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West African CFA franc (XOF)
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56,785 km2

Togo is a well-known African country. A lot of people are interested in visiting this beautiful place to learn more about the local culture, dive into all the possibilities that Togo gives in terms of activities, entertainment, and significant places. However, there is bad news for gambling fans – there is no casino in Togo. Any kind of gambling activity is illegal. It is hard to say if sports betting or any other kinds of entertainment are represented in Togo. It is even hard to find a simple lottery. The population of Togo is not that big – 7 million people. In terms of economy, agriculture gives the country the most profit. The most popular kind of sport – is soccer. Nevertheless, it is really hard to find at list one establishment that would give a chance to make a sports bet.

The situation over the gambling industry in Togo is mostly relying on the poor economy of the country. The government of the Togolese Republic is strict and has no interest in providing a legal way of playing casino games, making sports bets or anything like that. As was said in the official statistic of the Business insider – Togo is the 12th poorest country in the whole world. It is sad to hear such a statistic, but it is how things work nowadays.

As of right now, the gambling industry is not regulated well enough in Togo. But there are a couple of casinos in Togo that are legal and are officially licensed and taxed. Most of the time, they are represented in the capital of Togo – Lome and they produce the biggest amount of revenue of the gambling business in this country. In case the gamer would like to enjoy a couple of online casino games in Togo, the player  will have to face the fact that there are no strict regulations in this format of gambling products. But the user can easily enjoy online gambling platforms from foreign countries.

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Types of Online Casino in Togo

As long, as gamers in Togo can play on foreign websites, it is easy for them to find different kinds of online casino products. Most of them are not regulated, so the player will have to count on himself while playing games online. It is easy to find such types of online casino in Togo, like:

  • Bingo;
  • Poker;
  • Lottery;
  • Blackjack;
  • Live Casino;
  • Roulette.

At this moment, the government of Togo has no idea how to regulate the way people playing games online. It is almost impossible to fully shut down access to foreign platforms without putting other websites at risk. That’s why most players have nothing to worry about while playing games on the internet while being in Togo. It is easy to get access to almost any website that provides its games internationally.

Most of the time, the gamer will have to deal with the sites that don’t provide the best support. If the user will face some problematic situations, it will be not easy to get good advice from the supporting team. On the other site, Togo is very good for casino holders, as they don’t have to get an official license from the government to provide their products. It is the positive aspect and the running force that allows developers to give people as many games, as it is possible at this period.

Downloadable Togo Virtual Casino

Thanks to modern online gambling in Togo, the gamer will have zero problems with enjoying good table games or any other casino products at any moment. It is easy to find a couple of minutes to make a bet on the website. The gamer even doesn’t have to install something on their mobile device or PC. It is easy to simply open up any kind of a website and enjoy games right away. But the gamer can dedicate only a couple of minutes of their life to download an official application of any online casino in Togo and the player  will be able to make bets on the go without any limitations in terms of graphics or any other aspects of the game. Even if any website will be blocked on the territory of Togo, the player can use VPN connections to pass through such an obstacle.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Togo

Every modern casino website represented in Togo is created with a mobile-first design in mind. It gives an ability to perfectly open it up on any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Designers of big enough online casinos are doing the best they can just to adapt their products for all modern gadgets. It gives them the ability to generate the biggest audience of players. There are no problems at all with playing games online while being in Togo. The gamer just needs to open up any gambling website and it will give them a chance to find out if it is adapted for mobile usage.

Gameplay Through Browser in Togo

For those players, who are interested in playing Togo casino games at home – the best option is gameplay through the standard browser. The average gamer will have a chance to experience the best possible visual representation. In this scenario of playing games in Togo, the user will be able to get a solid performance even out of products rendered in 4K resolution. The user doesn’t have to buy an expensive personal computer to get a good quality of the image.

Types of Casino Games for Togo Gamblers

As of 2019, all sorts of land-based casinos are legal and officially regulated in Togo. It is easy to find info on where they are represented in any city of the country. The biggest casino is represented in the Hotel Palm Beach. It can be found in the capital of Togo. The amount of different games that are represented in this casino is extremely big. It is worth to mention at least a couple types of casino games, available for the average Togo gambler:

  1. Slot Machines. It is the most common type of casino game in Togo. It is easy to find them in any land-based institution. They generate more than 70 percent of revenue. People love this sort of game, as they are easy to understand and have a good visual representation. That’s why there are a big collection of slot machines all over Togo;
  2. Table Games. Any kind of table games is available in Togo. This category plays a huge role in the gambling industry. So it’s not shocking to see such a big collection of Poker, Blackjack, Roulette variations in both land-based and online casinos.
  3. Card Games. It’s like another category of table games. In Togo, it is easy to find a lot of games with cards. Most of the time, it’s going to be something like Baccarat and other variations of games with cards.
  4. Arcade games. It’s like an innovating category of games, where the gamer will have to not only make bets but also to play some platforming, just like in good old times of arcade machines. But this time, these games are created with the gambling aspect in mind. Thanks to that, the gamer will have no problems figuring out how to find good enough projects to play in Togo.
  5. Live Games. This kind of online gambling activity is not fully represented in Togo due to the fact of VPN connection. To enter some of the foreign websites, local people need to use proxy servers. It creates a lot of problems with input lag and poor quality of the image. As a result, it is hard to fully enjoy this variation of digital table games without having trouble with either internet connection or the overall performance of the game. Only people with a strong Wi-Fi connection are capable of experiencing the most immersive way of playing casino games online without going to the real institution.
  6. Sports Betting. Just like other online activities, sports betting is not regulated. Sports betting is very popular in an African country and Togo is no exception. However, the player should be ready – it is hard to find a good enough provider that would allow making bets online without further problems with withdrawing cash. There are no words on if this kind of betting will get legal status any time soon. Hard-core fans of the sports betting should look for land-based institutions to make big bets.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Togo

The situation with online gambling laws and regulations in Togo is not stable. Despite the fact that all African countries have a good future in the gambling market, there are a lot of problems with online casino regulations. While land-based casinos are legal and one hundred percent official, there are no strict rules and laws on how online gambling websites should be regulated. Some sources suggest that the situation may change in the future, but at this moment, no local Togo gambling website is legal. It’s all because of the low rate of internet penetration. That’s why hundreds of online casinos of Togo are unregulated.

But the situation is not clean, as it may look at first. It is not that much hard for the gamer to find foreign gambling websites while being in Togo, but the player  needs to be prepared – some of them can be banned, because of the restriction list released a couple of months ago. The new British regulations rules have published a whole list of countries, where UK websites are going to be banned due to the unlicensed status of Togo. The only way for Togo gamblers to enjoy these sites is by using a VPN connection.

It is possible to say – the best way to experience online gambling products in Togo is by visiting one of a four-star hotel. In such a tiny nation, like Togo, it is pretty hard to be a gamer. Some gamers are not happy with the way online gambling is represented in Togo, so they travel to West Africa to get much more freedom at playing games online. Every online product represented outside of the Hotel Palm Beach is not officially regulated.

Key facts about gambling in Togo:

  • Every gambling fan should know – online casinos are not regulated properly.
  • The gamer is capable of finding different gambling casinos in Togo. But the user should be ready – they don’t have a license for most of the time. The user puts himself at risk while playing on foreign websites.
  • The gamer doesn’t have to pay taxes after winning money in online casinos of Togo.
  • Despite the unregulated status of online gambling, the player will have nothing to worry about in terms of punishments from the Togo government.

Best Deposit Methods for Togo Gamblers

To get a full experience of playing online games in Togo, the player needs to deposit on the gambling website. There are a couple of deposit and withdrawal methods available for the usage on the territory of Togo. Among them:

  • Stripe;
  • PayPal;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Square;
  • American Express;
  • MasterPass;
  • Visa Checkout;
  • Google Pay;
  • Neteller;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Samsung Pay.

As long, as most gambling websites are represented outside of Togo, it is recommended to use electronic wallets to make a deposit or withdraw cash within a couple of minutes. Otherwise, it can take up to a whole week for the banking operation to complete.

Accepted Currencies in Togo

Togo is a pretty small country, but it has an official currency – the West African CFA franc. This currency is represented in banknotes format. It values in multiples of 1000 francs. In 2003, a new 500 franc coin was created. Because of the fact that Togo is the smallest nation in South Africa, the gamer will have to go to the capitol to withdraw cash out of credit or debit card with the help of ATMs. Otherwise, it will not be possible to find a good enough way to get exchange money. By going to local exchange institutions, the traveller will put himself at risk.

Customer Support

The saddest thing about the unregulated status of online casinos in Togo is the quality of customer support. While the gamer will play games in land-based casinos – there are going to be zero problems with getting money or solving any kind of problematic situation. So there is nothing to worry about while enjoying gambling products in standard casinos.

If the user would like to enjoy a couple of games online, the player  will need to prepare himself for the risk. It is hard to fully enjoy gambling products on the internet, without knowing that the support team will be there to help with solving any kind of problematic situation.

Most of the time, the gamer will have to deal with text messaging. It is the only instrument available to get in touch with the community manager or the support team of the foreign online casino in Togo. It creates a lot of problematic situations when people have won a big amount of money, but they have trouble withdrawing them out of the website.

To prevent a problem from happening, the only recommendation for the gamer in Togo – is to look for F.A.Q. the section on the gambling site. It should be represented in any online casino. It gives a perfect description of all the situations that the user will face during gaming sessions on the site. However, it can also take some time for the gamer to figure out, what type of problem the player  is dealing with and how to use the solution depicted on the website. In some scenarios, the only way for solving a problem will be the usage of an email address from the contact section of the site. The gamer can use it to write a message from Togo to any country of the world, where the support team of the foreign website is represented. But it is possible to say – the gamer should count on their while solving problems of playing HQ games online. If it is possible to find land-based Togo nearby your location – prefer this type of gambling entertainment, other then playing games with the power of the internet. It would not be the best decision for a country like Togo.

Predictions of Online Gambling in Togo

At this moment, the future of online gambling in Togo looks kind of unpredictable. It’s hard to say, whether the government of Togo will do something to regulate the way people play games online. It is a tough thing to do, considering how many websites are available right now and more to come in the next decades. To regulate the situation, people from the authority should create a special license commission that will work on stabilization of the industry within the country. It will cost a lot of money for the government of Togo, but it will also help to stabilize the economy of the country.

Speaking about the foreign websites available in Togo – they have a pretty bright future. People behind these resources are working on creating a perfect technology to provide live casino to people from Togo without any input lag or flicking image. There are some teams of programmers, working on VR projects for all the fans of new gambling experience.

There are hopes about the possibility of the creation of a local online gambling business in Togo. With the help of that, people would have a chance of playing good quality slot machines, digital table games, while being connected to the Wi-Fi in their hotel rooms. It would be a perfect solution for all the tourists visiting Togo. Nevertheless, these sorts of things are only ideas that have not been fully released right now.

One of the recent innovations to the gambling websites available in Togo – is the inclusion of BitCoin Gambling capability. Now, gamers can make bets with cryptocurrencies on selected websites. Many people hope to see more websites with such a possibility. It gives people a chance of withdrawing cash without a double exchange rate and with no problems with the government. However, it is safe to say that land-based casinos in Togo will not include a possibility to use cryptocurrencies in their institutions, due to the fact of the illegal status of the cryptocurrency in the country.

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