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Unfortunately, in our time there are countries whose population lives below the poverty line. One such country is Mongolia.

Mongolia is a rather large country with the smallest population in the world. According to the latest data, the country’s population is about 3 million people, and more than 2 million people do not even have an Internet connection. However, there are people in Mongolia who like to gamble. Unfortunately, all types of gambling, with the exception of the national lottery, are prohibited in the country. However, players from Mongolia can visit online casinos because the laws of the country do not regulate virtual gambling.

Mongolia is ideal for those tourists who prefer an active holiday or beautiful nature. If you have a desire to visit a land-based casino in the country, then you are unlikely to succeed. There are no land-based casinos or bookmakers in Mongolia. We will tell you more about the development history of online and offline casinos in this country below.

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History of Gambling in Mongolia

Gambling has been in demand all over the world for decades. With the advent of the Internet, a new type of entertainment began to appear – online casinos. Virtual gambling attracts players with great graphics, accessibility, bonuses and big winnings. Nevertheless, this industry can achieve great popularity only if many factors are combined. One of the main conditions is a high standard of living of the population. Unfortunately, Mongolia belongs to the list of countries with very poor economies. The country’s authorities are looking for ways to solve this problem with the help of mining. But as long as the country is in such a difficult situation, we will not be able to talk about the development of the gaming industry.

At the end of the 20th century, the government of Mongolia tried to develop the tourism industry and temporarily legalized gambling in the country. The plans of Mongolia were to attract players from neighbouring countries, such as Russia and China. Nevertheless, due to the low popularity of the casino, not many foreigners visited it. Unlike tourists, local residents have become frequent guests in the halls with slot machines. This led to the fact that a large number of poor families lost everything, including housing. In the 90s, the percentage of local addicted players almost doubled. For this reason, the Government of Mongolia in 1999 passed a law prohibiting all types of gambling with the exception of the lottery. Nevertheless, on the day of independence of Mongolia, horseracing continues to be held in the country.

At the moment, the government of Mongolia is considering another bill on the legalization of gambling in the country. However, in order to take into account a number of nuances that can save local players from bankruptcy, you need to spend a lot of time on improvements. At this time, local players can see a list of online casinos that welcome residents of Mongolia.

Types of Online Casino in Mongolia

As we said above, all gambling is banned in Mongolia. There are no land-based casinos in the country and no domestic online casinos. Nevertheless, a small percentage of local residents who have access to the Internet can visit foreign online casinos. Poker tournaments, slot machines, and even sports bets are banned in the country. It is important to note that lotteries are allowed in Mongolia, but there is a state monopoly on this type of activity. For this reason, locals can only play the Mongolian National Lottery.

Virtual gambling is not regulated in Mongolia, so players can visit foreign online casinos without fear of being fined. Modern online casinos are available to players on almost all digital devices. Fans of a relaxed atmosphere will choose a personal computer for playing in a casino. In addition, those players who are often away from home will prefer mobile online casinos.

Computer casinos are divided into a browser and downloadable. The difference is that in order to play in a downloadable casino, players need to install the software on their personal computers. Nevertheless, choosing a downloadable version of the game house, users will be satisfied. This type of casino offers players great graphics and a huge selection of entertainment. In addition, the storyline in such a casino will not leave anyone indifferent. Casinos in the browser are slightly inferior in their capabilities, but at the same time, they are able to satisfy the requirements of the players. If you intend to change casinos and games often, then this is exactly what you need.

Mobile gambling is also available to players in several formats. You can download the application, which is available to users of iOS and Android, or use the mobile version of the site.
Not so long ago, a new type of gambling establishment appeared on the Internet: a live casino. Unfortunately, live games are not yet very popular among residents of Mongolia; however, some of the offshore casinos are ready to provide this option to local residents.

Types of Casino Games for Mongolian Gamblers

The world of online gambling is rich and diverse, so each player will be able to choose for himself the most suitable and interesting game. Gambling involves a kind of risk, which may be associated with material or emotional loss. In the online casino, you will be offered the widest selection of games thanks to which you can win money, and for this, you will not need to go anywhere. Connect to the global network, go to the gambling website and enjoy the process. If you are a beginner, you should know that each game has its own rules, nuances, and secrets. When starting a game, especially if you are going to play it for the first time, you need to learn the basic rules that will increase your chances of winning. If you are a gambler and like to play for money, then first try your hand at playing for virtual money. Thus, you gain experience and at the same time do not lose. Conditionally, gambling can be divided into those in which one must rely on luck and those in which one should have a certain supply of knowledge. Those types in which the victory factor is clearly divided 50% to 50% include lotteries, slot machines, roulette. In them, the player bets his money, completely relying on Fortuna. The types of gambling in which a player must possess a certain amount of knowledge are betting, card games. Today, many people prefer slots and card games, among which the most popular are BlackJack, Poker, Solitaire and so on.

Money betting is the main condition for all gambling. Easy money is what many players are passionate about. A person can play gambling not only for real money, but also for interest, but the desire to earn money plays a negative role. The player should understand the types of gambling, soberly assess their capabilities both in terms of psychology and in terms of finance.

Despite the great popularity of gambling, a novice player should take the following thesis as a rule – do not consider gambling as the only means of earning. The game should be entertainment, should not be a burden for the relatives and friends of the player, a threat to his health and psyche.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Mongolia

Mongolia has a very complicated history of the development of the gaming business and the negative experience of its legalization. For the first time, talk of gambling at the government level began in the early 90s. The experience of other countries of the world by that time testified that the gaming industry could bring significant profits for the state. Nevertheless, it should be noted that at that time Mongolia was not ready for the legalization of casinos.

The standard of living of the population was very low, and this, in turn, reduced the demand for gambling among local residents. Despite this, a law was passed which allowed tourists and local residents to play slot machines. Subsequently, this led to the fact that many families went bankrupt and every second player suffered from addiction. For this reason, in 1999, a new “Law on Gambling” was issued, according to which all types of offline casinos, bookmakers and halls with slot machines were prohibited. The only legal gambling entertainment was the National Lottery of Mongolia, on which the government established a Monopoly. There is an opinion that due to previous experience, local authorities no longer want to amend the gambling industry, so the laws have not changed since 1999.

Online casinos remain unregulated, so players can visit foreign online casinos without fear of being fined. Although still, this issue remains controversial. Many claim that according to the law, online gambling is also prohibited, only they were not made in the law into a separate category. However, there is no mention of a player from Mongolia being held accountable for playing in an online casino.

According to recent reports, many local players visit casinos in Macau. This, in turn, stimulates the Mongolian authorities to amend the laws and make a second attempt to legalize gambling. This contributes to the growth of the country’s economy and new investments.

There is no licensing authority in Mongolia either, for this reason, players visit only offshore resources. Perhaps in the near future, the situation will change, but so far, players can not feel completely protected while playing in a casino.

Best Deposit Methods for Mongolian Gamblers

The desire to gamble today can be easily satisfied, wherever you are. It is enough to have a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access to gain access to a huge variety of virtual gambling entertainment. You can play slot machines, roulette, poker and other games of the online casino for free and at bets, after replenishing the deposit. It is very important for players to securely make transactions in a casino. The process of replenishing the account and withdrawing winnings should be as simple and convenient as possible for players from Mongolia.

To date, there are several ways to replenish your gaming deposit in online casinos. Gambling establishments on the Internet try to simplify the procedure for replenishing virtual casino accounts for their players as much as possible. Today, money can be transferred to a casino in a variety of ways and means, a set of which on the official website of each casino will suit any player who wants to play for real money. You can replenish a deposit for playing slot machines and other gambling entertainments at real bets in various ways. To find out about the options, just read the rules of the game in the selected online casino. The information section always shows a list of ways to replenish the deposit and withdraw winnings.

All methods of replenishing a personal account differ, primarily, cost and time. Some operations require more time, for example, bank transfers, and some allow the player to receive money to his personal account almost instantly, for example, prepaid Visa and Mastercard cards. The size of the commission also varies over a wide range, and this point must be taken into account. You should choose those methods of replenishment of the deposit that require the least money and time, but do not sacrifice financial security. These deposit methods include e-wallets, electronic checks, and prepaid cards. The most popular payment methods in Mongolia are Neteller and EcoPayz.

Accepted Currencies in Mongolia

When choosing a casino, a large number of players pay attention to the available currencies for conducting transactions. Given the fact that in Mongolia there are no domestic online gambling resources, local residents have to visit foreign resources. A large number of such sites offer players to replenish a deposit in a world currency, dollars or euros. Nevertheless, in the list of casinos that welcome players from Mongolia, there are also those that offer to conduct cash transactions in the national currency of the country. Tugrik is the national currency of Mongolia, which was introduced in 1925, immediately after Mongolia became independent from the Republic of China.

Tugrik replaced the Mongolian dollar, as well as Chinese and Russian money, which were in circulation at that time. Currency is issued in the form of banknotes with a face value of 1 to 20,000 tugriks. The Mongolian Tugriks are fairly standard, if not to say that they are very similar to other currencies, they do not have special protection, that is, they are quite stable and do not contain anything special in their design that could distinguish their currency from others.

Naturally, all the money is of fairly stable size, as well as the colour scheme of the currency is rather primitive, in addition, it is worth pointing out that the nominal value is indicated on both sides, from both angles. That is, there are four nominal values ​​on the banknote. Yet many people suffer from the fact that they cannot distinguish the nominal value of a particular colour or size. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that almost all currency units are brown in colour, in addition, each banknote has a portrait of a politician.

Currently, only paper money acts as a means of payment in Mongolia. Coins are not used in cash transactions. Commemorative coins are issued periodically in Mongolia. For example, a coin with a face value of 1 Tugrik was presented, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Republic. It is worth noting that the US dollar can also often be found in Mongolia. In markets and even in retail stores, you can pay in dollars.

If we return to the theme of the casino, it is important to add that players can conduct transactions in absolutely any currency, because payment will be automatically converted at a rate that is beneficial for the player.

Customer Support

New players, when they first come to play in an online casino, have a large number of questions. At such moments, it is important for users to get professional advice from the casino staff on time. Even regular players may occasionally experience problems during the game. Resources that care about their reputation carefully approach the preparation of support services. All licensed casinos must provide players with a complete support service. Players can contact operators in several ways:

  • Online chat;
  • Email;
  • Phone number.

The choice of players will depend on the complexity of the issue and personal preferences. The most popular option for communicating with the operator for a long time remains online chat. This is because communicating online users can get instant and complete consultation even during the game. Depending on the online casino, players from Mongolia will be able to contact support 24 hours a day or only on business days.

On the site, users can independently find answers to most questions. Many providers create a question-and-answer section, where answers to all the most popular questions of players are published in advance.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Mongolia

Now, it is difficult to predict something about the future of the gaming industry in Mongolia. Now the government is not inclined to amend existing legislation. This categorical attitude toward gambling is primarily due to the low standard of living of local residents. The previous experience of legalizing casinos was negative, as a result of which many dependent players appeared in the country. It should be quite a while before the locals again get permission to gamble. However, online casinos are not mentioned in the laws and are not regulated. Many locals visit Macau to play casinos. Perhaps this fact will affect the opinion of parliament and casinos will still be legalized, but most likely it will only apply to land-based gambling houses. In Mongolia, there are so far no resources to create a competitive online casino, and foreign resources, in turn, can reduce the demand for offline establishments. Therefore, from this it can be assumed that if land-based casinos are legalized, online gambling is waiting for two scenarios:

  1. All foreign online resources will be blocked and fined.
  2. Online casinos will be fully legalized and a licensing authority will be created, and low taxes will attract investors to the country.

In any case, well-formulated laws can improve the country’s economy. License fees and gambling taxes have allowed many countries to overcome the crisis. For Mongolia, a casino can become not only an additional entertainment for tourists, but also a separate profitable business.

In any case, while everyone is waiting for changes in the laws, local residents can enjoy high-quality games from well-known developers in foreign online casinos.

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