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Nepal was known in the 20th century as the gambling capital of South Asia. Since then, gambling in Nepal has experienced many ups and downs. Now there is little left of the flourishing gaming industry. All types of gambling in Nepal are prohibited for local residents. But the casinos continue to function for the guests of the country. Also, Nepal has several interesting laws regarding the online gaming industry. Residents of Nepal are increasingly spending time on offshore sites, but can not visit the brick casino. We will tell you about how the history of gambling in Nepal has changed, below.

History of Gambling in Nepal

The history of online casinos in Nepal is very volatile and at the same time confusing. The reason for this was the dynamism of the country. The laws of Nepal and its development depends not only on the world economy but also on weather conditions.

If we talk about the history of land-based casinos, then for the first time in the territory of Nepal, it was erected back in 1968. However, according to the law, ground-based gaming houses operate exclusively for tourists. According to the legislation of Nepal, it is forbidden to gambling to residents.

Until the 1990s, there was no disagreement between the government and the casino. But since the 1990s, the Nepal government has tightened the laws on such institutions several times and significantly raised taxes. Besides, it was conceived to create a special supervisory authority, which will be able to identify all violations on the part of the casino, including tax evasion. Taxes were so high that by 2014 all Kathmandu casinos were closed. After that, the casino was resumed at the end of 2014.

Among the population of Nepal, not all residents spend much time on the Internet. According to statistics, only 25% of the population regularly visit online resources of various origins. As for online casinos, the demand for them among Nepalis is growing but at a very slow rate. It was noted that until 2015, the demand for all types of casinos in Nepal rose to 5%, but the consequences of a devastating earthquake reduced this percentage to 3. From 2016, casino operations began to recover and land-based casinos are already operating as usual, and residents can spend time on online resources.

According to the legislation of Nepal, the local population is forbidden to play gambling, including online casinos, but at the same time fans of gambling online do not bear any legal responsibility and can freely spend leisure time on foreign resources. There are many foreign resources to welcome Nepalese, and some even offer Nepali.

If we talk about local online casinos, there are none in Nepal. There is not even a national lottery in Nepal and sports betting is prohibited. All this does not prevent the Nepalese people from becoming more and more involved in online gambling. Residents of Nepal from year to year continue to fall in love with gambling.

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Types of Online Casino in Nepal

If we talk about the place of online casinos in the life of an average person, then we can safely say that every third inhabitant of the planet visited the land and online gaming establishments. But if you take into account only the inhabitants of Nepal, the statistics will look different. The Internet and other communications have not yet gained much excitement in Nepal, but continue to evolve. There is a huge amount of gambling entertainment, including their varieties. Bookmakers for sports betting, online lotteries, mobile and live casinos, etc. If we are talking specifically about each, then everything is forbidden in Nepal. You will not find a national lottery in this country. There is no national bookmaker here to make sports bets. But be that as it may, the people of Nepal play familiar online casinos on the net. Access to the casino, in turn, can also be obtained in several ways:

  • Download additional software (this type of casino will work only after you download the necessary software to your personal computer. Make sure you have enough memory on your hard disk, then be sure to check the security of the online casino and read the user agreement);
  • Play the site directly in the browser (Everything is much simpler here, you just go to the site, register and play. Moreover, some online casinos offer to play demo versions of games before registering, which allows you to experience the gaming industry without risking losing money);
  • Mobile casino version (This type of casino is ideal for those who are away from home for a lot of time. Playing through your mobile phone is easy and convenient. Favorite games are always at hand. The mobile application is available for download to all iOS and Android users. Besides, there are also mobile versions of online casino sites that do not require download).

You can divide casinos in a variety of ways, by the number of games, by their level and even by software vendors. But all of them will be an excellent option for your leisure.

Types of Casino Games for Nepal Gamblers

The fact that there are many types of casinos available to Nepal residents, we have already said, but in turn, each online resource offers exciting games for themselves taste. Popular online casinos cooperate with the best software providers and therefore can offer players a high quality and exciting game plot. Many resources to brighten up time spending redeem a franchise and release games based on popular TV shows and movies.

You can classify games in different ways. For example, you can select games based on player skills and a game where winning is more dependent on player luck. On the online casino site, you can see the games divided into categories. Classic slots are considered popular and uncomplicated. Gambling machines familiar to all of us do not require much knowledge or skill from the player. Besides, playing slots can win the jackpot.

Board games are of course a bit more complicated than slot machines, but after learning a few rules you can play them. One of the most popular board games is roulette. In the best online casinos, you will find European Roulette, French Roulette, and others. Dice games are also in demand among board game lovers. Using simple strategies you can win big money in board games.

Professional players choose card games. In these games, besides the rules, knowledge in mathematics and a good memory are also important. The most popular card game is considered to be poker. There is always a special atmosphere and big money in card games.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Nepal

Legal regulation of casinos in Nepal is a rather difficult topic to discuss. This is because of the development of the gaming industry there is regularly experiencing ups and downs. If we talk about whether gambling is legal in the country, the answer is unequivocal – gambling is prohibited. But the question arises why land-based casinos operate in the country, and the locals spend time on online resources. We will deal with this in more detail.

Even though the first land-based casino in Nepal appeared in the distant 1968, attempts at a legal settlement began only in 1990. The government has established new rules regarding the payment of taxes and fees. Years passed, but illegal gaming establishments and many illegal rates continued to operate in Nepal. In April 2013, the Government of Nepal issued the New Casino Rules. According to this regulatory act, casinos were closed for tax evasion. Thus, on April 20, 2013, all land-based casinos in Nepal were closed. For the first time in Nepal, litigation was conducted between the casino and the government. In September, many casinos regained their activities under the decision of the Supreme Court but were subsequently closed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Nepal. The casinos got a second chance in early 2015 when, according to a government decree, they were able to resume their activities exclusively for tourists.

As for gambling entertainment on the Internet, in Nepal, this topic was not raised at the legislative level. There are no licensed national lotteries in the country, no lotto games are held and sports bets are not accepted. But despite such restrictions, residents can freely gamble on foreign resources. A large number of online casinos are pleased to welcome residents of Nepal. Since there are no laws that regulate online gambling in Nepal, players are not legally responsible. At the moment there is no authorized body in the country that would block foreign sites. Perhaps shortly new laws will be adopted and the situation with gambling in Nepal will change. We can only observe the decision of the government.

Best Deposit Methods for Nepal Gamblers

Gambling has gained a lot of fans, not only thanks to fascinating stories, but also thanks to high payouts. But before you can win money in a casino you need to replenish your deposit. Residents of Nepal can replenish their casino account in a variety of ways. We will tell you about some of the most popular payment systems in Nepal. Of course, players can use the most popular payment methods such as bank transfer or debit cards, but there is a risk that such transactions may be rejected. This may be due to the absence of a legislative base regarding online casinos. Even if you could not pay with a bank transfer, there are a large number of alternative payment systems, such as e-wallets, prepaid cards, payment gateways, e-checks, and others.

The most popular payment systems among the residents of Nepal include:

  • Skrill (players can send and receive money using only an email address);
  • Neteller (a worldwide payment system that allows you to receive and send payments, including to the casino);
  • Wallet One (electronic payment service available to residents of the whole world).

In addition to the above payment methods, people in Nepal can use others, including Bitcoin. Electronic currency is gaining popularity in Nepal although not recognized by the state.

If you are worried about the security of banking information, read the detailed reviews on each payment system on our website.

Accepted Currencies in Nepal

Today, the Nepalese Rupee (NPR) is recognized as the national currency of Nepal. At one time, rupees are divided into 100 paise. Recently, coins (paisa) are practically not used by residents of Nepal. If you are a guest of the country, then you are unlikely to find coins in everyday life. Nepalese rupees are available in several denominations: 1000, 500, 250, 100, 50, 25, 20, 10. As for small change money, rupees with a face value of 1.2.5 are issued in the form of coins.

All old banknotes are decorated with the image of the Nepalese king who was killed in 2001. The banknotes of the new sample have the image of the current king. In Nepal, residents and guests of the country have the opportunity to exchange currency. State exchange offices are open from 9:00 to 19:00. Currency exchange can also be carried out in banks in Nepal. Their work schedule will depend on public holidays. Most often, banks in Nepal work from 9:00 to 14:00.

The rupee rate is determined by the state banks. You can see the current exchange rate in newspapers, official exchange offices, the Internet. There is a black market where local people can also exchange money.

If we talk about playing at an online casino, then everything here will depend on each resource. Some online casinos offer Nepal residents to pay in rupees. But many will offer to independently convert it into world currencies, such as the dollar or the euro.

Customer Support

There are many criteria for which a player chooses an online casino. One of the important aspects is a quality support service. Since the residents of Nepal will spend time on foreign sites, they also have the opportunity to contact the casino operator. The support service is extremely important for the players, as there can often be questions about deposits and withdrawals or the rules of the game. Different casinos will be able to offer a variety of options to communicate with them:

  • E-mail (on the casino site, an e-mail address will be indicated where you can send your message. Most often, this communication option is used to solve non-urgent issues);
  • Online chat (if you have a question that requires an urgent solution, then this way to contact the casino administration is the fastest and most convenient);
  • Call the number listed on the site (be careful when dialing a number. If this is a foreign casino, then the number should be dialed in an international format).

Which of the above ways to use depends only on your choice. The casino operators will be happy to provide you with highly qualified advice and answer all your questions.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Nepal

It is possible to make forecasts for the further development of casinos in Nepal for a long time. But judging from the history and legislative base in Nepal, then most likely nothing will change soon. Of course, land-based casinos will continue to function and receive tourists, but residents will not be able to get there.

Such a strict attitude of the government of Nepal does not allow developing online gambling. A big plus is that online games are not prohibited by law, and therefore players have a great opportunity to enjoy entertainment on foreign websites. Online casinos are an excellent alternative to land-based casinos. Modern technologies allow you to fully plunge into the fascinating world of excitement without leaving a comfortable chair. Live casinos with a real dealer are even cooler than you think.

The description of online gambling sounds very cool, but most likely the residents of Nepal will not be able to see the local online casino operator soon. Nepalese players have constant access to a variety of offshore resources. The legislation does not provide for fines or other liability for games on foreign sites.

The situation with online casinos can change only after the government of Nepal changes the law. There is a chance that referring to the profitability of the gaming industry, gambling will still be legalized. We can only observe and wait for some kind of change.

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