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It is hard to find any other country, like Syria. This country is pretty popular among tourists, but not that much popular among gambling fans. Nowadays, there are a lot of different casinos, but it is hard to say that they are legal. At least, there is no real enforcement of the Syria law. The country is located in the Middle East and it became famous among gamers due to the fact that the current status of gambling is illegal in Syria. It’s pretty hard to imagine that in the modern world, a country can exist without legal gambling institutions. But it’s just the way things go in Syria.

It all started back in the 1970s when gambling was banned in Syria. The first casino that was closed – Bludan casino. Other famous institutions that were closed in Syria – Airport hotel-casino and the Orient club. All these casinos were extremely popular among people from Syria. People were shocked by such a decision, that’s why many illegal casinos were established all over Syria. But there are a lot of atypical situations.

For example, back in 2011, a new casino was established with an official license. Despite the fact that gambling is technically illegal in Syria, people just open them quietly. It makes no sense, but it’s just the way how things go right now. Historically, the government decided to allow to operate casinos, while they are under the table only the limited circle of people know about them. The reason why a casino is still officially illegal in Syria is due to religious. Religion describes casinos as a sin and it is not allowed for religious people to play such games.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ideas on how to make the gambling industry legal in Syria, so that the government could collect taxes from casinos, instead of all the money offshore.

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Types of online casino in Syria

Currently, there are more than 463 online casinos in Syria. There are a couple of types of online casinos in Syria. Despite the fact that the gambling industry is technically illegal in Syria, it is possible to find different types of online casino products. Not only standard slots, but also video slots, live events, classic table games can be found in digital format. There are mobile casinos, casinos with warnings, casinos with cashout limits, certified fair gambling, cashback online casinos. It is possible to divide online casinos in Syria into three major types.

Downloadable Virtual Casinos

It is possible to say that despite people love online technologies and the ability to play anywhere, many users in Syria download the specific software that allows them to play online casinos without good-enough connection to the internet. The gamer will only need to download the virtual casino to a laptop and be able to play online slots in Syria at any moment he/she would like to. There are programs for all kinds of devices. Because of the fact that the internet in Syria is pretty bad, people download the software to make sure that they are going to be able to perfectly play all the games they want, without wasting their time on looking for Wi-Fi connection or a good mobile signal. That’s the main advantage of downloadable virtual casinos.

Mobile versions of online casinos in Syria

Mobile devices have become extremely popular all over the world. People use their smartphones far more often than they use their laptops or PCs. That’s why almost any online casino in Syria is created with mobile-first design in mind. It is possible to not only play slots on smartphones and tablets through a standard browser, but the gamer can also download an official app for iOS and Android. It allows making bets on the go. It is the best scenario for gambling tourists in Syria. But because of the bad connection to the mobile internet, people have to use Wi-Fi instead. But because of the fact that smartphones and tablets are portable enough, it is possible to grab them in the pocket and use online casinos in any place with a good connection to the web.

Gameplay through browser

Standard gameplay through the browser is also very popular among gamers in Syria. The gamer just doesn’t have to waste time on downloading something on his/her smartphone or laptop. All games are available right through a standard browser on any kind of device. It is one of the easiest ways to perfectly enjoy online gambling in Syria. The gaming process of modern projects is great enough to be played on any kind of device. With the power of the browser, the player can play favorite games on any gadget without any limitations at all. Even video slots can be played with the power of a standard browser.

Types of Casino Games for Syria Gamblers

There are not that many options for Syria gamblers. It is hard to find good enough casinos all over the country, while they are technically illegal. However, it is still possible to find the so-called starter pack for all the gamblers in Syria.

Slot machines. It would not be a casino without well-known slots. Such machines are represented almost at any local casino. This type of game is the most popular in Syria. It is easy to find a couple of institutions that is full of slot machines. There are not only classic variations of slots with 2D graphics, but also 3D ones. If you have always wanted to play casinos in Syria in an old-fashion way – it will be easy for you to find this type of gambling products. It is possible to enjoy classic table games in a more modern way with the help of specific video machines. They are represented in almost any casino in Syria.

Table games. It is much harder to find classic table games in Syria. This type of entertainment has become not that popular due to the fact that people are not that much interested in playing poker, blackjack or roulette in Syria. Besides, it is much harder to represent all these games, because a specific table should be represented for every game separately.

Bingo. Despite the fact that gambling is illegal on the territory of Syria, people are visiting bingo gambling websites via foreign providers.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Syria

One thing can be said for sure – gambling is currently illegal in Syria. It is possible to find Arab countries, where gambling is legal, but Syria is not one of them. Due to the fact that the country in the middle of war regularly, the Syria government just doesn’t have time to sit and discuss why it would be great to make the gambling industry legal. The bigger part of the country is largely under Islamic law. It technically bans all formats of gambling. But in reality, a lot of casinos are represented in Syria and people from around the world can enjoy them both online and offline.

Also, the biggest downside of the gambling business in Syria is that the internet is not stable. Because of that, it is hard to play slots with the use of mobile internet connection. The best way to enjoy the game is by using Wi-Fi. But in some regions, even standard internet connection can be problematic. There are plenty of places, where people can gamble with the use of the internet with no problems at all. Police have no interest in people who are playing slots both online and offline.

There are some interesting details about licensing casinos in Syria. There is no licensing process for online gamblers in the country. But once the war will over, the government will have to face the online gambling problem in Syria. When the company wants to represent its online casino in Syria, it can face a couple of problems, such as offshore money transfers. It is safe to say that in the next couple of decades, nothing is going to happen to the online segment of casinos in Syria.

The main issue that all players are going to face during the process of playing games in online casinos of Syria is that they are not protected in any means. It is hard to recommend some specific online websites because most of them cannot offer protection for the player on one hundred percent. As long as online gambling is an illegal activity, the best way to play online games is by using the power of foreign operators. In the case of websites that represent their games both in Syria and outside of the country, the player can be sure that such companies have proven themselves for years now. This is the best option to maximize a chance that everything is going to be okay while playing online games in Syria. There is a big number of well-known sites that take bets from Syria, as well, as from any other country. There should be no problems at all with finding a good enough website that is good to play on. But keep in mind that no casinos or gambling products are allowed in Syria.

Key things that every player should know about gambling in Syria:

  • There is no legal gambling age in Syria, as long, as this industry is illegal in this country;
  • There is no licensing on the territory of the country;
  • The player doesn’t have to use local currency only;
  • Foreign companies represent their products on the territory of Syria, but it is not possible to say that it is legal.

Best Deposit Methods for Syria Gamblers

It is hard to tell, which deposit methods are best for Syria gamblers. As long as casino business is illegal in the country, it is possible to say that the player should for the institution or website that fits him/her best in terms of deposit methods. Some casinos can even apply US dollars. The best way for the gamer to make a deposit is by using bank cards in online casinos. In Syria, most of the foreign gambling sites allow gamers to use Visa or MasterCard. Both of them are good to make a fast transaction. With the help of bank cards, the player can both make deposits and withdraw money after winning them.

The same thing can be said about electronic wallets. The gamer can use them to make deposits, but he/she should be ready that in some cases, the player can face some problems with the use of such services, like Skrill, or PaySafe because of the internet connection issues in Syria.

In the case of cash – Syria Pound as the main currency in the country can be used to make bets. But the player should be ready that not all casinos are going to apply it in cash. Some may sell you the specific currency that can be used specifically in the casino, where you are going to buy them. It’s all because of the fact that casinos are illegal and under the table business. Some people just don’t want to have any problems with taxes and they use the best ways to make offshore transfers and get rid of all the problems with the Syria government.

There are no limitations in terms of minimum deposit that the player can make. Because there are no official ways to make a deposit. Thanks to that, there are limitations only in terms of specific institutions. In most cases, the minimum bet that the player will have a chance to make will be equal to ten American dollars. All services that are represented on the territory of Syria are pretty simple to use an average gamer will have zero problems with figuring out, what to do, to deposit on a specific website.

But it is not possible to say that all services work safe. Only in case of online casinos from foreign companies, it is possible to say that the player will be able to be one hundred percent sure that his/her money is going to be safely withdrawn. In the case of other casinos, chances are 50/50.

Accepted Currencies in Syria

The only accepted currency in Syria is the Syrian Lira (Syrian Pound). It is the only currency that is not connected to the US Feds. Fun fact about Syria is that the Syrian Central Bank is not under the control of the WB, or any other financial system. Because of that, it is safe to say that the currency of Syria is independent at some point. 50 SYP is equal to 1 United States dollar. Because of the war, the national currency of Syria has lost up to ten times its value. It’s a huge problem for the economy of Syria and one of the reasons why people are not that much focused on the casino industry anymore.

The Syrian government decided to regulate the situation with the central bank and they have made Syrian pound the main currency in use. But there are some positive signs as well. Because of the military gains of the Syrian army, the currency has recovered a little bit of value.

All these facts tell one thing – the gamer can’t pay for bets with Syrian Lira only. There are a lot of casinos that use different kinds of currencies. Especially, when it comes to online gambling websites. They provide a way to make deposits with automatic exchange from USD or Euros. The player can use any kind of deposit method that fits him/her best.

The only recommendation that can be given for tourists is to look for online websites, instead of classic casinos. In that case, there are going to be no problems with deposits. Otherwise, the gamer will have to look for a local exchange institution to get Syrian Lira or anything like that.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the biggest problems in Syria. In the case of online websites that are illegal, no one can guarantee you that everything is going to be good with your money. There are a lot of situations when the player can put his/her money at risk while making a deposit or withdrawal and no-one is going to help with problems. It’s sad to hear that, but that’s how things go in Syria. The only thing that can help the player to maximize his/her chances of playing the game without any problems – is by using online casinos from worldwide companies. With the help of them, the user will be able to get not only the F.A.Q. section full of Q&A articles, but also to get a chance to use the online chat. Because of that, the user will be able to get answers to his/her questions as fast, as it is possible. Every gamer can have difficulties while playing games online, but it would be great to know that, despite something that can happen, you will be able to get help with all the problems. It’s pretty hard to find a casino in Syria that is going to include customer support. There are no strict laws or anything like that that would regulate the way people should get support from casinos, because officially – this type of entertainment business is illegal in Syria.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Syria

It is hard to say what the future holds for the online gambling industry in Syria. At this moment, there is a war in Syria and they’re no signs that it is going to come to an end in the nearby future. Because of that, the government of Syria is not going to focus attention on such a business, like the gaming industry. There are many gamers in the country that would like to make real money with the help of modern slots and online casinos, but they should risk because of the situation in the country.

Even the nearby countries, like Jordan, Iraq have banned the gambling industry. The only country that is located near to Syria and has made gambling legal – in Lebanon. The only way that online casinos are going to become a real thing in Syria, is when the war will come to an end. But it is going to happen only after a couple of decades. Till then, people from Syria will have to live with the fact that they need to look for at least some online casinos that are already represented in the country.

Besides, the activity on online casino websites in Syria is not that much good. It’s all because of the illegal status. Not all players would like to risk with their money, by using the power of illegally represented websites on the territory of Syria. Maybe the situation will become better, once the conflict in the country will come to an end.

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