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Today we will talk about one state that is located in Central America and is famous for its architecture. Nicaragua is one of the few countries that has decided to legalize gambling to boost the country’s economy. Nicaragua is currently making significant gains from local gaming resources. In Nicaragua, the gaming business was developed before its legalization, so at the time of recognition of gambling as legal in the country, there were already a large number of online and offline casinos. We will tell you about the history of casino development in Nicaragua later in this article.

History of Gambling in Nicaragua

Studying the history of the development of gambling in Nicaragua, we did not find reliable information about when exactly the locals started visiting the casino. Everyone knows that cash games existed long before the Nicaraguan government made them legal. Locals often began to visit land clubs with slot machines at the end of the 20th century, but at that time they were illegal. In 2001, the government of Nicaragua lifted all prohibitions on gambling in order to improve the economy and attract tourists. However, over the next 10 years, Nicaragua did not have the necessary regulation of the gaming business. Because of this, gambling did not bring the expected income for the country.

Responsibility for the regulation of gambling in the country was placed on the Institute of Tourism of Nicaragua. With the adoption of the new law in 2011, online and offline casinos have become much more closely monitored. Since that time, Nicaragua began to track down and close illegal casinos. All operators who did not have a local license were considered illegal. This period was remembered by local providers for the massive closure of small gaming halls. All casinos with less than 10 slot machines were closed.

In 2014, the Nicaraguan government decided to establish a casino control council. In the same year, responsibility for regulating gambling was transferred to the Casino Control Board of the Ministry of Finance of Nicaragua. Such radical measures were caused by a significant decrease in Nicaragua’s GDP and the desire to increase profits from the gaming business.

Despite the development of gambling in Nicaragua, local players often visit offshore resources. Foreign casinos are still competitors for local providers.

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Types of Online Casino in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of those countries where gambling has a great future. Casinos developed in Nicaragua long before their legalization. In the early 2000s, online casinos appeared in the lives of residents. Modern online casinos are very diverse so that each player can choose the most convenient option for themselves.

According to statistics, the most popular type of online casino in Nicaragua is considered casinos in the browser. They conquered the players from Nicaragua with ease of use and free access. To play in such a casino, just update the plugin to the latest version. Casinos in the browser do not require additional downloads. Players simply go to the site, register and start playing their favourite games.

The 21st century is undeniably considered the era of mobile technology. Therefore, the popularity of mobile casinos has now reached incredible proportions. Players from Nicaragua appreciate the opportunity to play their favourite games while away from home. Thanks to mobile casinos, this has become possible in transport, at lunchtime, on vacation, and in other places. All that players need is access to the Internet. The best casinos in Nicaragua offer players to download a special application to their phone or choose the mobile version directly in the browser.

There is another type of online casino – downloadable casino. To play on such a resource, players need to download additional software to their personal computers. Downloadable casinos in Nicaragua are not as popular as mobile casinos, but at the same time, they have incredible graphics quality and a varied plot. Before downloading, be sure to have enough memory on your hard drive.

Which casino you would not choose, be sure to read the user agreement of the site. Besides, we recommend that you check the providers for their licenses and their security system. Only by following all the precautions you can protect yourself from fraud.

Types of Casino Games for Nicaragua Gamblers

Online casinos in Nicaragua differ not only in appearance but also in content. A variety of gambling overwhelms Internet resources. It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you can choose a game to your liking. Players who do not have much experience in gambling prefer slot machines. To play such games, players from Nicaragua do not need to learn additional rules or strategies. Modern slot machines are very diverse and differ in the number of reels. Besides, the best online casinos offer players from Nicaragua the opportunity to win a jackpot by playing slot machines.

More experienced players prefer board and card games. Board games are also very interesting and varied. The most popular board games in Nicaragua are dice and roulette. Another popular board game in Nicaragua is bingo. In board games, players can apply strategies to win.

Card games require a lot of knowledge and skills from players. Professional players organize poker tournaments that are very popular in Nicaragua. In addition to poker, players from Nicaragua love to play blackjack. Popular online casinos use modern technology to accurately convey the atmosphere of the gaming hall.

Recently, another type of gambling has become popular in Nicaragua – live games. Live casino allows players to be in a real casino without leaving home. Players from Nicaragua can chat with other players and a true dealer. Moreover, such games convey not only the image, but also the sound as accurately as possible.

Further development of the gaming industry in Nicaragua will entail the emergence of new fashionable novelties in the gaming market.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Nicaragua

As mentioned above, gambling in Nicaragua has been legal since 2001. But for ten years, the legislative framework has not been updated, and the gaming industry has not developed. In 2011, the Nicaraguan government decided to amend the law. Thus, in 2011, the Law on Gambling was passed, according to which the control over online gambling was assigned to the Casino Control Board established under the Ministry of Finance of Nicaragua. In addition, article 37 of the introduced Law establishes the minimum age of players. According to the article, residents of Nicaragua who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit land-based casinos or online resources. All laws on gambling in Nicaragua were compiled into a single Decree No. 766.

In 2014, laws were amended to introduce stricter controls on online casinos. Casino revenues have become more closely monitored, and illegal gaming establishments were closed. In addition, the casino requirements for obtaining a local license have also become much stricter.

A local license in Nicaragua has been issued nationwide since the legalization of casinos in 2001. Initially, the requirements for the casino were not strict and for this reason, many players and providers questioned the security of the local license. Over time, significant changes were made to the law and since then, Nicaragua casinos must comply with international standards to obtain a local license. According to local law, all casinos that do not have a license must be closed immediately. But despite this, many casinos continue to receive foreign licenses, which are quoted around the world. Such licensing authorities include the United Kingdom, Malta, and others.

Fortunately for players from Nicaragua, casinos that have received a foreign license are not suppressed. Moreover, foreign sites provide services to players from Nicaragua on a par with local providers. Such fierce competition encourages local casinos to develop in order to be competitive.

All licensed online casinos in Nicaragua can be considered safe, so players should check for a license before the game. In Nicaragua, all real money games are considered legal and are not suppressed by local authorities.

Best Deposit Methods for Nicaragua Gamblers

When players choose a casino, they pay attention not only to the variety of games and security, but also to affordable payment systems. Only by placing bets can you truly experience the atmosphere of excitement that casino players love so much. Nicaragua has a developed banking system and there are a large number of online payment systems. Many of the online casinos offer players a wide selection of payment systems.

The safest way to replenish a deposit is still a bank transfer. This is justified by the fact that local banks have a three-stage security system and guarantee their customers cash safety. Despite a large number of advantages, bank transfer has disadvantages. If the player wants to remain anonymous, they will need to choose an alternative way to replenish the deposit. Also, bank transfer may take longer than other payment methods.

Replenishment using a Visa and Mastercard card is considered equally safe. Bank cards are not only a safe but also a quick payment method, in most cases, the transfer will take several minutes.

In Nicaragua, electronic wallets and prepaid cards are gaining great popularity, which, in addition to quick transactions, can offer players anonymity as well. At the end of 2016, the popular Paysafe payment gateway and Skrill e-wallet stopped providing services in Nicaragua. This has greatly increased the popularity of alternative payment systems.

In the past few years, the Bitcoin payment system has been gaining popularity in Nicaragua. Shortly, it is planned to introduce electronic currency for paying deposits in casinos.

Accepted Currencies in Nicaragua

The national currency of Nicaragua is Nicaraguan Cordoba. Nicaraguan Cordoba was first introduced into circulation in 1912. Before that, Nicaraguan peso was considered the national currency in Nicaragua. The fractional currency in Nicaragua is called centavo. Cordoba is issued in the form of banknotes (par value 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 cordobas) and the form of coins (par value 1, 5, 10 cordobas). The exchange rate of the national currency is regulated by the Central Bank of Nicaragua.

In the 20th century, Nicaraguan Cordoba was modified several times after revolutions and the overthrow of power. Nowadays, Nicaraguan Cordoba is called the golden Cordoba and is equal to one hundred centavos.

In Nicaragua, banks offer financial services in several currencies. In addition, you can easily find currency exchange points on the street.

As for the payment of deposits at the casino, local players can choose the currency to pay. Nicaragua’s national providers offer players to pay deposits not only in the local currency, but also in dollars. Offshore sites are less likely to offer Cordoba as a currency; however, players will always be able to replenish a deposit in dollars or euros. Modern casinos take care of players and therefore offer an automatic currency conversion at the world rate.

When playing gambling for money, it is important to remember that a casino is only a form of entertainment and not a means of earning. It is worth paying special attention to the payment of the deposit and the size of the rates.

Customer Support

Support plays a very important role when choosing an online casino. Players need to receive professional advice on any contentious issue. Very often, both new and professional players turn to resource representatives for help. Nicaragua online casinos strive to meet international requirements in order to be competitive. The best casinos in Nicaragua offer players several ways to contact consultants to choose from. Players most often use email to contact support. This is a very convenient way and is suitable for solving important issues.

Nevertheless, if you want to get an instant consultation, then you should pay attention to alternative options, for example, online chat, because you can receive an answer by e-mail either in a few minutes or the next day. Online chat is an opportunity to chat with a consultant in real time. A professional support team will instantly answer all your questions. Unlike email, online chat is not convenient for solving complex issues that require clarification of details and a lot of time. Players from Nicaragua can contact support by phone. By calling the phone number indicated on the online casino website, players will be able to get instant professional advice. Nevertheless, when playing on offshore sites, players use alternative options for communication since calls to foreign numbers are not always convenient.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Nicaragua

If you analyse the history of the gaming business in Nicaragua, you can safely say about the further development of this industry. The legal framework of Nicaragua allows providers to develop and compete with foreign online casinos. Favourable laws and moderate taxes attract online casinos and thereby provide a stable income for the state. Of course, many players from Nicaragua visit offshore sites, but at the moment this is not prohibited by the laws of Nicaragua. Of course, this stimulates domestic online casinos to develop to attract players, but perhaps in the near future, the gambling commission will begin to block foreign resources. A great future can be predicted for the local license. More recently, the licensing authority of Nicaragua was considered unreliable, but with the adoption of new laws, everything has changed. At the moment, a local license is in demand among local providers. It is also worth noting that every year in Nicaragua, control over the gaming business is increasing. Casinos continue to be a lucrative industry for Nicaragua.

There is also a positive trend for the introduction of new products in online casinos in Nicaragua. Online casinos constantly offer players exciting new games. In Nicaragua, as well as around the world, mobile casinos are in demand, which, thanks to modern technologies, are not far behind online casinos on the computer. Another novelty that appealed to players from Nicaragua was a live casino. In the near future, virtually all casinos in Nicaragua will be able to offer their players virtual reality.

Besides, in 2018, information appeared on the introduction of digital currency in online casinos. In the coming year, players from Nicaragua will be able to pay a deposit using the Bitcoin payment system, which will provide secure and anonymous money transfers.

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