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This place on the map is just a little paradise for fans of gambling. The country has a wide selection of gambling entertainment. Moreover, Slovenia has become the second home for poker players from neighbouring countries. Online casino activities are legal in Slovenia, so players can feel safe. But despite this, players should still check the casino before the game. In order to win the sympathy of local players, online casino providers should offer players a high degree of security, a professional support service and a large list of games. Below we will tell you more about the laws of Slovenia and get acquainted with the history of the development of this industry.

History of Gambling in Slovenia

The first casinos in Slovenia began to appear only after the country gained independence. Until 1991, there was a communist regime in Slovenia and the desire to gamble was illegal. The gambling market is growing rapidly and now a large number of diverse gambling entertainment is available to players. Today in Slovenia there are 10 brick casinos. Some of them are popular all over the world, for example, Perla Casino, which annually holds poker tournaments with a prize pool of 1 million euros. Online casinos entered the gaming market in Slovenia in the 2000s. A large number of offshore resources are happy to host local players. In 2012, the government issued a decree to block foreign online casinos. Frankly, this news shocked the players and did not like the providers. Online resources were divided into two categories, the former changed IP addresses, and the latter left the Slovenian gaming market. Nevertheless, Slovenian players still have a large selection of online casinos including domestic and foreign providers. Slovenian laws do not prohibit players from gambling online and do not block money transactions on such sites.

Even such cases were noted when professional players from Italy moved to live in Slovenia after the ban on poker was introduced in their home country. Unfortunately, the well-known provider PokerStars has left the Slovenian market until better times.

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LVbet Casino

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Zet Casino

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Types of Online Casino in Slovenia

A wide selection of gambling in Slovenia makes this country attractive not only for local residents but also for tourists. Online casino is a fascinating and interesting computer version of the brick casino. Moreover, modern online resources can offer many more options than offline casinos. To find the perfect game resource, players use some recommendations of professionals. First, the security of the online platform is checked by the presence of a license in the best jurisdictions. Among the players from Slovenia, casinos with a license from the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, and Malta are most popular.

A variety of casinos can satisfy the requirements of all players. What one player likes will not always suit the spirit of other gamers. If you want to try many Slovenian online casinos, we recommend that you choose a resource that will work directly in the browser. This type of casino does not require downloads, which allows players to frequently change gambling houses. For those players who plan to choose one reliable resource and develop their skills in it for a long time, downloadable casinos are ideal. By installing additional software on their personal computers, players will have access to a library of vibrant and exciting games.

Online casinos amaze players with the quality of graphics and the similarity with brick casinos. Although it is worth noting that downloadable gambling houses are famous for more features in comparison with flash casinos. Nevertheless, despite such bright possibilities of computer casinos, Slovenians often prefer mobile gaming resources. Thanks to the portable version of the casino, players can bet away from home. There is an opinion that mobile casinos are a simplified version of computer gambling, but this is not so. In fact, thanks to a technological breakthrough, players get the same options only on a smaller screen. Mobile casinos are especially popular among young people.

Online casinos looked different at different times. It could be sites with slot machines or resources that hold poker tournaments. But a new stage in the development of the gaming industry is Live Casinos. Sitting at home in comfortable clothes, players find themselves in an expensive gambling hall with a live croupier. Reviews of live casinos are very vibrant and emotional. Perhaps in the coming years, this type of casino will completely replace all of the above counterparts.

The development of online casinos has reached incredible proportions, players can only watch the latest trends.

Types of Casino Games for Slovenian Gamblers

The variety of virtual gambling has reached incredible proportions, so players from Slovenia can choose among hundreds of types of games. The best providers host more than a dozen games on their site. All types of entertainment are available to local players, such as sports betting, lotteries, card games, video slots, and board games. As you can see, the choice is quite large. It is customary to divide entertainment into games that are based on the skills of the player and games for luck. Skill games are entertainments in which the player’s knowledge and skills dominate luck and chance. In most cases, these games are chosen by players with experience who know the rules and have strategies, such games include card games, roulette, and so on.

Nevertheless, the choice of games for beginners is also quite large. Many people start playing on free slot machines and only then move on to real money games. By betting on slot machines, you can even win the jackpot. It is impossible not to say that Slovenia has become home to many poker players. According to statistics, poker tournaments are a favourite game among local residents. Connoisseurs of vivid sensations will be pleasantly surprised by games with virtual reality. This novelty won the hearts of many online players. Providers of famous casinos sometimes buy franchises and create games based on films.

You can determine what type of game you like best only by playing each of them. If you want to get a pleasant experience, make sure that the casinos offer you high technological capabilities. To do this, pay attention to software providers. If you see companies such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt in the list, then feel free to start playing.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Slovenia

The gambling market is developing rapidly in all European countries, including Slovenia. Slovenian law is fairly democratic and allows players to choose a venue for leisure activities. It will not be difficult to find a safe online casino, but still, it is worth remembering the restrictions that apply to foreign resources.

The activities of online casinos are regulated by the “Law on Gambling” which was adopted in 1995. Thanks to the legalization of gambling in Slovenia, many companies providing their services to players began to work. The first inconsistency in this law was revealed precisely when private companies tried to register their activities. According to the Gambling Act, only state-owned companies have the right to manage local online platforms. Local providers began to register their activities in offshore zones. Foreign casinos, especially world-famous ones, were serious competitors for local resources. For this reason, the Slovenian government issued a decree banning foreign online casinos. Due to this limitation, many well-known gaming platforms such as 888 Casino, PokerStars have left the Slovenian gambling market.

A local license is not popular among online casinos. Since she is very young, many providers question her quality. Currently, no private Slovenian provider has received government permission for its activities. In this regard, the Slovenian National Lottery remains the only licensed web site.

Such restrictions on foreign operators do not like the players. Therefore, the European Commission asked the local government to adopt amendments that would allow foreign providers to legally accept players from Slovenia. There is a risk that before the adoption of this amendment, many resources will have time to leave the gaming market in Slovenia. Although we are confident that as soon as the innovations take effect, the released operators will also return to the locals.

Currently, two monopolies operate in the country:

  • Lottery operator Loterija Slovenija;
  • Sports betting operator Sportna Slovenija.

Let’s hope that in the near future foreign platforms will join them. There are pleasant rumours that by the end of 2019 a new law will be adopted that will adjust the development of the gaming industry.
Persons under 18 years old are not allowed to play in the casino, so be prepared to provide identification documents.

Best Deposit Methods for Slovenian Gamblers

When choosing a casino for playing for real money, make sure that the provider provides a wide selection of payment systems. If you are new to gambling, we advise you to start playing free slot machines in order to gain experience. No one will deny that the real atmosphere of a casino can be felt only by placing bets and receiving winnings. Each Slovenian player must choose the most suitable payment method. The most popular way to pay a deposit in Slovenia is the prepaid Visa and Mastercard cards.

Bankcards guarantee players a safe and fast transaction. Bank transfer is also quite popular in the country, but playing on offshore resources, you should give preference to alternative payment systems. Over the past few years, dozens of payment systems have been created in the world that allows you to make transactions on the network. Such payment systems can even work with a bank account. Many Slovenian online casinos offer various online payment services, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and many other payment systems. If you plan to replenish your deposit and withdraw winnings in the same way, then Skrill, Neteller, PayPal are perfect for you. Different types of virtual wallets can also be used to withdraw funds from a casino.

Virtual currency is gaining popularity in Slovenia. Moreover, most recently, the world’s first monument to bitcoins was opened in the country. Many online casinos that accept players from Slovenia offer a payment system such as Bitcoin.

Before making a transaction, we advise players to familiarize themselves with the privacy policy and service rules.

Accepted Currencies in Slovenia

Slovenia is a European country that is among the EU countries. The national currency of Slovenia since 2007 is the Euro. Until that time, the Slovenian tolar was the national currency of Slovenia. All players are aware of the fact that Euros are accepted in almost all online casinos in the world. For this reason, local players rarely check the available currencies of online casinos. Currently, the Euro is the national currency of 28 countries. Eurozone countries can influence the exchange rate of the Central European Bank. For the first time in the world, the Euro was put into circulation in 1999. The popularity of this currency is growing at an incredible pace. According to statistics, about 400 million Europeans use the Euro daily.

At the moment, this currency ranks first in the world in the number of banknotes issued. It will be interesting to know that some Europeans had to purchase new purses specifically for the euro. This is all because the bill was much larger than its predecessors were. Moreover, the euro was originally only electronic currency, because the first issue of paper currency dates back to 2002. Now the Euro is considered one of the most stable currencies in the world. Now, the currency is issued in different denominations, even 0 euros and 500 euros. However, it is worth noting that the first banknote is used as a souvenir, and the second is very rare. Banknotes that are in use in Slovenia look exactly the same as in all EU countries, but the country has the right to choose the coin design itself.

When registering on offshore sites, it is important for players to verify the reliability of the resource. If you still get to an online casino that does not accept euros, then there is no reason for concern, because your deposit will be converted automatically.

Customer Support

If you have already played in an online casino, then you most likely needed a consultation. A big role in virtual casinos is played by the support service. All players, from beginners to professionals, need to get answers to important questions on time. The player may encounter difficulties at any stage of using the site, for example, during registration or in the process of withdrawing funds. Each casino sets unique rules for players, but not all users are in a hurry to familiarize themselves with them before the game. For this reason, questions arise regarding bonuses, which most often need to be played, regarding replenishment of the balance to which a limit can be set. Fortunately, each licensed casino allows players to read the user agreement at any time. In addition, on most sites, you can find a “question-answer” section where clear answers to popular questions from players are posted in advance. In that case, if you have not found answers to a topic that concerns you, you have the opportunity to contact support in several ways:

  • Online chat;
  • Email;
  • Phone number;
  • Skype.

The best casinos offer round-the-clock support services, but some work only on weekdays from 8 to 18. This information will differ depending on the online casino you have chosen. Players should consider the language barrier that may occur during a call to the operator. Most often, you will receive a consultation in English.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Slovenia

When it comes to the future of the gaming industry in Slovenia, the players have no worries. This is highly justified because gambling is very popular in Slovenia. Already, Slovenia is home to many online casinos, poker tournaments, and bookmakers. In Europe, there is very high competition between online casinos, which is why providers offer unique entertainment to players one by one. Not so long ago, Slovenia introduced strict rules regarding offshore casinos. Because of this, many foreign providers have left the gaming market in Slovenia. This did not affect the entire industry globally, but the players were not happy. Slovenia has every opportunity for the development of gambling on an incredible scale. The demand for gambling online and offline exceeds all expectations.

Providers offer players a large number of games with virtual reality and gambling for portable devices. In addition, the national currency of Slovenia, the euro is accepted in most online casinos, which greatly facilitates the choice of a resource for players. In 2017, special attention was paid to cryptocurrency. Experts unanimously say that in the near future all online casinos will switch to virtual currencies because it is convenient and safe.

We can talk about the future of the gaming industry in Slovenia for a very long time. Nevertheless, we can say with confidence that the laws will be revised very soon, because the European Commission has put forward a demand that Slovenia again allows the activities of foreign online casinos. Players should expect positive changes in the near future.

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