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Macedonia is a small country located in the south-eastern part of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a relatively young country that was a part of the Yugoslavia communist state and gained independence in 1991. Since February 2019 the country is officially called the Republic of North Macedonia because of the agreement signed with Greece.

The history of Macedonia dates back to antiquity and it was a part of several great empires. Moreover, being located in Europe which is considered to be a place of origin for gambling, Macedonia was one of the first countries to try all the variety of casino games. Naturally, when the territory of the state was ruled by Yugoslavia, gambling was prohibited in the communist countries and Macedonia was not an exception. The only gambling activity allowed in the country at that time was a state lottery established in 1972.

Macedonia became an independent state in 1991, but it was not the time to develop the gambling industry since it was necessary to build the country and government first of all. However, the arrival of large investor Lars Kling who plunked down $7 million in 1991 was a great success for the country and the Prime Minister of Macedonia supported this innovation in the country. It was a source of additional revenue and fuel for the engine of the newly created country. Later more and more investors entered the gambling market of Macedonia. 6 casinos with 16 subsidiaries and 59 slot machine casinos have been licensed in Macedonia between 2009 and 2015. Now there are 7 active land-based casinos attracting not only local, but also foreign players coming most often from Greece to Macedonia.

At the same time, at the beginning of the second millennium, local players have received an opportunity to participate in sports betting. The first bookmakers appeared in Macedonia in 1999 and there were over 70 bookmaker offices in the country by 2005. Every third resident in Macedonia makes bets on sports and most of the players do that because of financial reasons.

Since residents of Macedonia are very enthusiastic players, many of them have appreciated the establishment of online casinos at the beginning of the 1990s. However, there are no online casinos licensed by Macedonia nowadays, so gamblers can visit only foreign websites.

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Types of Online Casino in Macedonia

Macedonia is located in Europe, a centre of gambling, so its players can access multiple iGaming websites licensed in one of the European countries as well as play on the overseas platforms. It means that living in Macedonia they have access to all the variety of online casino types being able to try each of them and choose the most suitable one.

It goes without saying that with the flow of time and introduction of new technology, some online casino types lose their popularity and are being exchanged by new platforms that keep up with more trends. However, there are fans of every casino type nowadays and players from Macedonia are welcome to visit each of them:

 1. Web-based platforms

Having become pioneers of online gambling, web casinos remain highly visited platforms nowadays too. Their greatest benefit is the simplicity of access since there is enough to open a web browser and enter the casino link to enter this colourful world. Players can start playing in such casinos immediately after registration and the first deposit made – there are no other obstacles on their way to the jackpot!

 2. Downloadable gambling software

At the time when the Internet connection was unstable, casinos wanted to improve player experience and developed special software for computers. Players can install it and access the world of fun clicking the icon on their desktop screen. Nowadays, such casinos still exist and are even very popular, but players from Macedonia most often download Mobile casino apps instead of computer one and have fun.

 3. Mobile gaming websites

The use of smartphones and tablets has led to the creation of a new casino type called mobile. There are online platforms that can be accessed only from mobile devices and are an alternative to ordinary web platforms that are getting responsive too.

 4. Live dealer casinos

The introduction of live dealer casinos has become a result of multiple efforts to create a unique casino atmosphere on online platforms similar to ones found in land-based establishments. Nowadays, every gambler living in Macedonia can experience a similar range of emotions to visiting a terrestrial destination. This is achieved thanks to live streaming of games taking place in specially designed studios.

 5. BitCoin gambling destinations

One more new type of casino was invented because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. Nowadays it is not difficult to find a casino that accepts only crypto coins as a payment method.

Types of Casino Games for Macedonian Gamblers

When it comes to the tastes of gamblers based in Macedonia, their preferences do not differ much from ones dominating the countries of Europe. No matter what a variety of games every casino offers to its guests, there is always a list of favourites that can be hardly compared in popularity with newly released examples. Since gambling in Macedonia is considered to be an attraction for tourists who bring their own preferences to the land-based casinos, the online top of games looks similar in many countries. The reason for that is an unparalleled quality of games developed by modern software game providers. They try hard to invent new exciting games for players, but the rating of favourites is still headed by the following examples:

  • Roulette – an exciting game with a wheel of fortune where players can take a black or red side as well as try to hit a big prize guessing a number to be chosen by a ball.
  • Poker – a card game that requires skills and knowledge to be able to take the whole pool of bets. Players need to gather certain card combinations to become winners.
  • Blackjack – a card game famous for the simplicity of its rules and unforgettable process of gathering those 21 points required to become a winner.
  • Slots – a game that was once played on one-armed bandits and is now famous for the variety of themes and types available for players. The only thing players should do is to spin the reels, but nothing can be compared with that feeling of utmost fun when you see how a winning combination lands on the reels one by one in this game.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Macedonia

Being a small country with over 2 million population, Macedonia is a centre of the gambling industry nowadays. The reason for that is a variety of tourists who come to the country not only to enjoy the marine scenery, but also exciting casino games of different types. At the same time, citizens of Macedonia despite their passion for top casino games are rare guests in the land-based gambling establishments located there. These places are quite costly for them as well as do not provide all that wide range of bonuses and promotions offered in online casinos. Residents of Macedonia realize that their chances to win on the online platforms are much higher. Moreover, they get an opportunity to visit the world’s best casinos and diversify their entertainment visiting new platforms each time they like.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Macedonia?

Gambling is considered to be a legal activity in Macedonia, so local residents can play both in the terrestrial casinos and on online platforms. The last ones can be accessed easily from any device, but it is worth saying that all the online gambling destinations visited by the players from Macedonia are licensed in other countries. Despite the fact that there is an authority eligible for licensing casinos in the country and it has been operating for several years already, there was no single online platform to apply for a license there. At the same time, many gamblers living in Macedonia have been astonished by the plans of the government to block access to foreign gambling websites. The reason for such an announcement made in 2013 was a desire to get a 6 million Euro investment made by the Austrian gambling company, which planned to launch a new national online operation. This news was not approved by the government of the European Union which is planning to accept Macedonia as a member in the closest future. Fortunately, such plans have not been realized yet since that time and we hope that gamblers from Macedonia will continue to enjoy online gambling being able to enter any online platform they like.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Macedonia?

Unfortunately, there is no separate law regulating online gambling in Macedonia. At the same time, the country has one law covering all the aspects of gambling including casino games, slot machines, sports betting, instant lotteries, and lotto. This law was adopted in 2011 and is called the “Law on Games of Chance and Entertainment Games”.  According to this law, all the gambling companies have to meet a number of requirements to be able to get authorization from the government and the Ministry of Finance. For example, a casino should have a minimum authorized capital of 2,500,000 Euros and be equipped in regarding the state standards to offer gambling solutions on the territory of the country. It is possible to suppose that the requirements for online casinos are the same strict as for land-based establishments operating in Macedonia, so it may be the reason why there are no online platforms willing to get a local license.

Best Deposit Methods for Macedonian Gamblers

The first step to winning in the online casino for gamblers based in Macedonia is, of course, making a deposit. The greatest benefit of playing online is a variety of profitable bonuses and promotions which allow getting more opportunities to win even despite wagering requirements existing there. However, these bonuses can be obtained only if you deposit a certain amount of currency using one of the payment methods accepted by the casino. In fact, when it comes to punters living in Macedonia, they usually visit the iGaming platforms licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, Curaçao, and other countries, so payment methods will differ from one platform to another. At the same time, there are so-called universal deposit methods for most of the gambling websites and some of them can be used in Macedonia too.

 1. Visa and MasterCard

Macedonia has a well-developed banking system, so every citizen of the country can obtain a debit or credit card to process and receive payments. These cards can be also used for making casino deposits from Macedonia Being a reliable and widely-accepted payment method.

 2. Online payments

Punters from Macedonia can process funds to casinos using different online payment systems. The most popular ones are Alipay and 2Checkout. They allow accepting and sending payments from bank cards and PayPal e-wallet.

 3. Bank Wire Transfer

It is not a secret that people can send money to any part of the world using a bank wire transfer method. It means that gamblers from Macedonia can send funds via one of their banks to the bank of any other country where a casino is registered. It is a popular, but a little more time-consuming payment method.

 4. Cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that the government of Macedonia warned the citizens of the country about risks of investing money into cryptocurrency, it does not prevent people from earning on or using crypto coins for different purposes. Moreover, with the growing number of Bitcoin online casinos, it can be a pleasure to make fast and free from commissions deposits in this way.

Accepted Currencies in Macedonia

The official currency of the country is the Macedonia denar (MKD). It was established in 1992 having replaced the Yugoslav dinar. It is the only currency circulating on the territory of Macedonia nowadays so people coming to the country should exchange their currency for the Macedonia denar to be able to buy anything in this state.

When it comes to online gambling, the situation looks absolutely different since it can be challenging to find an online gaming platform that will accept MKD. This currency is not popular with casinos so punters from Macedonia will probably need to exchange money first to be able to make a deposit to the online casino. What currencies are accepted on most of the gambling websites? It is not difficult to guess that these are top-rated currencies on the trading markets. Players from Macedonia should obtain USD, EUR, GBP to deposit funds to the casino account and start playing as fast as possible.

One of the ways to avoid losing funds on the commissions of exchanging rates is choosing a universal currency for making deposits. With the introduction of digital money, it has become very easy to pay for any goods and services quickly and with minimum commission. Cryptocurrency has become a great alternative to fiat money, and players from Macedonia can use it to get fun in the online casinos too. It goes without saying that in addition to BitCoin casinos opened nowadays many online platforms have added BitCoin and other crypto coins to the payment methods both for deposits and withdrawals. As a result, punters from Macedonia can not only win thanks to cryptocurrency by also increase their savings in it.

Customer Support

Sometimes there are inevitable situations that you need, but there is nobody to ask for. When it comes to online casinos, there are always people to consult you or assist you in solving any issues. There is hardly a gambling platform that cannot boast a friendly and attentive customer support team. Every casino wants to make the experience of gamblers from Macedonia and other countries unforgettable and smooth, so they have a team of professionals in the casino industry who are ready to help players round the clock.

If a player has any questions connected with the website, withdrawals, and deposits, it is possible to find an answer to them in the FAQ section available on every platform. Customer support usually tries to cover the most popular questions there. However, if you did not manage to do that, it is time to connect with the representative of Customer Support and it can be done in several ways.

 1. Chat

One of the fastest and simplest ways to solve any issues faced is to write a message in the chat window available almost on every website. You will receive a quick answer and save your time.

 2. Email

More serious issues are usually described in email letters. Naturally, it will take some time to analyse it and give a response, but this way of connecting with customer support is reliable and official one.

 3. Phone

Some casinos offer gamblers living in Macedonia and other countries a phone number of the Customer Support team to be able to connect its members and explain the point orally.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Macedonia

When it comes to the changes that might happen in the gambling industry of Macedonia, some of them will be influenced by the global direction of trends followed by casinos and some introductions are a necessity of the state itself. Macedonia regulates gambling having adopted a number of laws for this purpose, but unfortunately, they do not cover all the points including online gambling. Since this problem is discussed by the government of Macedonia quite often, there are two possible ways of solution to this problem. One of them is a complete ban of all online gaming platforms licensed not in Macedonia and providing local players with an opportunity to visit only Macedonian online casinos to be launched. Another prediction is connected with the fact that Macedonia will accept gambling rules and regulations dominating the European Union since it wants to become its member too.

Speaking about global trends that will change the world of gambling in Macedonia in particular, they are connected with several key points:

  • Increase in the number and popularity of live dealer casinos. More professionally equipped studios will offer better live streaming experience with a wider range of games;
  • Casinos will not only get mobile, but also new mobile-only platforms will conquer the world by storm due to the incessant growth of Mobile phone and tablet users;
  • A bigger number of platforms will accept BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies next to the casino websites which are devoted to crypto gambling only;
  • New technologies will leave their print on the gaming industry too, so players from Macedonia and other countries will be able to get a new range of emotions thanks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence innovations.

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