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Today we will tell you about a country that is a centre for the development of gambling among the Balkan countries. Montenegro is a young but promising country. It has a very developed infrastructure and many areas for business. Gambling, which can be considered a popular pastime for locals, is no exception. Gambling laws are very loyal to Montenegro. Upon reaching the age of 18, locals can visit land-based casinos and online casinos. Besides, tourism is developed in Montenegro and tourists also visit local gambling houses. A lot of attention to local land-based casinos was attracted by an excerpt from the James Bond movie that was shot in one of the Montenegrin brick casinos. Gambling in Montenegro has a great prospect due to favourable legislation. But despite all the above mentioned positive aspects, some shortcomings make the local population play on foreign resources. One of the main disadvantages is the large tax. In Montenegro, each winner agrees to pay 15% tax on each win. We will tell you about the history of the development of gambling and the legislative framework later in this article.

History of Gambling in Montenegro

Gambling in Montenegro first appeared in the 19th century. The active development of the gaming business continued until the era of communism. Even the first law regulating the activity of gambling in Montenegro was issued in 1909. But later Montenegro was under the patronage of communist Yugoslavia and the development of the gaming business stopped. Actively casinos in Montenegro began to develop since 1992, after the strange country gained full independence.

Montenegro is famous for its land-based casinos, although there are very few of them in the country. Today in Montenegro you can meet 4 land-based casinos, which are located in the largest cities of the country. Such popularity by land-based casinos was brought by the famous film “Royal James Bond Casino”. In addition to the main casinos in each hotel in Montenegro, you can see small gaming halls. All ground establishments are legal and have a local license.

As for online casinos, they are considered legal in Montenegro since 2011. This year, the term “online gambling” first appeared in the legislation. In 2012, Montenegro Games of Chance began issuing licenses for all types of gambling entertainment except lotteries. Local online casinos are also regulated by the authorized body of Montenegro. Over the past years, online games are actively developing. The best online casinos since 2015 offer payment in cryptocurrency. But despite such a positive government attitude towards gambling, players still give their preference to foreign gaming resources. This is due to high taxes on winnings. According to the legislation of Montenegro, each player must pay the state 15% of the winnings. Players dislike this, and they are increasingly visiting foreign sites. As for such offshore sites, there are a lot of them. More and more online casinos accept players from Montenegro and offer them favourable conditions for the game.

When choosing a casino, be sure to check the availability of local and international licenses and the level of security. This will help the player protect themselves from possible fraud.

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Types of Online Casino in Montenegro

The existence of online casinos in our time is almost impossible to surprise anyone. This also applies to players from Montenegro. This country belongs to the category of countries where casinos are completely legal and regulated at the state level. In Montenegro, one can also find land-based casinos and online casinos. If we talk about ground-based gaming establishments, then they are large casinos or small gaming rooms in hotels. If we talk about online casinos, then there are more than a dozen. In addition to local online casinos, many foreign online casinos are available to Montenegro residents. Lottery, sports betting or classic online games are available for the local population. Most often, online casinos are qualified according to the type of download and the device on which you can play them. Three well-known types of online casinos in Montenegro can be distinguished:

  1. Online games in the browser (this type of casino can safely be called the most common. More than 70% of casinos offer players to play directly in their browser. To do this, just install the plug-in and no longer need to perform additional actions. Often such casinos offer residents of Montenegro to try demo versions games and only then start playing for money games. Before registering, we recommend that you check the casino according to all criteria to make sure that it is reliable);
  2. Downloadable online casinos (Such games are less common on the Internet. Most likely this is since the demand for them is falling. Every year, less and fewer players want to download software to their personal computer. If you check the license and the level of protection in such a casino, then no consequences should be expected. All players are satisfied after loading. Downloadable casinos in Montenegro are famous for their graphics and the huge variety of games that they offer. Before downloading, you need to check the available memory on your device’s hard drive);
  3. Mobile online casinos (this type of casino is the youngest, but its popularity is growing every year. The modern population of Montenegro often uses a smartphone for various purposes. It is very exciting to be able to play your favourite games at any time. Thanks to the mobile version of gambling, you can play not only at home, but also on vacation or in transport. All you need is a network connection. Mobile casinos are no less interesting and high-quality than computer versions. Just install a special application on your smartphone).

It does not matter what type of casino players from Montenegro choose. All of them will bring a lot of pleasure and give unforgettable emotions.

Types of Casino Games for Montenegro Gamblers

From the previous section, you already understood that different types of online casinos are available to players from Montenegro. As for games, there are several times more of them. Montenegrin residents can play lotteries and make sports bets. Also, classic online casinos offer games for luck and those games that require the study of certain rules. Lucky games are most suitable for beginners who have not previously played in a casino. This will help players to feel the atmosphere of the casino and become more familiar with the rules and strategies. Games that require knowledge and skills from a player are very interesting. It is in such games that players from Montenegro will be able to prove themselves and influence the development of events.

All casinos classify games on online slots, table games, and card games. Slot machines can safely be called the oldest and most common games both in land-based casinos and in online casinos. But now slot machines differ in the number of reels and offer players even major winnings. Board games are considered more complex entertainment. Fans of board games will encounter dice, roulette, bingo and many other games in this section. Card games are considered to be the most difficult of all the above games. This is where players make the highest bets and use a lot of strategies. The most popular card game in Montenegro is poker.

Besides, live games are becoming popular. This type of game has become available to players from Montenegro recently, but has already gained a large number of fans. Live games allow you to experience the atmosphere of a casino in its original form.

To understand which of the games will become your favourite game, we advise you to play each of them. Without a doubt, you will find what you like.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Montenegro

Montenegro has the most favourable laws for the development of gambling among the Balkan countries. In the entire history of this country, gambling has never been banned here, except the period of communism. Ground-based casinos are legal and popular not only among residents, but also among tourists. In 2011, the law on gambling was slightly edited and supplemented. Starting this year, online gambling in Montenegro has become legal. Already in 2012, several local operators began to offer their services to residents of Montenegro.

Local regulator Montenegro Games of Chance began issuing licenses for online casinos in 2012. Now it is generally accepted that this licensing authority has a great future because due to the high requirements for operators it guarantees the quality of services to the players. All online casinos can apply for a license. Montenegro Games of Chance spends about 30 days to check online casinos. Currently, such a license costs casino operators about $ 20,000. In Montenegro bets on sports, card games and many others are allowed, but the lottery remains a state monopoly. All licensed online casinos are required to pay a 9% income tax.

Despite such favourable legislation, players often look at offshore sites. Even local operators often try to obtain a license from Malta or the United Kingdom because there are fewer taxes. Montenegro players must pay the state 15% of each win. This is currently the only drawback that inhibits the development of games on the network.

Nevertheless, local online casinos are still in demand. Players feel protected when they play in a casino with a local license. Montenegro Games of Chance cares about the safety of players from Montenegro helps to resolve all disputes between customers and casinos. Players are guaranteed payment of all winnings and compensation for bets in case of fraud.

Nevertheless, local online casinos are still in demand. Players feel protected when they play in a casino with a local license. Montenegro Games of Chance cares about the safety of players from Montenegro helps to resolve all disputes between customers and casinos. Players are guaranteed payment of all winnings and compensation for bets in case of fraud.

Best Deposit Methods for Montenegro Gamblers

The variety of payment systems is not inferior to a variety of online gambling. More than ten different ways are available to modern players to replenish a deposit in an online casino. If you take into account the fact that casinos in Montenegro are legal and regulated at the level of legislation, then you should not be afraid of a payment rejection. The most ancient method of payment is bank transfer. In Montenegro, several local popular banks guarantee safe and fast transactions. Payments made using Visa and MasterCard bank cards are considered equally popular. Unlike bank transfers, debit cards are easier to use, and the payment speed will be higher.

In addition to the above payment methods, players from Montenegro can use virtual prepaid cards, such as Mint or e-wallets. The most popular e-wallets are Neteller, EntroPay, Skrill. Several other well-known payment gateways guarantee local players fast and secure transactions.

Although cryptocurrency appeared in local online casinos back in 2015, it reached great popularity only in 2018. Since 2018, almost all online casinos in Montenegro offer to pay a deposit using the popular Bitcoin payment system. With Bitcoin, you can not only pay your deposit but also withdraw your winnings quickly and anonymously.

Accepted Currencies in Montenegro

Montenegro does not have its state currency, and for this reason, the Euro is considered the official currency of the country. Since Montenegro gained independence in the country there were various currencies. In 1996, German marks began to be used for banking operations. By the end of 1999, the German mark became the official currency of Montenegro. In 2002, the government decided to completely replace German marks with Euros. The European Central Bank gave permission and already in 2002 the Euro is considered the national currency of Montenegro. This case can be considered an exception because Montenegro has become the only country that is not a member of the European Union but uses the Euro. As for the replenishment of deposits in online casinos, players can use several currencies. Each player from Montenegro can easily replenish a deposit in Euro. Sometimes it happens that some foreign casinos offer to pay a deposit in dollars. In this case, the account balance will be automatically converted at the current rate. Since 2015, in addition to the international currencies, Montenegrin casinos have been offering cryptocurrencies for paying a deposit.

Customer Support

Support is considered an option that is available in all local and foreign casinos. Having a support service is very important for players because often questions arise that require professional advice. Often, such questions may be related to paying a deposit or withdrawing a win. Montenegro online casinos offer several options for contacting operators. The most popular way is email. The player can describe the essence of the issue in detail in a letter and wait for a response from the casino staff. Most often it will take from several hours to several days. The administration of the casino also asks the players to write their complaints or suggestions for the development of the online resource. If you need a quick response, you can call the phone number listed on the site. It is not always convenient for players to call for various reasons, in which case online chat comes to the rescue. If you use online chat, you will get an instant answer to your question. It is worth noting that this method of communication with the operator is not very suitable if you need to study the situation in more detail to solve your problem.

If you suspect a casino of fraud or noticed an offense, you have the opportunity to write an official appeal to the regulatory authority Montenegro Games of Chance. The mailing address of the main office indicated can be found on the official website of the company.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Montenegro

The gambling market in Montenegro continues to grow rapidly. Already now you can meet many local operators who offer residents of Montenegro exciting games. Casino laws are very loyal to online casinos, so there are no barriers to the development of this industry. In addition to standard entertainment, in recent years, local casinos began to offer live games. Thanks to this innovation, players from Montenegro can enjoy playing with a real dealer online. These are truly unforgettable emotions for casino fans. Besides, over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become a very popular currency for paying a deposit. Since 2018, the Bitcoin payment system is available in almost every online casino in Montenegro. According to statistics, over the past 5 years, traffic to local sites has doubled. Mobile casino attendance statistics are also pleasing and show good numbers.

Online casinos in Montenegro are developing at a steady pace and the only stumbling block is taxes. At the moment, the government is considering a bill to reduce winnings and income taxes for casino operators. This will give an incentive to open new casinos and players will stop visiting foreign online casinos. Also, experts say that the rapprochement between Montenegro and Europe will have a positive impact on the gambling industry, and soon the number of payment systems and entertainment will increase in local casinos.

Players from Montenegro can only watch the further development of the gaming business and enjoy spending time in their favorite casino. Playing under the protection of the state and not worrying about the consequences is what residents can boast of.

Players from Montenegro can only watch the further development of the gaming business and enjoy spending time in their favorite casino. Playing under the protection of the state and not worrying about the consequences is what local residents can boast of.

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