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Montserrat is a very small island country with a population of less than 10,000. The country is influenced by the UK, so you can notice the similarities in culture and lifestyle. However, Montserrat is a poor state located near volcanoes that erupt from time to time, causing significant damage to the population. Due to the attachment of the island’s inhabitants to traditional values ​​and a certain restraint in communication, which even tourists think is prim, the island received the unofficial title “Little England”. Gambling in the country is prohibited with the exception of the local lottery, but thanks to the Internet, casinos no longer have borders. We will tell you more about online casinos in Montserrat later in this article.

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History of Gambling in Montserrat

The history of casinos and gambling generally dates back to time immemorial. Gambling can also be considered those in which bets were placed on gladiatorial battles. Since then, perhaps, gambling has its origin. They always attracted people of inconstant, thirsting for money or thrills, or both of them together. As for the first casinos, they appeared in the 18th century in Europe. The first such establishments looked like little more than modern chic complexes of individual casinos, casino hotels, as well as entertainment centres. However, modern casinos already require a compulsory official license for this type of activity and compliance with all specially-agreed rules for conducting gambling.

But the history of the development of gambling in Montserrat is difficult to trace since it is a very small island state, whose population is even less than most cities in the world. In the 20th century, Montserrat was in demand among tourists, which favourably affected the country’s economy. Moreover, even world-famous stars opened recording studios on the island. In the heyday of tourism, the Montserrat government tried to legalize gambling in the country, but unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful. The fact is that in 1989 a hurricane dealt a significant blow to the island, and the number of tourists decreased several times.

A little later in 1995, there was a strong eruption of volcanoes, as a result of which the capital of the island state was destroyed. In this regard, more than 30 percent of the local population left the island, and tourists completely stopped visiting the country. For a number of reasons, attempts to make gambling legal have been completely stopped. There are currently no investors willing to invest in the construction of an offline casino, just like there are no providers who would like to open a domestic virtual casino. The country has a national lottery that was legalized by the government in 2003. In 2004, there were attempts to make the lottery virtual, but unfortunately, there is still no site on the network where local residents could buy a lottery ticket.
It is worth noting that the population of Montserrat has access to the Internet. Therefore, any local resident who wants to play virtual gambling can visit a foreign online casino.

Types of Online Casino in Montserrat

The gaming industry is developing at such a high speed that it is difficult for even regular players to track all the fashionable innovations in this field. Back in the early 2000s, virtual casinos replaced brick casinos. With the advent of the Internet, many options have become available without leaving your home. The same can be said about gambling. Online casinos have reached incredible proportions in less than 15 years. Modern resources contain a huge number of options and can satisfy the wishes of all players. You can conditionally divide an online casino into several categories. Given that players from Montserrat can visit foreign resources, we can say that each type of casino is available to them. Most often, virtual gambling houses are divided into the following categories:

Online casino in a browser

Such online gambling halls are the most common type of online casino. In order to use its services, you just need to visit a special site. All actions will take place in a browser window, directly in front of your eyes. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the ease of use. All you need to start the game is to go through the registration process. No installations of additional software, or the like.

Downloadable online casinos

This type of casino is famous for its huge selection of games and the high quality of services provided. Downloadable casinos consume much less internet traffic. But this causes a number of inconveniences with downloading and installing the client program. Indeed, not everyone has such an opportunity (for example, if you want to play from your workplace and not from your home computer).

Mobile casinos

Such gambling houses will allow players to play anywhere and anytime. You can be on a trip or on the way to work and not stop playing at this time. Mobile casinos are also called pocket casinos. This is ideal for players who spend most of their time outside the home.

Live casino

A feature of a live casino is the fact that the video is broadcast from a casino studio. There the croupier plays the game in real-time, and you can bet from home just by watching the process. Also, you have the opportunity to hear and see everything that is happening, place bets, and also communicate directly with the dealer – everything is like in a real casino and as realistic as possible.

Types of Casino Games in Montserrat

Online casinos are famous for their wide range of entertainment. That is why such establishments have a huge number of customers.

Daily lists of available games in the casino are replenished with new interesting entertainments. Because of too strict competition, the best gambling houses have to constantly come up with something new to get ahead of their competitors. It is important for Montserrat players to remember that when choosing a casino you need to pay attention not only to the list of games but also to software developers. The leaders in this industry are Microgaming, PlayGo, NetEnt.

The games themselves can be conditionally divided into those that are based on the skills of the player and those in which you can only rely on luck. Skill-based games are more suitable for players with experience because they require certain knowledge and skills. In turn, newcomers are more likely to play good luck games, such as slot machines. The best online casinos give players free spins during registration. Thus, players have a chance to practice without risking personal money. Card and board games are more suitable for experienced players. There are special strategies for playing card games, the use of which significantly increases the chances of winning. The most popular card games are still considered poker and blackjack. Roulette remains the most popular board game.

Depending on the casino, you can see different categories. Some resources divide roulette and craps into separate categories or highlight games with a progressive jackpot. But in order to choose the entertainment that you like best, you must first play all the available games.

The variety of entertainment in a modern online casino impresses even the most experienced lovers of excitement. Here everyone can find entertainment to their liking and have a great time.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Montserrat

With the advent of a huge amount of gambling entertainment, including offline and online casinos, the issue of legal regulation of this type of activity became acute. In order to protect players from possible fraud and make the casino a profitable industry, the state must pass appropriate laws. Unfortunately, Montserrat does not yet have the necessary laws or bills. Many players are interested in the question of whether gambling is legal on the island. There is no definite answer to this question. In Montserrat, land-based casinos are banned, but nothing is said about online casinos. The last attempt to legalize casinos was at the end of the 20th century, but since 1990 the legislation has not been changed.

To a greater extent, such a categorical attitude is associated with a low population. It is difficult for the country to find investors who will be ready to develop this industry. However, Montserrat residents have Internet access and can enjoy foreign online resources. The laws of the country do not prohibit the activities of offshore casinos. In 2003, a national legal lottery was legalized as a separate legal act. Since 2004, the government had plans to launch an online lottery. Nevertheless, the site was never created.

Given the fact that in a small state there are no all types of casinos, we can conclude that there is no licensing authority here either. However, providers can obtain permission from the government, as is the case with the local lottery.

Each casino sets its minimum age, most often this figure will vary from 18 to 21 years. Therefore, players must be prepared to provide identification documents.
Perhaps in the near future laws on gambling will be changed. This can positively affect the state economy and attract tourists who have not visited the region for a long time due to natural disasters.

Best Deposit Methods in Montserrat

Despite the fact that modern online casinos offer a large selection of free games, players still make bets. Playing for real money, players have not only the opportunity to earn a large amount of money, but also get incredible pleasure from the game. Montserrat players need to carefully check the banking section of every online casino. This will make sure that you can easily replenish the deposit and withdraw winnings in the future. Modern payment systems are developing very quickly.

There are a large number of alternative payment systems that are not inferior in security to banking operations. In general, local players can use a large number of payment systems. Bank transfer is the oldest way, but to this day it remains relevant. Bank transfer is considered one of the most reliable options, but it can take up to 3 business days. Visa and Mastercard cards also have a high-security system, but unlike a bank transfer, the transaction will take less than 5 minutes. There is still a huge number of alternative payment systems, such as prepaid cards, electronic wallets, electronic checks, and many others.

Montserrat players can even access global payment systems used by players from all over the world, for example, Skrill, Neteller, PayGo, and others.
Cryptocurrency payment systems like Bitcoin are also gaining popularity. But it is worth noting that among the inhabitants of Montserrat, this is not a very well-known transaction method.
Regardless of how the players replenish the deposit, it is important for them to control the number of transactions and the number of bets. Only such drastic measures will help avoid gambling addiction and prevent the player from unwanted losses.

Accept Currencies in Montserrat

As we mentioned earlier, Montserrat is under the tutelage of Great Britain and adopts many traditions and manners from this country. However, this does not apply to currency. In Montserrat, the national currency is the East Caribbean dollar. East Caribbean Dollar is a currency circulating in 7 countries of the Organization of East Caribbean States. Currency issuance and operations are carried out through ECCB (the East Caribbean Central Bank). The Central Bank has the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins in the territory of the member states of the organization.

The East Caribbean dollar was introduced in Montserrat in 1965. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 dollars and coins in denominations of 1 dollar. Since 1976, the East Caribbean dollar got the ratio of 2.7:1 to the US dollar. To maintain it, the East Caribbean Central Bank uses the regime of the Monetary Council.

Many online casinos offer the East Caribbean dollar as their main currency. If you have not found a casino where you can use the national currency, this is not a reason to be upset. You can replace the East Caribbean dollar with the euro or the American dollar. The best gaming establishments automatically convert currency at the modern rate.

Customer Support

The support service for the casino is no less important than all of the above criteria. From time to time, both beginners and professional players turn to the site for qualified assistance. Questions can be very different from replenishing a deposit to accruing bonuses. Many online casinos foresee possible questions and offer players to use the question-answer section where they can find answers to most of their questions. The best gaming casinos offer players round-the-clock support without breaks and weekends. Montserrat players can contact casino operators in the following ways:

  • Email (suitable for solving complex issues, which may take some time to resolve. This is an ideal option to leave a complaint or a pleasant review for the casino. The only drawback is that the player will not receive an answer immediately, but after some time);
  • Phone number (suitable both for solving instant problems and for more complex issues. It is recommended to use it only if you and the operator can speak the same language, and calls to the international number will be free);
  • Online chat (the most popular way to communicate with a consultant. Live chat allows you to solve any complexity in a matter of minutes without financial and physical costs);
    When any controversial issues arise, we advise you to always seek the help of specialists; this will help protect players from unwanted problems.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Montserrat

Throughout its history, Montserrat has experienced many ups and downs. There was no positive experience in the field of gambling in the country either. Despite this, gambling has always been present on the island. At the end of the 20th century, there was an attempt to legalize gaming activities, but due to natural disasters, the government never passed a law. Montserrat’s biggest problem is not only the absence of laws but also that there are no investors willing to develop this industry.

This is largely due to a large number of volcanoes located on the island. There is a risk that all business projects may be affected by the eruption. Now the country is going through hard times. The population is very small and tourists practically do not visit the country. Perhaps if the government still decides to create the first land-based casino in the best hotel in the country, this will attract more visitors. Most likely, the legalization of online casinos would be the best option for Montserrat residents. However, the absence of laws that regulate online gambling does not prevent players from visiting foreign online resources.

The best online casinos are happy to welcome players from Montserrat and are ready to provide them with a large amount of entertainment for every taste. Soon, casinos with live dealers can be found in every gambling establishment accessible to local residents. In addition, if you believe the sources, the players from Montserrat will soon be able to use cryptocurrency to replenish deposits in the casino.

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