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Country info
Malagasy ariary (MGA)
Official languages
Malagasy, French
587,041 km2

Madagascar is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. Like many other African countries, it is a poor country that has been a colony of the European countries for a long time and gained independence only in 1960. This country is located on one big island with the state capital called Antananarivo and several small islands. There are over 22 million people living in Madagascar and two main industries developed here are agriculture and tourism.

Madagascar has been a French colony for over 2 centuries and probably these were Europeans who introduced the local population to gambling. However, constant wars and struggles did not allow local authorities to give gambling an official status, so it was legalized only after the country gained independence (after 1960). Since that time, gambling establishments have become an attraction for tourists who come to the island from different countries and bring about revenue to the country.

The first terrestrial casino in Madagascar was opened in 1969 by Le Grand Cercle de Tananarive. It has operated for over 20 years until the first slot machines were delivered to the island. Nowadays, there are 4 land-based casinos, three of which are located in the capital. Most of the gambling facilities are located in the luxurious casinos and feature not only numerous slot machines but also game tables.
The lottery has been long considered illegal in Madagascar, but in 2011, thanks to the efforts made by the Italian company GTECH Corporation, local players have received an opportunity to bet via the Internet. One more breakthrough in the development of gambling in Madagascar was made in 2014. Due to the efforts of the local poker association, the first poker room was opened in the country to popularize this great game with the local population. The second poker room in Madagascar was opened by a famous poker player from France in the Casino du Grand Cercle de Tananarive.
Cockfighting is also very popular in Madagascar. The fights are regularly organized on the velodrome and the local authorities have made this activity taxable to receive revenue from it.

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Types of Online Casino in Madagascar

Every player living or just located in Madagascar at the moment is absolutely free to open the casino website they  like and start playing a favourite game there. They are not limited in the number of platforms to choose from, games to play as well as types of casinos to access. In fact, it is possible to choose casinos that can be downloaded or opened directly in the browser, on the Mobile device, tablet, or computer, with different deposit and withdrawal methods. Consequently, gamblers from Madagascar have a selection of different casino types such as:


Being once the most popular type of online casino, today downloadable casino software is more a rarity rather than a rule. There are still players who download the casino software from its website, set it up on the computer or mobile device and access them clicking the icon created. At the same time, such casinos have transformed into another popular type called mobile app casinos, when players get mobile applications from Google Store or Apple Store and play games on the app.


There are iGaming websites that can be accessed almost from every web browser existing nowadays. There is no need to download any software or tools, you simply open the website found in the search engine or by clicking the link and appear in the wonderful world of exciting casino games. The only things left are to register and make the first deposit to start your adventure.


With the appearance of mobile devices that are used for accessing the Internet more often many platforms began to create responsive casino site pages not to spoil the experience of their players. However, a new type of casino has also emerged next to customary ones. Gambling companies began to launch online gaming destinations which are meant purely for mobile users and can be accessed only from mobile browsers or apps.

Live dealer

One more relatively new casino type has appeared as an alternative to terrestrial gambling. Not all players wish or can travel to the land-based casino but they do appreciate the atmosphere offered there. As a result, live dealer casinos have been invented for such players. Being broadcast from real studios they offer a similar to the land-based casino experience, but do not disclose a player’s personality which is a great benefit for players living in Madagascar!


Since the number of crypto holders keeps on growing on a daily basis, BitCoin and other tokens have beacon a popular deposit and withdrawal method in the online gambling world. It has led to the establishment of gambling platforms that are meant only for crypto holders and accept different coins including BitCoin.

Types of Casino Games for Madagascar Gamblers

Madagascar gambling history is quite impressive and long so the local population has been introduced to a variety of different games during this period. It is difficult to determine which games dominate the list of favourites since only slots have been played for over 30 years there already. Players from Madagascar adore spinning the reels of different one-armed bandits. They are incredibly colourful and exciting since the blood starts running faster with every new spin. Moreover, slot games can be of different types including classic and video ones. Players living in Madagascar can access them each time they wish choosing one of the multiple themes and making different amounts of bet depending on their wishes.

One more popular game appreciated by gamblers from Madagascar is poker. Since this game type is popularized with the local players, many punters decide to play it online as well. It is especially adored by gamblers joining live dealer platforms since there they can show off their talent and skills playing against real opponents.

However, these are not the only games to play in the online casino. Their range is really great so it can be challenging to make the choice each time. It is possible to select different types of such games as:

  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Sic bo;
  • Texas Holdem and many others.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Madagascar

It has been already mentioned that gambling has been brought to Madagascar several centuries ago, though the first efforts to regulate this activity were made only after this country got independence. There are 4 land-based casinos licensed and operating in Madagascar, but the percentage of local people who can afford to visit them on a regular basis Is incredibly low.

Madagascar is a very poor country with the annual GDP per capita being not more than $1,500. It means that local players simply do not have money to visit luxurious casinos. The last ones have been built to entertain tourists coming to Madagascar rather than locals. When it comes to online gambling, the number of people who can afford it seems to be even lower. The reason for that is the fact that only about 3% of the Madagascar population has access to computers connected to the Internet. It is considered to be a luxury in such a poor state to be able to access online gaming platforms and play games there.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Madagascar?

It is impossible to say for sure whether online gambling is allowed in Madagascar. When it comes to the gambling industry as a whole, it is absolutely legal and there are authorities regulating this sphere in this state. Therefore, it is possible to suppose that online gambling being a part of the gambling industry is allowed in Madagascar too. Despite the fact that such type of gambling has not been reflected in the legal documents of the country, there are no circumstances to consider the opposite. Local Madagascar players are not prosecuted or punished for visiting online gaming platforms and can do that anytime and anywhere.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Madagascar?

Unfortunately, Madagascar has no official law to regulate online gambling on the territory of the country. Moreover, there is not a single law to mention online gambling activity at all. If there are countries where online games are forbidden, their Penal or Administrative Codes mention the way to punish players who violate the law. In Madagascar, there is no such legislation, and if to consider than land-based casinos are legally regulated and monitored by local authorities, it is possible to come to the conclusion that online gambling is also available to everyone.

It means that players located in Madagascar can choose from the abundance of online platforms offering different casino games and enjoy this pastime as long as they wish. Since the official language of Madagascar is French, most often these are online casinos license by one of the European countries and supporting this language.

It is important to say that players from Madagascar should be careful in the choice of the website to play on since the country has no protection for them and they can suffer from that. That is why it is better to register in the casinos which have obtained licensed from the authorities of other countries as well as have certificates of reputable organizations to get a really unforgettable experience online.

Best Deposit Methods for Madagascar Gamblers

There are online casinos that offer demo versions of some games letting players from Madagascar enjoy them for free. It means that such games do not require a money deposit to be able to try them. However, it is impossible to withdraw your winnings from such games too. Therefore, if punters living in Madagascar are not ready to lose their cash prizes, it is necessary to make a deposit and bet real money. In this case, everything they win will be available in their account and they can withdraw winnings according to the terms and conditions of the gaming platform.

How can people based in Madagascar send money to the offshore casino account? In fact, it is very easy to do that since the number of ways is quite big. The most popular deposit methods for Madagascar gamblers look as follows:

  • Credit and debit cards – players who have a bank card such as Visa, Maestro, or MasterCard can transfer the necessary amount of money to the casino account. There is one great benefit of using this method for Madagascar players: the system supports automatic exchanging, so you can send one currency and receive the one supported by the casino;
  • Bank wire transfers – one more way to deposit money for bank account holders from Madagascar is to transfer them from the player’s account to the one suggested by the casino. It is possible to use the services of any bank since these transfers are supported by almost all of them;
  • E-transfers – electronic payment systems are incredibly popular with modern people and players based in Madagascar can also open an e-wallet and store funds there. Such transfers feature low commissions and are delivered almost instantly. The most popular payment methods of this type are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.;
  • Cryptocurrency – it is not surprising today to keep your savings in digital money even despite its volatility. Many people from Madagascar hold BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and other crypto coins, so many casinos are happy to accept cryptocurrency as a deposit method too;
  • Mobile billing – the most popular mobile payment methods in Madagascar are Airtel and Orange Money.

Accepted Currencies in Madagascar

MGA or the Malagasy aviary is a national currency of Madagascar. It was introduced in 1961 after the country gained independence and circulated next to Malagasy franc.  Only in 2005, it replaced franc and became the official currency of Madagascar. Since the country faces an economic crisis, currently, this currency features a real decline and the exchange rates are very disappointing for locals. For example, 1 American dollar costs over 3,600 aviaries.

Tourists who arrive in Madagascar with foreign currency need to exchange it for the official one to be able to make purchases there. There are some hotels that may accept payments in the US dollar or Euro, but guests can lose much on the exchange rate in this case. The easiest way to get an aviary is to take a credit or debit card and use ATM to get local money.

When it comes to online gambling in Madagascar, unfortunately, it is possible to count casinos that accept MGA on the fingers of one hand only. This current is not popular in the financial circles, so it would be rather an exception if one of the platforms agrees to accept a deposit in an aviary. In most cases, players from Madagascar will need to exchange money for more widely used fiat currencies such as Euro, American dollar, British pound sterling, Yuan, Yen, etc. Most of the casinos will accept each of these currencies happily to let Madagascar gamblers bet and win money online. The same goes for withdrawal: if a player based in Madagascar is lucky to win a fortune, it will be necessary to withdraw funds in one of the currencies accepted by the casino and only then exchange them for a local one.
One more popular currency to be used by Madagascar gamblers is cryptocurrency. Nowadays, more and more online gaming destinations offer bonuses and prizes as well as simply accept deposits in cryptocurrency, especially if these are top coins. Therefore, crypto holders can make deposits quicker, more affordable, and easier than other players.

Customer Support

What differs online platforms operating in Madagascar from land-based casinos is a possibility to get professional assistance in a matter of seconds. You can ask for help immediately when you open the casino website. Every reputable platform has a team of professionals who know everything about the casino and can answer questions or provide help if necessary. Usually, these are customer support representatives who are fluent in several languages to be able to help everyone who turns to them.

How can players from Madagascar get online help? The most popular and fastest process to connect with a member of customer support is to write a message in the chat. It will be read by a representative almost immediately and you can get a solution to your problem as fast as possible. Usually, chats work round the clock and are the most efficient way to get help online.

Two other popular ways to get help in the casino are phone and email. There are some platforms that provide active phone numbers for players from Madagascar and other countries for them to solve any issues. If the problem is more serious and requires a detailed description, it would be reasonable to write an email and wait for an official response for a couple of days.

Customer support is a feature of trusted gambling platforms, so if a player from Madagascar receives efficient and friendly assistance, it speaks about the fact that this casino can be trusted.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Madagascar

Despite the fact that land-based gambling is officially allowed and regulated in Madagascar, there is a real problem when it comes to online casinos and sports betting websites. Unfortunately, there is no regulation of online gambling in the country. At the same time, it is possible to count on the positive changes in this situation regarding the fact that Madagascar has certain gambling laws and authorities monitoring the industry. Consequently, in the future, the citizens of this country will get official legislation covering the points of online gaming activities and they will be protected from cheating and crime in this sphere.

There are several more things the future of the gambling industry keeps in store for players from different corners of the world and Madagascar, in particular. Following the trends of the modern financial market, more casinos extend their payment methods introducing deposits not only in some rare currencies but also in cryptocurrencies. There are even platforms offering services in Madagascar that accept only BitCoin and other crypto assets, so it is predictable that the number of such casinos will continue to grow too.

The type of casinos that are keeping on getting pace is mobile ones. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find a platform that has not got responsive. Moreover, there are iGaming companies that create casino websites meant entirely for mobile device users. The reason for that is the fact that more people start using mobile phones and tablets for accessing the Internet, so this tendency will impact the development of the gambling industry as well.

It is also worth mentioning that the main impact on gambling will be made by the technological advancement people face nowadays. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence will provide an absolutely new experience which can be hardly compared with anything else. Players based in Madagascar will enter another reality and feel all the benefits of gambling influenced by modern technology.

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