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We want to debunk the myth that people in poor countries do not gamble. Residents of any country, including Niger, from time to time want to take a break from work and other things. Niger is considered one of the poorest countries in the world, but despite this, continues to grow rapidly. The country stimulates the economy through uranium mining. Most of the territory of Niger is occupied by the Sahara desert. But despite this, in the near future, the country plans to look for other minerals, such as gold and oil. The government of the country does not consider gambling a profitable industry; therefore there is only one land-based casino here. However, players continue to gamble, preferring online casinos. The list of online casinos for players from Niger is constantly growing. Further, we will tell you more about the laws governing the gambling business in this country, and about the history of the development of casinos.

History of Gambling in Niger

To understand the history of the development of the gambling business in Niger, it is important to pay attention to the complex history of this country. For a long time, Niger was influenced by other, more powerful countries. Niger is a very small country located at the crossroads of trade routes. In the 19th century, Niger became a colony of France and only in 1960 finally gained independence. For almost its entire history, Niger has been a very poor state with undeveloped infrastructure and technology. Since 1968, Niger began to mine uranium and this significantly improved the country’s economy. Thanks to minerals, Niger has ceased to be the poorest state in Africa. Nevertheless, Niger still lags behind neighbouring countries. Residents of the country got access to the Internet late, and according to statistics for 2012 in the country, only 2% of the population had an Internet connection.

All the above items played a significant role in the development of the gaming industry in Niger. You will not find anywhere else information about the first games in the country or other interesting information. Despite the low-income level, there are people in Niger who want to gamble. More than 90% of the population practice Islam, according to which gambling is prohibited. However, there is a large selection of offshore resources that welcome players from Niger. Modern online casinos offer players the most comfortable conditions for playing.

As for brick casinos, they are also not common in Niger. Now, there is only one land-based casino in the country, which is located in the best hotel in the capital. This establishment is more focused on tourists than on locals. Nevertheless, every year the trend in online casinos is significantly increasing and it is difficult to predict how gambling will develop in this country in the future.

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Types of Online Casino in Niger

Unfortunately, the gambling industry is not developed in Niger. Therefore, you will not meet here domestic online casinos. Nevertheless, players from Niger are happy to welcome offshore resources that offer numerous casinos and games for every taste.

Nigerians do not often prefer advanced technologies, however, a large percentage of players choose a mobile casino for gambling. This type of online casino is very convenient because it allows you to play away from home. It is important to note that mobile casinos are not inferior to computer ones in any way, including graphics and variety.

Small but confident steps are gaining popularity and bookmakers. This is ideal for sports lovers. By betting on sports online, you can win a large amount of money. Another new type of online casino is live casinos. This type of casino will be appreciated by lovers of excitement. Once in a live casino, it is very difficult to distinguish it from the real one. Players can not only play their favourite games but also communicate with a live dealer in this game room.

The predecessors of fashionable novelties in this industry were computer gaming resources. Two types of such casinos can be distinguished:

  • Downloadable online casinos;
  • Online casino in the browser.

The only difference between them is that in order to play in a downloadable casino, players need to download the software to their personal computer.

When choosing an online casino you should always pay attention to the security system and license. Only visiting legal casinos you can feel safe.

Types of Casino Games in Niger

Most often, the number of gambling in online casinos varies from 10 to 100 or even more. Striving to be competitive, online resources are constantly introducing new types of games in casinos. Some resources stylize the site for the plot of a comic book or film. Other casinos offer games that were franchised, in the style of cartoons or series. Such new products never leave players indifferent and are in demand. Very often casinos divide games into categories for the convenience of users. Most popular categories:

  • Card games;
  • Online slots;
  • Games with virtual reality;
  • Board games.

Beginners prefer slot machines. These games do not require a gruelling study of the rules and strategies. Casinos often offer free slot machines or several free spins. This allows players to practice before playing for real money. In slot machines, you can also win a large amount of money by selecting the “progressive jackpot” section in an online casino.

Board games are very diverse, so in this category, players will be able to meet more than a dozen games. Before playing board games, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules. More experienced players apply strategies to win. The most popular board game is roulette. Dice, bingo and many others are also in demand.

Card games are saturated with a special atmosphere. Often, card games are presented as live games. The game of poker is so popular that poker tournaments are held all over the world. Card games require players to be careful, logic and basic knowledge of mathematics. For this reason, most often card games are played by professionals.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Niger

It is difficult to say whether there are laws in Niger that regulate gambling. The fact is that this industry in the country does not develop and is not being studied. This is largely due to the expensive Internet connection and the high level of poverty in the country. Faith plays an important role in the life of citizens. And as you know, more than 90% of the local population in Niger is Muslim. Islam is a very strict religion that prohibits all forms of gambling. In Niger, there is no separate law that would regulate the activities of casinos. Based on the fact that there is no ban on online gambling anywhere, we can conclude that they are allowed.

Of course, there are players in Niger who are interested in developing this industry. In addition, sometimes Niger is visited by tourists from France and other countries, and the casino, in turn, would increase the interest of tourists in the country.

There is no licensing authority in Niger, therefore, when visiting an online casino, it is important for players to pay attention to the license. Currently more than 50 jurisdictions issue licenses. The online casino must indicate on its website information about the license obtained. According to statistics, players from Niger prefer resources that are licensed by Malta. The Maltese license is considered one of the most respected in the world.

Despite the absence of laws on gambling in the country, each individual casino has its own rules and requirements for players. Players who are under 18 years old are not allowed to gamble. Some online casinos accept players only over 21 years old.

Many factors significantly hamper the development of the gaming industry in the country. Nevertheless, there are players who are looking forward to laws that would settle online and offline casinos. So far, players can visit offshore resources that provide them with high-quality services.

The Best Deposit Methods in Niger

Although there are no domestic online casinos in Niger, many offshore resources are glad to welcome players from this country. The official language in Niger is French. There are a large number of sites that offer an interface in French. Of course, before you start playing, players should check out the casino in many ways. Many players go to the casino to win money. Before winning money, players need to make bets. It is very important that your chosen casino provide a wide range of payment systems. We recommend that you check the “banking” section before registering on the casino website. Playing on offshore resources, players will not be able to use the popular bank transfer, but many other alternative payment systems are available to them. Many payment systems have no boundaries and allow you to make payments in minutes. Popular virtual services are e-wallets, prepaid cards, bankcards, and payment gateways. Alternative payment systems guarantee players a high degree of security, instant transaction speed, and anonymity. Very often, players visiting a casino wish to remain anonymous and payment gateways help in this very well.

Despite the great popularity of various payment systems, the most popular methods of transferring to Niger are bank cards Visa and Mastercard. Players from Niger have wide opportunities for a comfortable game. When replenishing a deposit, it is worth remembering that casinos are primarily a form of entertainment. Control money transfers and bids to protect yourself from unwanted losses.

Accepted Currencies in Niger

The official currency of Niger is called the Franc of the African financial community. This currency is used in the territory of 8 African countries. The West African franc has a very long and interesting history. For a long time, Niger was a colony of France. In 1945, the French government issued a decree according to which the franc was appointed as the monetary unit of the African colonies. At that time, responsibility for the issue and exchange rate of the franc lay with the Central Bank of West Africa. After independence, many countries introduced other national currencies. Some of them returned, others, on the contrary, developed their currency. Nevertheless, today the West African franc is the national currency of the union, consisting of 8 countries.

Currently, the West African franc is issued in the form of coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 250 and 500 francs, as well as in the form of banknotes with a nominal value of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 francs. The Paris Mint is responsible for the issue of coins.

Online casinos offer players different currencies; however, there are not many online resources that accept West African francs. The most popular currencies for paying deposits are dollars, euros, French francs and pounds. Players should not change money on their own, as modern online casinos offer to automatically convert currencies at a favourable rate. There are several casinos that accept virtual currencies, such as bitcoin. However, among the players from Niger, virtual currencies are not in demand.

Perhaps in the near future, we will see more casinos that will offer players to conduct transactions in national currency.

Customer Support

During registration, many players have questions. It is very important to get answers to all your questions in time. Not only for beginners, but also for experienced players, it may sometimes be necessary to consult with professionals. The best online casinos offer players from Niger around-the-clock support service. When choosing an online casino, players pay attention to the availability of support services and options for communication with the operator. To satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding online casino players, there are several ways to contact a consultant. If you have an urgent question or want to get advice during the game, then online chat is ideal for you. In a separate pop-up window, players can communicate with the operator in real-time. Choosing an online chat, you will receive an answer to any question almost instantly. Nevertheless, sometimes players have serious questions that require additional investigation.

In this case, it is better to use e-mail. By e-mail, you will be able to present your question in the smallest detail. Most often, you will receive an email response during the day. Some online casinos offer to call by phone number. This option is unlikely to suit players from Niger because calling foreign numbers is not always convenient and not profitable. In resolving disputes, players often have to use paper letters to send official appeals to the casino’s main office. Paper letters have not been in demand for many years. Before the game, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the site’s user agreement so that there are no disputes with the casino.
It doesn’t matter which way players prefer, operators will be happy to answer all questions.

Predictions about the Future of Online Gambling in Niger

Unfortunately for the players, in Niger, there are no domestic online casinos and other types of gambling entertainment. An exception is one land-based casino, which is located in the capital of the country. In fact, a number of factors influence the slow development of the gaming industry:

  • High level of poverty;
  • High unemployment rate;
  • Expensive internet connection;
  • Religion;
  • Lack of gambling laws.

Nevertheless, there is hope that in the near future the standard of living of the local population will increase. In July 2018, Niger received one million dollars from IDA for the development of the country and the fight against poverty. If the program to combat low living standards is successful, then casinos will become more popular among the Niger population. Despite the fact that in Niger so far, there is no national online casino, thanks to the Internet, players can visit offshore resources without any problems. Modern online casinos have no boundaries and are glad to welcome players from all over the world. Many analysts say very optimistic forecasts for online gambling in Niger. Every year, the percentage of local residents who want to play in the casino increases. The gambling market is developing and it will not bypass any country. It is expected that in 2020, profits from online casinos around the world will be more than $60 billion.

Because players from Niger can visit the best casinos in the world, many new products are already available to them. A wide selection of games will be replenished with new games with virtual reality. The number of live casinos that are targeted for players from Niger is also growing. Despite the fact that the mobile casino is not in demand among local players, the situation will change in the coming years.

The legalization of the gambling business and the creation of favourable conditions for providers will significantly strengthen the Niger economy. Players are left to enjoy spending time on foreign sites and wait for changes in-laws.

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