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West African CFA franc (XOF)
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1,240,192 km2

Mali is a republic located in the west of Africa. It is one of the largest African states, but a great part of its territory lies in the Sahara desert, most of the population lives in the south next to rivers. There are over 19 million people living in Mali who earn their living being employed in agriculture or fishing. It is one of the world’s poorest countries where 60% of people live below the poverty line.

Mali has always been a powerful state since it used to be a part of three big empires during its history. In the 14th century, it was a huge state with highly developed literature, astronomy, arts, and maths. However, the Scramble of Africa that happened at the end of the 19th century led to the fact that Mali fell under the control of France and joined French Sudan. Probably, it was the time when gambling was brought to the country too. Casino games have been very popular with people who lived in Europe and they might have introduced gambling to the residents of Mali too.

After the Sudanese Republic that used to be a part of French Sudan announced independence in 1960, Mali followed its example and became the Republic of Mali. It has been ruled by one party for over 30 years and only in 1991 the new Constitution was introduced there. It goes without saying that the gambling industry could not develop on the country with a military-led regime and even the revolution of 1991 has not changed anything. Since over 60% of people living in the country have an Islamic faith, it is natural that they will be against the legalization of gambling in the country. The reason for that is the Sharia Law that prohibits gambling and refers it to one of the greatest sins. At the same time, Mali is a developing country that has to solve conflicts, build a strong economy, and struggle with slavery dominating there, so there is no opportunity to develop the sphere of entertainment at the moment.

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Types of Online Casino in Mali

Though you can hardly find any gaming establishment in Mali, the whole diversity of online casinos is always available online for punters. Modern players have access to all types of gaming platforms in luring the most popular ones and websites gaining popularity. Whether you prefer to play flash games, open them directly in the browser, mobile or computer software, or enjoy live streaming gameplay, modern online casinos can give you everything and even much more. Let’s look at the casino types available for gamblers based in Mali:


Nowadays the ease of accessing casinos has beaten all the records since it is enough to open the website and all the variety of games is in front of you. Players from Mali simply need to log in to the account if they have one or register a new one and click the icon of the game they like to start winning the first prizes.


Many casinos offer software that allows accessing games in a more traditional way for computer users. It is necessary to download this app, set it up to the computer making a couple of clicks and wait for a couple of minutes to get a favourite casino on the computer screen. Each time a player from Mali wishes to enter the account, they can do it by clicking the icon.


One of the easiest ways to start playing anytime and anywhere is a mobile casino. Players can take advantage of bonus offers as well as use their regular account without a necessity to sit at the table – everything is available on the mobile screen.


A relatively young but even more exciting type of online casino is live dealer platforms. They are a real treasure for residents of Mali because the experience they provide is similar both to the land-based and online casinos. The gameplay is broadcast from real gaming studios and games are managed by professional dealers making them much more entertaining.


One more new type of casino has emerged when the popularity of crypto deposits has increased too. These are platforms that accept deposits and make payouts only in cryptocurrency, but never compensate for the diversity of games offered.

Types of Casino Games for Malian Gamblers

If you live in Mali and want to gamble online, it is not a problem since Malians are offered the same diversity of games as citizens of other countries. They can try products of such famous companies as BetSoft, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and many others as well as find more unique games created by a small group of developers. No matter what casino you will choose, be sure to have a wide choice of games starting from 100 and finishing with thousands. All of them are absolutely different, so it will not take much time and effort to find those games that will keep you entertained and guarantee great winnings.

What games do punters from Mali enjoy playing? In fact, this range is incredibly big including:

  • Slots;
  • Poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Bingo;
  • Craps.

When it comes to the types of games they prefer, they are fans of all three main groups including slots, table games, and dice games. Many of these games are played in a live version allowing gamblers to follow the gameplay in real time, play against opponents, and communicate with a live dealer who manages the process.

What attracts gamblers based in Mali most of all? Of course, these are games with large jackpots and rewarding bonus offers. Every player dreams to hit a jackpot playing their favourite game and gamblers based in Mali are not an exception. They are risky and persistent on the way to their goal, so the choice of the games they make is reasonable and based on certain requirements and wishes.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Mali

Mali is an African country where only 5% of the population has access to the Internet. Since every second resident of Mali earns only $1-2 a day, over 10 million people live in poverty in the country. They can hardly afford to buy food and other basic needs, so there are hardly any funds left for online gambling. At the same time, Mali is the third-largest producer of salt and gold in the world, so there are prosperous residents who can play exciting casino games at large stakes and enjoy this experience without limits. It is also worth saying that only 60% of the local citizens are Muslim, while the rest of the population have local religion or are Christians by faith. It means that they do not have obstacles to have fun online and spend their free time playing entertaining casino games with rewarding bonus offers, making bets on sports, or participating in lotteries and different casino promotions and tournaments.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Mali?

Unfortunately, online and terrestrial gambling in Mali is considered to be illegal. The main reason for that is the fact that Islam is a dominating religion in the country and it does not approve any kind of gambling including online one. There are no land-based casinos operating in Mali as well as online platform licensed by this country. There are rumours that the world of gambling does exist in Mali and attracts many players, but it operates absolutely illegally. Moreover, it can be dangerous to visit such establishments since you can be cheated and lose your funds.

The only gambling activity allowed in Mali is horse racing. It was introduced in 1994 and allowed to attract a great revenue to the government of Mali. Only in the previous year, the annual revenue reached $42 million. You may wonder how horse-racing could be considered legal in Mali. In fact, local lawmakers ratified this activity as ‘certain conditions’ allowed by the law.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Mali?

Since online gambling is illegal in Mali and the government of the country does not make any steps forward towards the regulation of this industry, there is no law covering the questions connected with casino games. The only official document in Mali mentioning games of chance is the Penal Code of 1961. Article 186, Section VI refers to gambling as to unlawful activities and provides punishment measures to people who are caught participating in them. At the same time, the document does not include any information regarding online gambling. Residents of Mali can access any of foreign top platforms and enjoy their favourite games without limits. There were no cases of prosecution connected with online gambling, so every punter living in Mali can find a platform that accepts players from this country and start an unforgettable gambling experience without any doubts.

The choice of the gambling website in Mali is a very responsible task. Unfortunately, not all offshore platforms are happy to welcome citizens of Mali among their players, so it is important to ensure that a website accepts such punters and there will be no problems with depositing and withdrawing funds later.

Best Deposit Methods for Malian Gamblers

What does it mean to be a gambler from Mali? Like all other players, Malian punters can pave their way to unbelievable jackpots and incredible prizes only if they make a money deposit. However, every casino has its own list of acceptable payment methods and sometimes it depends on the country of a player’s location too. When it comes to punters living in Mali, they are usually offered to select one of the following deposit methods offered:

 1. Credit or debit cards

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro are only some credit and debit cards accepted by online platforms. Residents of Mali who have any of these cards can easily transfer funds to the casino account. Of course, it is better to do that from a debit card since some banks do not allow sending money to casinos from credit cards.

 2. E-wallets

One of the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to deliver funds to the casino account is to use one of the electronic payment systems operating nowadays. The leading services are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Simpler, but it is also possible to find platforms that accept deposits made via PassNGo, PaySafeCard, WebMoney, etc.

 3. Bank wire transfers

Players living in Mali and having bank accounts there can transfer funds directly from their accounts to the casino ones. Naturally, it may take up to 5 days to deliver money, but this deposit method is reliable and popular with punters.

 4. Cryptocurrency

With the introduction of digital money, it has taken the top position in the rating of the best payment options because these transactions are almost instant and the cheapest ones. Players based in Mali should check if a casino accepts crypto coins and if yes, purchase some at the exchange, for example, and use them for online gambling.

Accepted Currencies in Mali

The national currency of Mali used to be the Malian Franc until 1982. Nowadays, the only currency circulating around the country is the West African CFA franc. Its ISO code is XOF and it is subdivided into 100 centimes. Both coins and banknotes are issued by the Central Bank of West Africa and substituted the Malian Franc because of its strong devaluation. Despite the fact that this currency is recognized at the international level, it is not supported by the strong economy since Mali is an active recipient of help from other countries and organizations and the country is very poor at the moment. It means that punters based in Mali will put much effort to find at least one online casino accepting XOF.

Probably, it would be reasonable not to waste time on useless search and exchange funds for more widely used currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Yen, Yuan, etc. Since these currencies are very popular with online gaming platforms, they take the leading positions at the top of the rating among the most widely accepted currencies in the casinos. No matter what currency gamblers in Mali choose for exchange, they can be confident that they will easily find a dozen reputable and licensed platforms that will happily accept deposits in these currencies. One more alternative currency for gamblers living in Mali is, of course, cryptocurrency. Digital Monte has taken its niche in the gambling industry and there are even casinos that accept only crypto coins of different types. Therefore, buying BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum or any other popular crypto asset will be a reasonable solution for players from Mali who are going to make a deposit to the offshore casino.

Customer Support

Players based in Mali can get professional assistance if they face any challenges accessing the casino or its functions. This help is usually provided by the Customer Support team working almost on every platform that offers games of chance. Moreover, the quality of services provided says also about the reputability of the casino chosen by punters from Mali. Therefore, there is no need to doubt since casino Customer support has been created especially for players and its representatives are experienced enough to provide qualified help quickly and professionally.

Players living in Mali are happy to have French as an official language in the country since this language is very popular with customer support representatives too. They speak French fluently and will easily understand the question or problem to be solved. It means that players based in Mali can write a message in the chatbox, send an email, call by phone or use any other method to connect with the customer support from ones offered. Each of these methods has its benefits: it will take only several seconds to get a response in the chat, while questions that require a more detailed explanation can be described in the email or in oral communication. One more way to find a solution to the problem that has appeared is the FAQ section provided almost on every gambling platform.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Mali

Unfortunately, the future of online gambling in Mali seems to be far from being positive. The government of Mali does not undertake any steps towards the legalization of the gambling industry and there are even no plans to do that in the future. However, this tendency does not prevent punters living in Mali from online gambling and they will continue visiting a variety of foreign platforms without fear to be punished. Since there were no situations when citizens of Mali who were caught playing games of chance on the web were punished in any way, it means that they will keep on trying new games on different platforms and enjoy this experience.

At the same time, despite the absence of licensing authorities and gambling services in Mali, local players can still take advantage of many benefits offered to players from different countries. All the changes performed by modern casinos on the basis of technological advancement and introduction of new trends will reflect on players living in Mali too. They can access mobile casinos the number of which increases on a daily basis as well as access crypto casino is where both deposits and withdrawals can be made only in cryptocurrency. Experts predict that the number of such flexible gaming platforms will only continue to grow, so gamblers based in Mali will have more chances to try the abundance of games created by modern software game providers. More and more companies put effort to develop decent games for players, so there are always high chances to try something new and exclusive too.

One more prediction regarding the casino industry in Mali is also influenced by general directions in the development of this sphere. The introduction of such technologies as virtual reality and artificial intelligence has become another boost in the development of the gaming industry and soon players living in Mali and other countries will get an absolutely new experience that will not be compared with traditional gambling at all!

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