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A small island located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean is called a dwarf country. Nauru is not only the smallest island nation but also the smallest independent republic in the world. Experience shows that it is very difficult for such countries to develop due to the small population. The infrastructure in Nauru is not very developed, like the rest of the industry. Locals really respect laws and traditions. Tourists visit Nauru from time to time, but this country can hardly be called a popular tourist area. There are very little entertainment and no casinos. At this stage, Nauru is poorly regulated and does not develop gambling. However, many locals attend virtual gaming venues.

History of Gambling in Nauru

Gambling is widespread throughout the world, but in each country, they develop in completely different ways. Nauru is a very small country, with a population of less than 15,000. Tracking the history of the gaming industry in Nauru is quite difficult. For a long time, Nauru was under the tutelage of Germany. Later, in 1914, the country became an Australian colony. Only in 1966 did Nauru finally gain independence. Nevertheless, the small size and low population of the country do not allow it to fully develop without the help of other countries. For this reason, Nauru regularly receives humanitarian assistance, thanks to which the inhabitants of the country can exist. There are very few jobs in the country and the infrastructure is completely undeveloped.

One of the lucrative industries in Nauru is tourism, but tourists do not visit this small island country so often. In order to attract tourists, a law on gambling was issued in Nauru, which legalized casinos and made them public entertainment. However, there are currently no licensed casinos in the country. Most likely this is due to the small population, which will not be able to provide the desired percentage of attendance for the casino. Despite the fact that there are no legalized institutions in the country, several local suppliers offer illegal slot machines in bars and clubs. There is no information regarding virtual gambling in the laws of Nauru. Accordingly, the country does not have a licensing authority for this type of entertainment. Nevertheless, local residents could freely play on foreign sites. Many modern online casinos welcome players from all over the world and will be able to offer high-quality service to players.

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Types of Online Casino in Nauru

In Nauru, there are no separate laws that would regulate the types of gambling in the country. There are no domestic operators in Nauru who are ready to offer players high-quality licensed casinos. In addition, lotteries and sports betting are legal in the country, but at the same time, they are not here. So far, not a single license has been issued for holding lotteries and sports bets. The only known type of gambling that is present on the island remains bingo. There is a bar in Nauru that regularly holds bingo games, with licenses to be obtained for each of the planned games separately.

Despite the fact that the country has virtually no entertainment, local residents can visit offshore online resources. Foreign online casinos offer a huge selection of games for every taste. Moreover, taking into account the wishes of the players, one can meet more than one type of casino, each of which is designed for a special audience. Computer casinos are ideal for people who like a comfortable game while sitting at a comfortable table. If you plan to choose one quality resource and develop your skills there, then downloadable online casinos are perfect for you. This type of casino is famous for its high-quality graphics and a wide variety of entertainment. Those players who want to change their computer from time to time, such as playing at work or in an Internet cafe, are ideally suited for online casinos in a browser. This type of casino is slightly inferior to downloadable games, but at the same time, it can satisfy the wishes of even professional players. Another popular type of casino is being compared to mobile online resources. All iOS and Android users have access to the application for the game. If you do not plan to download the file, you can play in the browser using the mobile version of the page.

Any of the above types of casinos has one goal – to satisfy the wishes of the player. Therefore, whatever type of resource you choose, you will still be satisfied.

Types of Casino Games for Nauru Gamblers

Modern playgrounds provide a huge variety of entertainment, in connection with which newcomers often have doubts – what to choose for their game? At the same time, the casino continues to fill its sites with additional types of entertainment. In modern gaming clubs that provide their services in a virtual format, players can meet the following types of entertainment:

  • Slot machines of any difficulty level.
  • Card games in stock.
  • Video poker.
  • Roulette.
  • Lottery.

Instructions are attached to each entertainment, so the players have no doubts about how to use this or that type of game. But in the players’ favourites, it’s more often slot machines.

Emulators are characterized by simplicity, which allows you to master the rules of the game process in a few minutes. At the same time, during the game, players do not need to think about the processes that are carried out on the screen. It is built in such a way that the game is made on an intuitive level and it is as clear as possible to visitors. Players only need to determine the size of the bets, activate the required number of lines and start the game reels. Further, it all depends on the will of the case, so the players can only watch the results on the screens.

Card games are chosen by those visitors who are interested in increasing their own advantage. It is in card games that you can use strategies, monitor the mood of players when using the live mode, and win good money using competent mathematical schemes. Such methods do not work in slot machines, therefore card games are chosen by visitors with certain mathematical capabilities.

Video poker becomes an ideal option for those who can’t decide what to play in slots or card games. Video poker itself is a combination of both types of entertainment in a single format. Roulette has always remained popular, therefore, recognized as the queen of gambling. And today, even in an online format, it continues to enjoy the same popularity.

Gambling is diverse. There are types of gambling that make players hope only for luck, but there are games where the result also depends on the skills of a person. In any case, everyone will be able to find a suitable kind of gambling. However, it is important to remember that during the game the main thing is to stop in time so as not to lose all the money or not go into minus.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Nauru

Nauru can hardly be called a state with an ideal legislative framework. The same can be said about the law on gambling. The first and only law that regulates land-based casinos and other forms of entertainment is the 2011 Gambling Act. However, there is no mention of online gambling. The country allows land-based casinos, lotteries, and bookmakers. But unfortunately in Nauru, there is not a single licensed operator that would offer these types of entertainment to local residents. In some pubs, you can find illegal slot machines, but you should play them with extreme caution. Nauru law provides penalties for playing unlicensed gambling. However, at the time of writing, there was not a single case where players from Nauru would be held accountable.

In Nauru, online gambling is neither regulated nor legalized. On the one hand, players can freely visit foreign resources, but on the other hand, no one can fully protect local players from possible fraud. It is absolutely legal to play on foreign resources since all offshore online casinos are outside the jurisdiction of Nauru.

There is no licensing and regulatory authority in the country due to the lack of a casino. Nevertheless, when choosing an online resource, it is important for players to pay attention to the availability of a license from world licensing authorities. Licenses issued by Malta, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar are considered the most reliable.

Most likely in the near future, you should not expect changes in the laws of Nauru. The government has not yet aimed to develop the gambling industry. Nevertheless, in the future, this may be an excellent opportunity for the development of tourism in Nauru.

The age at which players will be able to visit online casinos will depend on the selected resource. Most often, the boundary age varies from 18 to 21 years. For this reason, the administration of the casino may ask to present documents proving the identity of the player.

Best Deposit Methods for  Nauru Gamblers

Players start gambling for various reasons. Some want to win a large amount of money, others come for emotions, but sooner or later all players decide to replenish their deposit. You should check available payment systems when choosing a casino. In the “banking” section, you can see all the possible ways to conduct transactions. It is important that the money transfer is safe, fast and without hidden fees. In Nauru, the banking system needs significant improvements. The country has one bank and several points for currency exchange.

You can replenish the deposit using any payment system including bank transfer. But still, choosing this method there is a risk that the transaction may be rejected. Bank transfer guarantees a high level of security of the player’s personal funds. In addition to a bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard cards are popular in Nauru and in other countries of the world. Security debit cards are not inferior to a bank transfer, while payments are made instantly and without hidden fees. In addition, another advantage of Visa and Mastercard cards is that they are accepted at all online casinos in the world.

There are still a huge number of alternative payment systems that allow players to conduct transactions anonymously. In addition, such payment methods are ideal for players who play on foreign online resources and are worried that the transaction may be rejected. Electronic wallets, prepaid cards, and electronic checks are considered popular. Nauru residents use such global payment systems as Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz.

Many online casinos offer payment systems for payment using the electronic currency. Nevertheless, the residents of Nauru are not yet fully familiar with virtual currency.

Looking at the list of available options for paying a deposit, we can confidently say that players from Nauru will be able to choose a reliable option for themselves.

Accepted Currencies in Nauru

Despite the fact that Nauru has remained an independent state for more than 50 years, there is no separate national currency. The Australian dollar is the national currency of Nauru. The Australian dollar is used in several countries at the same time and is divided by 100 cents. The Australian dollar is the sixth most traded currency in the world, occupying 5% of world currency transactions. Since 1988, the paper has not been used for the manufacture of banknotes, but special thin plastic. The Australian dollar is issued in the form of banknotes with a face value of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars, and in the form of coins with a face value of 1, 2 dollars. The Australian dollar is among the 10 most sought-after currencies in the world. Banknotes have a very original and beautiful design. Moreover, there are many interesting facts about the Australian dollar, for example, a 10 dollar bill can be torn in half and two separate parts of a banknote of 5 dollars each can be used.

When players from Nauru choose an online casino, special attention is paid to the available currencies on the site. In this case, the locals are very lucky. The Australian dollar is in great demand in many countries around the world. For this reason, on the Internet, you can find more than a dozen casinos that accept payments in Australian dollars. However, if the resource does not accept the national currency of Nauru, then payments will be automatically converted into US dollars or euros.

Customer Support

One of the main components of a reliable online casino is the availability of professional support service. Despite the fact that there are no domestic online casinos in Nauru, local players have the same rights as users from other countries. Ideal conditions for the game to the inhabitants of Nauru are provided by foreign providers. The world’s best online casinos welcome local players and guarantee their safety. New players in the process of acquaintance with the casino have questions that require professional advice. Sometimes even experienced players may need professional advice. Support at the best online casinos is available around the clock. There are several ways to contact a consultant. Players who play in domestic casinos can call the phone number and get advice, but this option is not very suitable for players from Nauru since there are no domestic online casinos in the country. However, all players can contact by email. E-mail is suitable for solving any questions, but the disadvantage is the long response time. In most cases, the player will receive a response within 1 day, but this period will vary depending on the resource you choose. In the event that a question arose during the game or the situation requires urgent intervention, you can write to the operator via online chat. Online chat provides players with live chat without interrupting the game. According to statistics, most players from Nauru prefer online chat.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Nauru

The history of the development of online casinos in Nauru cannot be called diverse. Due to its small size, the state cannot fully provide local residents with all the necessary resources. For this reason, the government regularly seeks humanitarian assistance from neighbouring states. The development of gambling in Nauru is not the goal of the government, for this reason, the country does not have full legislation. Will the situation change in the next few years? Most probably not! This is primarily due to the low population of the country. There are currently no investors willing to invest in the development of online and offline casinos in Nauru. Most likely, such establishments will not bring the necessary profit due to low attendance.

Nevertheless, if you begin to develop virtual gambling, there is a big chance to improve the country’s economy by issuing licenses. The first thing the Nauru authorities should do is amend the laws on gambling. In order for the players to feel under the protection of the state in Nauru, a regulatory body must function. Nevertheless, as long as the situation remains the same, residents of Nauru can freely visit foreign online resources. Most casinos that are available to players from Nauru offer a wide variety of entertainment, low bets, and generous bonuses. In addition, local players can take advantage of the unique entertainment in the form of games with virtual reality. Such games can give players an unforgettable experience. Some casinos offer cryptocurrency to pay for casinos. But players from Nauru have not yet started using this option.
Summing up, we can say that virtual gambling in Nauru can develop, but only from the moment the government begins to pay more attention to this industry.

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