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All users who follow the gambling world are aware of the leading providers and operators of casinos, which are always looking for new solutions and ideas. But the casino industry is faced with problems and limitations in different countries. Experts are debating about the African continent. Some say that this is a new market with great prospects, while the second side claims that this region is not suitable for gambling due to high rates of unemployment and poverty. To answer this question, we decided to consider the gambling laws of South Sudan and find out what prospects local players have.

South Sudan is one of the African landlocked regions. So, we can conclude that this country does not offer a tourism business but we will return to this aspect later. So, the region received its independence from Sudan in 2011, after 28 years of civil war. Juba is the largest city in South Sudan, which is also its capital. In 2019, South Sudan has an unstable political and economic situation. There are many protests due to ethnic diversity in the country.

On the Internet, you will not find sources about gambling laws in South Sudan. The reason is that the country became independent only 8 years ago and this time was not enough to develop effective laws and regulations. Nevertheless, we found some facts that will help us understand the gambling situation in an African country. The prohibition of casinos and slot machines is in the Public Order Laws as ‘moral offense’, which is punishable by public beatings. These laws apply in Sudan and were repealed in South Sudan after the country became independent.

We found out that the national lottery is the only licensed form of gambling in the country. According to the Directorate of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of South Sudan, lottery and other gambling winnings are subject to personal income taxes. This suggests that some forms of gambling are legal in South Sudan, despite prohibitions and laws. By the way, half of the locals are Muslims, and as you know, this religion forbids gambling. On the one hand, religious rules should limit the number of gamers, but on the other hand, residents of South Sudan often visit illegal gaming halls. The government has no tools and resources to discourage casino players and operators.

As we can see, the government of the country has more serious problems than gambling. The economy of South Sudan has not recovered after the civil war yet. Unemployment is growing rapidly and we do not know what gambling will look like in this country in the future.

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Types of Online Casino in South Sudan

In 2019, South Sudan still has a low internet penetration rate. Because of this, the possibilities of local gamers are limited. Furthermore, some casino operators do not want to accept players from this country. Why? This problem is caused by the civil war, poor economy and the general policies of South Sudan. It will be difficult for players to find a suitable casino on their own. To make your game session safe and profitable, we have collected 150+ game resources that work in different jurisdictions but they accept residents of South Sudan. In this list, players will find new sites and popular brands with an excellent reputation in virtual gambling:

  • Aladdin’s Gold;
  • All British;
  • Big Dollar;
  • Black Lotus;
  • Casino Grand Bay;
  • Casino Classic;
  • ComeOn and others.

Before an online casino appears on our list, we will carefully check it. South Sudanese players do not need to worry about security and payouts. All recommended casinos are holders licensed, plus they offer a wide range of slot machines and various bonuses that are regularly accrued. Also, players should be aware that all virtual casinos are divided into several types.

1) Every second resident of South Sudan has one of the modern gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops in this country are used for gambling on the Internet. Such gameplay offers many advantages, including a full range of games on PC, generous bonuses and other features that you will feel during spins.

2) VR casino is a unique gaming resource where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real gaming room. In such circumstances, the player can move around the halls, choose games and communicate with other gamers. The game process is carried out using special equipment and if you want to visit such an online casino then you should sign up at Mr. Green or ComeOn. Here you will get new emotions and excellent gambling experience that will help you win real money.

3) In 2019, VR resources compete with live casinos that have been operating for almost 10 years. Such platforms try to recreate the atmosphere of offline houses by offering games against live dealers. Through the video broadcast, gamers visit a casino studio and select tables. By the way, live casinos offer only board games and you should be prepared for this.

4) Finally, casino operators appreciated the possibilities and superiority of cryptocurrency. In 2018, the number of such game resources increased, which allowed players from South Sudan to conduct transactions through Bitcoin and other coins. Crypto platforms offer a full range of casino games including lotteries, which are very popular among South Sudanese users. Furthermore, this is an increased level of security + anonymity.

Types of Casino Games for South Sudan Gamblers

Each state has its own laws/rules and in every country, some people violate them. In South Sudan, people have always loved gambling, so no law can stop them. Since you will not find offline gaming rooms in South Sudan, you need to play online. In the previous section, we talked about 150+ platforms that we carefully checked. Each of them provides access to stunning casino games that allow South Sudan players to place bets and win real money. But the outcome of the session depends on which game you choose. There are such types of them:

  • In any TOP rate, video slots take first place. In 2019, this is one of the most popular entertainment that is offered to players from South Sudan. Slots are bright, interesting and original projects that are endowed with different subjects: travel, sports, gods, pyramids, adventures and so on. Furthermore, the developers are offering amazing 3D slots like A Night In Paris, Gonzo’s Quest; series of Age of God’s slots and others. Such models create a wonderful atmosphere by offering an advanced interface with bonuses and prizes. All South Sudan players who want to become rich should test progressive slots. All online slots are available on our website in the free version and users from South Sudan do not even need to create an account.
  • VR vs Live Games. The whole gambling world is watching this fascinating confrontation. VR games offer the full atmosphere of a real casino with elements of computer graphics. Meanwhile, live games offer to play against real rivals. Here is one difference: VR South Sudan casinos offer a full range of games from slots to lotteries while live casinos focus only on board games: Roulette; Baccarat; Dream Catcher BlackJack
  • All games are adapted for modern mobile devices that are very popular in South Sudan. Now you can download the casino app or play in the browser anywhere. Do you spend a lot of time at work? Take a pause and play your favorite video slots. Mobile sites and games received new convenient interfaces. Pay attention to the new button layout. Furthermore, mobile platforms do not take up much space on the device and do not affect its performance. To summarize, we can say that mobile South Sudan casinos have many features that will make your gambling session comfortable and profitable.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in South Sudan

We think our readers will agree that gambling has become a successful industry with millions of investments and excellent results. Casino operators, investors, and developers are looking for new markets that will increase the profit of the casino and help to find the audience of gamers. Some experts are sure that Africa will become one of them in the future. Perhaps this is true, but there are countries such as South Sudan where gambling does not develop.

South Sudan is characterized by an unstable political situation, which has negative effects on neighboring countries. There are no laws/regulations that would prohibit or allow gambling. Furthermore, America and other countries do not want to do business with South Sudan, respectively, the country receives almost no investment from foreign companies. In 2019, the leading casino operators do not want to receive a local license. Despite the sad forecasts and political difficulties of South Sudan, local gamers visit foreign platforms and use all available privileges.

As we said, half of the inhabitants of South Sudan are Muslims. The Quran forbids any form of gambling; therefore this is one of the main restrictions in the country. Some users say that casino games can turn friends into enemies. All gamers from South Sudan who do not believe in these “laws” visit online casinos and the government does not try to block access to these sites. We do not know what gambling punishment is in South Sudan. Maybe they are absent? In any case, there have never been cases of arrest and punishment of gamers in South Sudan.

Please note that foreign gaming halls set age limits from 18 to 21 years old.

Best Deposit Methods for South Sudan Gamblers

We want to warn that some South Sudan online casinos offer games in the free version. This means that you do not need to make a deposit and waste time registering. Yes, users can play for fun without risk. But sooner or later, such a game will become boring because your bankroll does not increase, so you do not enjoy it. When this feeling appears, you need to sign up and make a 1st deposit, which is often accompanied by additional bonuses. In this section, we list suitable payment methods for who based players in South Sudan.

1) Send deposits to South Sudan casinos via debit cards (Visa/MasterCard). In this case, you get high-quality service, fast transactions, and reliable protection since each card is protected by a unique password. If you still do not have a card then contact South Sudan Bank and get it.

2) By the way, South Sudan Bank or Western Union are deposit methods too. All you need is to visit a financial institution and fill out a special form. But players must know that banking transactions are credited within 2 days. If you have enough time and security is your main priority then banking will be the right decision.

3) Zelle Pay, Neteller, and PayPal have a large number of customers in South Sudan. Virtual wallets are new developments that conduct instant transactions that are accompanied by multi-level encryption and other technologies that limit the actions of fraudsters. Before using one of the South Sudan wallets, the player needs to find out what fees it takes.

Following current trends, South Sudan casinos offer cryptocurrency transactions and we will consider this nuance in the next section.

Accepted Currencies in South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the youngest (independent) countries on the African continent. The territory of South Sudan occupies desert land and the Nile is the only source of water. Therefore, South Sudan is not the most popular tourist destination, but if you decide to come here then you should know that South Sudanese pound is the national currency. Since the country gained its independence not so long ago, locals often use US dollars.

SSP is not used in virtual casinos, so you need to make deposits in a different currency. As a rule, South Sudan virtual casinos work with euros, US dollars and pounds sterling. In 2018, cryptocurrency became a popular trend that appeared in all the popular gaming halls. With Bitcoin or Litecoin, users can enjoy a safe game anytime. Of course, this is not the only advantage of crypto deposits. Players from South Korea and other countries rated anonymity because they do not need to provide personal information. Request processing happens instantly and it saves your time. Many cryptocurrency South Sudan casinos offer users more gifts. The wallet is protected from blocking by the state. Furthermore, South Sudan gamers can check their transaction history.

To summarize, cryptocurrency has obvious advantages but its price is too high for some residents of South Sudan.

Customer Support

Choosing South Sudan casino, we advise you to pay attention to the quality of customer support. Look, many platforms use the same software offering a standard set of games, but the attitude towards the players may be different. Sometimes even the most popular South Sudan platforms ignore customer requests. By registering and playing on the online casino website you will encounter various problems/questions. Do not rush to contact the operator because every game resource has a FAQ section. It lists the most popular player questions with expert answers. This section will tell you how to deposit or withdrawal; receive and use available bonuses; choose a game and so on. If you read the answers and do not understand how South Sudan casino works then you need to contact the representative of the gaming hall in one of three ways:

  • call to the hotline;
  • e-mail;
  • online chat.

Frankly speaking, the last option is the most effective. Choosing an online chat you get an instant consultation since communication with a specialist takes place in real time. If you prefer email then you do not need to confirm your identity. As a rule, the answers come within 24 hours, but if you play in the popular South Sudan casino or send a request for the holidays then the waiting time will increase.

As you can see, South Sudan gamers have enough customer support options. This means that their game session will be comfortable and safe.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in South Sudan

Over the past 3 years, virtual gambling has shown excellent results thanks to which it has become popular all over the world. To expand opportunities and find new gamers, casino operators and manufacturers are looking for new markets that will develop in the future. In 2019, Africa is surrounded by disputes because not all experts and investors are sure that this continent is ready to accept gambling and virtual casinos. Today, the government of South Sudan is looking for an opportunity to rebuild an economy that has suffered from the civil war. Therefore, the legalization of gambling is not the most important issue in the country. Therefore, local players can visit underground houses and offshore platforms on the Internet. The authorities do not try to block gambling sites or restrict access to the Internet. Furthermore, gambling is not prosecuted because it is absent. Recall that South Sudan became independent 8 years ago and the country still has no gambling law.

Now it is difficult for us to make a forecast and determine the future of gambling in South Sudan. Local players continue to play on foreign sites that offer many games and payouts. Maybe the situation will change in the future when the government finds time to resolve this issue and makes gambling legal.

In this review, we talked about how online casinos operate in the territory of South Sudan and provided tips to help you find a safe resource with the most generous offers.

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