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Moldova belongs to those countries where it is very easy to win a large amount of money. The success of local players is fascinating and inspiring. Surely many have heard stories about Pavel Plesuv, a Moldovan citizen who managed to win more than a million prizes by participating in poker tournaments and playing other games in online casinos.

The Moldovan government regularly updates the legislation on online gambling and tries to create the most comfortable conditions for providers and players. Local online casinos are full of a huge selection of payment systems and available currencies. We will tell you more about the history of the development of the gambling business in Moldova below.

History of Gambling in Moldova

Although now in Moldova there are many online casinos and brick casinos, this has not always been the case. As you know, gambling was banned in the USSR, so the first gaming establishments began to appear from the 90s. The countries of the post-Soviet space gradually introduced gambling in the life of society, but not many can boast of the successful development of this industry. Casinos that appeared in Moldova were mostly sirloins of Russian casinos and were closed over time. Starting in 2000, Moldova made a lot of efforts to develop gambling in the country, as a result of which many land-based casinos with a dubious reputation appeared on the territory of the country. The problem was that due to improperly formed legislation, requirements for providers were low. As it later became known in Moldova there were several hundred dishonest casinos that belonged to previously convicted people. Trying to introduce European standards in this industry, Moldova has concluded several contracts, including with Romania. In 2012, providers from Moldova signed a contract with a renowned software provider (Amaya Gaming Group). As a result of this transaction, the local lottery has reached a new level and has become very popular in the country.

Since 2012, online casinos have become legal and regulated in Moldova. Every year, many players preferred online casinos for ease of use and a wide range of entertainment. In 2016, Moldova cleared land-based casinos, as a result of which more than 300 establishments were closed. This has further increased the demand for online casinos. In 2017, the Moldovan government took measures to block foreign sites. This was done to introduce a monopoly in the country on online gambling. In 2018, the gambling business brought about $ 40 million to the budget of Moldova. Nevertheless, statistics show that players are carefully trying to circumvent all restrictions using VPN services. In any case, domestic casinos will be forced to compete with foreign resources, and for this, they must make a lot of effort to improve the service.

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Types of Online Casino in Moldova

The gaming industry is growing rapidly. Online casinos are very diverse and differ among themselves by many factors. In Moldova, you can find all kinds of gambling entertainment, such as lotteries, bookmakers and much more. Online casinos in Moldova are full of exciting entertainments and are improving all the time.

The most popular form of entertainment in Moldova is the online casino in the browser. This type of casino does not require additional downloads and thereby arouses trust among players. In such online casinos, you can meet all the known types of games in excellent quality.

Another common type of casino is considered to be downloadable casinos. Unlike a casino in a browser, this type of casino requires the installation of additional software before the game. Downloadable casinos have great graphics and an interesting storyline. Often these casinos give players unforgettable emotions.

The mobile casino is a modern type of casino that has appeared in Moldova recently. Nevertheless, the popularity of mobile casinos is growing rapidly. This is since modern players are often away from home, but want to have quick access to their favourite games. Mobile casinos allow players from Moldova to play at the lunch break, in transport and even on vacation. The application can be downloaded by all owners of iOS and Android.

It is very important to check the availability of the license and the quality of the security of the resource before playing in any of the above casinos. This will help players to protect themselves from fraud. We advise you to always study the user agreement on the casino website.

Types of Casino Games for Moldova Gamblers

Since Moldova is considered a favourable country for the development of the gambling industry, this contributes to the modernization of online casinos and the emergence of interesting new products. Local players can choose the game to their liking. Everything from beginners to professionals will be able to choose a game for themselves. Due to the growing competition, online casinos are constantly offering new games for their players. In modern casinos, you can find games based on the plots of popular films and TV shows. In addition to an interesting storyline, such games delight players with generous bonuses and big wins.

Slot machines have been around for a long time and are considered the most common type of game. In Moldova, you can often find halls with slot machines where residents like to spend time. This type of game is very popular in online casinos. Most often, beginners begin to get acquainted with gambling precisely from slot machines. This type of game does not require learning complex rules and strategies. Nevertheless, Moldovan players can win the jackpot by playing slot machines.

Board games are another popular type of game in Moldova. The choice of board games is very large, from dice to roulette. Board games are very exciting and give players a lot of impressions. To win a victory in board games, players often use different strategies.

Professional players often give their preference to card games. Card games have reached a peak of popularity in Moldova. Blackjack and poker are considered the most popular card games in Moldova. Moreover, poker tournaments have recently become popular. This type of game allows players to feel a special sense of excitement and gives them the opportunity to win a large amount of money.

Only the best casinos in Moldova offer their players to play live games. This is a new form of entertainment that has appeared in online casinos relatively recently. Live games allow players to experience the atmosphere of a land-based casino. Players will have a unique opportunity to play in a real gaming room with a live dealer.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Moldova

Before you start playing online casinos in Moldova, you need to make sure that they are allowed at the legislative level. Gambling in Moldova began to develop in the 90s, but online entertainment appeared in this country much later. Only after Moldova decided to introduce European standards for online gambling, casinos began to be regulated at the legislative level.
In 2017, new laws were passed that governed all areas of the gambling business. The new laws are fully consistent with European standards thanks to a special project that was launched back in 2010. Moreover, according to this project, the European Union not only helped, but also funded new legislation for Moldovan players.

All types of gambling are allowed in Moldova, including land-based establishments and online casinos. The Parliament of Moldova decided to introduce a state monopoly on online gambling. To date, online casinos can operate legally only if they have a local license. It is prohibited to play on foreign resources, and offshore casinos are blocked by a controlled body of Moldova. Nevertheless, players from Moldova have a wide selection of interesting entertainments. The state has established a monopoly on bets and lotteries, but horse racing and poker tournaments are held by private organizations.

The Ministry of Finance of Moldova is responsible for regulating online gambling. This is not strange since online casinos bring good income for the state. The Ministry of Finance issues licenses to domestic online casinos.

Despite favorable laws for the development of domestic casinos, there are not very many of them in Moldova. It is still difficult for domestic casinos to compete with world resources. Players from Moldova often try to circumvent restrictions to visit offshore sites. In this regard, the Parliament of Moldova amended the laws on gambling and allowed to block the bank accounts of players who make deposits on foreign sites.

Players have the right to visit the casino only after they have reached the age of 21. But it is worth remembering that when visiting foreign sites it is important to control the payment systems by which players plan to replenish deposits. Bank accounts of such players may be blocked.

Best Deposit Methods for Moldova Gamblers

Players from Moldova can pay deposits in a variety of ways. Modern payment systems take care of players and guarantee them security and privacy. The variety of payment systems in Moldova allows players to choose the safest and most convenient way. This can be not only a bank transfer but also electronic wallets, prepaid cards and much more.

All types of gambling are allowed in Moldova, so players can make payments by bank transfer. But it is worth remembering that this method should only be used for online casinos in Moldova, which have a local license. The government decided to block the bank accounts of players who replenish deposits on foreign resources. Therefore, if you decide to visit an offshore site, you should use alternative payment methods. In addition to bank transfers, players from Moldova can use Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Bank cards are considered the most convenient and secure way of payment. But it is worth remembering that it is not safe to use them in foreign casinos. If you prefer to play on offshore sites, then payment systems such as EcoPayz, Trastly, PayPal, WeChat Pay are perfect for you. For residents from Moldova there is still a large selection of payment gateways that guarantee players not only security but also anonymity.

Before you pay a deposit at the casino, check the availability of the license and read the user agreement of the resource. So you can protect yourself from fraud. It is equally important to remember that a casino is a form of entertainment and it is always worth controlling your payments and bets.

Accept Currencies in Moldova

Moldovan Leu is the currency of Moldova from 1993 to the present. Until independence, Moldova was part of the USSR and did not have a national currency. Throughout the history of Moldova, gold and silver coins, Romanian leu, Russian rubles, coupons and so on were used here. At the end of 1993, the Moldovan government introduced the national currency – Moldovan Leu, which changed coupons and rubles. At the moment, the currency is represented by banknotes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 lei. Coins in Moldova are called bani and are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 bani. In 2019, it is planned to issue lei with a face value of 1 and 5 lei in the form of coins. The design of the coins was developed by a famous Moldavian artist. The National Bank of Moldova is responsible for issuing the currency.

There are currency exchange points on the territory of Moldova and residents can easily exchange lei for a dollar, euro or other currency. All prices in the country are indicated exclusively in Moldovan Lei. Bank transfers are also carried out in national currency. As for online casinos, here players also have a choice of currency. All Moldavian casinos offer to replenish deposits using Moldovan leu. Players from Moldova can replenish deposits in Dollars or Euros on foreign resources. Replenishing deposits in casinos that do not have a local license is worth special care. Modern resources automatically convert currencies at the current exchange rate, so players from Moldova do not have to worry about exchanging money at exchange offices.

Customer Support

The support service in the online casino is of great importance for the players. Often, players from Moldova may need professional advice on how to replenish deposits, withdraw winnings and other issues. Moldova’s online casinos take care of their customers and offer them quality customer support. Depending on the casino, players can contact the staff of the resource in various ways. Most online casinos provide an email address on the site where players can send their questions. E-mail is not an instant way to contact an online consultant and is more often used to resolve disputes with the casino or to ensure that players leave their feedback. Recently, online chat is gaining popularity. This option allows you to instantly contact support and ask all your questions in a pop-up window on the site. This method is ideal for players who have questions during the game. Some online casinos in Moldova indicate the phone number on the website where players can access them. But if you play in a foreign casino, then most likely you will need to use an alternative method, since it is not always convenient to call an international number. The rarest way to contact support is mail. Modern players do not often write paper letters as it is time-consuming. This method remains relevant for resolving serious disputes with online casinos.

As you can see above, players from Moldova have many options for contacting the casino administration. The support service will be happy to help you with any issue.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Moldova

Online casinos in Moldova are developing rapidly. In recent years, the Moldovan government has made many reforms to develop the gaming industry. The new legislation fully complies with European standards. Due to this, now players from Moldova have access to high-quality online resources with exciting entertainment. The local government has the policy to block foreign online casinos. But modern programs allow players to circumvent these bans. The best world online platforms are still available for residents of Moldova. Players should remember that their accounts may be blocked if they make deposits on offshore sites. The game industry in Moldova is developing successfully, so a large selection of payment systems allows players to make deposits safely and at the same time remain anonymous. Besides, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in Moldova. Shortly, players will be able to pay deposits in casinos using bitcoins and at the same time remain anonymous. It is also worth noting the fact that games with virtual reality are developing intensively in Moldova. Players now have access to a large selection of live games with real dealers. In the near future, one can predict the development of mobile casinos in Moldova. The only problem faced by the local gaming industry is a lot of competition from foreign online casinos. But if the Moldovan government continues to finance the gaming business, then soon Moldova’s online casinos will reach the world level.

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