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Thailand is a very popular country for tourists. Many people are dreaming about the opportunity to travel here for a couple of days at least. However, for gambling fans, there is a couple of bad news. As of right now, the only legal form of gambling entertainment in Thailand – is the state-owned national lottery. Before 2003, everything was different. It was hard to find any kind of lottery, other than the underground system that has operated illegally. The government felt that if they will not make it all legal, they risk losing a lot of money. The legalization of the lottery in Thailand gave the economy growth for the country as a whole.

In the 21st century, there are strict rules over gambling in Thailand. Gamblers in this country are allowed to place bets in the national lottery or while watching horse racing. But all other forms of gambling entertainment are illegal. There are no legal ways for players in Thailand to find any kind of casino, bingo, poker or sports betting establishment. The only way the player can perfectly enjoy all these kinds of entertainment is by using underground casinos that is widespread all over Thailand. But the gamer should be ready that it will be a little difficult to play games this way.

One of the recent surveys posted a statistic over how much money the gambling industry generates in Thailand illegally. According to this statistic, 5,5 billion of euro generates annually, thanks to all casinos and sports betting institutions that work underground. More than 70 percent of all people in Thailand are playing gambling products regularly. This fact means that the government can make casinos legal in Thailand. There was news about it, but as of right now, the situation for the tourists is pretty sad.

The situation with gambling is pretty interesting. Because of the illegal gambling status in Thailand, many tourists go to nearby countries, such as Laos and Cambodia, just to make bets without fear of being punished by the police.

But the ban on gambling products won’t stop some providers from representing their products in Thailand. The best way to provide gambling products in a country like Thailand is by using web services. With the help of them, the provider will have no problem with the law, if servers of the gambling site are represented in one of the foreign countries, near Thailand.

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Bao Casino

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Casino RedKings

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100% Up To €100 + 15 FS
Play’n GO, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming
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EcoPayz, EnterCash, Entropay
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Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia
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Lucky Niki Casino

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100% Up To €100 + 100 FS
Amaya, NextGen Gaming, NetEnt
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United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, Portugal
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Vbet Casino

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Up To €500 + 300 FS
Betconstruct, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming
Deposit Methods
Visa, MasterCard, WireCard
Restricted Countries
Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium
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Types of Online Casino in Thailand

Despite the fact that Thailand is known, as the country without legal gambling, there are a couple of ways for all travelers to enjoy casino products. One of them – is by using online casino websites. Local law doesn’t allow people to open their gambling websites. But it is possible to enjoy foreign sites. Many digital products remain attractive for all people in Thailand, as they allow to get a feeling of playing games in a real casino. At this moment, the government of Thailand is looking for a way to regulate the online activity, but it is almost impossible to fully ban all the websites that provide slot machines via the internet.

There are different types of online casinos to find in Thailand. Among them:

  • Video Poker;
  • Baccarat;
  • Bingo;
  • Blackjack;
  • Lottery;
  • Roulette;
  • Live Casino.

Web-based operators can provide access to different kinds of products in Thailand. According to the Gambling Act of B.E.2478, people from Thailand cannot provide or play gambling games in any form. This act was first introduced back in 1935 and still exists, as the common rule that every gambler should know. The person that will be caught while playing casino games, will be put in jail.

The good news for casino holders – as long as gambling is illegal in Thailand, it is possible to provide web-based casinos without any sort of a license. It makes the provider’s life much easier. However, there is some bad news for gamblers, they are going to mentioned further.

Downloadable Thailand Virtual Casino

It’s easy to see that it is not legal for Thailand gamblers to play games online. So there are no limitations in terms of what software the user will download to play games on any kind of a device. For users of Android, it is pretty easy to find a good casino app to play games with the help of it. The only thing that should be done – finding an APK file to install it. Once the gamer will complete this task, he will be able to successfully play games. In some scenarios, VPN is not required. But for users of iOS and Mac, the most obvious way to enjoy gambling, is by using the VPN connection and registering a profile in the other region. It will allow you to open the app store and download any kind of software to play gambling games in Thailand for free. With the help of software, the gamer will also be able to get the highest quality of the image, without any special requirements to the speed of the internet connection.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Thailand

If the traveller is interested in playing his favourite games, while traveling through Thailand, it is possible to find good enough online casinos not only with the help of an app but also with the power of a standard browser. Most of the modern gambling websites are adapted to work in a mobile mode. There are no problems with opening any kind of a website and start to play games instantly without installing anything. More than that – the Thailand gamer can start playing on his mobile phone and then continue the gaming session on his PC or tablet.

Gameplay Through Browser in Thailand

To get the best quality of the image, the user needs to use a computer with a good enough connection to the internet. With the help of it, the gamer will be able to enjoy all kinds of gambling products in UHD quality. But the user should understand that if he wants to play the game via browser, then the VPN connection will be required to access certain sites. The gamer doesn’t have to pay for the most advanced PC, just to play a couple of games via browser, as they are all good in terms of optimization.

Types of Casino Games for Thailand Gamblers

There are different types of casino games for Thailand gamblers. The average player can find a lot of interesting slot machines to play. But why focus attention on slots only, when there are also table games, live format products, sports betting and lottery?

  1. Lottery. In Thailand, the national lottery is the only form of gambling entertainment that is still legal. The average person can find a couple of institutions, in which it is possible to Thai lottery. These tickets are pre-printed and they include different letters, numbers, and a lotus. If the combinations of all these symbols will be correct, the gamer will be able to win more than 30 million baht and a 2 digit bonus. There are also prizes for all other players, who got not that much correct number in their lottery ticket.
  2. Board Games. It isn’t possible to find legal table games in Thailand, but the gamer can either use websites, or look for underground institutions. There are many casinos in different cities that the gamer can go to, to get a satisfaction out of Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat or Bingo.
  3. Live Games. To get the most immersive experience while playing digital games in Thailand, the gamer can enjoy Live format projects. They look and feel like the real casino. It is possible thanks to the new technique being used. It takes the real image out of the webcam and allows the player to use the digital HUD to give instructions to the real-life dealer in the casino.
  4. Sports Betting. The only kind of a sport that it is legal to make bets on – is horse racing. In Thailand, it is not that hard to find illegal institutions that allow making bets on football, tennis and other kinds of sport. Nevertheless, the player should be ready that it will take some time for him to get some info on such institutions, as they are not that much spread, due to the illegal status.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Thailand

As it was mentioned before, in Thailand online gambling is illegal in any format. Especially in some regions, where this type of internet activity is regulated with the power of a special system. It helps the government to make sure that the average user will not be able to see casino ADs on sites. But it is still possible to find a couple of websites that try to break the firewall and provide slot machines for all gamers that would like to enjoy HQ gambling on the internet.

Because of strict rules over online gambling, many people from Thailand are connecting or move to nearby countries, such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore for getting an opportunity to make a couple of bets legally. The gamer can also get a chance to make a couple of bets by using foreign websites that are hosted in nearby countries. The government of Thailand cannot prevent players from getting a chance at playing games on the internet. Everything that is represented on the web can be accessed in any country of the world, one way or another.

To monitor the situation over online gambling in Thailand, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology was created a couple of years ago. It helps to block users from accessing casino websites. It takes care of all the financial operations and telephone numbers that people have used while playing games on online casinos. That’s why for most of the time, gamers from Thailand are using electronic wallets, instead of banking systems. Any illegal acts of gambling can be punished by this ministry. There is also a separate agency that looks for illegal land-based casinos as well. It prevents illegal activity in any form. Especially at big events seasons, like the Super Bowl, when a lot of people are trying to make a bet in form or another. It’s hard to detect all the players, but the agency is doing everything possible to prevent the representation of gambling products. It is possible to say that the laws cannot keep up to the pace of the current technologies, but they are defiantly trying to do the best they can.

Key facts about gambling in Thailand:

  • As long as gambling is illegal in Thailand, there is no legal age for making bets;
  • Online websites the gamer can find while being in Thailand doesn’t have a license to provide their service in this country;
  • The player doesn’t have to pay taxes on the money he won while playing online in Thailand.
  • For taking part in the illegal activity, the gamer can be sent to a jail prison for up to two years. If the gamer was caught for the first time, he will need to pay a warning fine of 2000 baht.

Best Deposit Methods for Tanzania Gamblers

There are some limitations in terms of how the gamer can deposit and withdraw money while playing casino games in Thailand. It is possible to use Visa and MasterCard cards in online and land-based casinos, but it is not recommended due to the strict law. The gamer may have problems with the future and his bank account can be blocked for some time. The best way to deposit and withdraw money – is to use electronic wallets, such as Neteller, EcoPayz, Qiwi and much more. All of them can be found in online casinos of any type. In the case of land-based casinos, the only recommendation will be to use the cash. With the cash, the gamer will have no problems with making bets, as there are going to be no financial operations to look for on the bank account.

Accepted Currencies in Thailand

Before going to Thailand, the gamer will need to buy bahts – the national currency of this country. With the help of this money, it will be easy for the player to make bets in land-based institutions. But in case of making bets online, there are no limitations at all. If the gamer would like to make bets with bahts in Thailand, he will need to make an online exchange to dollars, euro, or to look for a website that allows making bets with baht. In big cities, it is not hard to find ATM’s to withdraw cash. But it is recommended to get bahts before going to the country, as the gamer will be able to save a lot of time. It is hard to withdraw cash in little cities, due to criminals.

Customer Support

As the gamer can see – it is pretty hard to find a decent casino to play in Thailand. There are way too many limitations, so the customer support in this country is bad. Once the gamer will find a good enough online casino to play gambling games in Thailand, there will be some problems with contacting the support team. To get help in solving the problematic situation, the user will not be able to use a phone call. The only way to contact professionals – is by using the built-in chat on the site. It’s the common problem of all foreign websites that provide their gambling products in Thailand.

In the case of land-based casinos in Thailand, most of the time, the gamer will have zero chances  of getting customer support. As long, as this business is illegal in Thailand, people should solve the problems on their own. It is the saddest aspect of playing games in this country. No underground institution will give a guarantee to the player that everything is going to be fine with his money, while he makes bets in their establishment. It’s much easier to play games in Singapore, other than wager in Thailand.

In online casinos, the Thailand player can at least look for a F.A.Q. section. It includes all the possible solutions to the common problems that the gamer may face while playing games on the site. Other than that, the only way to contact the support group is by using their email address. But it may take some time for them to solve the problem. So the gamer should count only on his own self.

Predictions of Online Gambling in Thailand

Many people will think that the state of Thailand law is established and there are no chances of gambling legalization. But there is a couple of news about how everything can be changed in the future. The government of Thailand may soften the law to get a profit out of illegal business. In august of 2019, Thailand has suffered from a big data breach, because of the illegal gambling websites that people have entered in the last couple of years. This fact hints at the possibility of a government to reinvent the way restriction work in Thailand.

In 2003, there was a similar situation, when the lottery has finally become legal in Thailand. It crushed the black market, as the underground lottery has lost a lot of players. Many gamers are interested in playing legal games, instead of risking with their own money by playing in underground establishments. Considering the fact that the gambling industry generates more than 5 billion euro annually, the government is aiming at dealing with such a big black market of casinos. One way or another, people of Thailand will get their chance at playing slot machines and table games, without hiding it.

As of right now, nothing is going to change in terms of how online gambling works in Thailand. It is still possible to find all the popular products, by simply using VPN services. With the help of them, the average player can easily change his IP address and enjoy games for real, even while being in Thailand.

It’s hard to say, what the future holds for both online land-based gambling in Thailand. But one thing is clear – the limitations can’t hold forever. There is going to be a day, when the gambling fan will have a chance to make a legal bet in Thailand, just like it was with the lottery or horse racing. The government only needs to find a perfect way to create good conditions for gambling fans. It’s only a matter of time when the compromise will be found.

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