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Tajikistan is the country in Central Asia, with a population of more than eight million people. It was a part of the USSR until the end of the 20th century. Now it is an independent country. Thanks to that fact, a lot of possibilities for gambling fans were created in Tajikistan. Not it is possible to enjoy a couple of interesting casino products that are great for gamers from all of the world, as tourists can travel to this country to enjoy online sports betting, table games, slot machines and much more.

It wasn’t always like that. As it was mentioned before, Tajikistan was a part of the Soviet Union. Because of that, no one had a chance to freely enjoy gambling products, as it was illegal. However, when the twenty-first century came, everything has changed for good, as the gamer can now find a lot of decent gambling products in Tajikistan. Thanks to the international democratic standards, the gamer can play online games, but to regulate the online industry, the government of Tajikistan has decided to provide the taxation on gambling winnings. It is hard to say that the gambling industry is legal in this Tajikistan, as there are still a lot of limitations that every gamer will have to face while looking for a good enough product to play.

It’s hard to say, if the Live Casino industry has a bright future in Tajikistan, as it still is not that much legal, as everyone expected it to be. Because of the political situation in Tajikistan, many people say that it is the poorest country among all the ex-Soviet Union countries. Sports betting and all other sorts of gambling products were legal in the early 2000s. By adding the taxation on gambling winnings, the industry started to grow pretty fast. But everything has changed after 2009 when the government decided to close all the gambling activities in Tajikistan. Only sports betting is still legal in the country, but all other sorts of entertainment were shut down.

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Types of Online Casino in Tajikistan

Although the fact that the gambling industry is illegal in Tajikistan, there are a couple of ways for the gamer to successfully find a way to play games online. The best way to do that – is by using websites that hold their servers and domains outside of the country.

There is no information on what are the consequences for people, who are going to play online casinos in Tajikistan. As of right now, there were no examples of people that have been put into jail because of playing games on foreign online sites. Technically it is illegal, but the gamer can still find a way to do that. As of right now, there are a couple of casino types that every tourist can find on the internet while being in Tajikistan:

  • Bingo;
  • Poker;
  • Sports Betting;
  • Lottery.

The gamer just needs to look for the type of gambling entertainment product that they would like to play in Tajikistan. It is not that hard to find a certain website that would allow playing games online in this country. To make a withdrawal, it is recommended to use an electronic wallet other than the standard banking system. In this case, the user will be able to get the money instantly.

Downloadable Tajikistan Virtual Casino

As the player can tell by the fact, those online casinos are illegal in Tajikistan, it is hard to find the website that would allow downloading an official application. The best way for the gamer to enjoy the gaming on the go is by using the standard browser and the portable version of the site. But it is still possible to find a couple of casinos that allow downloading their software on both mobile and desktop devices. With the help of it, the gamer in Tajikistan will be able to get the HD image, even while being connected to the low-quality internet. But most of the time, people in Tajikistan are playing games with the power of the standard browser. It makes sense, considering that it is a little dangerous to simply play slot machines, not talking about downloading something on the device. Some gamblers find a solution in getting APK file of the casino for their Android mobile phone or tablet. In this case, they are going to be able to play a couple of games on the foreign website, without a need in getting a VPN connection to find casino apps in the Google Play store.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Tajikistan

As it was mentioned before, it is not that much hard to find foreign casino websites that would allow Tajikistan player to enjoy games in the portable mode. Instead of downloading any application, the gamer will need to simply open up an interesting gambling website and it will automatically adapt to the resolution of the screen. It is simple enough to simply enjoy the process of playing on such a website.

Gameplay Through Browser

There are a lot of gamers in Tajikistan that are interested in getting the best experience out of the online casino, without downloading something on their device. That’s why developers of gambling products are always working on creating the best possible technology that would allow the player to simply open up the browser and start playing games instantly. The gamer will not need to buy any specific type of gadget. It is possible to enjoy gambling products on Tajikistan by simply using PC, smartphone or tablet.

Types of Casino Games for Tajikistan Gamblers

At the beginning of 21st century, the gambling industry in Tajikistan seemed to have a bright future, as there were a lot of establishments that allowed players from around the world to perfectly enjoy games in Tajikistan by going to the officially licensed casino or any other type of establishment with gambling products represented. But after the restriction of the industry in 2009, everything about slot machines, table games has become illegal. That’s why it is hard to find land-based casinos. But there is a statistic on what types of casino games were the most popular among Tajikistan gamblers:

  1. Board games. In Tajikistan, it is possible to find a lot of fans of the classic Poker. It is illegal to play such a game with real money at stake, but gamblers from all over the world are capable of playing it just for fun. Although, there are a lot of illegal establishments that allow gamers to enjoy board games. But to find at least one gaming table in Tajikistan, the average gamer will need to dedicate a lot of. Even while being in the capital Dushanbe. This type of entertainment is great enough for different kinds of players, as it allows them to both get a joy out of the gaming process and feel total freedom of what choices to make while playing the game.
  2. Live games. It is possible to find Live Casino in Tajikistan, but it will be a really hard task. As long, as online gambling is not that much regulated in the country, the gamer can dedicate a couple of minutes to find a casino with Live format games. But sometimes it will be hard to play them, as they require a good internet connection. With the bad internet penetration in Tajikistan, it will be a huge problem for most gamers that are willing to enjoy their favourite board games in Live format.
  3. Sports Betting. It is the only type of gambling activity that is still available in Tajikistan in a legal form. But instead of making bets online, the gamer will have to dedicate a lot of time to go to the official establishment. It is a limitation that makes sports betting in Tajikistan not that much fun.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, it is hard to fully enjoy any kind of gambling products. Slot machines, table games, scratch cards – everything is illegal in Tajikistan. Every person that will be caught on providing gambling products can face a penalty of over eight years in prison. Also, it is possible that all the property that they have bought during the time they were providing illegal games will be confiscated. Tajikistan is not the right place to run a gambling business.

Despite the fact that there are no strict rules over the online aspect of gambling, it is still hard to say that running a digital casino in Tajikistan is a good idea, as the bigger part of the country is still living without an ability to connect to the internet. It is the poorest country of all the post-USSR countries that cannot get a good enough connection to the worldwide web. At this moment, there are no signs that anything is about to get better in the future.

There is also a big problem for people, who are interested in creating their online casinos in Tajikistan. The government has created a special monitoring system that blocks any illegal activities on the internet. It works not only with separated sites but also with social networks, like Facebook, VKontakte, and YouTube. Because of that, it is really hard to enjoy online gambling in Tajikistan. But the gamer can still look for the casinos that are registered far beyond the territory of Tajikistan.

Key facts about gambling in Tajikistan:

  • Legal gambling age is 18 (Before gambling became illegal);
  • All online casinos don’t have a license to provide their products on the territory of Tajikistan;
  • The gamer had to pay taxes for winning, while it was all legal;
  • Some companies tried to represent their products legally, but as of right now – there is no legal gambling content in Tajikistan, except for limited sports betting companies.

Best Deposit Methods for Tajikistan Gamblers

The biggest problem with gambling in Tajikistan is making financial operations. The gamer cannot use simple banking systems due to the local law, like casinos and tables games are illegal. The best solution for the average gambler is to use either electronic wallets or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Tron.

With the help of PaySafe, LavaPay, Neteller, Skrill, Polipay, and PugglePay, the gamer will be able to deposit money in Tajikistan and to withdraw them without being caught in the process. The same thing goes to Bitcoin. The best aspect of using this cryptocurrency is that the player will no longer need to hide something. No one will see, what operations the gamer has done with the help of Bitcoin. There are many online and land-based casinos in Tajikistan that use cryptocurrencies as the main payment method. It helps to make sure that everything about the bets is going to be all right.

Accepted Currencies in Tajikistan

Somoni is the main currency in Tajikistan. But there are places in which the tourist can pay with a standard US dollar. The political situation in the country makes it hard to get the money out of cash machines. Especially after 2016. But it is still possible to find a couple of ATMs in Dushanbe Khujand and Khorog. But the tourist should be ready that can be problems with getting all the money in cash.

Talking about playing games on Tajikistan – the gamer should be ready that the most of the time they will need to use US dollars or Euros, instead of Somoni. As long, as the gambling industry is illegal in Tajikistan, foreign currencies are needed to play games online. But the gamer can easily exchange the money via the online exchanger. There are going to be no problems with that. E-wallets are recommended for such operations, to make them instantly, without any problems with the bank.

Customer Support

The illegal status of the gambling industry in Tajikistan makes it a little hard to say that customer support is very good in this country. Most of the time, the gamer will not be able to make a call to the support team of a certain gambling website. The best solution to the problem that the gamer may face during the process of playing games on the site – is to use the built-in chat or electronic mail address. It will be the best solution, as the user will be able to describe the type of problem without wasting a lot of money and time in the process.

In the case of land-based casinos of Tajikistan – the situation even worse. The gambler should not expect to get any kind of customer support, as it is hard to find at least one establishment with a decent amount of the game to play. If anything will happen in the process of playing games in such institutions, the gamer will have to deal with it on their own.

On the online websites, it is possible to find F.A.Q. section that gives a chance for the gamer to read all the terms of usage, rules, and ways to prevent some problematic situations. It’s the best way for the player in Tajikistan to get used to what can happen next and solve the problem in the best possible way. Foreign providers of online casinos are familiar with the situation in the country and they are doing the best they can to make sure that every Tajikistan gambler will have a chance to contact the support team one way or another.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Tajikistan

The gambling industry in Tajikistan is in pretty bad shape. The gamer that would like to enjoy a couple of games online needs to be ready for a lot of problems. It will be problematic to not only find a couple of places to play games but also to withdraw cash, get good customer support and more.

It’s sad to hear such facts, but it is the way things go right now in Tajikistan. It is hard to say, if anything is about to get better in the future, as the government of Tajikistan is doing nothing at all to regulate such a big industry, like the casino. It would be great to wake up someday and realize that slot machines, table games are finally legal in Tajikistan. But as of right now, there are no chances at all for this to happen.

The only thing that can be said for sure – cryptocurrency casinos will become stronger in the next couple of years. They allow people to easily exchange their money into the virtual currency, make bets online and then simply withdraw cash. It is the best solution to financial operations on online casino websites in Tajikistan. But in terms of mobile gambling products, everything is bad.

The reason why the gambling industry in Tajikistan will not become bigger in the nearby future is that the bigger part of the country is still living without any sort of connection to the internet. The government should do something about it. It’s hard to not only find a casino to play in Tajikistan but also to at least connect to one of the foreign websites. It would be great to hear about better internet status on all of the territory of the country.

At this moment, the best thing that has happened to the gambling industry in Tajikistan since the early 2000s, is the implementation of Bitcoin technology on foreign websites. People in the country needs to show the Government their interest in playing games on both online platforms and land-based institutions. Then the implementation of modern technologies will be a good thing to happen. But now, the legal status of casinos – is the only thing to dream about while being in Tajikistan. It would provide some positive results for the economy of Tajikistan as a whole. At least the gamer should not worry so much if the player has played a couple of games on the internet. There are no strict rules about that right now. But who can say for sure, how it will be regulated in the future? The only recommendation for gamers that will travel to Tajikistan – be careful and don’t put yourself at risk by playing games in illegal institutions.

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