to the modern era, where people cannot exist without different kinds of entertainment.

Everything has changed in the 21st century, when the government of Tokelau has changed a couple of laws and regulations, to make sure – the country will be able to generate more money than it ever did. While land-based casinos and online gambling websites still have illegal status, they are not regulated properly. The average gambler has nothing to worry about while playing games in Tokelau. There are no risks at being punished or banned, during the gaming session in any local casino.

But the unregulated status of Tokelau casinos is not good for gamers. They need to count on themselves while playing games because there are no guarantees on getting proper support from the casino administration or provider. Online websites are unofficial and don’t have a license. So the gamer will need to play games by risking losing their money if something will happen. However, the reality is – everything must be just OK for most of the gaming session.

Key facts about gambling in Tokelau:

  • In Tokelau the gambler should be ready – online casinos are unofficial and they are not regulated properly;
  • There are no gambling commissions in Tokelau, so the only way for the gambler to find a proper casino to play some games is by searching for the address on the internet;
  • If the user will win a big amount of cash in any casino in Tokelau – the player will not need to pay taxes for the winning money;
  • The legal gambling age in Tokelau is not depicted. The official status is N/A. But only those, who are at least 20 years old can enter most of the casinos in Tokelau. It is a rule for both online and land-based casinos.

Best Deposit Methods for Tokelau Gamblers

To get the best experience while playing games in Tokelau, the gambler will need to learn a couple of facts about local currency and financial systems, allowing them to play games properly. There is a lot of deposit and withdrawal methods available for the usage of the territory of Tokelau. The gamer can use:

  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • MasterPass;
  • Visa Checkout;
  • Neteller;
  • PaySafe;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Stripe;
  • American Express;
  • Bitcoin.

The gambler will have zero problems with using a local currency of Tokelau – the New Zealand dollar. It is pretty easy to exchange money in any modern bank, as this currency is pretty popular nowadays. In case of playing games online, the player can be sure that the banking system will allow using the automatic conversion. Thanks to electronic wallets or bankcards, the gamer in Tokelau will be able to enjoy every second of playing casino products in this country.

Recent news says that the best solution to play casino games in Tokelau and the whole New Zealand region is by using electronic wallets, instead of credit cards. Some players may be banned from the usage of credit cards while withdrawing cash out of the gambling website.

Accepted Currencies in Tokelau

Tokelau is a pretty small country, so it is not shocking – they don’t have their currency. They use the New Zealand Dollar as the main currency, but some of the local land-based casinos provide a way for the customers to play games with the help of American Dollars or even Euros. However, if the player would like to cash out their winning or exchange money – there are a lot of ATMs. They all give people a chance to quickly get cash.

Customer Support

Customer Support is the weakest aspect of all gambling products, available in Tokelau. As long, as the industry has an unofficial status in Tokelau, it is hard for a proper way to get customer support. Especially, when it comes to online casinos. The only way for the player to contact the team of professionals in case something will happen during the gaming session – is by using the feedback form on the site or by sending a letter to the contact email address.

By playing gambling games in Tokelau, the player puts himself at risk. It is hard to give any recommendation on what to do if something will go wrong while playing games online. To prevent a problematic situation from happening, the player needs to look for the F.A.Q. the section on the site to learn a couple of rules on what can happen and how to solve the problem. It can take some time for the gamer to finally contact any of the professionals, but even the text messaging on the site can provide a decent solution to any kind of a problem.

In the case of land-based casinos in Tokelau, the gamer will have to deal with a lot of problems on their own. But at least, there is a way to stay in touch with the administration of the casino. If the gamer will play games in good enough institution, there are going to be no problems with fully enjoying the process of playing games, as the customer support, in this case, should be much better.

Predictions of Online Gambling in Tokelau

In countries like Tokelau, it is always hard to prediction, what’s going to happen next with the gambling industry. At this moment, the gamer is at least able to find a couple of land-based casinos, as well, as a couple of interesting online websites to play games on.

One of the predictions that can be made about gambling in Tokelau – there are going to be far more casinos that accept cryptocurrency. It is the new currency of the 21st century. The player should be ready to the fact that with the help of such cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Tron, it will be possible to make bets much faster and simpler, than ever before. Even right now, there are a lot of websites with the ability to use cryptocurrencies as the main betting solution.

It would be great if the government of Tokelau would do something to the mobile internet connection quality. It is the main reason why it is so hard to play HQ games on the go. Many people from Tokelau are interested in getting an opportunity at perfectly making bets, while they are outside of their homes.

The Live Casino market is also showing progress. Many more players of Tokelau are interested in playing games in this format, as it gives them the best experience at playing virtual casinos. For most of the time, people are playing live casino in hotels and at their homes, while connected to Wi-Fi.

There are no predictions at how the government of Tokelau will with the regulation of online gambling. It is the most problematic aspect of the modern era when everyone is interested in playing games without any limitations. But with the current situation and population of Tokelau – it is hard to say, how the gambling industry will be represented in the next couple of years.

It is hard to say if the VR gambling will enter Tokelau someday. Technically it is possible, as there are a lot of technologies that allow playing VR games through the standard browser. But in this case, gamblers in Tokelau will have to deal with problems due to the bad internet connection. The only solution comes to mind is the inclusion of specifically downloadable software. It will provide a way to perfectly enjoy VR projects, even while being in Tokelau.

The open licensing system may be the only solution to the problem not only of Tokelau but also for the New Zealand region as a whole. IBIA suggests that New Zealand will implement the open licensing system for both casinos and sports betting. It will be the best way to perfectly regulate the current situation on the gambling market of the country. But only time will show, if this gambling regulation will be good enough for such small countries, like Tokelau.

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