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The West African country of Sierra Leone is one of the smallest on its continent. It is not represented at all in the world political arena, and it has no effect on the global economy. And no wonder – these are poor lands, and the bulk of the population are people who live below the poverty line. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the population has access to the Internet. But despite so many negative factors, the country still has a place for gambling. We will tell you more about the gambling industry in this article.

History of Gambling in Sierra Leone

Before you start talking about gambling in Sierra Leone, you should remember the history of this state. For a long time, Sierra Leone was a colony of Great Britain. In 1961, the state proclaimed its independence. Nevertheless, the country’s economy was very weak, as a result of which Sierra Leone survived several civil wars. High levels of poverty, frequent wars, and other disasters did not allow gambling in the country to develop. Of course, money and betting games have always and everywhere existed, and Sierra Leone is no exception. But there were no large-scale gambling establishments in the country at the moment. The state is not in demand among tourists, due to the lack of any attractions.

Moreover, the country does not even have a high-quality Internet connection. About 5% of local residents can use the worldwide network. For the rest of the citizens of Sierra Leone, the main source of information is the radio. Most Internet cafes are located in hotels, and the fee for using their services is very high. Despite the fact that the civil war ended back in 2003, the country did not fully recover. Moreover, due to the large population and lack of jobs, wages are very low. On average, local residents earn no more than $ 1 a day. This serves as some incentive for players from Sierra Leone to make money by gambling. Of course, casinos are not a priority for local citizens, but those who wish to play are still located. According to some sources, the country has a lottery, but we did not find any official confirmation of this. Online casinos that open doors for local citizens provide high-quality services so that a visit to such an institution would leave a pleasant impression on the player.

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Types of Online Casino in Sierra Leone

Gambling in Sierra Leone does not develop in any way, so it is difficult to determine what types of entertainment are available to local residents. Nevertheless, the fact that many foreign resources are glad to welcome players from Sierra Leone suggests that the locals have access to the same casinos as players from all over the world. If you look at a large scale, then gambling is at the peak of its popularity. One gets the impression that it’s almost impossible to come up with something new in this industry, but providers refute this and regularly provide interesting news for their users. It is quite difficult to calculate the number of gambling establishments that are available to players from Sierra Leone. Nevertheless, we can talk more about the types of casinos that exist. Each online casino is aimed at its target audience and maximally satisfies the wishes of customers.

A quick and easy way to play online games is the casino in the browser. This type of gambling establishment is ideal for players from Sierra Leone who play outside the home, for example, in an Internet cafe. Casino in the browser does not require additional downloads, and access to your personal account is confirmed by a password. At first glance, such simple access may seem unreliable, but it is not. In fact, this type of casino uses a modern security system, so the player has no reason to worry.

For players who prefer to play only from their computer, downloadable casinos are suitable. Games in such a casino are richer and better than games in the browser. By downloading the software, the player automatically agrees to the rules for using the resource, so it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the user agreement in advance. Before downloading, you should check the casino for a license, and the hard drive for free memory.

Mobile casinos are sometimes called pocket gambling. These are incredible opportunities to play without interruptions. Mobile casinos can be programmed in such a way that bets will appear automatically, without your direct participation. In Sierra Leone, mobile casinos remain the least visited due to the lack of mobile Internet and modern portable devices.

On the Internet, you can find poker tournaments, halls with slot machines and many other types of casinos. Nevertheless, the gaming establishment should be chosen carefully and pay attention to the availability of the necessary options.

Types of Casino Games for Sierra Leone Gamblers

Thanks to the Internet, the boundaries dissolve before our eyes and everything becomes accessible. The same goes for online gambling. It would seem that Sierra Leone has so many negative factors that do not allow local residents to visit online casinos, but they continue to play. Gambling has become an integral part of the life of a modern person, regardless of the standard of living and the country. There are no domestic casinos and games in the country, but nevertheless, the list of entertainment on foreign sites is endless. Modern casinos try to please the player and make the interface as clear and accessible as possible. Casino games are most often divided into categories. The most popular categories are card games, board games, and online slots. Depending on the resource, you can sometimes find narrower categories of games, for example, games with a progressive jackpot or dice.

When choosing a game, you should pay attention to your skills and knowledge. It is recommended to start playing with free games so as not to lose your personal money. You need to start playing for real money with slot machines. In such gambling, a player can rely only on luck, because there are no rules or strategies. Then the player must choose from which games to continue acquaintance with the casino. It can be both board and card games. Both categories of games can be called skills-based games. Professional players win large sums in these categories of games. In the list, you will see Poker, Black Jack, Dice, Bingo, Roulette and many other games.

A new and very popular form of gambling is games with virtual reality. Unfortunately, players from Sierra Leone have not yet had time to get acquainted with this type of entertainment, due to the lack of a high-speed Internet connection. But we are sure that soon this option will be available for local residents.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Sierra Leone

The gambling industry at Sierra Leone is reminiscent of many other African countries. The fact that only 5% of local residents have access to the Internet speaks for itself. The demand for gambling is very small and fully explains the lack of a regulatory body. All land-based casinos are banned in the country, but virtual casinos are not regulated. There is no mention of online games in the laws, so there is no ban on this type of entertainment. With Sierra Leone there are no domestic online casinos, however, players can visit offshore gambling resources. We can say that the absence of laws gives players complete freedom. Despite the fact that brick casinos are prohibited in the country, players cannot be held liable for virtual games because foreign online casinos are outside the jurisdiction of the state.

According to some sources, the country has a national lottery, and indeed two providers have received a license for their activities. Nevertheless, there are no more data on these lotteries and local residents do not play it. But, you can buy lottery tickets at offshore resources, which is successfully done by the residents of Sierra Leone. The same goes for poker and betting. There are no establishments in the country where you can play such games, but global providers are always happy to see local residents in their online casino.

The absence of laws indicates the absence of a regulatory and licensing authority, and the rights of the player are not protected in any way. Therefore, choosing an online casino is worth special attention. The main criterion is the availability of an international license. Playing in an honest casino is much safer and more enjoyable. In Sierra Leone, violations are not tracked in any way and there are no penalties for providers and for players. However, the minimum age for players is 18 years (in some casinos 21 years).

Best Deposit Methods for Sierra Leone Gamblers

Despite the high poverty level, the country has a developed banking system and there are a large number of payment systems that are available to players. The most important criterion by which players choose a payment system is a security system. It is important for Sierra Leone players that their money is safe. Of course, modern translation systems have taken care of customer safety, but choosing one of them is very difficult. When choosing a method of paying a deposit, do not stop at a bank transfer, because it may be rejected by your bank.

If you want to use only a banking product, then the Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards are great options. Debit cards are not only a guarantee of customer safety but also a quick transfer and a minimum commission. There are a number of other payment systems, such as e-wallets, electronic checks and much more. Some online casinos even offer to replenish a deposit using cryptocurrency. Often, for fear of fraud, players use payment gateways. This option allows the player to remain anonymous and not transfer their cash details to the casino administration. The most popular payment systems in Sierra Leone:

  • Skrill is an electronic payment system with which you can replenish deposits and withdraw winnings absolutely safely.
  • EcoPayz is an online payment system that allows you to quickly make secure payments around the world. This payment system made a serious competition to world leaders (Skrill and Neteller).
  • PayPal is a large electronic wallet that allows players to pay bills worldwide.

All of the above payment systems guarantee instant payments and security. How a player makes a deposit at a casino depends on their preferences.

Accepted Currencies in Sierra Leone

The national currency of the country is leone. The first issue of the national currency dates back to 1964. Prior to the release of the first leone, Sierra Leone used the West African pound. The central bank Sierra Leone, which was founded in 1963, is responsible for the leone issue and the exchange rate. Unfortunately, the country’s economy fell sharply. For comparison, in 1985, 1.5 leone = 1 dollar, and in 1990 the price of one dollar was about 45 leone. The fractional currency in the country is called cents, however, the issue of such monetary symbols was discontinued in 1985. Leone is issued in the form of banknotes with a face value of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000 leone and in the form of coins with a face value of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 leones. Sierra Leone was the first country in Africa to introduce its own national currency, Leone, after being liberated from British oppression. In just three years, the economy managed to switch to its own national currency.

When it comes to replenishing a deposit in a casino, local players will have to use an alternative currency, as there are no resources for receiving leone yet. However, there are online casinos that accept West African francs and international currencies (dollars and euros).

A few tourists and guests of Sierra Leone can hardly exchange their currency for national Sierra Leone.

The exchange is carried out exclusively by one branch of the Bank of Sierra Leone in the capital of Freetown, in exceptional cases and in the direction of members of the government of the country. But you should not despair in this case, since the country has long been in circulation with both US dollars and euros, which are even more with pleasure accepted by local merchants and even official government agencies.

The lack of the ability to exchange currency does not affect players in any way since modern online casinos automatically convert currencies. This indicates that local residents can choose any of the online casinos they offer without worrying about the available currencies.

Customer Support

Support is an integral part of every online casino. Most often, support service is presented in the form of several professional consultants who can be contacted in various ways. Many users may encounter a question that they cannot solve on their own. It is very important that the support of the resource is free and affordable. According to statistics, the most popular questions relate to the replenishment of deposits, withdrawal of winnings and accrual of bonus funds. The best Sierra Leone casino support is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. When choosing the most convenient option for communication with support, players should take into account the language barrier, time difference, and many other factors.

The most common option for communication is online chat. It is ideal for solving urgent issues that cannot be postponed until later. In addition, communication with the operator takes place in a separate pop-up window that does not interfere with continuing to use the resource. Of course, sometimes players have more complex technical problems. In this case, it is better to give your preference to email.

Writing a question is in special details so that it would be easier for an employee to help you. Players do not have to wait long for an answer, most often it takes no more than 1 day. You can contact support by phone number. However, this option is not the best choice for residents of Sierra Leone. This is due to paid calls to international numbers.

Do not try to solve the problem yourself, it is better to always seek help from specialists!

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Sierra Leone

Gambling in Sierra Leone is not going through the best of times. The low demand for online and offline casinos is due to the low standard of living of the local population. Due to the lack of jobs and overpopulation, most residents are left without work. Many players from Sierra Leone begin to play with the goal of improving their standard of living. Unfortunately, only a small number of people have the opportunity. In Sierra Leone, less than 5% of the population has internet access. The country has Internet cafes located in hotels, but the price of their services is too high. Sierra Leone has experienced many negative moments in its history of independence, including civil wars, inflation, and epidemics. The last blow for the country was the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, and therefore the life expectancy of citizens of the country was almost halved.

Nevertheless, locals who want to play remain in the country. So far, this opportunity is provided exclusively by foreign online casinos. Perhaps in the future, the situation in the country will change for the better. Many African countries have already managed to raise the level of their economies through gambling. The legalization of online and offline casinos could attract new investments in the country. While local players expect changes in the laws of the country, they can play on offshore resources absolutely safely. The number of online casinos that are happy to welcome residents of Sierra Leone is increasing every day. Each provider cares about the reputation of the gambling establishment and strives to improve the quality of the services provided. Already, players from Sierra Leone have access to live dealer games and mobile casinos. Unfortunately, only a few managed to try this fashionable news due to the lack of a high-speed Internet connection.

Many experts say that cryptocurrency can also soon become available to players from Sierra Leone. We advise you to regularly monitor the news from the gambling business.

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